Chapter 103 – The Killing Outside the City

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Qin Yu smiled and bowed in return. After exchanging several greetings, he entered the hall and took a seat.

Some casual talk later, Yun Yi suddenly switched to a different topic. He spoke with deep respect, “Xueqing is the youngest daughter of my older brother. Even amongst the many talented juniors, she stands out in particular, and can even be called the future hope of my Yun Family. Fellow daoist saved her from danger and even helped her during her Golden Core tribulation. This is a great graciousness towards my Yun Family, and one that must be repaid. My Yun Family has prepared a small gift, and I hope that fellow daoist Qin won’t decline it.”

Yun Yi clapped his hands. A Yun Family junior walked out, passing over a storage bag with both hands.

Qin Yu waved his hand. “I am friends with Miss Xueqing, so saving her was a matter of course. I only came here as a guest visiting a friend’s family, so please take the gift back.”

Miss Xueqing, Miss Xueqing, you sure like to refer to her in such an intimate way. This damned bastard, could it be that he really came here for her!?

Fang Huohuo gnashed his teeth together. He couldn’t help but bare his teeth. “Could it be that it’s not good enough for you, so you have something else you want?”

Yun Yi and the several other people revealed awkward expressions. However, Fang Huohuo had a special status here, so they couldn’t publicly admonish him. Instead they just pretended they didn’t hear him. Yun Yi coughed and said, “Fellow daoist Qin, do you have anything you need? As long as it is within the power of our Yun Family, we will try our best.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. Then he cupped his hands together and asked, “I do have something I’ve been thinking of.”

Fang Huohuo sneered twice. The meaning behind this was that he had been right all along!

Yun Yi extended a hand. “Fellow daoist Qin, please speak.”

Qin Yu said, “I heard that an ice-attribute spiritual object appeared in Snowfall City some time ago, and I have some interest in that. I wonder if you have any information concerning this?”

The hall suddenly quieted down and the atmosphere turned strange.

Yun Yi’s complexion darkened. He coldly said, “Fellow daoist Qin, our Yun Family cannot agree to this request.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t know why, but the Yun Family’s attitude had undergone a massive change.

Seeing his confused expression, Fang Huohuo curled his lips. Keep acting, keep acting! Just wait for grandfather to come and tear you down!

“Qin Yu, I really do admire you for being such a greedy lion! You rescued my cousin one time, so on that alone you want to take away the Yun Family’s treasure?”

Qin Yu instantly realized what the problem was.

Yun Xueqing had an awkward expression. “Fellow daoist Qin, this ice-attribute treasure belongs to my Yun Family.”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled. He had come to someone’s house and had unknowingly inquired into their family’s treasure, so it was no wonder that they all had ugly complexions. If it were anyone else, they would also be reacting in the same way! He cupped his hands across his chest and earnestly said, “I apologize. I was being reckless. I just arrived in Snowfall City, so I didn’t know this.”

Yun Yi nodded. “So that’s how it is. Since I cannot provide any information, I ask fellow daoist Qin to accept the gift.” His words seemed a bit distant and estranged. These days, who in Snowfall City didn’t know that the ice-attribute treasure was in the Yun Family? Why else would they need to open the array formation in the household? He simply didn’t believe Qin Yu.

Qin Yu fell silent.

Fang Huohuo thought Qin Yu was embarrassed and immediately revealed a happy smile. With what happened today, this brat was no longer a threat!

Yun Xueqing didn’t believe that Qin Yu was some conniving individual who would try to take advantage of saving her to seek out the treasure of her Yun Family. She tried to explain, “Fellow daoist Qin has always been in seclusion in a distant mountain range, so it isn’t surprising that he doesn’t know this information.”

Qin Yu looked up. “I don’t need a gift. But, since the ice-attribute spiritual object is in the Yun Family, I wonder whether we can make a transaction?”

Fang Huohuo’s eyes popped open. How could this bastard have such thick skin? Even after having his plot exposed, he still openly and honestly proposed something else instead.

Transaction? He just wants the ice-attribute spiritual treasure!

Yun Yi’s voice sank. “Fellow daoist Qin, please watch your words!”

The several other Yun Family elders also had grim expressions.

