Chapter 102 – Snowfall City

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

As Qin Yu stepped out from the main gates, he frowned. He had chosen the city’s largest auction house, but even they didn’t have any news of what he wanted, much less the smaller ones. But since he came, he might as well try. After all, he never knew if there would be some unexpected harvests.

For the entire day, Qin Yu visited all the city’s auction houses. He even stopped by many of the larger treasure shops. But, the reality proved that unexpected harvests weren’t so easy to find.

He obtained nothing in the end.

Luckily he had already expected this. After cultivating for a day, he left right after. Although the Northern Dynasty was larger, there were relatively more cultivators in the Southern Empire, and the area down south was also more prosperous. The chances of him finding his five element spiritual objects would hopefully be higher.

Qin Yu travelled about for a month and a half. Slowly, the fatigue of travel appeared on his face as well as hints of weariness. Five large cultivator cities were each incomparably lively, but he didn’t find anything in any of them.

But just as Qin Yu was left crestfallen, he inadvertently obtained some news from an auction house. Several days ago in Snowfall City, a phenomenon occurred; it was suspected that an ice-attribute spiritual object had been born.

The ice-attribute stemmed from the water-attribute, and could be considered one of the five elements. With hope rising in his heart, Qin Yu soared directly to Snowfall City.

Although the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty were large territories, the size of the world was actually beyond imagination. The usual state of the land was a warm climate, and Snowfall City was no exception. Despite Snowfall City’s name being snowfall, the truth was that snow hadn’t fallen there for the last 100 years. The reason it had this name was because there was an eternally cold ice lake outside the city. For some unknown reason, this lake would remain ice cold all year round, and the surrounding hundred miles was also dropped to freezing temperatures. This was a climate change that occurred in a small scope.

A beam of light fell down, revealing Qin Yu’s figure. He let out a breath and watched as the water vapor turned to white fog. He smiled.

He had arrived at Snowfall City!

Yun Xueqing seemed to have said that her family was in Snowfall City. But, he had come here for the express purpose of the ice-attribute spiritual object. If it wasn’t important, he wouldn’t bother her.

Qin Yu stepped forwards, soon appearing outside the city gates. The guards sensed his aura and hurriedly cupped their hands together in respect.

Shua –

Shua –

Two pairs of eyes swept over him. Qin Yu frowned. He didn’t know why, but two masked Golden Core cultivators had looked at him with hostility in their eyes. However, this was only a glance and they soon turned away and entered the city.

After thinking about it a moment, Qin Yu realized what might have happened. It was likely that news of the suspected existence of the ice-attribute spiritual object had spread to the higher level cultivators, and those two people thought he had come for it, thus they subconsciously looked at him with some hostility.

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened.

If he could meet two Golden Cores at the city gates then it could be imagined how many powerhouses had gathered within. If so, then it was likely this was more than a rumor. He had finally found a hint concerning the five element spiritual objects. Qin Yu’s mood perked up. He looked towards the direction that the two Golden Cores departed in and smiled.

Not wrong, I also came here for the spiritual object. The rest of you can all stop here!

He strode into the city. First, he looked for a place to stay, and then he tried to find a way to obtain some news.

Qin Yu didn’t want to bother Yun Xueqing, but he never imagined she would jump in front of him on her own initiative.

Yes, that was right, she jumped right in front of him.

He had taken a seat on the restaurant’s second floor, near a window. The food and wine had been served up and he was preparing to quietly listen to all the rumors and gossip passing through when at this time the window suddenly broke apart and a pale-faced Yun Xueqing leapt through, falling straight on top of him.

In the final moments, Yun Xueqing forcefully changed directions. But the fluctuations of magic power still sent the table covered with food and wine scattering all over the place. If Qin Yu hadn’t drawn back fast enough, he would have suffered a miserable fate.

“Fellow daoist Qin!” Yun Xueqing’s angry expression turned to one of surprise.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Miss Yun, I must say I am extremely flattered by such a unique welcoming method.”

Yun Xueqing’s face blushed red. But before she could say anything else, two more figures rushed in from the shattered window.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

“You’re staying!”

Qin Yu frowned. He stepped forwards and punched out.

