Chapter 69: Ancient Lamp

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Leaving behind two guards to face chaos in the wind. Alliance Head ah, we definitely won’t blab. But…

The two shared a gaze, then without consulting each other, simultaneously turned to look towards a certain person that was standing in the courtyard.

His facial color seemed a bit ugly. Soon after, he followed after Alliance Head da ren and headed off into the distance.

“In spring, let a hundred fresh flowers bloom faster, as I hold hands with my little sister… little sister’s bashful face, caused big brother’s heart to race…” Tang Doudou was extremely happy as she strolled on the street. As she sung a random little song, she jumped here and there to look at this and that. Flitting around everywhere, she felt extremely free!This was the first time she had gone out alone for a stroll after coming to this damned place!

As she took in the sights of vendor stalls filled with little glittery objects lining the streets and the sounds of all sorts of sell pitches being cried out in midst of the racket, Tang Doudou felt as if she had returned to the time when she vacationed in ancient cities. However, that time wasn’t half as lively as the real thing!

And many things there were even counterfeits. She remembered the one time she went to an ancient city to buy a souvenir and ended up being sweet talked by the vendor so much she spent a ton of money. However, after she brought the item home someone recognized it as a counterfeit. It angered her to the point she could barely eat for days. In the end, in a fit of anger, she threw that item to a corner to gather dust.

Even thinking about it now still made her angry. Ever since that incident, whenever she went on vacation she never bought any souvenirs. This lasted all the way until right before she transmigrated, when she saw that lamp!

It was an ancient old lamp being carried by an old grannie. It was exceptionally elaborate, yet had a very simple and unadorned aura that caught her eye. It seemed to even carry some sort of demonic power; after attracting her line of sight over, she was unable to shift it away.

Then, that old grannie asked her if she liked this lamp. It seemed she had nodded dumbly. When she recalled that event now, it felt like she had been bewitched. Afterwards, that old grannie just asked her if she wanted to buy it or not. If it was her usual self, she would have definitely rejected the offer. However, this memory was strangely fuzzy in her head. All she remembered was that she spent a sum of money to buy that lamp before returning to the hotel to play for a while. Then, she went to sleep when she felt drowsiness hit her.

Who would have expected that when she woke up she had ended up in Rutaceae Pavilion? Afterwards was the start of her miserable life.

You want to ask why Tang Doudou would suddenly recall this matter?

Right now, her gaze was fixated on a particular vendor’s stall on the opposite street. That stall was simple and crude, and everything being sold were odd little toys. But amidst these little toys was a very exquisite and palm-sized lamp!

After seeing that lamp, Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up so much they had turned into light bulbs. Five steps turned into one as she hastily threw herself towards that stall and stared tenaciously at that lamp. With trembling hands, she reached out. It was too similar; it was practically identical!

“Hey! What are you doing!?” Just as her hand was about to touch that lamp, a person suddenly appeared from the side and slapped away her hand. “If you’re not going to buy then don’t touch!”

“How much!?” Tang Doudou didn’t look at that person and continued to focus only on that lamp.


“I’m asking you how much it costs!? Didn’t you hear? How much? I’m buying it!”

Da hell, it’s not too similar. It’s practically that exact lamp! This shape, this size, and those decorative designs… Tang Doudou recalled them all. It was precisely that lamp!

The lamp that she spent a sum of money to buy from that old grannie in front of the hotel!

She didn’t have the time to wonder why it would also appear here. Right now, there was only one thought in her head, which was, she must obtain it!

Tang Doudou had read countless transmigration novels so she knew that there was no way she could have transmigrated for no good reason. There must have been some medium; that’s the normal way of opening the passageways ah!

Not to mention, this lamp is too strange!

She was extremely emotionally moved. Perhaps with this lamp, she could transmigrate back!

She can return to that world with electricity, internet, and snacks!

She doesn’t want to stay in this crappy place half a bit!

“I’m talking to you! Didn’t you hear? How much!? I’m buying this lamp!” Tang Doudou became impatient upon seeing that the vendor didn’t say anything after a long time. It couldn’t be that he didn’t want to sell it to her?

“Don’t worry, I have money. Just say a price!”

That person seemed to return to his senses as he muttered, “You really want to buy it?”

“Quit wasting words! Do I look like I’m joking?” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. “You sure are funny. Could it be that you’re just displaying these items for fun and not for selling?”

“Ahem, no.” That person gave an embarrassed cough. Then, he seemed to want to say something but hesitated.

Tang Doudou curiously lifted her eyes to see what exactly this weird vendor looked like.

Her head had just lifted when she seemed to have bumped into something sharp. Covering her head in pain, she withdrew backward a little. Only then did she see that there was a man clothed in light green standing in front of her. The harmony of his facial features gave people an abnormally good feeling. It was just that there was a frivolous smile hanging off the corners of his mouth that destroyed the entire beauty of his appearance.

Currently, he was using his hand to rub his lower chin as he used a probing gaze to size Tang Doudou up. He seemed pretty curious about this person that wanted to buy the lamp.Tang Doudou also sized him up. Then, her brows abruptly knitted as she asked in an annoyed tone, “Hey! Are you selling this lamp or not!?”

If he wasn’t selling, she’ll just think of a way to snatch it! In any case, she has already memorized his facial features! There’s no need to worry about not being able to find him.

“Selling! Of course I’m selling!” That person finally retrieved his gaze upon hearing Tang Doudou’s irritated shout and replied with a forced smile.

Tang Doudou nodded. If he was going to sell, that would be the best scenario. Things that can be resolved with money doesn’t cause trouble!

