Chapter 214 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

-What is this...?

-Did I hear it correctly? Really?

-A priest is coming out? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-This can’t be. An archer isn’t the limit... A priest...

The viewers fell into a state of a mental breakdown as a group. Priest—it was a class that couldn’t be seen in the arena. At first, they were curious and could play one or two ranking battles. However, that was it. After suffering a disastrous defeat, the priest players never looked at the arena again. It was absolutely impossible. It was simply impossible to get to the bronze tier! All players said this and took it for granted.

Now Alley Leader declared that he would break the taboo.

“Why can’t a priest do it? That is their problem. This time, I’ve brought a great priest. Please come out.”

Hyeonu clapped and a long-haired beauty slowly walked to Hyeonu’s side. There were many reactions from the viewers who saw her. There was one noticeable reaction among them.

-Uh? She seems familiar?

-I’ve seen this face before?

-She isn’t an ordinary person.

-I know I’ve seen her frequently in Argon’s streams. She is Argon’s sister. She sometimes comes out, so it is impossible not to know.

-Oh, I should call him Brother-in-law, not Argon. Brother-in-law!

There were viewers who knew Yuri’s identity.

“Hello. I am Streamer Argon’s little sister, Leah.”

Leah was the pseudonym used by Yuri during Yeongchan’s stream. It was a pseudonym she made after hearing Yeongchan’s advice that things would be different after her face was known. Yuri looked into Hyeonu’s eyes like she was familiar with him and then bowed her head, with her eyes curved up in a crescent shape. Many viewers were knocked down by her appearance.

“Everyone, focus on her skills, not her appearance. Our Leah is very good-looking, but her skills are even better. In short, she is the best priest I know.”

“Oppa, don’t overdo it. What should I do if I collapse?” Yuri’s eyes were constantly in the crescent shape as she spoke.

This was the second time Hyeonu had seen this type of Yuri.

‘This...’ The flustered Hyeonu raised his hand and touched his mask.

Sigh...” Hyeonu sighed with relief as he felt the rough sensation of the mask under his fingertips. If he hadn’t been wearing a mask, then his embarrassed appearance would’ve been revealed to millions of viewers. It wasn’t that he was attracted to her as a woman. It was just that Yuri had looked like this in the past when she confessed that she liked him.

Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “Let me explain my plans for the future. Today, we will have a brief look at Leah’s ability. After this, I will make plans for the future according to her combat style. Everyone, do you all know by now? It is already the third time, so I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know the process.”

-It is the third and final one.

-Yes, it’s the last one...

-So what if we don’t know? This is the last one...

Hyeonu frowned at the chat window that was getting filled with the same content. “Isn’t it the last one? I have to take this step back to step forward. It is a short break for a big event. Yes? Don’t you already know that? Sigh, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

‘It looks good.’ Yuri looked at the chat window as Hyeonu communicating with the viewers. It was something she would’ve never imagined before. However, it worked well and looked fun.

“Then what should I do?” Yuri was caught up in Hyeonu’s enjoyment.


“I will briefly make Leah’s status window public. Of course, she agreed to it in advance.”

[Status Window]

[Level: 201

Class: Priest of the Moon

Title: A priest blessed by the goddess who leads the moonlight.

Stats: Strength: 100 (+230)  Agility: 100 (+230)  Physique: 120 (+230)  Divine Power: 1,200 (+480)

Remaining stat points: 0]

Yuri’s status window was gorgeous even if it wasn’t as good as Hyeonu’s. Her stats were above those of the average player. This meant that Yuri also had the specifications of a decent ranker.

‘Why is her level so high?’ Hyeonu wondered.

Hyeonu played Arena for a long time because it was his job. However, Yuri was different. She worked part-time and went to school. It didn’t make sense for her to have such a high level.

‘Did she enter a big guild?’

Otherwise, this rapid level-up couldn’t be explained. However, it was impossible to question her now as they were in a live stream.

“Everyone, the specs are quite high. Maybe a love call will come from a number of large guilds. Perhaps not just a love call. She is so pretty that I might propose.” Hyeonu told a joke that came to his mind in an instant.

However, neither the viewers nor Yuri were laughing. Hyeonu was the only one smiling.

-Ah... Has his age doubled?

-The level of humor today is very low.

-I’d like to buy ears that haven’t heard such humor. 5 gold coins.

-Wow, Leah isn’t smiling. What a lousy joke.

Hyeonu’s head turned quietly away from the chat window to check Yuri’s expression after seeing the messages. She didn’t look very good.

Hyeonu turned his head back. “To be honest, her specs are much higher than Choi Yoon’s specs. They are really high. The difference is that she is a priest and doesn’t have the skills. In other words, you can think of her as a nice-looking can. Only the outer appearance is gorgeous.”

-Look at that spiteful tongue.

-He isn’t kind even to his friend’s younger sister.

-Everyone is equal in front of Alley Leader.

