Chapter 104 – Demonic Path News

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

800 miles south of Snowfall City, there was a small city called Green Forest. There was a large clan within the city called the Dou Family. On this day, the doors of the Dou Family were tightly shut and all guards inside and out were on high alert. Every master of the family had been summoned back on emergency, and they were urgently discussing matters within a meeting chamber.

“According to the report of the clan members, the one who rescued the Li Family must be a Golden Core cultivator!”

“And they are no ordinary Golden Core cultivator. I estimate that they are at least at the middle stage boundary.”

“They might even possibly be at the late stage boundary. You’ve all seen the corpses that were brought back. A single punch shattered every bone in their bodies. This sort of strength is too terrifying!”

The more they discussed, the more the Dou Family was left flustered in a panic, until they eventually began dripping sweat from their foreheads. Since when had the Li Family found such a formidable friend? As longtime enemies, the Dou Family had an extremely deep understanding of the Li Family. After a great deal of discussion later, they concluded that the one who saved the Li Family must have been a powerhouse that was passing by. That powerhouse should have been unhappy with the ruthless actions of the Dou Family, so they chose to interfere.

This point left everyone within the Dou Family slightly more relaxed.

If it were a passerby, then killing those they found abhorrent at the scene would have been enough. Why would they continue to stand up for the Li Family and even create difficulties for their Dou Family? The only pity was that the juniors of their family had died too tragically. Still, the high level figures of the Dou Family understood that no matter how angry they were, no matter how much they fumed, they could only choose to swallow this insult and not do anything.

The Dou Family Patriarch said in a low voice, “Enough. Three days have passed and that mysterious powerhouse still hasn’t come, so this matter should have already ended. But, to prevent any accidents, we will push back the matter of exterminating the Li Family. All that is left of them are some women and children. We will look for an opportunity in the future to finish them off.”

“Yes, Patriarch!” The Dou Family masters all rose up and bowed.

Suddenly, a bone-chilling voice sounded out from the other side of the door. “For many years the Dou Family has maliciously encroached upon the property of the Li Family, and for that reason alone, you have even decided to murder them all. For such a reprehensible and depraved crime, all of you deserve to be executed!”

“Who is it!?” Dou Zhan roared with anger.

The doors to the chamber swung open. Qin Yu walked in, his face cold and heartless, no emotions showing.

After a moment, he turned and left. The doors to the chamber closed behind him.

Afterwards, as the dark night arrived and the Dou Family members didn’t hear any sounds coming from the chamber, they tried knocking and calling out. But when no response came, they carefully pushed open the doors.

Then, everyone froze in place and their complexions turned paper white.

Dou Zhan had been beheaded. It wasn’t just him, but the 17 other Dou Family masters within the chamber had all died brutal and violent deaths, all of them having their heads and bodies separated!

By this time, Qin Yu had already left Green Forest City. He chose to execute the villainous masterminds behind the killings and didn’t involve the ordinary clansmen of the Dou Family.

The reason he waited for three days to pass was because he had to carefully investigate the relationship of grudges and enmity between the Li Family and Dou Family. He didn’t want to wrongly murder anyone.

This was extremely simple. In a single day, Qin Yu had thoroughly verified all the deeds of the Dou Family. Their conduct was simply disgusting, with acts of evil committed everywhere. For the remaining two days, he left the Dou Family alone as they called in their masters. Since he was going to kill these people, he might as well finish them all off. If he killed one more evil person, then, in this world, that might mean several other innocent individuals may live on in the future.

Qin Yu never thought he was some selfless and righteous hero that stood on the moral high ground.

But, there were always some things he could not endure.

Perhaps, this could be called a bottom line.

Light flashed in his hand and a black jade slip appeared. Qin Yu softly said, “Li Family, I have taken revenge for you. Please rest in peace.”

Hu –

Winds stirred up the air and the leaves rustled, as if the dead were expressing their thanks, or even their vindication.

Qin Yu was silent for several moments. Then, he probed the jade slip with his divine sense. He wanted to take a good look at just what sort of news would cause the Dou Family to be so ruthless, to the point where they would even utterly annihilate the Li Family!