Bang –

The two figures froze, as if they had run into an invisible barrier. Then, they were sent flying out at a faster speed than they came in.

They spat out a mouthful of blood. Then, with looks of shock and horror, they turned and fled.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment but didn’t chase them down. He turned and asked, “Miss Yun, is there a problem?”

Yun Xueqing wryly smiled. “It’s a long story. I’m lucky to have bumped into fellow daoist Qin here, otherwise I would have been in a great deal of trouble.” She looked around. “This isn’t a place to be talking. Fellow daoist Qin, please follow me back home.”

Realizing that these words were a bit improper, she blushed red. She hurriedly explained, “After I returned, I reported to the family how fellow daoist Qin helped me. Father said that I have to express my thanks, and with what just happened today, fellow daoist Qin surely cannot refuse.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and nodded.

It's not that he really wanted to accept the Yun Family’s thanks, but according to what he learned so far, the Yun Family could be considered a powerful force within Snowfall City, so they should have some understanding towards the ice-attribute spiritual object. If he could learn a bit from the Yun Family, it would be much more useful than him randomly wandering about and investigating on his own.

Yun Xueqing was overjoyed. “Fellow daoist Qin, please follow me!”

People from the Yun Family had already gathered at the restaurant’s first floor. The only reason they hadn’t run up earlier was because they saw that their family’s miss was safe.

When they saw Yun Xueqing leading Qin Yu downstairs, they hurried forwards to ask about him.

Yun Xueqing gave them a simple explanation and sent them away. Then after thinking a bit, she said, “Fellow daoist Qin, please enter the carriage.”

The carriage was in front of the restaurant and was being pulled by an exotic blue-haired beast. Its aura indicated that it was unexpectedly at the Foundation Establishment realm.

Without a doubt, this proved that Qin Yu’s original guess was correct. This Yun Family had a considerable background.

The little tussle had already drawn a great deal of attention. Qin Yu didn’t delay any further; he directly boarded the carriage.

Several of Yun Xueqing’s personal maids seemed to stand behind him, their mouths subconsciously hanging open.

After boarding the carriage and sitting across from Yun Xueqing, Qin Yu finally realized why she had appeared slightly uncomfortable when she mentioned the carriage.

The space within the carriage was considerable. It could definitely be considered the personal room of a large family’s daughter. The smell of fragrant warm incense filled the air, and the scent of a young girl was everywhere. In particular, there was a rack hanging off a screen that had several undergarments placed within. Although they were folded, this still left Yun Xueqing blushing deep red.

As Qin Yu watched her stuff all the clothes into a storage bag in a flustered panic, he closed his eyes and pretended as if he hadn’t seen anything.

Yun Xueqing glanced at Qin Yu. As she noticed his closed eyes and how he seemed to be meditating, she immediately thought that he was a broad-minded person who knew how to act in situations. Although there wasn’t any infatuation or deep sentiment between them, this didn’t stop her from appreciating Qin Yu that much more.

She originally thought of having a nice talk with Qin Yu along the way, but she realized it wasn’t good to say anything in such a situation. Fortunately, the Yun Family household wasn’t too far away, so the young man and woman quietly waiting in the carriage weren’t left too embarrassed.

The carriage came to a stop and the voices of the servants sounded out. Qin Yu opened his eyes.

Somehow, he could feel eyes on him. Yun Xueqing lowered her head and said, “Fellow daoist Qin, we’ve arrived. Please go first.”

In this environment, Qin Yu was left fully uncomfortable. He quickly stood up and stepped off the carriage.

Before he could even get a good look around, the large gates leading to the Yun Family were pushed open and a youth in a red robe rushed out. As he saw the carriage, his eyes brightened and he loudly said, “Cousin, I heard that there were some people trying to take advantage of you in the city. Just tell me who they are, and I’ll show…them…”

The youth suddenly froze in his steps, his eyes popping open as he saw Qin Yu step out of the carriage. He rapidly gesticulated. Although he didn’t say anything, his eyes spoke loud and clear enough: who is this bastard!?

Qin Yu didn’t say anything as he stepped out from the carriage.

Yun Xueqing followed behind.

