Chapter 107 – Fishing

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Three days passed. All around the Three Mountain Islands, the number of sea monsters experienced a drastic growth and formidable auras would periodically appear, causing a panic amongst the island cultivators. Everyone was well aware of what the root cause of this was, and as more time passed, everyone began to worry that the large-scale mobilization of sea monsters would affect the arrival of the Netherworld Ship.

On Three Mountain Islands, several powerful and well known powerhouses gathered together to hold an urgent meeting. They came out from the meeting with one conclusion: the cultivator who was holding the sea monster royal captive could not be allowed to stay here. But, in that battle several days before, Qin Yu had revealed his horrifying strength, and asking someone like that to leave wouldn’t be simple at all. Of course, the most important reason was that no one wanted to offend such a dreadful enemy.

After agonizing over this matter for a long time, a cultivator finally proposed that since no one wanted to notify Qin Yu, then it was best that they all go together.

With so many people to disperse the responsibility, it should be impossible to become angry.

No matter how arrogant or reckless Qin Yu was, he shouldn’t form enmity against all of them just because of this single matter!

After a short discussion, a decision was passed and 13 cultivators were finally chosen. They respectfully approached Qin Yu’s door and quietly knocked.

“Fellow daoist Qin, you and I are both human cultivators, so when it comes to grievances with the sea races, we should be standing on your side. However, the Netherworld Ship will soon arrive, and the other fellow daoists on the islands are quite worried over this. They believe that the tremendous gathering numbers of the sea races will affect it.”

Several more people also spoke up. They spoke in turns, and although they didn’t clearly specify their hands, the meaning was actually quite clear.

Hey, could you please leave the Three Mountain Islands?

Qin Yu fell silent. He cupped his hands across his chest and said, “I understand what fellow daoists are trying to say, but since I have also come here for the Netherworld Ship, I will not leave.” After the faces of the cultivators paled, he continued, “However, I can leave the immediate vicinity of the Three Mountain Islands and stay in the nearby sea area.”

Although this was a bit different from what everyone was hoping, if Qin Yu was to leave the Three Mountain Islands, the sea monster races shouldn’t vent their anger upon them. Furthermore, since Qin Yu had already made a concession in this matter, they feared that their efforts might backfire if they pushed things too far.

The short discussion ended. The cultivators cupped their hands together in thanks, and after expressing their apologies, they left.

Qin Yu shook his head and returned to his room. There was a helpless look on his face, but it immediately vanished, replaced by calmness instead. He turned and said, “Princess, it seems we will be moving to another location.”

Princess Lushy’s cultivation had been sealed and her expression was cold and bitter. She immediately closed her eyes.

Qin Yu didn’t care about this. He packed his things, picked her up, and left.

Picked her up, as if he were holding a chicken, or even a duck…

Princess Lushy’s eyes popped open and her face immediately flushed red. In her entire life, when had she ever received such humiliation? This rude, cruel, brute of a human cultivator! He should be cut apart by a thousand sabers! Once she was free again, she would definitely tear off his limbs and deep fry him in oil!

The island cultivators had already heard the rumors, and they were all paying attention to Qin Yu’s dwelling. As they saw him leave, they immediately smiled. But soon, this smile froze on their faces and their lips began to twitch.

This…wasn’t this a royal princess of the sea monsters? Yet, she was being treated so rudely. Did he really plan on not leaving behind the tiniest chance of survival?

Along the way, countless eyelids popped up and innumerable jaws dropped. There were also many looks of pity that scolded Qin Yu for trying to ruin his own chances!

Qin Yu arrived at the seashore. Great waves crashed against the beach. Giant swirls suddenly appeared on the sea, seething with anger, as countless enraged roars sprung up from the seabed.

Rumble rumble –

Massive shadows, each larger than the last, rapidly rose from the seabed. As they struck the surface of the water, pairs of blood red eyes were revealed, all of them with death-like glares!

This human, this damned human, this barbaric and ignorant human, he actually dared to treat the pride of the sea races like this, the brightest pearl of the deepest sea – her highness, Princess Lushy!


He had to die!

Fierce killing intent accompanied with surging waves came from all directions. The sky rapidly darkened and countless plumes of mist rose up, as if a violent storming were brewing.

Princess Lushy shut her eyes tightly and shivered. Although the sea monsters were angry because of her and the humiliation she was suffering, they were still seeing her current disgraceful state. As an arrogant princess who always considered herself a proud daughter of heaven, how could she accept this reality?

Shame and anger rose to her head. Her hatred towards Qin Yu suddenly rose to the peak. But unfortunately, all of these swings in her emotions were far too fierce. She groaned, tilted her head, and fainted.

“Release the princess!”

“Brat, you are dead! Not even the highest heavens or deepest earth will be able to save you!”

“I will tear you to shreds!”

Endless curses echoed between the water and sky.

Qin Yu looked up, expressionless. “Shut up and draw back. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

His fingers faintly moved and all the sea monsters sucked in a deep breath. None of them dared to curse at the heavens again.

This bastard was just despicable to the extreme! They wanted him to release the princess and fight 300 rounds with them!

Whoosh –

The sea surface suddenly broke open and a giant turtle rose up. Although only the shell was exposed, it was still over 300 feet high. If its entire body were to move out from the water, it would be as large as a hill.

Atop the turtle shell stood a middle-aged man. He had white-hair, white-clothes, and an impressive appearance. He cupped his hands together and said, “Fellow daoist Qin, perhaps there is a misunderstanding between you and my sea monster races. Maybe you can release the princess and we can discuss this matter further?”