After some time, Qin Yu laid down the jade slip. A complex color lit up his features. He didn’t know just what he should be feeling right now.

After meeting failure at Snowfall City’s Yun Family, he had left the city, whereupon he encountered a killing taking place. By saving them remnants he obtained a jade slip, and this jade slip unexpectedly contained secret news related to the demonic path.

There was heavy movement occurring in the demonic path’s sea region. It seemed that some sort of treasure was involved, and these were…five element spiritual objects!

Yes, that was right, it was five element spiritual objects.

And there was more than one of them.

Qin Yu never imagined he would obtain such precious information in such a manner.

Could this be the dark and silent call of fate, finding a way to give back to him for his good deeds?

After thinking for a long time, Qin Yu let out a deep breath. A new resolution filled his expression.

It seemed that he would need to make a trip to the sea region.


The Southern Empire was to the south and the Northern Dynasty was to the north. Both of these landmasses were enormous, so enormous that a normal cultivator would never be able to travel the length of the land in their entire life. As for the common people, it was even more impossible.

But even if both landmasses were combined together, it was still less than a tenth of the sea region’s size, in fact, it wasn’t even 1%! This was because through the endless years, there had never been anyone who had managed to cross the ocean. It seemed to stretch infinitely far, as vast and unending as the endless starry skies.

Islands would occasionally emerge in the vast sea region. They were like pearls that dotted the deep endless blue. Since ancient times, there were cultivators who entered the sea area and would settle in and live on these islands. In general, these people were called oversea cultivators.

Of course, they were at most considered guests, and not the true masters of the sea region. The ones that truly controlled the entire sea region, the ones that were the overlords of the sea, were the monster race, a race with a terrifying population – a population so large that it was uncountable! Many years ago, there were human cultivators who already predicted that if it weren’t for the mere fact that the monster races of the sea were unable to leave the sea for too long, the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty would have long since been annexed by them.

At this time Qin Yu was in this sea region, and below him was a small island around 10 miles large. This island had clearly been terraformed through the hands of others. Verdant green trees swayed in the gentle sea breeze.

“Fellow daoist, come down and take a rest! After this island, there isn’t another place to stay for the next several thousand miles!” Beneath a tent, a sea supplies-selling cultivator shouted out loudly in greeting. His skin had been tanned dark by the constant sun, and his white eyes stood out in stark contrast.

Sea supplies sounded like a very general term, but in fact, it was essential equipment for all cultivators stepping foot into the sea region.

For instance, a simple directional compass. With this simple magic tool one could maintain direction in the directionless sea region.

There was also a Thousandcraft House. This was a type of treasure that was woven and refined with special types of vines. It could be folded and unfolded at will and after opening, it would transform into a small wooden house. This house could float on the sea for several years, and was unaffected by seawater or ordinary waves. It was an excellent choice for temporarily resting.

Finally, there was the Windhearing Conch. There was a special type of sea life form that would leave behind a conch shell when it died, and by listening to this conch, one could hear the sounds of storms from far away. Cultivators who had never experienced a sea storm before would never understand just how terrifying they truly were! If one were unlucky, then even a Golden Core cultivator would disappear in the raging winds.

Qin Yu fell down. He cupped his hands together, “I’m afraid I must leave fellow daoist disappointed. I already purchased everything I needed before coming here.”

The cultivator beneath the tent grinned. “It’s fine. As long as you come down I can sell you some other small things. It doesn’t matter how small the profit is; gathering a few small grains of sand at a time will eventually form a mountain.”

This person was actually quite direct.

Qin Yu smiled and sat down. “My name is Qin Yu. Fellow daoist is considerably confident. I would like to see just what sort of good items you have.”

“My name is Hu Three. Yes, I know it sounds like a fake name, but it really is my real name. If I have to blame someone, it would be my old father and mother. When they gave me a name they were too flippant about it.” Hu Three’s honest disposition and seemingly genuine attitude made it easy to have a favorable impression of him. He suddenly lowered his voice, “There are many cultivators that pass by the island every day, but I rarely greet them. Does fellow daoist Qin know why?”

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow.