The youth saw the blush that still hadn’t left her face, and he suddenly turned red. He roared out, “Cousin, just who is he and why is he in your carriage!?”

He forgot his last question.

Yun Xueqing frowned. “Cousin, mind your manners. This is fellow daoist Qin Yu. I already mentioned him before. He was very helpful when I was forming my Golden Core.”

The youth had a suspicious look. “Really?”

Yun Xueqing coldly coughed. “Do I need to lie to you? Get out of the way, I have to lead fellow daoist Qin inside. Is Father in? Or is he still in seclusion?”

The youth had no choice but to step back. Although he now knew who Qin Yu was, he couldn’t help but remember the fact that had come out from Yun Xueqing’s carriage. A trace of ill intent lingered in his eyes.

“Uncle is still in seclusion. This is a critical moment, so I fear he cannot greet any random guests!”

Yun Xueqing hurriedly said, “Fellow daoist Qin, please come in first. I will have people immediately inform Father. If the timing isn’t good right now, then please stay here for some time and allow me to express my gratitude.”

The youth shouted out, “How can you let unknown people stay here? I don’t agree!”

“Fang Huohuo!” Yun Xueqing gnashed her teeth. “If you keep on causing a scene I will tell Aunty that you have been bullying me and have her send you away!”

Fang Huohuo finally shrank back.

Yun Xueqing revealed an apologetic expression. “My cousin is crude and impolite. I ask that fellow daoist Qin forgive him.”

Qin Yu smiled. “It’s fine.”

Walking into the Yun Family, he realized that they had an unusually deep background. In these past days, Qin Yu hadn’t set aside a period of time to thoroughly focus on array formations and spells, but he had glanced through many of the jade slips that Gu Shengping had left behind and his eyesight for these things was much sharper than before. At this time, he could see that throughout the beautiful and elegant Yun Family dwelling there was a light aura of exquisite array formations.

Clearly, if a powerful enemy were to invade, the beautiful scenery within this household could immediately transform into a terrifying, life-reaping slaughter machine!

Fang Huohuo coldly coughed. “The Yun Family household was personally designed by the old master of my Fang Family. Once the array formation is activated, anyone below the Nascent Soul realm will die!” As he spoke, there was a bit of contempt, two points of taunting, and a trace of self-satisfaction. Of course, these words also served as a warning.

Yun Xueqing’s eyes widened. She immediately turned and glared at him, as if warning this brat to mind his own status and not develop any ill thoughts in his heart.

Qin Yu sighed inwardly, helpless with the situation. He even had doubts. How could someone with such a disposition and such emotional intelligence have cultivated to the Golden Core realm? Although he was only at the early Golden Core realm and his aura was clearly weak and shaky, he was still a Golden Core. As he recalled the pain and struggles he had to go through to reach Golden Core, he could only bitterly smile. He even had an impulse to hold the boy down and beat him senseless.

He turned around and looked at the array formation, not caring to respond.

Fang Huohuo’s complexion darkened and he felt as if he had punched empty air. He found Qin Yu even more displeasing to the eyes.

Yun Xueqing noticed Qin Yu’s indifferent expression and let out a sigh of relief, appreciating him even more. Then, she glared at her bastard cousin who had managed to step into some dogshit luck and accidentally achieve Golden Core somehow, and found him displeasing to her eyes. She wanted to drive him away but was also afraid of causing a violent reaction, so she could only ignore him.

The Yun Family main hall was almost the size of a small temple. It possessed considerable grandeur. Several Yun Family members had been informed by servants and were walking out with smiling expressions.

“Fellow daoist Qin’s visit is a true honor to my Yun Family’s humble home. Please come inside for a chat!” The second master of the Yun Family emphatically said as he cupped his hands together. From Xueqing’s description, it was easy to piece together that Qin Yu was a tyrannically strong and mighty wandering cultivator. This sort of person had no worries or cares and acted entirely on their desires. These types of people that didn’t have a foundation or origin were most difficult to deal with, and although the Yun Family didn’t fear him, he had still rescued Xueqing in the past. So, it was best to be on good terms with him if they had the opportunity to make it so. This was the best choice for a large respected family.

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