Chapter 70: Your Family Heirloom?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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It scared Tang Doudou to the point her face turned pale. She pulled the man next to her over and squeezed into the vendor’s booth to hide.

“Hey, weren't you going to pawn the gemstone? What are you hiding back here for?” The man was speechless as he looked at her expression which was so scared it seemed as if she had just seen a ghost. “Did you see a ghost?”

Unexpectedly, Tang Doudou nodded abruptly several times to this question which had been asked as a joke. “Yeah, I saw a ghost!”The man lifted his hand to cover his forehead. If it weren't for that Blue Ice Essence Soul Stone, he would have already chased this guy away.

“Hey, take a look for me. Is that male ghost in red over in that corner gone?” Tang Doudou asked after hiding for quite a while. The man next to Tang Doudou had even started yawning repeatedly so Tang Doudou jabbed his waist.

“What hey!? Ben xiaoye, I, have a name! Lou Qingyun! That's ben xiaoye’s name!”

“Yes yes yes. Lou Qingyun, Lou Qingyun, whatever!”“And, brat, didn't your parents ever teach you that your tone should be more polite when asking someone for a favor?” Lou Qingyun said lightly whilst the corners of his mouth hooked up nefariously.

Tang Doudou's cheeks puffed up. She rather hated the way this person talked and decided to just not ask him anymore. She sneakily poked her head out from behind the vendor’s booth.

After poking her head halfway out, Tang Doudou’s eyes swept across the street. Joy immediately emerged on her flushed face. Looks like that evil spirit was just making an occasionally appearance and hadn’t been coming for her.Thinking to here, Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief. She was just about to stand up when a familiar enticing voice entered her ears, “Is Xueyi playing hide-and-seek? You really have a lot of interests ah.”

Tang Doudou's soul was scared flying by this voice that suddenly appeared next to her ears. She was startled to the point her entire body broke out in cold sweat. Da fudge, did he think he was a real ghost? To move behind someone's back noiselessly like this, it was too scary!

“Ahem.” Tang Doudou retreated backwards a little, not daring to turn around and look. “You, you… why are you here?”Slender fingers extended and with a practiced motion tilted her chin up. Today, Baili Yu was once again wearing a flirtatious crimson garment and his fine black hair spilled down like a waterfall over his shoulders. “What? You're not happy to see me?”

His light lifting motion in addition to his magnetic charming voice caused a red flush to immediately emerge on Tang Doudou’s face. However, once her head cleared and she recalled that they were on the streets, she hastily said, “There are still matters in the Alliance Head Residence so I'll leave first! Goodbye!”After she said that, she rubbed oil on the soles of her feet and moved to slip away.

“But I just came from the Alliance Head Residence and there didn't seem to be any matters.” As Baili Yu spoke, he released her and gently chuckled. Following that, he pulled her into his arms. “You came out to take a stroll and didn't even call me to come along. Aren't you afraid that I'll get angry?”

“Earlier was earlier, now is now. I have to head back. Baili gongzi, do as you please!” As Tang Doudou spoke, she tried to forcefully struggle free. Even though half a month had already passed, Tang Doudou still didn't have any ways to deal with Baili Yu. She was extremely afraid that she wouldn't be able to resist her impulse to bite him to freaking death. If it weren't for the fact that she was worried about her little life, she would have already done so!Lou Qingyun who was at the side gaped. Earlier, he didn't see Baili Yu's figure clearly because he was far away. By the time Tang Doudou asked him to look, that person had already disappeared. Right afterwards, he appeared behind the two. That movement was fast to the point it caused people to open their eyes wide in tongue-tied speechlessness. What caused him to be even more astonished was that the so-called male ghost dressed in red was actually Baili Yu!

When he saw the two exchanged words in such an ambiguous manner, his head buzzed with even more echoes. He never thought that the brat was actually the main character of the news that was going around everywhere: Li Xueyi!

