Chapter 91.1: Real Name

Prodigal Alliance Head


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San Yu was shocked for a moment to see Tang Doudou come out from the room. Afterwards though, she didn’t show anymore emotion.

“Ahem, it’s me.”

“Why are you here? Where’s Yuner? What did you do to him?”

San Yu glanced inside the room. She only exhaled in relief when she saw that Yuner seemed timid but was otherwise fine. Thus, she turned around to start questioning Tang Doudou.

“Ahem, this is purely a coincidence. A pure coincidence!” Tang Doudou coughed again when she saw that San Yu’s expression was not particularly good. It was probably due to what happened at the competition.

“Coincidence?” San Yu swept a mild glance at Tang Doudou. “What exactly happened? If nothing much happened, then please leave. This place does not welcome outsiders.”

Then, San Yu looked towards the broken roof. “Were you the one that did this to the roof?”

“It’s really a sudden accident. My friend got injured, then just happened to fall from the sky and crash through your roof. I sincerely apologize.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just find someone to fix it.” San Yu’s tone was very calm. “However, please take your people with you as fast as possible. I don’t wish to get dragged into any unnecessary trouble.”

“I can’t. His injury’s too severe. He can’t be casually moved right now.”

“I can’t afford to care.”

“Big Sister San Yu.” Yuner suddenly came out from the house to stand right behind Tang Doudou. “Beautiful Big Brother isn’t a bad person. Just help him a little!”T/N

“Beautiful Big Brother?” San Yu glanced at Tang Doudou. Could it be that the Beautiful Big Brother Yuner talked about before was her?

“Yuner, I’ve already told you before that knowing what people think is not the same as knowing their hearts. You can’t casually trust strangers. Why did you forget?”

“Yuner didn’t forget…” San Yu’s tone was a bit overly stern so Yuner felt a bit wrongly accused. “Yuner just, just felt it.”

Perhaps it was because Yuner seemed dejected, or perhaps it was because of the two words ‘felt it’. In any case, San Yu’s expression softened a little. She lifted her foot and, stepping past Tang Doudou, headed into the room and walked towards the bed.

When she saw the person on the bed, she abruptly stumbled backwards. She turned with disbelief to look towards Tang Doudou. “What? How could it be him?”

“Yeah, it’s him.” Tang Doudou shrugged. She was rather curious about San Yu’s reaction so she asked, “San Yu, you know Baili Yu?”

A strange expression flashed through San Yu’s eyes. However, she soon concealed it and replied mildly, “Baili Yu is famous for being the richest individual in this country. Who in the world does not know of it? How could it be possible for me not to know him?”

Tang Doudou curled her lips, not believing her words at all. However, since the person didn’t want to talk about it, she shouldn’t ask any further. Not to mention, they still needed to request help from San Yu so it was best not to risk irritating her.

“Since it’s Baili Yu, he can stay. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t drag me into trouble.”

Jesus ah, she’s agreeing this easily?

Tang Doudou smacked her lips. In any case, it didn’t matter much. Since she has already given her agreement and Baili Yu’s situation was dire, she’ll hurry back to Plum Garden before worrying about anything else!

“Then thank you. I’ll return as soon as possible. I definitely won’t cause you trouble!”

“It’s best if that’s the case! Yuner, come out with me.”

“Big Sister San Yu, I promised Beautiful Big Brother that I’ll help him look after this Beautiful Big Sister. Big Sister San Yu, you said so before that if you promise someone something, you must keep the promise. That’s why, I have to stay here and look after her.”

“Yuner, it’s fine. You can just go with San Yu!” Tang Doudou saw San Yu’s face turning stern again after Yuner spoke and hastily pulled over Yuner to persuade him.

However, San Yu snatched Yuner out of her hand and led him to the corner. “Since you have to watch him, then just watch him properly from here, alright? Don’t go anywhere, got it?”

Yuner nodded without really understanding. “Got it, Big Sister San Yu.”

“Aren’t you going to look for someone? I’ll only allow him to stay here for six hours. If you don’t return after six hours, I’ll throw him onto the streets to face the aftermath himself!”

“Also, I’ll give you a small warning. Right now, there are posters ordering your arrest everywhere. It’s best if you act carefully so as to avoid being captured and not being able to return. Once the time’s up, I will throw him out.”

Tang Doudou estimated that since they were probably still in Huai City, no matter what happened, six hours would be enough to make a round trip. She didn’t waste any time and got ready to head out. However, before she even stepped out the door, Baili Yu’s light chuckle came from behind her. “Wife, come here.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu

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T/N - The strange thing is, when Yuner calls Baili Yu Beautiful Big Sister, he still uses the male pronoun ‘he’ in his dialogue. And when Yuner calls Tang Doudou Beautiful Big Brother, he also uses the female pronoun ‘she’. Soo… I just switched it to what each character should be using based on the situation.


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