Chapter 65: Take This One As Your Bride

Prodigal Alliance Head


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It’s Judgement Day!

Thunder and lightning are filling the skies!

Volcanoes have erupted!

Tang Doudou fell to the floor on her butt, her eyes no longer filled with their previous light. She stared stupefied in front of her, her brain empty except for one echoing thought: she had been topped, topped…

“Xiao Xueyi, isn't it cold sitting on the ground?” As he watched her crumbling expression, a trace of schadenfreude flashed through Baili Yu’s eyes. He sat up and tidied his clothes, pulling his inner robe closed before walking to Tang Doudou and slowly crouching down in front of her.

He extended his slender, jade-like fingers to lift that little face and spoke while he gazed lovingly at her, “Don't worry, I'll take responsibility.”

Hearing this, Tang Doudou abruptly lifted her eyes and made immediate contact with Baili Yu’s magnificent pupils. After staring at each other for quite a while, she opened her eyes wide and said, “I'm a man!”

“What does that matter?” Baili Yu smiled, unconcerned. His gentle palm stroked the side of her face.

Tang Doudou’s brain was currently incapable of thinking straight, but she still had some common sense. When she heard this, she asked, “I'm a man, you're also a man. How do you plan to take responsibility? Take me as a bride? Become my bride? Or hide me away and raise me that way?”

The stroking movements of Baili Yu’s hand slightly paused for a moment. The corners of his mouth lifted into an unexplainable smile as he said, “How does Xiao Xueyi want me to take responsibility?”

A cool wind must have blown from somewhere because Tang Doudou's head cleared up a little. “I can decide?”

Baili Yu didn't speak and just nodded while gazing at her.

Tang Doudou immediately fell silent as she pondered the best possible course of action. Meow a mii! What should she do in order to make up for some of the loss?

This was how she was like. Regardless of the attack she suffered, she’d quickly snap out of her shock and helplessness, immediately shifting gears and going straight into thinking how she could obtain compensation for the damage incurred. However, now that she thought about it, she didn't really suffer a loss. First of all ah, Baili Yu is a hottie. Just from this she had gotten a profit! But when she thought about the fact that Baili Yu had used her like a man, she realized she’d made a huge loss at this point. Looking at the two, she decided that this incident counts as evening everything out!

Thinking about it some more, since she was used as a man, then her… ahem! That's still there, right?

Thinking of it like this, she actually felt that she still made a profit.

She had been able to sleep with Baili Yu, this unearthly seductive yao and still retained her body’s innocence…

En, it probably still counted as innocent.

On a different note, does this count as her having topped Baili Yu?

“Ahem, regarding this matter… Actually, there's really no need to talk about taking responsibility or not taking responsibility since we're all legal adults here… En, why don't we just drop things like this!” Even though Tang Doudou said this, she naturally had no intention of letting it go without grabbing some benefits. On the contrary, she planned to grab an extremely big benefit, one that she wouldn't even need to pay a teeny bit for!

In any case, who asked the Heavens to make it so that she wasn't a legit and authentic man?

“Drop it?” Baili Yu's voice lightly lifted. “How can it be dropped? Could it be that Xiao Xueyi dislikes this one?”

The moment this sentence came out, an extremely dangerous aura came from this smiling seductive yao. Tang Doudou subconsciously hugged her arms and feigned a calm smile. “Baili gongzi, you're handsome to the point where you could give others goosebumps, beautiful to the point of causing bleeding, your attack power level practically pierces through the skies… You're the Prince Charming that countless girls dream about, how could I dare to dislike you?”

When she was happy she would call him big evil spirit or Baili Foxie. When she was unhappy and had to blabber nonsense, she would call him Baili gongzi

Baili Yu gazed at Tang Doudou who was forcing a fake smile with a meaningful gaze before he heaved a sigh. Through the mist came his soft voice whose existence almost seemed questionable. “This one thinks that Xiao Xueyi should just take this one as a bride!”

Tang Doudou quivered from being hit by his breath. Following that, she was so shocked by his words that her jaw dropped to the ground. “You-you, what are you saying!?”

