Chapter 72: Captivating

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong!

“Wonder how the wedding ceremony preparations are going?” Out of the blue, Baili Yu suddenly inquired about the wedding ceremony. As she looked at his earnest appearance, the puzzlement in Tang Doudou’s heart increased.

Could it be that the reason Baili Yu suddenly came to look for her today was because of this matter?

It couldn't be that coincidental, right? She hadn’t gone out alone for so many days, yet he managed to run into her the one day she went out alone?

Looks like there was someone monitoring her. Her decision to head out today was made last minute. If it weren't for the fact that someone saw her head out and notified Baili Yu, how could he have followed after her so quickly? As she recalled how Ye Chuan always appeared and disappeared unpredictably, goosebumps rose all over Tang Doudou’s body. She just hoped that the person shadowing her didn't have a hobby of peeping. Otherwise, wouldn't her everything have been seen every time she went to the restroom?

“Ahem. Recently, I've been busy with the Alliance Head Residence matters and still have not started preparing for the wedding… Moreover, isn't it still early? Preparing once the date gets closer wouldn't be too late.” Prepare for a wedding ceremony? The Alliance Head Residence is already poor as a dog! In the past, Bai Feiyun had even offered to help but after she politely declined his offer, he never brought it up again.

Da fudge! She was just acting polite ah. Unexpectedly, Little Classmate Bai completely misunderstood what she meant and really thought that she didn't want help. When she recalled the admiring gaze Xiao Bai had given her, Tang Doudou could only sigh as she propped up her head. The ancients were truly smart, but they just didn’t know how to adapt to new ways of thinking.

“You're right. There is still time until the wedding day so there's no rush.” Baili Yu smiled before changing the topic. “Wonder who Xueyi is planning to invite for that day’s banquet rites and music?”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou was stunned. He was really here to discuss wedding ceremony arrangements with her?

But wasn't she the wrong person to ask about this stuff? How could she possibly know which rites master to invite?

She hadn't even had the chance to walk through all of Huai City and can't even find her way around, alright?

“And guest invitations… These must be prepared ahead of time. Or else, later, they won't make it in time…”

“Wait!” Tang Doudou broke off his long-winded words. Her heart was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. She didn't want to get married!

“Baili Yu, you're a man. You possess wealth that could rival a nation and you’re even that handsome. What type of girl couldn't you get? Even if you don't like women, I'm sure there are many remarkably beautiful men who wish to climb onto your bed. So why can't you figure things out? Why do you insist on becoming my bride?”

“Look at me. I want a figure but I have no figure, want face but have no face. My temper is stinky and annoying, not to mention I'm stupid and dumb. Not knowing how to do this or that… I'm even severely poisoned. Some random day I might just hiccup and fart out my last breath and you'll have to be a widow!”

“And the most important point is that there's not even a little bit of feelings between us. Don't you know that a marriage without feelings is like a grave? That's a quite terrifying thing!”

Even though Tang Doudou was usually wishy-washy, she had an extremely strong prejudiced opinion towards marriages. This was because she grew up with her parents always fighting. When she was five, her parents left and went somewhere, causing Tang Doudou to become a thorough orphan. From that time onwards, she decided that if she couldn't find someone who could spend a normal average lifetime with her, she would rather remain single her entire life.

Due to this, Tang Doudou hadn't dated even once in her twenty-four years of life.

She transmigrated to a different world, and now she has to get married to someone whom she barely knew for even a month? It was also very likely that Baili Yu was just acting on a temporary whim, not to mention that he wasn’t an ordinary person and couldn’t live a stable normal lifetime with her.

Tang Doudou racked her brains to think of some reason in order to try and dispel Baili Yu’s exotic idea. In reality, she had been wanting to talk to Baili Yu about this for a long time but had never gotten the chance. Baili Yu’s mood seemed pretty good today so she might as well tell him everything clearly.

Baili Yu didn’t interrupt the entire time she was talking. On the contrary, his gaze was deep as if he was mulling over what Tang Doudou had said.

“Feelings, love… These are the only things you’re worried about?” Baili Yu suddenly asked.

“I’m worried about a lot of things, not just these.”

“There’s still others?”

Tang Doudou gave a cry of ‘aaiy’ as she plopped down on the table and said with a helpless tone, “Baili Yu. If you just wanted to have some fun, shouldn’t you be satisfied by now?”

Baili Yu listened to her earnestly and thought for a while before saying, “We had a physical relationship. I wanted to take responsibility, but you weren’t willing to become my bride so I can only become yours. What is wrong with this? And, Xueyi, how do you know there are no feelings between us?”

“Stop joking. You hate me, and I don’t like you either. Where would any feelings come from? I just want to have a calm and peaceful life. Just let me off!” Tang Doudou lifted her head, a bit agitated. She stared at Baili Yu, her head felt like a complete mess. “Baili Yu, I only want to live a peaceful life.”

“From the day you became the Alliance Head, a peaceful life was no longer a possibility for you.” Baili Yu felt a bit taken aback. He never expected that Tang Doudou would say something like that. So this was what she had thought?

His words caused Tang Doudou to turn silent. She couldn’t refute Baili Yu’s words. It wasn’t only when she became the Alliance Head. From the moment she had transmigrated over - the instant she had become Li Xueyi - she had already thoroughly said bye-bye to her past life.

And then there was the problem right in front of her: that time bomb known as the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance...

