Chapter 68: A Relative Has Come to Pay a Visit

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou spurted out the mouthful of tea and it landed all over Bai Feiyun as she burst out laughing. “I thought it was only me who thought that he was sick. So it turns out it’s something everyone believes ah! Hahaha…”

She laughed so much she was convulsing and almost couldn’t breathe. Bai Feiyun was a bit confused as he watched her. He flicked the tea leaves off his clothes as he continued, “Baili Yu never sees guests for longer than an hour. After an hour, no matter who the person is, he will relentlessly chase the person out.”

“Not to mention, he sleeps all year round and rarely heads out to walk around. However, recently, for some unknown reason, the number of times he has shown himself seems to have gone up by a ridiculous amount.” When Bai Feiyun got to here, he gave Tang Doudou a thoughtful glance. And every time he headed out it was for matters that she was involved in. Could it be that Baili Yu was serious this time?He couldn’t tell what that person was thinking so he could only do as the City Lord had instructed.

When Tang Doudou hear that, she was also quite surprised. In the past, she had wondered if Baili Yu had late stage laziness cancer, but it turns out that he really did have an illness ah!

“What illness does Baili Yu have? Is it really severe? Doesn’t he know medicine? How come he hasn’t cured himself?” Tang Doudou asked with a completely puzzled expression.

Bai Feiyun also looked at her, confused. “Who told you that Baili Yu knew medicine?”

“Wasn’t it you? You said that only Baili Yu could cure my Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. If he doesn’t know medicine, how is he supposed to help me cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?” Tang Doudou looked at Bai Feiyun questioningly. Could it be that Xiao Bai was trolling her again?

“If he knew medicine as well, then is there any point in us living anymore?” Bai Feiyun replied mildly. “He just happens to be able to cure Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. That’s all.”

“Da fudge! He doesn’t know medicine yet he can cure Disseminating Tassel Fragrance? Xiao Bai ah, how come I feel like he doesn’t seem very reliable?”

“Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is a very strange type of poison. It’s not something someone can cure just because they know medicine. You must understand that in the past one hundred years, you’re only the second person to have been poisoned by Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.” Bai Feiyun sighed. In reality, he was very curious as well. This poison was very rare. The City Lord had once searched for five years yet still didn’t manage to even find a trace of a clue. Where did Li Xueyi go to end up getting poisoned by this?

These were all questions that couldn’t be answered as Li Xueyi had already lost his memories. Even after the poison was cured, he might not recover his lost memories.

“The second? Then who was the first?” Tang Doudou opened her eyes wide and looked towards Bai Feiyun, a bit concerned. “Where is he now? Did he die from the poison flaring up?”

Upon hearing her worried questions, Bai Feiyun laughed. His laugh was a bit random and seemed to have come out of nowhere. “Guess who that person is?”


Tang Doudou scratched her head. Then, an extremely impossible yet also very possible figure flashed through her mind, causing her to become a bit tongue-tied. Her eyes widened as she stammered, “That, that person couldn’t, couldn’t be… Baili Yu, right!?”

Bai Feiyun smiled as he nodded. “He survived. Relying on his own methods, he made an unexpected recovery during the fourth time the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flared up and even lived until now.”

“That’s why you guys said that he’s the only one in the world capable of curing Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?” Tang Doudou asked.

“What do you think? In the past, we hadn’t even heard of this type of poison before - a poison that could not only completely cause one to lose all their martial arts, but also cause people to lose their memories. We only learned that such a strange poison existed because when Baili Yu got poisoned that year, he gathered all the godly doctors in the country to diagnose and try to treat the poison.” Bai Feiyun looked at Tang Doudou. “However, Baili Yu had managed to cure his poison the fourth time it flared up. He never got to the fifth time. When I checked last time, the poison had already flared up five times inside you, yet other than the fact that you lost your memories, you don’t show any other side-effects. That’s why the City Lord was suspecting whether Baili Yu had exaggerated the toxicity of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. However, after he consulted Cang Baicao, he said it was best if you just stayed with Baili Yu and waited for the day he helps you cure the poison. Otherwise, no one would be able to guarantee your life if you don’t cure the poison.”