Meow a mii! He said he just came from the Alliance Head Residence. Didn't that mean he came out right after her!?Hearing the displeasure in her voice, Baili Yu asked again in a soft voice, “Who made you unhappy? Tell me, I'll teach them a lesson for you!”

Something's not right ah. Upon noticing that Baili Yu’s tone of voice was different from that of the past, Tang Doudou looked again at today's Baili Yu. He seemed much more spirited and didn't give off the languid feeling he did before. His complexion was also much better. The only thing that didn't change was his peach flower eyes that carried a trace of a smile, which caused people to be unable to tear their eyes away.

After half a month, this evil spirit seemed to have become quite a bit prettier again!

If she didn't look, she wouldn't have known. However, once she started examining him, she couldn't move her eyes away. Who asked for her to be a standard beauty lover!?“It's only been half a month since we've seen each other, how did you end up becoming dumb? If you keep staring, your eyeballs are going to fall out!” Baili Yu chuckled again and reached out to stroke Tang Doudou’s head before bending his fingers to knock her forehead. Then, he turned and said to Lou Qingyun, “Lou family's eldest son? Why are you here on the streets setting up a vendor’s stall?”

Following that, his gaze landed on that antique lamp. She really wants this?

As expected, her interests were different from those of usual girls. Other girls all like things like rouge and jewelry. However, when she strolled on the streets, if she wasn't looking at food, then she was staring at odd little toys like this.

From the looks of it, she wanted to buy this lamp. He finally could not continue to just watch when she actually took out the Blue Ice Essence Soul Stone. However, just as he was going to head over, she actually hid away. She's seriously a dumb woman!

Did she really think he was just passing by incidentally?

Or was it that she thought he had bad eyesight and didn't manage to see her?

She's really amusingly cute.

Lou Qingyun recovered from his shook and looked, bewildered, at the two in front of him. “You, you two…”

“It's quite an elaborate antique lamp.” Baili Yu picked up that antique lamp and swayed it in front of Tang Doudou. Following that, he asked Lou Qingyun, “How much?”Lou Qingyun thought he was buying it for Tang Doudou and remarked in his heart that rumors truly couldn't be trusted. They all said that Li Xueyi used tricks to coerce Baili Yu. However, from the looks of this, Li Xueyi avoided Baili Yu like a snake and on the contrary, Baili Yu was the one that was eagerly attentive.

“Eldest Lou gongzi, are you not selling this lamp?” Baili Yu endured his temper and asked again upon seeing that Lou Qingyun didn't reply.

Tang Doudou watched worriedly from the sidelines. She didn't think Baili Yu was kind-hearted enough to buy it for her. Most likely, he was buying it so she couldn’t get it.If it was anything else, Tang Doudou definitely would have turned her head away and left. However, she must obtain this antique lamp! Rushing to make a move before Lou Qingyun reacted, she struggled out of Baili Yu’s embrace and shouted at Lou Qingyun, “Hey, surnamed Lou. You've pretty much agreed to sell this lamp to me! You can't do business without integrity!”

Upon hearing this, Lou Qingyun looked at her, confused. “Isn't it the same whether I sell it to you or him?”

Forget it, he couldn't tell what these two were doing. He folded up his fan. Right now, he had a bet with someone else. He only needed money, the form didn't matter. Thus, Lou Qingyun continued, “Anyways, with business ah, pass the money with one hand and take the good with the other. I'll sell to whoever has money! If you don't have money, I'll definitely sell to someone else!”“Who said I don't have money?”

“You said it yourself earlier! Didn't you say you had to pawn something in order to get the money?” Lou Qingyun replied without thinking too much after a yawn. However, when he turned, he smiled apologetically towards Baili Yu. “Baili gongzi, this antique lamp is no more or less than five thousand taels.”