Baili Yu had already released her and gotten up. He once again laid down lazily on the soft couch and his loose robe fell open, revealing that alluring scene. Then, he closed his seductive peach blossom eyes. This time, Tang Doudou no longer had lust in her heart as she looked on. She muttered as she climbed up from the floor and jogged over. “Hey, don't go to sleep ah. Answer me first. What did you mean by what you said earlier?”

Baili Yu opened his eyes. “What do I mean? It's exactly what you heard ah?

Da fudge, if she had heard what he said clearly earlier, would she still be asking him?

“Didn’t you say that it was up to me to decide? I’ve decided to just drop it, so just drop it ah!” Tang Doudou was thinking about how her big plan to cheat him had been throttled to death in its infancy before she even got the chance to implement it. She was extremely distressed. What’s he trying to play at ah!?

“Did I say something like that before? When?” Baili Yu opened his eyes and looked towards Tang Doudou in confusion. “You’ve probably remembered wrong?”

Frick, freak, fuck!

Tang Doudou cursed thrice to express her current feelings. Why did she freaking gain knowledge and experience again! Did he dare to be even just a slight bit more villainous?

She’d truly never seen such shamelessness in her life ah!

Tang Doudou supported her head and told herself to calm down. She had to calm down. No matter what, she couldn’t act on impulse. God knows what other world-shocking and exotic things that Baili Yu might end up doing.

He could even say something like having her take him as a bride, so was there anything he wouldn’t do?

After she calmed down, Tang Doudou felt that she should start to reform a certain person that seemed to be from the dark side by starting with virtuous causes.

“Alright, let’s just treat it as you haven’t said it before! Let’s not talk about that, let’s just talk about what you said just earlier.” Tang Doudou said with a strict tone.

“I’m sleepy, don’t feel like talking anymore.”

Baili Yu closed his eyes again. At this point, Tang Doudou made a discovery. Could it be that this evil spirit has an illness?

Late stage laziness cancer!

People like this definitely wouldn’t stand if they could sit and wouldn’t sit if they could lie down. They’d carry their personal soft, couch chair wherever they went and definitely wouldn’t keep their eyes open for more than three minutes!!

Da fudge, if this wasn’t an illness then what could it be?

She swore to the heavens that she’d never seen such a lazy person in her entire life!

Tang Doudou spaced out for a while. She wasn’t impatient and didn’t feel the urge to bug Baili Yu to talk immediately. Instead, she fell into a daze as she scrutinized a certain person’s tranquil face.

If a man who looked as good as this was placed in the modern era, he’d definitely captivate those lusty girls so much they wouldn’t even be able to close their legs*. He’d definitely be a piece of property that was so hot people would continue to try and snatch him up despite the prospect of being burned!

comes from the saying ‘can’t close their mouths’ because they’re implicitly grinning too much. This version is more, you know~

If she really became the bride of such a wealthy and extremely handsome man, the line of women that envied her would stretch all the way to Tiananmen Gate(entrance of the Imperial City in Beijing), and the women stabbing little voodoo dolls could fill the entire sea… Just thinking about it was quite terrifying.

“Have you looked enough?” Baili Yu suddenly spoke, startling Tang Doudou as she hastily turned away.

However, she noticed from the corner of her eyes that Baili Yu hadn’t opened his eyes. So how did he know that she was looking at him?

“Hey, let’s discuss it again.” How long would she have to keep waiting for if she didn’t bring it up now?

“No matter what, I’m still the grand Alliance Head of the martial arts circles. Such a major life event like this must naturally be considered carefully. If it occurs all of a sudden like this, there’s no way to explain it to people, isn’t that so?”

“Alliance Head Li feels that this one’s status can’t match up to yours?” Baili Yu asked mildly.

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Tang Doudou hurriedly waved her hand.

“Then what did you mean? I didn’t think you were such a superficial person! Humph! Alliance Head Li, don’t worry. Since ben zuo has said ben zuo would take responsibility, ben zuo will take responsibility to the very end. I will arrange everything. You can just be at ease and wait with a heart free of worry to become the bridegroom!”