Tang Doudou continuously swallowed as she listened to him. She never thought that she was actually this pitiful. That Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was actually a poison that didn’t have an antidote and there was only a single precedent case of the poison being cured successfully. Da fudge, the odds are seriously enough to make her balls break ah!

Who the freak knew whether Baili Yu would make a mistake or not? And who the freak knew if the last time was just luck or not? What if Baili Yu made a mistake? What if her luck turned to dogshit? Doesn’t that mean she’ll just have to directly breathe her last?

What else was there to talk about?

In a situation where she might not even be able to preserve her own little life, how could she care about other things?

Standing up with a ‘whoosh’, Tang Doudou looked down towards Bai Feiyun with a very serious expression on her face. “You don’t need to say anymore, I get what you guys mean! I’ll take Baili Yu as my bride!”

Bai Feiyun’s expression didn’t change. His fingers gently tapped the table. “Are you sure?”

What’s dat? Asking her if she was sure? Da hell, wasn’t this what he meant for her to do? If it was up to her to choose, she’d definitely want to live ah!

Bai Feiyun’s meaning was clear. If she didn’t marry Baili Yu, when the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flares up, she’ll die.

After marrying Baili Yu, when the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flared up, she’ll have a chance to live.

No matter who these choices were placed in front of, they would definitely choose the latter!

It’s not like she was dumb. In reality, other than having to endure a bit of grievance, it wouldn’t be a loss at all to marry Baili Yu!

No wonder Baili Yu also didn’t send anyone over to watch her other than that crowd of women outside. Just this little factor was enough to make her suck it up unless she was brave enough to run away without any regard for her life.

“Sure and definite! Alright, enough Little Bai Classmate, I know you’re also doing it for my own good. I understand it all.” Tang Doudou once again sat back down and completely nestled into the chair. She felt a little helpless and at a loss towards her coming fate. For the sake of her life, she’ll have to marry Baili Yu?

How come there was an especially grieved and sad feeling?

Her nose started to sting and she felt exceptionally upset. Tang Doudou burrowed her head into the crook of her arm. Her heart felt uncomfortably depressed. An indescribable sadness filled the air inside the room. Bai Feiyun’s gentle eyes softened as he walked towards Tang Doudou.


“I want to be alone for a bit.”

Bai Feiyun retrieved his hand that was in midair. As he looked at her curled up figure, he silently sighed.

Tang Doudou didn’t know when he left. However, the incessant racket outside suddenly faded away until there was almost nothing left and the world seemed to have calmed down. Dead leaves soundlessly drifted into the room from the window and landed in front of the person in the room.

In a rush, another half a month went by. The Alliance Head Residence returned to its former tranquility. Those people that ran away all returned to the Residence and there were quite a lot of big and small matters within the martial arts circles to deal with. Tang Doudou, with Bai Feiyun’s assistance, started to gradually deal with these matters. She ran here and there and busied herself until she was confused and completely disoriented, so she didn’t have the time to think about those bothersome things. She had never thought that being a martial arts circles Alliance Head would actually be this tiring.

Da hell, in the past, when she watched those wuxia films, those Alliance Heads were always just strolling here and there with their hands folded behind their backs. If anything happened, they’d just call someone and send down instructions. How were they anything like her? Getting up even earlier than a dog and sleeping even later than a cat!?

And there would even be a Bai Feiyun nagging and chattering right next to her ear like an old woman. It was almost driving her crazy.

“Xiao Bai ah! Can’t I rest for a day?” Tang Doudou secretly covered her stomach. She didn’t dare to tell Bai Feiyun that her stomach hurt. Who asked this to be an aunty’s visit?T/N

She had been very scared and on edge for a long time because it didn’t come last month. She even thought that Baili Yu had used her as a woman that night. In the end, just as she was worrying about whether or not she got pregnant, the auntie decided to cheerfully visit. However, her heart became happy and scared. She was happy she had gotten her auntie, but worried that the auntie would be discovered.

Who asked for the Alliance Head Residence to be filled with nothing but men?

