Chapter 215 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

-Wow, a goddess...

-The scarecrow was crushed to death.

-Isn’t she actually a paladin instead of a priest? What is this...?

-I don’t know about the bronze medal, but isn’t it possible for her to play in the arena like this?

Hyeonu and the other viewers were keeping an eye on Yuri’s battle. She had unbelievably neat movements for a priest.

‘At first glance, she seems similar to Yeongchan?’

It wasn’t about the combat style. He was talking about the overall level. If the gap from the class difference were excluded, Yuri would never be pushed by Yeongchan.

‘I don’t think there’s anything special I need to teach her…’

Yuri’s style had already been set. It had been a long time since she started Arena, but habits weren’t easily changed. Rather, playing as a priest seemed to help. It was just like right now. The scarecrow’s long sword struck the shield that was formed in front of Yuri with great timing. It made people wonder if she had deliberately directed the situation. Her movements were breathtaking and accurate.

‘I need to train this. So what if there are no attack skills? It is over as long as she blocks with a shield.’

Hyeonu saw Yuri’s fight and completed her unique combat philosophy without her knowing it.

‘A paladin hits with the body, but a priest hits with the shield.’

It was an example of Yuri’s combat style. While Hyeonu was thinking, Yuri continued to fight the scarecrow. The scarecrow raised its long sword to stop Yuri’s attack. However, the shock wave built into Flower of Despair started to gnaw at the scarecrow’s body. Yuri didn’t miss out on this gap caused by the shock wave and dealt the finishing blow to the scarecrow. When she saw the scarecrow fall, she couldn’t help raising her arms. She looked elated.

-Kyah... What a girl crush.

-Sister, have me! Wow, wow!

The viewers cheered for such a Yuri. After Reina, it seemed that the lineage of female star players had been cut off. However, Yuri wasn’t average. It’s just that she was a pure player who didn’t have streaming in mind.

“Everyone, did you see it? She is my secret weapon. It is greater than any of the previous lessons.”

-I admit it.

-It is different from the two previous ones. This time it seems superior.

“You aren’t talking about appearance, right? It is obviously discrimination based on appearance.”

-Shout! We aren’t so uncivilized.

-Hiik... He noticed...

Hyeonu played with the viewers before gesturing to Yuri and speaking in a sincere tone. “There was a fighting style that came to mind when I saw Leah fighting. Non-priest combat skills and that exact timing of the skill usage which isn’t inferior to anyone—I will put the two together.” 

He spoke up to here and took a breath. Then he turned his head toward Yuri, who was watching him with trusting eyes.

Hyeonu met Yuri’s gaze before turning his head back and explaining, “The clear weakness is that she doesn’t have any offensive skills, but there are also strengths. She has many defensive skills. In any case, it will hurt if she uses that greatsword in the bronze medal ranking apart for exceptional cases.” 

It was as Hyeonu said. All Yuri had to do to attack was wield the sword quickly and in a strong manner. The divine magic that Yuri learned consisted of buffs, heals, and shields. There were attack skills limited to facing those with the dark attribute, but they were an exception because they weren’t useful in the arena.

Moreover, it was highly impossible to inject divine power into the greatsword. That was a difficult thing for Yuri to do because she wasn’t a warrior. It wasn’t something she normally did, so it was natural that she wasn’t familiar with the process. Yet Yuri had the same stats and weapons as a gangster. There was no class difference in front of overwhelming items and stats, even if it was the bronze medal ranking.

-Ah, that’s right. It can be control, items, a high level, or stats. You can block a skill using the shield and then hit them back in reverse.

-Dirty people who rely on items and level...

-??? You can’t get a bronze medal even with those specs because your hands are too weak.

-Refrain from factual violence.

-Let’s play and see who will win and who will lose. This fact ghost.

Hyeonu’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the chat window.

‘You can think of it this way. It’s just...’

One viewer criticized Yuri. Wasn’t it because of her high level and good items? That wasn’t strange. It was a reasonable suspicion. Arena was a game, and there was nothing that couldn’t be suppressed with overwhelmingly high stats.

“Of course, you might think like this. I think Leah fought so well that you may have forgotten something. She is a priest. She isn’t a warrior. She has nothing, so she needs to rely on her shield and stats...”

-That’s right. She is a priest. I forgot about it for a moment.

-She really is a priest.

-Who said it was just her specs? Our Leah...

Hyeonu continued to smile at the sudden shift in the mood of the audience. “Then I’ll get to the solution straight away. Her timing of the skill is perfect, and her combat style is already complete. All she needs are the details—details that will supplement her lacking attack power.”


-What is it?

-Is there anything that can improve a priest’s attack power other than a priest?

-But the buff only lasts for one second? Isn’t the use of skills perfect already?

When the viewers responded, they showed they didn’t understand what Hyeonu’s words meant.

“Details? Oppa, what does that mean?” Yuri, as well as the viewers, were curious about Hyeonu’s words.

The details of the attack—they couldn’t make any guesses about them.

‘Is he talking about skills?’ Yuri wondered.

Right now, it wasn’t just hard to acquire skills; it was close to impossible. Usable skills started from the rare rating. The skills below that were functional skills, but their power was terrible. The cost effectiveness was garbage. However, a random rare skill book was needed to obtain a skill that was at least the rare rating, and the rare skill books had long been unavailable. 

