Chapter 90.2: Yuner

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There’s someone inside the room?

Tang Doudou hastily looked over and saw a familiar person curled up in the corner. His clear pupils were filled with restrained fear.

Wasn’t this the foolish little kid she encountered in the Bai Residence?

“It’s you?” Tang Doudou was stunned for a moment before she started looking around. Could it be that after half the day, they still hadn’t left the Bai Residence?

Yuner seemed to recognize Tang Doudou and exposed an excited smile. “Be-beautiful Big Brother!”


Tang Doudou looked at her chest. Da fudge, what part of her seems like a big brother?

However, she couldn’t be bothered to care much about this for now. She lifted her hand and asked Yuner, “Can you help out with something?”

“Beautiful Big Brother, what is it!?” Yuner was no longer afraid when he realized it was someone he knew. He hopped off the bed and walked to Tang Doudou.

“What’s your name?”


“Can Yuner help Big Brother carry him onto the bed?” This child seemed a little slow in his reactions, but basic communications weren’t a problem. She didn’t know where this place was, so she could only work on saving Baili Yu first.

Although Baili Yu’s body temperature was still dropping and his breathing was weak to the point of being almost imperceptible, his heart was still pounding strongly. This was what allowed Tang Doudou to calm down a little. She had heard Bai Feiyun say earlier that Baili Yu had an illness and by the sound of it, it was quite a serious illness. She didn’t find any injuries on Baili Yu when she examined him earlier so this abnormal situation was probably his illness acting up!

She wasn’t a doctor so she definitely didn’t have any methods to treat Baili Yu. Thus, she could only find a place for Baili Yu to rest before she headed back to the Plum Garden to get help.

Yuner swept a glance at Baili Yu who was sprawled on the ground and a stunned expression flashed through his eyes. He gave a heartfelt sigh. “This Big Sister is even prettier than Big Sister San Yu…”E/C

Wat’s dat?

Could it be that this child still doesn’t know how to distinguish gender properly?

But, he knows San Yu? From his tone, he seems to depend on her quite a bit. Looks like they were actually quite familiar.

Tang Doudou and Yuner had to work together in order to move Baili Yu onto the bed. Unexpectedly, Baili Yu, who looked pretty skinny, was actually this heavy. By the time they finished carrying him over, they were both covered with sweat. As Tang Doudou sat with Yuner, she asked, “Yuner, are you tired?”

“Not tired, Yuner’s not tired.” Yuner beamed as he gazed at Tang Doudou. “Beautiful Big Brother, why are you here?”

When this was brought up, Tang Doudou suddenly recalled something. “That’s right, Yuner, is this still the Bai Residence?”

“It’s not ah, this is Beautiful Big Sister’s house.” Yuner blinked innocently. “Beautiful Big Brother, what are you asking this for?”

“Beautiful Big Sister?” Tang Doudou swept a glance at Baili Yu. “Are you talking about San Yu?”

“That’s right, it’s Big Sister San Yu.”

“Are you on really good terms with her?” She wanted to have Yuner help guard Baili Yu so it was better to know more. That way, she could feel more at ease when she left.

Yuner nodded. “Big Sister San Yu is Yuner’s bestest friend!”

“So it’s like that ah!”

“Beautiful Big Brother, do you have something you want Yuner to help with?”

Ugh, this child is so, sooo cute…

“How did you know?” Tang Doudou asked curiously.

Yuner had on a expression of ‘Big Brother, you’re really dumb ah’. “It’s hanging all over your face. Yuner can tell with one glance ah!”

Yoyo, and she was saying this child was dumb. How was this child dumb at all?

Tang Doudou scratched her head. “Then do you know what I want you to help with?”

“Beautiful Big Brother wants Yuner to look after Beautiful Big Sister, right?” Yuner’s tone which was as innocent as before stunned Tang Doudou. It was very obvious to see that she needed help but being able to tell what she needed help with wasn’t easy at all. He was actually able to tell exactly what she wanted, this was way too unexpected!

Seeing Tang Doudou stare blankly, Yuner scratched the back of his head, a little embarrassed. “Beautiful Big Brother doesn’t need to feel curious. Yuner is stupid but can guess the thoughts of others really accurately…”

It was precisely because of this that he was disliked by Mother, Daddy and the others. They say that he doesn’t know how to conduct himself in society and didn’t understand rules.

“Who said so? How is Yuner dumb at all?” Tang Doudou patted his shoulder. “Yuner is capable of understanding people’s hearts. This is something that most people can’t even do.”

“Beautiful Big Sister had said that before too!” When Yuner heard this, his completely pure eyes lit up and he looked with pleasant surprise towards Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and became rather curious about San Yu. What kind of person is that young girl?

She had insisted on winning that cooking competition; what did she want to obtain that promise from the Prime Minister for?

Tang Doudou originally wanted to ask Yuner, but she saw that Baili Yu’s condition seemed severe and was worried that it would get worse. Hence, she stood up. “Yuner, I’m going to find someone to save him. I’ll have to trouble you to help me look after him for a bit!”

However, Yuner exposed a troubled expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“The roof here is broken. After Big Sister San Yu returns, she’ll definitely come here to investigate. If she sees this Big Sister on the bed, she’ll definitely get angry. Big Sister San Yu doesn’t like strangers coming into her home. So…”


“Before Big Sister San Yu comes back, Yuner will help Big Brother carry her somewhere else!” Yuner looked hopefully towards Tang Doudou, hoping that she would accept his idea.

Tang Doudou also really wanted to accept. However, she hesitated, thinking about Baili Yu’s condition.

While she was hesitating, the sound of a door being opened came from outside.


“Yuner, are you inside?”

It was San Yu’s voice.

Tang Doudou and Yuner shared a glance. Yuner immediately became flustered and his eyes were completely at a loss.

“I’ll go outside and talk to Big Sister San Yu!” He gritted his teeth and stood up.

“Hey, don’t!” Tang Doudou hastily stopped him. “It’s better if I go!”


“I met her earlier in the Bai Residence, it’ll be fine.”

Tang Doudou pressed down on his shoulder. “Yuner, I’ll have to trouble you to look after him, alright?”

“Then, alright…”

Yuner nodded. “Then, when you head out, don’t start arguing with Big Sister San Yu no matter what, alright? In reality, Big Sister San Yu is really good at heart. She just doesn’t like interacting with strangers. You have to talk to her properly. She’ll definitely agree,” said Yuner sincerely.

“Yuner, are you inside? What happened to the roof…” San Yu walked into the courtyard from the entrance, before walking from the courtyard towards this direction probably because she had noticed the collapsed roof. When she didn’t hear Yuner’s reply after a long time, she thought something had happened to Yuner and immediately started running.

She reached the room in a few steps. Just as she was about to push open the door and enter, the door opened from the inside.

“It’s you!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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E/C - “This Big Sister is even prettier than Big Sister San Yu…” so San Yu is flat?? plus more masculine = prettier? i can't comprehend this level of gender bending…

C: Nah, I think it’s more like Baili Yu is beautiful in a way that can be androgynous? Like this ‘ancient chinese guy’ is more beautiful than me.

And the current korean guys, kyaaa~


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