Qin Yu remained silent.

The middle-aged man frowned. “Or, how about this instead. If fellow daoist Qin releases the princess, I will take responsibility for all this and allow fellow daoist to leave. After three days, the sea monster races will begin chasing after you.”

Qin Yu shook his head.

The man’s voice turned cold. “Could fellow daoist really be planning on being mortal enemies with my sea monster races?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Fellow daoist, do you really think that I would release my captive in the current situation? Whether or not I wanted to become enemies with the sea monster races, that has already turned into a fact. Thus, if you don’t want anything to happen to your princess, then you had best restrain yourself and not make any dangerous movements. I guarantee that once I am safe, I will personally send the princess away.

“Now, tell them to draw back.”

The middle-aged man looked deeply at Qin Yu. “Fellow daoist Qin, I hope you don’t regret this.”

Whoosh –

The giant turtle sank back beneath the sea.

In the area around the seashore, the roaring sea monsters quickly retreated. But, their ruthless eyes were locked onto Qin Yu the entire time, none of them looking away from him.

On the islands, whether or not the people were used to Qin Yu, they all couldn’t help but praise him for being so daring. Facing the sea monsters, he was able to force them back without batting an eyelash. Within the entire sea region there weren’t many cultivators that could accomplish this. Many people started to inquire into who exactly Qin Yu was, but unfortunately after a flurry of activity they weren’t able to come up with anything.

With a flick of his sleeves, a folded Thousandcraft House immediately popped open. It fluttered down atop the sea and gently rocked with the waves.

Qin Yu lifted Princess Lushy and leapt into the house. With another flick of his sleeves, the Thousandcraft House slowly fluttered away until it was 5000 feet from the island’s shore.

Qin Yu tossed the princess on the floor and then sat down. At the same time, he casually took out a fishing pole from somewhere and started to fish.

As the waiting sea monsters saw this, their lungs nearly burst apart with rage.

Arrogant! This was just arrogant to the extreme!

Every ordinary fish and shrimp in the sea had the potential to transform into a sea monster; in other words, they could be called fellow clansmen. Yet this brat had not only captured the princess but was also fishing right in front of their faces. This was just naked, taunting contempt!

Several swordfish monsters were furious!

Amongst the sea monster races, they were one of the fastest. They had a long and sharp spike and narrow bodies that gave them unparalleled advantages. At this moment, with a sneering swordfish monster in the lead, several others followed behind, rushing back and forth beneath the Thousandcraft House with astonishing speed. The furious undercurrents they left behind caused the fish and shrimp below the surface to be blown away.

Fish? Fish? Fish your mom!

As several swordfish monsters were arrogantly shuttling under the sea at high speeds and occasionally making provocative actions, Qin Yu suddenly moved. With a flick of his sleeve, a deep purple magic sword flew out and stabbed into the sea’s surface. With loud crackling sounds, purple lightning spread outwards!

The swordfish monsters trembled and tumbled over. They floated to the surface belly-up, their mouths twitching and foaming.

Qin Yu shouted in admiration, “What big fish!” He rubbed his chin and muttered, “Steaming is too boring and frying would be too oily. What would be the best way to eat them?”

The swordfish monster powerhouse was enraged. He definitely wouldn’t stare blankly on as his fellow clansmen were gutted and eaten. His powerful tail swung left and right as he exploded forwards, so fast that he left afterimages in the water. As he arrived within the range of the Thousandcraft House and the lightning released by the magic sword fell upon him, he only faintly trembled. Not caring about the vibrations racing through his body, monster power erupted, forcing away the lightning!


“Have this human junior see how fierce our sea monster powerhouses are!”

“You dare to be enemies with us sea monsters? This will be the greatest regret of your life!”

The sea monsters shouted out loud.

The swordfish monster powerhouse sneered. He opened his mouth and sucked in deeply, wanting to carry away his fellow clansmen.

However, things definitely wouldn’t be so simple. That thunder magic sword also looked quite nice; he would take that as well!

Buzz –

Buzz –

Waves rose up and rolled in from all directions. The thunder magic sword trembled.

Qin Yu shook his head. “I can’t even eat in peace.” He flicked his sleeve and a hundred foot tall bamboo appeared in thin air, falling straight into the water surface. Its roots, branches, leaves, every inch of its body was covered with leaping arcs of deep and pure purple lightning.

Crackle –

Crackle –

The surrounding 1000 feet of the sea was instantly covered in lightning.

The sneering swordfish monster’s inner monster power immediately disintegrated. Its body trembled and its fish eyes rolled backwards. Then, it slowly floated upwards, joining its fellow juniors.

Whoosh –

On the sea surface there was a giant splash of water.

Qin Yu’s eyebrows leapt up. He cried out in praise, “This is truly worthy of being the deep sea. A fish here can actually grow so large! This might be enough for a village of hundreds to eat their fill. Tsk. But who knows how many years it took for this fish to grow so large. If the meat is too old then chewing on it would be as rough as chewing on the roots of an old tree. It wouldn’t be good at all.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought. Then, he clapped his hands. “I’ll cook it with a large fire. I'll let it roast a bit longer than usual, and then I’ll add some peppers and spices. The flavor will definitely be great!”

The swordfish monster powerhouse had a deep cultivation. Although it had been paralyzed by the thunder, it was still able to maintain its consciousness. As it heard these words spoken out loud, its eyes went wide with rage.


This was shame!

All of the face that the swordfish monster had earned through the several hundred years of its life had been lost today.

In a single shuddering gasp of anger, the swordfish monster powerhouse finally fainted.

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