Chapter 106 – A Storm Is Coming

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

“The sea monster royal family!” Within the crowd, people began to shout out.

Countless eyes turned blazing hot. But as their gazes fell on the bodies of the six large fellows in the back, those eyes suddenly filled with awe and dread.

“Although the six people are in human form, their auras are terrifying and their blood energy is incredibly deep. They must be whale monsters!”

“In the rumors it is said that every grown whale monster is comparable to a Golden Core, and those with the qualifications to become a royal guard are the most outstanding of the elites!”

“With six elite whale monsters working together, anyone beneath the Nascent Soul realm will be crushed!”

“This person might have a formidable cultivation, but what a pity, for some reason he managed to commit a crime against the royal family of the sea monsters. I wonder how he will escape this.”

Four sea monster race powerhouses stepped forwards together, the ground thundering with each step. Their overbearing and cruel auras came rushing forwards!

Hu –

Qin Yu’s black robes waved in the wind as his hair whipped backwards.

He narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know why this was happening, but at this moment he had no free time to think about these things.

A foot stepped forwards. As the ground disintegrated, Qin Yu hurtled forwards!

The crowd gasped out loud!

When facing four whale monster powerhouses, turning tail and running would be normal. But, this young man chose to rush forwards instead. Was he seeking death? Or seeking death? Or…seeking death on his own initiative!?

Facing the whale monster race, a mere human cultivator dared to attack them by himself. A whale monster on the left narrowed his eyes, a cold light flashing in his pupils, accompanied with a hint of anger. He moved forwards, slapping out his hands like a fan. The sound of breaking air followed. Although this was only a slap, it was inconceivably fast and contained a terrifying strength behind it.

Qin Yu didn’t dodge or evade. He lifted a fist and punched out.

Bang –

The bang was like the ringing of a great drum. Two ferocious forces slammed into each other. Qin Yu turned pale white as he stuffily coughed. He finally had a clear understanding of how strong the whale monsters were. But, the whale monster himself was even more surprised. His eyes were flooded with disbelief as they widened into full moons. Bang! Bang! Bang! He was forced backwards, each step leaving behind a deep imprint in the ground.

The most fearful aspect of the whale monsters lay in their mortal bodily strength. But, the scene that occurred in front of everyone seemed to indicate that there was a human cultivator who could force back a whale monster in a pure collision of bodies!

The crowd continued to shout out loud.

At this time, everyone was filled with shock.

The three other whale monster masters all had grim expressions, a dignified light in their eyes. Even so, they were still and solemn like mountains, their auras calm and unperturbed.

Bang –

The whale monster in the middle stepped forwards. He was larger than the last whale monster and his tight robes outline his incomparably formidable muscles. In final judgment, the strength of whale monsters was relatively simple, and their size often served as an indication of their strength.

With a deep roar and the sound of ripping, the whale monster’s robes nearly tore off his body as his muscles inflated. He shook his fist and came rushing forwards like a yellow dragon, his momentum unprecedented!

The cultivators watching from all around were struck by this terrifying momentum, and they began to subconsciously retreat in alarm and fear. They flushed red as they realized how they had reacted, but none of them had any thoughts of being embarrassed right now, because all their eyes were locked onto Qin Yu.

After forcing away the first whale monster powerhouse, Qin Yu hadn’t stopped at all; he continued his high-speed advance forwards like a galloping cheetah as he directly struck the fist of the second whale monster powerhouse. No one was able to clearly see what happened in that instant. All they felt was a wave of air rush over their bodies, and then saw a massive figure sent flying away.

Piki paka…this should be the sounds of breaking bones!

Qin Yu’s complexion turned even whiter. But, the whale monster master who collided with him was vomiting mouthfuls of blood.

Countless eyes widened. No one expected that this would be the result.

The two other whale monster powerhouses were flustered. They quickly moved to catch their fellow clansmen, but Qin Yu took advantage of this moment. His body lit up with a brilliant flash of light and he instantly broke past the two of them.