And it was unknown what these people were thinking about because there wasn’t even a single maid here.

Recalling the account book that Bai Feiyun showed her last time, Tang Doudou sighed again. Wasn’t the Alliance Head Residence a little too poor?

“Take a break? Didn’t you say yesterday that you’d help the Beggars’ Union of Dongcheng resolve the dispute between the elders? Why do you suddenly want to rest?” Bai Feiyun knitted his brows. “Your facial color doesn’t seem too good. Did you fall sick? Let me see your hand.”

After he said so, he extended his hand over and indicated for Tang Doudou to stretch out her hand.

How could Tang Doudou dare to give him her hand? If he ends up being able to tell that her period came, how was she supposed to explain?

“Ahem, no need. It’s just that this period of time has been too busy. I’m a bit tired and want to rest a little.”

Bai Feiyun thought about how Li Xueyi ran around with him everywhere during these past days and felt that it was indeed quite tiring, so he said, “Alright, then you should just rest for today. I’ll just tell Hou Zi to head over and deal with that matter.”

This part deserved a mention. When Tang Doudou returned to the Alliance Head Residence, Hou Zi, Li Hong, and the others had all become highly valued and became her left wings and right arms. A lot of matters were left to them to handle. It was especially so for Hou Zi. Tang Doudou was especially shocked to discover that he was unexpectedly very talented. His ability to handle matters didn’t lose to Bai Feiyun’s in the slightest. Also due to the fact that it was much more convenient for him to head out than Bai Feiyun in multiple areas, a lot of the matters that Bai Feiyun and Tang Doudou were too busy to deal with were left to him.

Not to mention, since he wanted to repay Tang Doudou’s kindness in recognizing his worth, he worked with exceptional earnestness and responsibleness.

“Yes, yes, yes! Just let Hou Zi handle it!” Seeing Bai Feiyun had loosened up, Tang Doudou hastily nodded repeatedly. “Then I’ll head back to rest first!”

She couldn’t rest. There were no period pads in ancient times and there were also no maids in the residence. Thus, she had to think of some way to get some period pads!

This was seriously a sad story.

Tang Doudou covered her forehead, feeling incomparably distressed, as she walked out the courtyard and returned to her own room.

She hurriedly dug through a chest and found some clothes, then pulled out the dagger she usually carried around to cut it into small pieces. After folding the layers properly, she prepared to make do with these for now. The Alliance Head Residence didn’t have that many materials so if she wanted to make more comfortable period pads, she would have to slip out.When she came back, she tidied up all the things in the room and closed the windows tightly. Afterwards, she waited in the room for about an hour. Feeling that Bai Feiyun had probably left the Residence by now, she snuck out through the window and jogged to the back door of the Alliance Head Residence.

“Alliance Head? You’re about to head out?” One of the bodyguards guarding the door saw her run over sneakily but didn’t wonder at the strange sight. This Alliance Head of his, ah, was someone they, as servants, couldn't hope to understand.

“Shh, you aren’t allowed to let others know, got it!?” Tang Doudou raised her finger and glanced left and right for a while, before pulling one of the two over. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone I headed out, got it? If someone asks, just say you didn’t see me. If one of you dares to blab, see how this Alliance Head will sort you out!”

She waved her fist at the two before rubbing her nose and swaggering out of the Alliance Head Residence.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - In China, the auntie, more precisely, when your ‘mother’s sister’ comes to pay a visit once a month, it refers to your period. I never searched it up, but I’m assuming in the past the mother’s sister would come to pay a visit once a month and it’s be a figurative pain?

Omg tho, stuck in the ancient era without painkillers and pads? I could not survive! That’s it, there’s no need to consider going into the medical field to prepare for transmigration, even if I transmigrate, I probably won’t live… Oh wait, if I knew more about the medical field, I can probably manufacture my own painkillers? That’s a thought…

On another note, how many of us would have the same reaction as Tang Doudou when forced to marry a super rich, super good-looking, but also super unpredictable guy/girl? (+who might possibly be homosexual when you’re of the opposite gender?)


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