Chapter 71: What’s With Baili Yu Today?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“It's really a family heirloom?” Tang Doudou stared at Lou Qingyun. How come it just doesn't seem real?

Right at this moment, Baili Yu, who had been silent for quite a while, spoke, “Since when did the Lou family have such a worthless family heirloom?”


“It's just a simple copper lamp. The craftwork is just a bit more elaborate, that's all. If it weren't for the fact that you, Xueyi, seemed to like it, why would I buy it?”

His tone was light and carried a faint pampering tone, causing Tang Doudou to be baffled and feel that there was something wrong with her ears.

Otherwise, the Baili Yu in front of her must have been possessed by a ghost. His behavior was extremely strange, causing her to feel particularly uncomfortable.

After Baili Yu said that the lamp wasn't worth that amount of money, Lou Qingyun became a bit embarrassed and could only fess up honestly. “I won't keep it from you two, this lamp was something I picked up from the riverbank…”

“What!? And you dared to set a price of five thousand for something you picked up!? Lou Qingyun, you're truly even more black-hearted than a black-cored radish!” In reality, Tang Doudou could also tell that this antique lamp wasn't valuable. However, her concern caused her heart to become chaotic. When she thought of this lamp’s possible function, she couldn't calm down at all. Now that she Lou Qingyun came out with the truth, she immediately exploded.

“Ahem. This is just a bet. When the time comes, I'll just send the money back to you!” It wasn’t like Lou Qingyun didn't have this amount of money either. It was just that when he made the bet, those guys had taken all the money on him. Now that he obtained some money, he had to head back to report. Once he won this competition, he could marry Lady Yun Yan, hehe…

Seeing that Tang Doudou still had an enraged expression, Lou Qingyun scratched the back of his head in an embarrassed manner. “Aiyah, you can just rest easy. My reputation in Huai City can still be trusted!”

He couldn't delay any longer. If he delayed anymore, those guys would snatch the opportunity to find Lady Yun Yan first. At that time, wouldn't everything have gone to waste?”

“Alliance Head Li, if you don't believe me, you can ask Baili gongzi!”

How could Tang Doudou possibly dare to ask Baili Yu? She was already saying amitabha buddha that he was just standing there without speaking!

“It won't do, I can't stop worrying.”

“Forget it. If you can't trust me, just return the lamp to me and I'll hand these banknotes back to you. How about that?” Even though he proposed this, Lou Qingyun didn't think that Tang Doudou would do so. Anyone with eyes could see that Tang Doudou cared a lot about this antique lamp. From how nervous she looked, perhaps this antique lamp was something she lost at the river.

As expected, Tang Doudou shook her head immediately in response to his words. “That still won't do. I must have this lamp.”

“This doesn't work, that doesn't work. Alliance Head Li, suggest something that would work ah. I don't have the time to dawdle here with you!”

“How about this!?” Tang Doudou had lowered her eyes to deliberate for a while, then thought of a great idea.

“How about what?” Lou Qingyun saw that her eyes had lit up and guessed that she may have thought of an idea that satisfied both demands.

Tang Doudou put away that antique lamp first. After that, her eyes swept across Baili Yu who was acting as a backdrop. Only now did she start to become curious. Why is this evil spirit so low-key while heading out today? Not only did he not sit on a palanquin, he didn't even bring a servant girl along. The only one here was Ye Chuan, who was still hidden in the darkness like before.

She had already noticed earlier how much better Baili Yu’s complexion was. Now that she has noticed this as well, a bold guess emerged in her head. Could it be that this guy has recovered from his illness?

That's why his past languishness was brushed away in one sweep?

“Why don't I go with you? After you win the contest, you can immediately return the money to me. Isn't this a good idea?” There were two goals to this idea. First was its actual intention and second was that she could shake off Baili Yu. After all, she was heading off with Lou Qingyun, it's not like Baili Yu would keep following them, right?

Lou Qingyun considered it, then said, “Alright. You can just head over with me. That way, you can also help me prove that this lamp was sold and that I didn't call someone to bring me money from home after getting thrown out.”

Tang Doudou was also pretty happy that the idea took off. She moved up to pat Lou Qingyun’s shoulder. “There's no time to lose, let's go!”

“What about Baili gongzi?” Lou Qingyun suddenly asked.

The moment these words came out, Tang Doudou itched to fling a slap at him. Couldn't you have just ignored this evil spirit?

What if he decides to go along now that you've asked him?

In reality, Lou Qingyun was only being polite in asking Baili Yu. If it was someone else, he might have been able to ignore them, but this was Baili Yu. If he didn't improve his attitude a little and Baili Yu ended up becoming displeased, the Huai City Lou family would probably be wiped off the records of this Wind Spirit Imperial Court.

“Me? Of course I'll be going with Xueyi.” Tang Doudou didn't know if it was her senses playing a trick, but a strange light seemed to flash in Baili Yu’s peach blossom eyes when he said this.

The feeling that something wasn't right once again bubbled up in Tang Doudou’s heart. Why did she seem to feel that something wasn't right the more she looked at Baili Yu?

But no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't pinpoint where the strangeness was. She could only pat her chest and tell herself that she was probably just excited from seeing the antique lamp and overthinking things.

However, Baili Yu wanting to follow along was pretty troublesome.

Lou Qingyun, on the other hand, didn't really care. Whether Baili Yu went or not had nothing to do with him. It was just that he discovered Baili Yu’s gaze when he looked at this Alliance Head was a bit strange ah!

“Why aren't you guys moving?” The moment Baili Yu finished speaking, he moved up, grasped Tang Doudou’s hand and started walking towards the street.