Qin Yu said, “I know how offensive my sudden request may be, but this treasure is extremely important to me. If the Yun Family is willing to sell it, I am willing to pay an equally great price.”

Fang Huohuo chuckled. “Great price? Fellow daoist Qin is a wandering cultivator, so you might not know how deep our family’s background is. I apologize for my rudeness, but I really cannot imagine what fellow daoist Qin can offer that will move the Yun Family.”

Qin Yu lifted a finger. “One million spirit stones.”

The hall fell deathly silent once more.

Even the young and arrogant Fang Huohuo was left dumbfounded with a completely stunned expression.

A million spirit stones. No matter who it was, this was an extremely vast amount of wealth. The Yun Family might be able to take out such an amount, but they would definitely have to sell off all their property and possessions.

Gudong –

It was unknown who gulped, but it was particularly loud in the silence.

Yun Yi regained his composure, but he still had a bewildered look. “Fellow daoist Qin, this joke isn’t amusing.”

Qin Yu said, “If the Yun Family agrees, I will come back in one month with the spirit stones.”

At this point, no one thought he was joking any longer.

The eyes of several Yun Family elders glowed with a burning heat. They never imagined that such an ordinary-looking cultivator would have such astonishing wealth.

One million spirit stones!

This vast amount of wealth was enough to spur even an old Nascent Soul monster to action. If they were to make him stay…

The atmosphere in the hall became increasingly heavy.

Qin Yu looked as if he hadn’t sensed anything at all.

Suddenly, a calm voice echoed from outside. “No matter how many spirit stones it is, our Yun Family will not sell the ice-attribute spiritual object!”

A middle-aged cultivator strode in. Within his pupils was a deep majesty and dignity.

This aura…

Hollow Nascent Soul!

Yun Xueqing hurriedly stepped forwards. “Father…” She hesitated.

Yun Fan lifted a hand. “Fellow daoist Qin has saved my daughter and I am deeply grateful for that. As long as it is something else besides the ice-attribute spiritual object, I will try my best to not refuse!”

Qin Yu sighed inwardly, finally understanding a little of why the Yun Family would have such a firm attitude about this. The Yun Family master had likely prepared this ice-attribute spiritual object in preparation for a Nascent Soul breakthrough. Compared to a Nascent Soul cultivator, even a million spirit stones weren’t enough.

He stood up and cupped his hands together. “If so, then I apologize for disturbing you all. Farewell.”

Yun Fan nodded in return. “My words remain true. If fellow daoist Qin decides to change your decision in the future, feel free to tell me. Men, come and deliver fellow daoist Qin from our household!”

Qin Yu walked away.

Yun Xueqing started to chase after him but was stopped by Yun Fan’s shout. “Stop!”


Yun Fan frowned. “Sit down!”

Yun Xueqing’s eyes turned red, but in the end she didn’t dare to disobey. She sat down, a bit depressed.

Yun Yi and the others bowed. “Greetings, Patriarch.”

Fang Huohuo’s face was full of smug satisfaction. “Uncle, it was I who discovered that person’s reckless ambitions first!”

Yun Fan nodded and sat in the seat of honor.

An elder hesitated repeatedly before saying, “Patriarch, if Qin Yu dared to offer a million spirit stones, he must be wealthy. Why did we let him leave so easily?” As the elder sensed Yun Xueqing’s angry eyes on him, he coughed awkwardly and said, “Moreover, he was the first to have thoughts for my Yun Family’s treasure.”

Yun Fan frowned. “There is no need to mention this anymore. Qin Yu saved Xueqing, and our Yun Family has never been one to repay graciousness with enmity. And, do you really think he can come up with a million spirit stones?”

Yun Yi gasped, “Does Patriarch believe he was probing us?”

The other elders were suddenly enlightened. They clenched their jaws, feeling as if they had been played with.

“Just what sort of vast wealth is a million spirit stones? Even a Nascent Soul cultivator might not be able to take it out, much less a wandering cultivator that lives in seclusion!”

“My mind was shaken for a moment so I wasn’t able to think of such a possibility. To think how that person must have looked at us like a joke, how hateful of him!”

“That must be it!”

Fang Huohuo relaxed a little. So that wolf Qin Yu was actually pretending to have a large tail! Indeed, how could someone like that actually be richer than himself?