Hyeonu’s words were cold but true. Just based on the stats in the status window and the stats increase from her buffs, Yuri’s stats were clearly good enough to gain a bronze medal. No, even if they were lacking, Hyeonu’s education and Yuri’s talent were enough to overcome it.

“The stats are equal or inferior to what’s needed for a bronze medal. It isn’t a big difference and can be ignored. The problem are her skills. She has no Weapons Mastery, so her attack power is low. Additionally, she has no instant-type skills. Thus, it is almost impossible for her to link her attacks with instantaneous attack power. But...” Hyeonu paused for a moment.

The messages in the chat window also stopped.

Hyeonu smiled and continued, “Choi Yoon had common skills and Weapons Mastery. He believed in me and the counter skills. I am here. Believe in me again. Skills? They might be missing, but there won’t be a problem gaining a bronze medal with Leah’s stats. I will show it to you.”

Hyeonu was confident. This was the result of his sufficient calculations.

‘Yuri’s situation is better than Choi Yoon’s situation in the past.’

It was just that the viewers were trapped in the framework of Yuri’s class, a ‘priest’, and never thought about the possibility. The stereotype was too scary. It made them turn away from the truth in front of them.

-Of course.

-This level of bluffing...

-Isn’t it also a skill to be able to bring a priest and then bluff like this?

-Yes, I acknowledge it.

‘Yes. Keep criticizing me. Then it will be more dramatic.’

Hyeonu was pleased with the response from the viewers. The finale of Alley Leader Academy Season 1 seemed like it would be very satisfying.

“I will summon a scarecrow for us to look at Leah’s skills. Everyone, you will probably be shocked.” 

Hyeonu summoned the scarecrow as naturally as breathing. Then he still continued speaking naturally. 

“Leah’s weapon is a greatsword. It is a great weapon with a heavy touch. I once fell deeply in love with the charm of the greatsword.”


-With that appearance? It doesn’t look suitable.

-Shouldn’t she use a weapon like Reina’s? Something like a long sword.

-Let’s not judge by appearance. The gap moe is very attractive. 

The viewers who heard Hyeonu’s words were stunned. The greatsword was a weapon that no one had anticipated. It was a sword that didn’t match with Leah’s appearance.

“I played the warrior class a lot in other games. I usually used the greatsword.” Yuri drove a nail into the audience’s reaction.

“Take out the greatsword I gave you earlier. It is the best weapon to use with your stats. Probably.” Hyeonu whispered very softly in Yuri’s ears so that the audience couldn’t hear.

‘The greatsword he gave me?’ Yuri thought.

Before the streaming started, Hyeonu had handed Yuri a very dark red greatsword. At that time, she had received it without thinking and placed it in her inventory. Now that Hyeonu requested for her to take it out, she was curious about the information of the item.

“Understood, Oppa. I’ll do well. I’ll try,” Yuri expressed her gratitude in a small voice.

Then her expression changed when she checked the information of the greatsword. She was so surprised that her eyes widened as she finally knew that what Hyeonu said weren’t empty words.

[Flower of Despair]

[A greatsword used by an ancient noble who led the battlefield to victory.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: 300 strength, 250 physique.

Durability: 780/780

Attack Power: 720

Effect: There is a normal chance of generating a shock wave of one meter when attacking (but the power of the shock wave is proportional to the player’s magic power).]

The attack power wasn’t high compared to the wearer restrictions. However, the effect of the unique item was superb. It produced a shock wave proportional to the amount of magic power. Although it was a probability effect, Yuri had a high divine power stat and a skill.

-What are the two of them whispering?

-Teach us as well!

-We have the right to know!!!

The viewers were jealous of Hyeonu and Yuri’s affectionate appearance. Perhaps Hyeonu was conscious of such comments because he stopped talking to Yuri and started tending to the stream again. “Let’s look at the duel between the summoned scarecrow and Leah.”


-Is it a talent comparable to Reina?

-It can’t be compared to Reina. Reina is already at the top.

-She also has a melee class.

-Leah is a priest. At most, she is a priest who can fight well.

The viewers who were jealous of Alley Leader and Yuri’s closeness were swept away by Hyeonu’s change in topic. The scarecrow summoned by Hyeonu was a scarecrow with the highest difficulty. He made this choice after taking into regard Yuri’s level and specifications. She might not have a combat class, but the scarecrow was actually lacking considering her specs. However, this was the scarecrow that had the highest difficulty, and it would stay that way unless a new patch was applied.

“Then I’m starting. Please look at it once even if it doesn’t meet your expectations. I’ve been fighting for a long time,” Yuri said.

The audience melted at Yuri’s attempt to be cute.

-That’s it. I understand. Who will say anything?

-It is natural that a priest can’t fight, right...

-If anyone is expecting too much, then I will go to him...

There were already many fans of Yuri.

Yuri glanced at the chat messages before pulling out her sword and starting to move toward the scarecrow. Simultaneously, the scarecrow started to move like a powered electronic device. The scarecrow saw its goal and ran toward the woman in the white robe who was approaching it.

Yuri and the scarecrow soon collided.

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