Hell, they all say that it’s the women who like to make trouble without reason. How come she feels like it’s completely flipped here?

Tang Doudou speechlessly swallowed. With this, all of her plans were freaking messed up!

What was she, a woman, becoming a bridegroom for ah!?

Baili Yu’s way of thinking was so avant-garde. Do his parents know?

Just as Tang Doudou was trying to think of a way to dispel Baili Yu’s desire to become her bride, Ye Chuan’s voice came from outside as he inquired, “Master, Young Master Qi is asking to see you.”

“Old Qi? What is he here for?”

“This subordinate does not know, but it looks quite urgent.”

Baili Yu was silent for a while before he slowly opened his eyes. “Let him come over here. Tell him the old rule: one hour. Have him think through everything he needs to say on the way here.”

After that, he glanced at Tang Doudou who was sitting to the side in a daze. “Does Alliance Head Li still not plan on leaving?”

Tang Doudou’s expression changed slightly when she saw that he was trying to chase her out. An incomparably splendid smile blossomed on her face. “No rush, I’m not in a hurry. In any case, I don’t have anything to do, so I’ll just wait for you here.”

“Wait for me?” Baili Yu looked at her, astonished. “Wait for me to do what?”

Tang Doudou didn’t speak any further and continued to smile vulgarly at him. “You know!”

After she said that, she even winked towards him with an expression of ‘everyone knows’.

No matter how smart Baili Yu was, he still wouldn’t be able to understand such an avant-garde hint ah! His expression didn’t change, but puzzlement emerged within his heart. What exactly was she talking about?

But since he didn’t know and he didn’t plan on asking either, he just closed his eyes again to waited for Qi gongzi to arrive.

As for Tang Doudou, she finally had the time to look around. Those tables and pots from last night had already been tidied up and taken away. In the spacious and empty room, there was no other place to sit but Baili Yu’s soft couch.

After thinking a bit, Tang Doudou decided to just walk to Baili Yu and plopped down to a sit next to him.

“Hehe, my legs can’t take standing anymore, so I’ll sit here and rest for a while.” Tang Doudou thickened the skin of her face and said with some forced laughs.

Baili Yu gave her a deep gaze but said nothing else.

Time slowly ticked on. Finally, when Tang Doudou had nearly drifted off to sleep, Ye Chuan’s voice once again came from outside the door. “Master, Young Master Qi has arrived.”

“En.” Baili Yu lightly replied and the door opened. A man about twenty-five years old, wearing an embroidered garment walked in. He looked a little vulgar and seemed like a person with an oily mouth. (smoothtalker)

The moment this person came in, his gaze darted with shock towards Tang Doudou who was sitting on the soft couch. Who was this person? To actually dare to sit on Baili Yu’s couch! This was too inconceivable!

Then, seeing Tang Doudou’s youthful appearance, he associated it with the rumor he’d heard earlier and immediately exposed a ‘so it was like that’ expression. Afterwards, he laughed loudly ‘haha’, before greeting Baili Yu. “Greetings, Ninth Uncle. Little Qi has come to pay respects.”

Pfff! This greeting was so polite it almost caused Tang Doudou to laugh out loud. Ninth Uncle?

She glanced with a weird look at Baili Yu. It was clear to see that he was much much younger than that Little Qi…

“Ye Chuan said you were looking for me about a certain matter?” Baili Yu closed his eyes to rest as he casually asked.

“Yes, that’s right.” That Young Master Qi paused for a while after saying so. Seeing that Baili Yu had no reaction, he finally continued, “Does Ninth Uncle still remember that business in Feng City, Cloud Manor?”

“Cloud Manor?”

Baili Yu lightly repeated but didn’t continue the topic. Tang Doudou sat at the side and looked all around. Suddenly, she saw that Baili Yu’s brows seemed to furrow slightly and immediately guessed that he had long forgotten what Cloud Manor was, but couldn’t very well say it.

Aiyamah! So there were also times when he didn’t know things!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, then revealed a malicious smile as she asked that Young Master Qi, “What happened to that business?”


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