Tang Doudou struggled for a few moments to get free and discovered that although he was not grasping her tightly, she could not struggle free no matter what she did. She couldn't help but become discouraged. She then turned around and shouted at Lou Qingyun, “Surnamed Lou, are you going or not?”

Her sharp shout sounded extremely like a woman’s voice. Lou Qingyun knitted his brows, a bit suspicious. He flipped open his fan and thought for a bit before following them.

The three walked together. As for Ye Chuan who had appeared a little earlier, he already disappeared.

They soon arrived in front of a courtyard.

Once they arrived, Lou Qingyun stepped forward, pushed open the door and headed inside.The scene inside wasn't in particularly good taste. All sorts of feminine powder scents drifted through the air. Along with it came some clear yet hazy sounds of tender laughter, as if many women were teasing and playing around.

As Tang Doudou looked around, she felt a sense of familiarity. Once she walked up the familiar loft, she immediately made a huge realization. Wasn't this the place where the martial arts convention was being held the day she transmigrated over?

“That's right, Alliance Head Li. Baili Yu had the martial arts convention delayed after you got injured previously and was rescued by him. But from what ben xiaoye knows, it has already been almost two months since that day. How come Alliance Head Li still hasn't convened the martial arts convention?”

The atmosphere between the three of them was extremely strange. Lou Qingyun was seriously worried that he would be driven crazy by this stifling mood before he even got to his destination. Thus, he hastily looked for some topic to divert everyone's attention.

Tang Doudou only recalled this matter when he brought it up. As for whether it would be convening, she had discussed it with Xiao Bai before in the Alliance Head Residence. The conclusion was that as long as no one brought it up, they wouldn't convene for now. The main reason was because she had pulled up a little fib that day and said that the City Lord had handed down some good tasks. For the sake of avoiding people being noisy and wanting to find out what the benefit was, they had all purposefully made it vague and forgot about it.

Now that Lou Qingyun brought it up, Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and said, “Oh, this matter isn't pressing.”

“Haha, that's true.” Lou Qingyun didn't count as an authentic Jianghu person, he was just a gongzi ge (refers to a rich person who only eats, drinks, and play; a child that does not attend to one's proper duties.) who liked eating, drinking and playing. He wasn't clear on these matters and just went along with whatever Tang Doudou said.

“Aiyah, I was wondering who it was, so it's Young Master Lou!”

Suddenly, a voice that was seductive to the bones sounded in front of them.

Looking over, all that could be seen was a well-rounded middle-aged woman walking towards them on the small road. Her face was tender and alluring, and she had a bit of transparent gauze draped over her body. As she walked, the magnificence in front of her chest was like rippling waves...

“Boss Qing, where’s Yun Yan?” When Lou Qingyun saw this woman, his eyes practically emitted wolf-like light.

The middle-aged woman being addressed as Boss Qing laughed coquettishly before sighing. “Aiyo, Lou gongzi, you've come a bit late.”

“What, has something happened to Yun Yan?”

“Pei! What are you saying? What could happen to her in this Rutaceae Pavilion?”

“Then why did you say I came late?”

“Haha, just teasing you. Let's go, we…” Boss Qing didn't finish her words before her jaw dropped in astonishment. She pointed towards the two figures behind Lou Qingyun and couldn't squeeze a single word out.

Then, she stammered, “Lou gongzi, they, they…”

“Ahem, I'm not too clear either. Aiyah, I don't care, ben xiaoye is off to find Lady Yun Yan!” Having made it here, he could no longer suppress the desire in his heart.

As he said so, he pushed aside Tang Doudou who was standing in front of him. “Hehe, Alliance Head Li, I'll return the money to you once I get back. During this time, I'll have to trouble you to wait here a little.”

Tang Doudou didn't mind and nodded. “You can go. Just remember to return the money to me once you get back!”

She replied rather straightforwardly, proceeding to find a random room and walked in. She sat down and got ready to wait for Lou Qingyun.

Today, Baili Yu was like a stringed puppet. He spoke little with a tone that was abnormally gentle and slightly pampering. He also didn't make things difficult for her and didn't even ask her where that Blue Ice Essence Soul Stone came from… Tang Doudou’s feeling that something wasn't right increased with time. No matter what, she couldn't match this current Baili Yu with the Baili Yu she knew from before.

“Hehe, then I'll leave first!” After saying so, Lou Qingyun cupped his fist and squeezed into the room to the side.

The door closed with a bang. Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and turned to look at Baili Yu who had been silent this entire time.

“What? You can't hold back from looking at me anymore now that everyone has left?”

After Boss Qing called someone to send up tea, she withdrew and even closed the door behind her. Tang Doudou felt abnormally depressed at the possible hidden meanings.

From the start it was already extremely dangerous being in the same room as this guy. Now that the door is even closed...

“Why aren't you saying anything? What are you thinking? It's been a long time since we've seen each other, Xueyi, did you miss me?”

Missed your great uncle! Tang Doudou rolled her eyes but still didn't speak. It was not that she was keeping her composure though, she just didn't know how she should put it.

“In reality, there's no need at all for you to say you're borrowing that money.”

“What's mine is yours. I'll give you as much as you want. Isn't it too distant to say borrow?”

Da hell!? What about that Alliance Head Command Tablet you shamelessly ordered Ye Chuan to take back!?

She had made it fine-sounding by saying she was only borrowing it temporarily and was going to return it, but now he was saying something like this. Tang Doudou rubbed her forehead. What was with Baili Yu today?


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