Lou Qingyun’s unscrupulous businessperson manner angered Tang Doudou to the point that she was emitting smoke through all seven orifices. Da fudging shit!? You're bullying me, is that it? Bullying her, Tang Doudou, for not having money?

Alright, fine!

Tang Doudou abruptly turned around to face Baili Yu and gritted her teeth as she said, “You have money, then you can buy it! This Alliance Head won't keep you company anymore!”After saying so, she stomped out of the vendor's booth. From the looks of it, she was about to leave.

Lou Qingyun didn't really react much to the fact that she was about to leave. He just waved his fan and said, “Alliance Head, take care!”

Afterwards, he looked towards Baili Yu again. That smile of his was particularly splendid. “Baili gongzi, look, this lamp…”

“Ye Chuan!”

“Master!” Ye Chuan jumped down from the tree to appear at Baili Yu’s side. It was unknown when he had hidden himself up there.

When Ye Chuan appeared, Tang Doudou, who was walking in front of the vendor's booth, sneaked several peeks at Baili Yu and Lou Qingyun. Upon seeing that their attentions were currently concentrated on Ye Chuan and that the antique lamp had been thrown back onto the stall by Baili Yu at some unknown time, she started estimating the odds of snatching it. Then, she looked at her small arms and legs and immediately dispelled this idea.“Buy it and bring it back.” Lou Qingyun and the rest didn't pay attention to Tang Doudou. However, Baili Yu’s gaze didn't shift away from her face and he took in all her little expressions. The smile in his eyes deepened some more. “Xueyi still has business?”

“I do!” Seeing that Ye Chuan had already started taking banknotes out to hand to Lou Qingyun, Tang Doudou leaped over and snatched those banknotes. Then, she foisted the nice and warm gemstone inside her hand on Ye Chuan.

Her speed was very fast. By the time Ye Chuan reacted, the banknotes in his hand had already ended up in Tang Doudou’s hands.“Surnamed Lou, here's the money. The lamp’s mine now!” After snatching the banknotes, Tang Doudou speedily stuffed it into Lou Qingyun’s hand then grabbed the antique lamp from the booth, before declaring this boldly and confidently as if justice was on her side.

“Heh, up to you guys. In any case, ben xiaoye is fine as long as the money's here!” Lou Qingyun was at first stunned by this string of actions. But soon he gave an evil laugh as he weighed the banknotes in his hand. “Since the lamp has already been sold, then this bet counts as ben xiaoye’s win. While the green hills change not, clear water flows long (in glossary, generally refers to having eternal feelings of some type), especially with us. I'm sure we'll meet again some day!”Following that, he laughed heartily, cupped his fist, and made to leave.

Tang Doudou hugged that antique lamp. She didn't have enough attention to mind Lou Qingyun and looked guardedly towards Baili Yu.

There was no other choice ah. Who asked Baili Yu to look at her with such a strange expression after she took the antique lamp? It seemed as if he was probing her and this caused her to recall her unease.

“Just take it as me borrowing money from you. For the time being, I'll leave the gemstone with you as collateral. Once I get money, I'll return it to you!” Tang Doudou felt super uncomfortable under Baili Yu’s stare and mumbled. She hastily shifted her eyes away and stopped Lou Qingyun who was about to leave, “Surnamed Lou, wait! I still have something to ask you!”

Lou Qingyun turned around. Having gotten the banknotes, he was in a rather good mood. “What is it? Just ask!”

As he spoke, he shoved the banknotes into his pocket and even patted it to reassure himself.

Tang Doudou really did have something to ask him. “I wanted to ask you where this antique lamp came from?”


Upon hearing Tang Doudou’s question, Lou Qingyun became troubled. Could he say that he had casually picked it up from next to the river?

“It's inconvenient for you to say? Could it be it's a family heirloom?” Tang Doudou asked in pursuit.

When she said this, Lou Qingyun’s eyes lit up and he hastily nodded. “That's right, it's a family heirloom. What are you asking this for?”


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