When he came rushing forwards before, he had relied upon the strength of his body to overcome and roll over two whale monster masters in frontal collisions. But, what everyone forgot was that he was a human cultivator who excelled even more in magic power cultivation.

Princess Lushy had a calm expression. As she looked at the rapidly approaching Qin Yu, a trace of disdain flashed in her eyes.

He wanted to capture the leader?

If the sea monster royal family was so easily captured, then the entire royal family would have gone extinct long ago. How could they have lived until this day and ruled over the boundless sea region?

Stupid and ignorant human!

Behind her, two nine foot tall whale monsters stepped forwards. They had angry glares as they opened their mouths and shouted out together.

Weng –

Sound waves that were below the threshold of hearing began to viciously spread outwards, stabbing towards Qin Yu’s soul like countless sharp bones. As for the crowds of people standing far away, even though they barely suffered from this attack, there were still several people that coughed and paled.

“Whale Cry!”

“Whale monster commanders!”

The hierarchy of the whale monster race was simple. There were the ordinary clansmen, the elite clansmen, the whale monster commanders, and then the highest level whale monster lords.

The whale monster lords were comparable to Nascent Soul cultivators. When they dwelled in the sea in their original forms, every movement they made had the potential of destroying the heavens and cracking open the earth. They were worthy of their reputations as overlords of the sea.

Whale monster commanders were at the second echelon, and they were all great figures amongst the whale monster race. Their strength was comparable to that of Hollow Nascent Soul cultivators.

Whale cry. That was an inborn divine sense attack that whale monster commanders could send out. It was an extremely horrifying and powerful attack. If someone with a weak soul were to be blasted by the whale call, then even if their soul didn’t dissipate they would at least lose consciousness!

Qin Yu had revealed a potent mortal body and his magic power cultivation didn’t seem weak either. If so, then it was likely his soul was his weak point. After all, humans lived a short life, and in their pursuit of constantly breaking through boundaries and obtaining a longer life, they were often limited in the number of things they could cultivate.

Qin Yu’s face slackened and he seemed to be in pain.

A whale monster commander stepped forth, his fist aimed at Qin Yu’s head. Another one stood quietly in a defensive position, no flaws in his posture.

Whoosh –

A blinding blood red light erupted. The Bloodstained Lock smashed into the whale monster commander. This was a one-time use demonic tool that possessed a killing power matched by its cost. The whale monster commander’s fist was directly torn open by this light to reveal the white bones beneath as he was sent flying away.

Now, the only one blocking Qin Yu’s path was the final whale monster commander. His expression was earnest as he shouted out loud. A deep blue light detonated around his body like billowing waves of the sea, protecting him and Princess Lushy standing behind him.

The whale monster commander wasn’t afraid. Rather, as a royal guard, his top priority was to protect the royal family and ensure that they weren’t injured. As long as he could stall Qin Yu for several breaths of time, the other whale monster masters would be able to catch up. At that time, no matter how strong Qin Yu was, he wouldn’t be able to take another half-step towards the princess.

Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly shined. He stepped in front of the deep blue light and punched out his fist without hesitation.

Bang –

The entire deep blue barrier of light trembled. It was torn apart as Qin Yu forced his fist inside.

For the first time, surprise appeared in the eyes of Princess Lushy. She never imagined that this human cultivator would possess such formidable bodily strength.

But as soon as it appeared, that surprise turned into disdain.

The Royal Barrier was something that only the royal guards could use; it was one of the royal family’s strongest protective tools, so how could it be so easily broken? Once its true strength erupted, it would pull that human cultivator in and grind him to pieces!

However, Princess Lushy’s cold sneer froze on her face. That reliable, mountain-like royal guard who stood in front of her suddenly toppled backwards, face up.

His body rapidly turned black, twitching even as foam and spittle gushed out from his lips.