Hu Three smiled in self-satisfaction. “When I look at someone, I can get an approximate judgement of them, and seven or eight times out of 10 I will be correct. Fellow daoist Qin, you have an average aura at the Foundation Establishment realm and there isn’t anything too conspicuous about you, but, I am sure that you absolutely are an unordinary person. Don’t ask me how I can tell, because this sort of thing is only a feeling that I have. It isn’t something I can explain.”

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “If so, then does fellow daoist Hu have something good to trade with such an unordinary person like me?”

Hu Three nodded. “Netherworld Ship.” The earnest expression lasted for less than a second on his face before it was broken apart. He smiled, “What about it? Do you have any interest?”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. Since he stepped into the sea region, he had naturally carried out his own investigation and study of the area. He of course knew of the illustrious reputation of the Netherworld Ship.

Moreover, the place he wanted to go needed the Netherworld Ship to open the way!

In the legends, it was said that in ancient times, there was a ship with 10,000 people that had gone missing at sea. The ship reappeared hundreds of years later, and besides a ruined hull, it was actually in nearly perfect condition. However, the 10,000 people on board the ship had vanished without a trace. Some people boarded the ship and found that it was actually able to pull those on board to an area of the sea region that was filled with hidden rocks and the cold strength of the sea. In this place, ghosts flitted in and out and there was a massive number of variation sea monster beasts, all of them vicious and bloodthirsty beings. But at the same time, there were also countless precious treasures to be found, so many that it left the eyes of innumerable cultivators red with greed.

This ship was called the Netherworld Ship and the strange sea region was called the Netherworld Sea. The demonic path jade slip mentioned a great deal of information, and although it didn’t directly state anything, clues and hints continued referring to the Netherworld Sea!

Hu Three waited patiently, with a fully confident expression, unafraid that Qin Yu didn’t want to make a trade.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He lightly asked, “There is no cultivator who steps into the sea region that isn’t interested in the Netherworld Ship. But, how do I know your information is correct?”

Hu Three raised a finger. “Fellow daoist Qin should ask around. I have been here for dozens of years and never have I sold any false news. If I had, then my reputation and even my body would have long since been torn to pieces and fed to the fishes.”

Qin Yu suddenly stood up. As Hu Three was confused, he saw that Qin Yu had headed over to another merchant cultivator like Hu Three and was starting to talk to them in a low voice.

This person, he really was asking around!

Hu Three’s lips twitched. Could you make it a bit less obvious that you didn’t trust my words?

After a moment, Qin Yu strolled back. He nodded, “Fellow daoist Hu, I will purchase your information.”

Hu Three’s complexion changed several times. Then, he squeezed out a smile and said, “Fellow daoist Qin is quite careful.”

Qin Yu said, “I also think that there is never a time when it is wrong to be too careful.”

Hu Three immediately decided to not talk any more nonsense. Otherwise, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to suppress his anger and would ruin this business transaction.

He stretched out a hand, “1000 spirit stones, this is not a fake price.”

Qin Yu didn’t bat an eyelash. “300.”

Blue veins popped up on Hu Three’s head. He had seen low counteroffers before, but never one so low!

Cutting in half was fine, but he actually dared to instantly ask for a 70% reduction.

Hu Three sucked in a deep breath. “800. If it weren’t for the sake of friendship, I would never make such a low exchange with anyone else!”

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “400. That’s the limit.”

Hu Three sucked in a deep breath. He growled out, “Fellow daoist Qin, this is the Netherworld Ship, the Netherworld Ship that represents countless opportunities! If you are late, you might not be able to catch up!”

Qin Yu said, “But, there is also a chance that it is the real Netherworld Ship, a journey of no return.”

Hu Three was left dumbfounded. Every time the Netherworld Ship appeared, there would always be some people that gained massive fortunes.

But there were even more that died.

He clenched his jaws. “600. If it is even a little less, then I won’t make the sale!”

Qin Yu faintly smiled. “Deal.”

After a moment, the hopeless beyond crying Hu Three sent the rested fellow daoist Qin Yu away.

But as Qin Yu’s figure disappeared from sight, his sorrow turned to sly joy. “Hehe, brat, you want to fight with me? You are too naïve!”

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