“Uncle, that Qin Yu must be probing our Yun Family for others!”

Yun Fan nodded. “That is a possibility.”

“Humph! I think that Uncle’s cultivation must have scared Qin Yu so he left without saying a word.” Fang Huohuo sneered.

Yun Yi and the others nodded in agreement.

Yun Fan turned, “Xueqing, in the future don’t associate with that person anymore.”

Yun Xueqing was left panic-stricken. “Dad, fellow daoist Qin is not that kind of person!”

Yun Fan shouted, “Dad doesn’t care who he is, but from what I can tell, he is not an ordinary person of his generation. Do you understand me?”

Yun Xueqing opened her mouth to speak, but, not knowing what to say, she finally fell silent.


After leaving Snowfall City and looking at the great icy lake, Qin Yu shook his head and bitterly smiled.

The ice-attribute spiritual object was actually in the hands of the Yun Family…

Yun Xueqing has saved his life, and even if she didn’t know about it, he couldn’t pretend that he didn’t.

Great waves surged in the depths of his heart as he struggled with his morals. But in the end, he finally gave up any thoughts of moving against the Yun Family.

If it were anyone else, so what if they had a Hollow Nascent Soul? Did they really think he would fear them?

It was time to go. Since he couldn’t move to steal it, staying in Snowfall City any longer was just a waste of time.

Shua –

With a flash of light, Qin Yu shot into the skies. But soon, his complexion changed. He grimaced as he looked forwards.

The light smell of blood flowed in the wind. The sounds of cries and wails could be heard nearby.

If these were ordinary killings, Qin Yu had seen these things many times before, so he wouldn’t even pay attention.

But these cries and screams seemed to be coming from women and little children.

Whoosh –

Qin Yu’s speed quickened. After crossing over a steep slope, he saw what was occurring.

This was clearly a deliberate killing.

The guards were all being killed. Only a few men were still fighting a dying battle. The caravan had been cut off into sections and several carriages were burning, and the sight was even more eye-catching as it reflected against the blood. The corpses of women and children were lying all over the ground. As Qin Yu saw this, his pupils shrank.

Bang –

The ground disintegrated. Qin Yu rushed forth, his fist rumbling out. A black-clothed man slashing about with a saber was sent flying backwards as he shouted out pitifully. The sounds of breaking bones filled the air and the man became a pile of ruined meat before he even landed on the ground. Like a tiger breaking into a flock of sheep, Qin Yu angrily attacked. In several breaths of time, several more black-clothed men died on the spot.

“There’s a master!”


The leftover black-clothed men turned tail and fled.

Qin Yu chased them down, killing three more. After thinking about it, he didn’t continue his slaughter.

Cries came from the caravan.

Several of the fighting men fell to the ground, wounds all over their bodies. They bowed in gratitude, saying, “Thank you for saving us, senior!”

A trace of anger flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. “What happened that these people would be so ruthless?”

Several men revealed looks of hesitation.

At this time, a young woman staggered forwards. Her hair was scattered and she carried a little bloodied corpse against her chest. She fell to her knees, “Senior, my Li Family unintentionally obtained a messaging jade slip, so we suffered this great calamity. My family’s master died long ago, leaving just me and my son. But now, even my son has died, and I have nothing left to live for. I am willing to give this jade slip to my lord in the hope that you will take revenge for my fallen son and family!”

Puff –

She thrust a dagger into her heart. Blood dripped down from the corners of her lips and she fell over, dead. Her hand opened to reveal a black jade slip that still had demonic energies lingering on it.


With sad cries, several guards knelt down. They bowed, “My lord, please take revenge for my Li Family!”

The entire caravan was full of sobbing cries.

Qin Yu looked at the dead woman’s wide eyes and the child corpse she still held against her chest. After a long moment of silence, he slowly said, “I will help you with this.”

He reached out and took the jade slip.

This was his payment. Only after taking it would he have the justification to kill others.

Qin Yu didn’t know what was in the jade slip nor did he have any intention of examining it. “Who killed the Li Family? Tell me.”

Moments later, he shot up into the skies. Winds swept against his face, curling away his hair to reveal the cold killing intent surging in his eyes!

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