“Then say it, how much?”

The man gave a smile without speaking. He just stretched out five fingers.

Tang Doudou glanced at those fingers from the corners of her eyes. During the time she had spent following Bai Feiyun around, she had memorized the concept of this world’s currency so well that it was as ripe as a melon that was about to roll off from its vine. The idea wasn’t that different from the gold and silver currency of ancient times in her world. She estimated the amount and dug out a couple pieces of broken silver, then threw them onto the stall. “Nuo, here’s the money. I’m taking the lamp! No need for change, just keep it as tip!”

After that, she reached out to grab that lamp.

Unexpectedly, she still wasn’t able to touch it. Her hand was slapped away again.

Da freaking great uncle! What was it now?

Tang Doudou lifted her head, extremely angry. Her pure black eyes glared at that guy. “What are you doing?!”

The man said with a helpless tone, “I also want to ask what you’re doing.”“Ha, you seriously are funny. Of course I’m taking what’s mine! It couldn’t be that you want to renege?”

“Renege?” That man was a little baffled. “What would I renege for?”

“Renege because you sold it for too cheap ah. I’ve seen plenty of people like you. After seeing that I paid straightforwardly, you’re wondering if you sold it too cheap and want to renege to increase the price. Aren’t I right?”

What a joke. Back then, she, Tang Doudou, had also mingled among vendors before. How could she possibly be unaware of the ins and outs of this?

Hearing this, the man burst out laughing. “I said five thousand taels. You gave me five taels and want to take this lamp away… You, it couldn’t be that you’re here to look for trouble?”

At the last sentence, the atmosphere around the man suddenly changed. The sinister aura caused Tang Doudou to tremble from cold although she was standing beneath the scorching sun. Immediately afterwards, she shrieked in outrage, “Five thousand taels!? Why don’t you just fricking rob me!?”

“Rob? Even if I rob you, you probably don’t have this much money, right?” The man looked at Tang Doudou disdainfully. A folding fan had appeared at some point in the man’s hand and he used it to slap those taels back to Tang Doudou. “You can have it back. If you don’t have money, don’t come out here to lose face!”

Tang Doudou hastily caught those taels. “How are you running your business!? Don’t you know that customers are God!”“God? What da heck is that? I’m telling you, young fellow, stop playing dumb. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re here for!” The man humphed several times. Facing Tang Doudou’s completely befuddled expression, he continued, “Tell your boss to spare himself the trouble. This little uncle will definitely win this competition and honorably marry Lady Yun Yan!”

Hearing his vow-like tone, Tang Doudou finally understood. No wonder this guy’s attire and behavior didn’t seem like that of a professional vendor’s. He was only here to sell things after making a bet with someone.

As for what bet it was exactly, she had no idea and was also not interested in knowing. She only had one goal and that was the lamp!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I want to know is if you’re serious about selling this lamp for five thousand taels.”

The man thought she was only here to cause trouble. Even if she wasn’t here to cause trouble, the way she scooped out money didn’t seem like the style of a rich family’s gongzi ge, so he thought it would be impossible for her to take out five thousand taels.

Since she couldn’t pay this much, he didn’t have the interest to pay attention to her anymore and just replied casually, “Of course I’m serious.”

Unexpectedly, Tang Doudou replied loudly with a ‘good’, then fiercely slapped her palm on the stall, almost causing the stall to be crushed.

“Isn’t it just five thousand taels? This great uncle will just give it to you!”

Even though she didn’t have that much cash on her, nor did the Alliance Head Residence have that much money, she still has other valuable items ah!

It was just that she was a little reluctant to part with it. After all, if you thought about it, it was clear this lamp wasn’t worth that much. However, when she recalled the possible use this lamp may have, she hardened her heart and took out a pigeon-egg-sized blue gemstone from her embroidered pouch.Originally, the man wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to her. However, when his eyes swept across that gemstone, he staggered and almost fell to the ground. He only managed to stand firm by holding onto the vendor’s stall. He then started sizing Tang Doudou up again with a disbelieving gaze.

Who exactly was this little guy? How could he have the Blue Ice Essence Soul Stone?

Tang Doudou felt exceptionally sad as she looked at the faint blue light that was emitting from the gemstone. Da fudge, this toy was probably a priceless good, right?

After all, it was something she dug out from Baili Yu’s palanquin!

However, for the sake of this lamp, Tang Doudou could only endure the pain of parting with her love. “I’m going to pawn this and bring money over to buy this lamp. No matter what, you have to leave this for me!”

It’s not like her brain was squeezed til it broke when she headed out the door this morning. If she really exchanged the gemstone for the lamp, that guy would probably laugh himself awake even if he had been sleeping, wondering if she mixed up the idea of profit with loss.

It would be completely different if she pawned it. She wasn’t sure how much this gemstone could be pawned for, but it probably wouldn’t be any small sum. There’d definitely be enough to buy the lamp and perhaps, there might even be some left for her to use as pocket money. After all, the assets of the Alliance Head Residence were so pitiful that she couldn’t even bear to take them.When this was brought up, Tang Doudou felt pretty gloomy. Why does Elder Yu want a rotten plaything like the Alliance Head Residence so much?

Could it be that his house was even poorer than the Alliance Head Residence?

But it doesn’t look like it ah. She’ll just have to ask Xiao Bai about it properly one day!

As she thought, she turned around to look and see if there was a pawn shop around. Who would have expected that the moment she turned, she saw a figure that caused people’s hairs to rise on end standing right at the head of the street?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu

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