This was…poison?

Just what kind of poison was so terrifyingly violent and swift? It was even able to instantly wipe out one of the whale monsters that were said to be able to swallow anything. But before Princess Lushy could wake up from her stunned shock, a strong hand suddenly reached out and grabbed her slender neck, dragging her forwards and into Qin Yu’s chest.

Hu –

Hu –

Gasping breaths sounded out in her ear. She was held tightly against his body and she could clearly feel the strong heartbeat in his chest.

It didn’t make him feel as if he were flustered or panicked. Rather, he exuded an incomparably fierce and formidable aura.

The entire scene fell deathly silent!

No one had expected this result.

A human had passed by six great whale monster powerhouses and single-handedly captured a sea monster royal!

These types of situations should only occur in stories or daydreams, but now it was occurring in front of everyone’s eyes, and it was far more impactful than they imagined.

“Don’t move.” While his voice wasn’t pleasant to hear, it was calm and steady, like the water beneath a thick layer of ice, without a single ounce of emotion.

And, it made everyone understand just how deadly serious he was.

The hairs finally rose up all over Princess Lushy’s body; she could feel a faint killing intent in his voice. But as a member of the royal family, she had sufficient confidence and pride. Her icy complexion didn’t change as she said, “If you harm me in the least, you will forever be chased down by the races of the sea. They will never give up on you!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I know.”

What was this reply?

It was completely disregarding her!

Princess Lushy was suddenly enraged. But then, she stiffened.

At the nape of her neck, the hand grasping her suddenly tightened. A pale blue aura tinted her skin and breathing became difficult.


“If you harm the princess, you will die without a grave!”

The whale monster powerhouses were panic-stricken. Besides the one who had been poisoned, the rest came rushing forwards. However, none of them dared to move. They were already ill with regret. If they knew this would happen they would have all moved to kill the bastard and wouldn’t have allowed the princess to fall into such a trap. If anything were to happen to the princess, their best fate would be to commit suicide as an apology!

Thinking of this, the eyes of the five whale monsters turned bloodshot.

Qin Yu said without expression, “Everyone, I don’t know how I have offended the sea monster royal family, but with things having come to this point, there is clearly no repairing our relationship. So to prevent an even worse situation, I hope that you will all restrain yourselves and not come over here. Otherwise, while it is still unknown whether or not I will escape, your princess will surely die.”

He grabbed Princess Lushy and started to retreat. The crowd parted behind him as they tried to keep as far away as possible. They were afraid that if they neared him, they would be treated as accomplices.

After the initial shock, everyone regained their composure. As they looked at Qin Yu, there was surprise, admiration, and even a faint trace of pity that they couldn’t conceal. The situation had  been blown completely out of control and even a sea monster royal had been captured. It was impossible for things to end peacefully. Perhaps he might be able to live today, but in the end…everyone knew what the most likely outcome was.

The five whale monster powerhouses watched helplessly as Qin Yu led the princess further and further away. Their faces flushed red and they roared with thunderous anger, but none of them dared to take a single step forwards.

Finally, the whale monster commander shouted out, “We’re leaving!”

Lifting up their poisoned comrade, the whale monsters shot up into the skies and left the scope of the Three Mountain Islands. Then, in the skies, a dim light flashed and massive figures appeared. These figures were great whales that were dozens of meters long with bodies weighing tens of thousands of jins!

For many cultivators, this was the first time seeing the true form of the whale monster race. They cried out in alarm, completely bewildered.

Bang –

Bang –

They crashed into the surface of the sea, stirring up wind and waves. Then, in the blink of an eye, the several large figures vanished from sight.

But everyone was well aware that the whale monster powerhouses wouldn’t truly leave. They would stay close and keep an eye on the Three Mountain Islands.

At the same time, news of a royal being captured would reach the sea monster royal palace at the fastest speed possible.

A storm was coming!

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