This was because the supply had long been unable to cope with the increased demand. The price of the random rare skill book had risen and was now poised to penetrate the sky. It wasn’t just this. Hyeonu played a firm role in the price increase of the random rare skill book. The price of the skill book was raised the day after it was announced that Alley Leader’s powerful defense-penetration skill was gained from a random rare skill book. With the addition of the cash tactics of the rich newbies, obtaining a random rare skill book was like winning the lotto. Their life would change as long as they got one.

Just then, Hyeonu opened his tightly closed lips. “You must’ve thought of the random rare skill book just now. Isn’t that right?”

Hyeonu tapped his temple with the index finger of his right hand.

-Yes. I thought so.

-Gooooosebumps! Saying such a thing so naturally...

-This is all there is to it. 

-Otherwise, she will need to use useless uncommon rated skills.

-There is no supply of the rare skill books, and the price of Crescent Moon Cut is crazy!

The viewers criticized Hyeonu. It was an attitude that took everything for granted. Nonetheless, Hyeonu didn’t succumb to this.

“Everyone, you shouldn’t be like this. You have to think differently like me.”

On the contrary, he made it worse.

He criticized and trampled on the audience in reverse. Hyeonu said with confidence, “Why do you learn skills? If you are holding a sword, then you should pull out sword energy. Isn’t that the foundation?”

Sword energy—it was a crystal of magic power that players, aside from some non-standard ones, could only use after the second class change. This was the general explanation of sword energy.


-Why would a priest have sword energy?

-Then any dog or cow will be a priest.

-Then it would be a complete scam.

The viewers didn’t believe Alley Leader’s words at all. It was dismissed as bullshit. This wasn’t realistic enough. Could a priest make sword energy? They had never heard of it or seen it.

“By the way, priests have a skill that is the same as Magic Power Control. Don’t you know? Leah, do you know it?” Hyeonu turned and stared at Yuri.

With a light smile, Yuri responded to Hyeonu, “I have a similar skill with divine power. The effect is quite similar to Magic Power Control. My power increases when divine power is manifested. It is a skill that mostly paladins and monks learn.”

Hyeonu took over from Yuri’s words. “Priests, paladins, and monks. A characteristic of divine power users is that they don’t buy skill books. They can only learn skills by contributing to the temple. To get contribution points, you need to make donations or do quests related to the temple. However, the donations are inefficient, so they are rarely used. Most contributions are earned using points.”

-Isn’t that common sense?

-That’s why no priest has mastered the skill. It is hard to even learn buffs. Why use contribution points on that type of thing?

-He keeps telling us obvious things. Why is he doing this today?

“However, Leah learned that skill. I told her to learn it because she had contribution points remaining. Now, let’s see.”

Hyeonu had ordered Yuri to practice it in advance. At Hyeonu’s words, Yuri nodded and held her greatsword with both hands.

-Huh? She learned it?

-Did one buff fly away?

-Who in the 200s would party up with someone lacking buffs? Looking at her level, it means she has everything she needs...

-I don’t know. How did she learn it?

Yuri carefully infused divine power into the greatsword, and a silver sword energy started to form, even if it was incomplete.

-Crazy, what is this?!

-A priest made sword energy? What a terrible thing...

-Isn’t this a buff-using paladin?

-Still, her defense and stamina are too low. Even with buffs, she will die in one or two hits.

-Is that the problem? Now a priest is using sword energy!

Viewers were astonished when they saw the silver sword energy rising from Yuri’s greatsword. This was a sight they had never heard of—a priest making sword energy. Of course, the power wouldn’t be as strong as the sword energy of the warrior classes.

The important thing was that she could make it. The difference between being unable to do it and being weak was as big as the distance between heaven and earth.

‘This is the expected reaction.’

The exact reaction Hyeonu expected came from the viewers. They were suspicious and astonished. They also talked about the balance problem. Right now, Hyeonu’s job was to convince the audience about how difficult it was for Yuri to manifest sword energy.

“Of course, this is not possible for everyone. Arena’s balancing system is a puzzle. In most cases, even if you earn contributions through quests, it is only one skill per 2 to 3 levels. There aren’t any priests who can master the Divine Power Control skill except for Leah right now!” 

-So it isn’t possible...

-However, it is difficult to produce that sword energy. As expected of Leah. I can say this much.

-God Leah!

-Shouldn’t this be a stream about Leah getting a silver medal, not bronze? A bronze medal is too disappointing...

Huh?’ Hyeonu frowned at the audience’s unexpectedly quick acceptance.

It was a good thing, but he didn’t feel good about it.

“Isn’t it all because of me? I’m the one who made Leah gain extra temple contributions.”

-Yes, of course.

-Really. Who else is it if not our Alley Leader?

-Wow, Alley Leader is the best best best!

The viewers immediately responded to Hyeonu’s words, but the nuances were different upon closer examination. There was a strange sense of ridicule. It was just almost impossible to catch such things in an instant chat window since it wasn’t spoken directly.

‘Why do I feel so uncomfortable?’

Yet, sometimes Hyeonu’s instincts were accurate.

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