Tang Doudou stopped speaking. Her bright gleaming eyes misted up with a layer of bewilderment and her little mouth deflated in clear sadness. As Baili Yu took all of this in, it was like a part of his heart was cut out. An impulse to pull her into his arms bubbled up. He had never experienced this kind of feeling before and it caused him to be a little flustered. He reached out and drank a sip of the tea to cover up his momentary loss of calmness.

He had started meditating and resting since half a month earlier. In all these years, he had never nursed himself properly this way, yet he suddenly wanted to treasure his life. Originally, he was confused as to why these feelings suddenly popped up. Now, though, thinking back, it seemed it was because he actually desired to stroll around like a normal person.

It must be known that he, Baili Yu, with his incomparably impressive reputation was also known for one other matter - he didn’t have long to live.

“There’s nothing that is inevitably fixed. There are only things you don’t want to work hard for!”

The two in the room were silent for a while. When Tang Doudou’s gaze swept across the antique lamp in her hand, she was suddenly filled with fighting spirit again. That damned destiny can just go to hell!

She, Tang Doudou, believes in free will!

After she said this, Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up again. As she glanced at the ethereal beauty in front of her, she gulped. In reality, just based on this face, it wouldn’t be a loss to become his bride, so taking him as a bride was even more of a gain! Being the bride and taking a bride was very different. When the time comes, if she didn’t like him, she can just repudiate him!

Seeing that Tang Doudou had cheered up again, Baili Yu felt his mood improve as well. He leaned on the windowsill and said languidly, “It looks like you’ve already thought things through, so I won’t exhort you anymore. You don’t seem to have an idea of how to go about making the wedding preparations, so why don’t you just leave them to me?”


It was exactly what she wanted ah. Even if she knew how to prepare for the wedding, she didn’t have the money to squander ah!

There was just one thing she didn’t understand: why da hell did Baili Yu insist on being her bride?

Suddenly, she recalled Jun Xin whom she hadn’t seen in quite a while, so she asked in passing, “That’s right, where did Jun Xin go? How come I haven’t seen him in a long time?”

“Ah Xin went out to handle some matters.”

Baili Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed when she suddenly mentioned Jun Xin. An unfathomable light emerged in his eyes as he asked, “Xueyi, what do you think of Ah Xin?”

“He’s not bad. He doesn’t have a bad heart, he’s just too childish.”

So he went off to work. And she was hoping to get some help from him. Oh well.


He was indeed very childish, to have thrown a tantrum because of such a small matter and ran away back to Azure Vulture Mountain. Not to mention he even shattered Bloodthirster. It wasn’t just childish, it was simply way too childish.

Baili Yu’s eyes lowered. It was about time to return. He stood up and walked towards Tang Doudou, chuckling softly. “And Xueyi isn’t childish?”

Rows of black lines streaked down Tang Doudou’s forehead. You’re the one that’s freaking childish! Your entire family is childish!

“I’m leaving.”


He was finally leaving! Tang Doudou let out a breath in relief and rubbed the antique lamp on the table. She had been waiting this entire time for him to fricking leave so that she could study and see what exactly was with this antique lamp.

Hearing Tang Doudou’s refreshed reply, Baili Yu became a little displeased. She wanted him to leave this badly?

It was as if she didn’t want to spend even a second more with him. The feeling of being disliked by someone was really not pleasant.

“Before I leave…” Baili Yu suddenly leaned over and slightly narrowed his eyes. His lips were only half a finger’s distance away from Tang Doudou’s cheek. “Shouldn’t Xueyi give me a kiss?”

This unexpected movement and tone surprised Tang Doudou so much she almost fell over. Luckily, Baili Yu reached out and wrapped his arm around her. In passing, this movement also half pressed her onto the table. She patted her chest, still feeling the lingering fear. Luckily she didn’t fall, otherwise, it would have been easy to knock herself stupid. She lifted her eyes to thank Baili Yu. He had already saved her god knows how many times.

Unexpectedly, she was met with a pair of eyes that were as gentle as water. Her heart abruptly thumped as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

Why was he looking at her like this!? It was terrifying ah! Why was her heart jumping so fast!? It was leaping so much she couldn’t even breathe!

Her innocent face was reflected in Baili Yu’s eyes. His gaze darkened as he lowered his head.

Tang Doudou felt a cool and soft sensation on her lips. Her entire body was currently extremely rigid as if she was being electrocuted. Her head was completely blank. Only a while later did she snap back to her senses. Baili Yu had actually kissed her!

Baili Yu’s face was right in front of her. At this distance, she could see clearly how many eyelashes he had and how long they were. The way they slightly dipped caused them to seem like black wings.

He was a seductive yao. Such a seductive yao!

Wait, that’s not it! This wasn’t the main point ah! The main point was, that was her first kiss ah!

When she thought of this, Tang Doudou immediately glowered and reached out to push Baili Yu away. However, the moment she lifted her hands, they were seized by Baili Yu and slowly pinned above her head. Baili Yu also shifted so that Tang Doudou’s entire body ended up on the table. “Shouldn’t you close your eyes now?”

As he spoke, he moved away from her lips. His peach blossom eyes slowly filled with a deep color that Tang Doudou couldn’t understand and his voice was slightly hoarse as he said, “Be good, close your eyes.”

Her lips were very captivating. In the softness, there was a pure sweet taste that caused him to slightly lose control of himself.

Baili Yu’s eyes seemed to carry some demonic power, hypnotizing Tang Doudou. As if demons and gods were at work, Tang Doudou actually closed her eyes.

Baili Yu’s lips slightly hooked as he lowered his head again. However, he didn’t touch those alluring pink lips. “Xueyi is truly captivating when being obedient.”


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