Chapter 108 – Threatening the Sea Races

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The sea monsters were left completely bewildered!

The sea had always been their world, so when had they ever met such an arrogant human? But, the key problem was that this human male’s strength was not only formidable, but he had far too many methods at his disposal. For instance, this bamboo; they had never seen nor heard of anything that could discharge such potent lightning!

For better or worse, that swordfish monster powerhouse was a relatively powerful figure. But, it had been instantly stunned by that electricity. From this alone one could understand how potent it was. Many eyes turned around, and several electric eel monsters were horrified. They shook their heads and put on sad expressions. This purple thunder was just too ominous. Although they were born with natural skills in electricity, even they couldn’t withstand something like this.

Deep beneath the sea, the giant turtle floated like a hill. It emitted a monstrous light, forming a barrier that pushed away the seawater. A white-haired white-robed man frowned. He was able to see everything beyond the barrier that occurred on the sea surface.

Across from him, a man in black armor was leaning back, his legs splayed out wide and his strong and sturdy figure like an iron tower. Just glancing at him made one feel apprehensive. Just sitting there without saying a word, a faint slaughter energy lingered about him.

“This junior, he’s very strong.” The black-armored man slowly said. His voice was as steady as a mountain, each word he spoke incomparably heavy.

The white-haired man cupped his hands across his chest. “Uncle Hai, do you not have full assurance against him?”

The black-armored man didn’t lose his temper. He fell deep into thought for several breaths of time and then said, “Killing him isn’t difficult, but to instantly kill him and ensure that no harm comes to the princess, that is indeed another matter altogether.”

The sea monsters at the surface didn’t know the judgment of this black-armored man, otherwise they would all be crying out in alarm. Just how prideful was this whale monster ruler? And yet someone like him had unexpectedly given a junior such a high appraisal.

The white-haired man forced a smile. “Can we allow him to be so dissolute? Then what face will my sea monster races have left?”

The whale monster ruler looked up, his gaze revealing a glint of sharpness that caused the white-haired man to stiffen and his heartbeat to nearly stop. “Prince Deepwhite, you are destined to inherit a great position and become a future lord of the sea, so how can you be so shortsighted? What meaning is there in face? As long as my sea races eventually kill that human and scatter his soul, there will be no other human in the world that will dare to taunt my people.”

“Prince, I ask you to remember that in this world, the process will forever remain the process; only the result is what matters.” The whale monster lord closed his eyes, his hard and callous face completely expressionless. “The princess being captured is a mistake of the whale monster race. I personally came here to correct this mistake. This junior will die.”

The whale monster lord was a lofty character. Even if the sea monster royal family’s prince was being admonished like this, he didn’t feel any anger at all, and was instead secretly overjoyed. Prince Deepwhite turned around and sat down, finally calming down. Since the whale monster lord had said that he would kill Qin Yu, it would be done. All he needed to do was wait.

It was certainly impossible for Qin Yu to gut the several swordfish monsters and eat them. The reason he put on such a fierce display was to put pressure on the sea races. In the current situation, that was the only way he would have been able to guarantee a momentary peace. If he had revealed even the slightest intent of drawing back, well…would the sea monster races have just stood by and done nothing?

Qin Yu took back the magic sword and Skythunder Bamboo before returning to his room and sitting down. He couldn’t really cultivate, but he could at least meditate. Princess Lushy remained by his side. With just a flick of his arm, he could grab onto her and instantly end her life.

This would be the worst possible outcome.

Although Qin Yu had previously said he had already become enemies with the sea monster races whether he wanted to or not, there were actually different levels of hatred. Capturing the princess and killing the princess, those were completely different matters.

He hoped that he could safely drag out the time until the Netherworld Ship arrived.

As long as he could board the ship and enter the Netherworld Sea Region, he would be safe.

Everyone knew that the sea monsters within the Netherworld Sea Region were not controlled by the sea monster royal family. Not just that, they were even incredibly hostile towards sea monsters from the outside.

That was a land the sea monster races weren’t able to control!

Time passed a day at a time. Although the sea monsters all kept their attention on the Thousandcraft House floating nearby, none of them dared to casually approach.

The shadow of fear that the Skythunder Bamboo created in the hearts of the sea monsters was enough to restrain them. Occasionally, there would be some bold and newly-arrived sea monsters that would think themselves brave and try to intrude, but once the saw the trembling bodies of the unlucky swordfish monsters and how they had released their feces and shit around them, none of them dared to be impulsive again.

Six days later.

Qin Yu was sitting down, his aura calm and his heart steady. No one was able to sense how tense he was! Ever since leaving Three Mountain Islands, there was an absolutely bone-shaking terror that swelled up from deep in his heart, as if some peerless vicious beast had locked onto him from afar. If he were to reveal just the smallest of flaws, the fierce fangs of that beast would tear him to shreds and eat him up.

This feeling arrived in a strange manner, and no matter how Qin Yu sensed around him, he couldn’t determine where the source was. But, this made him feel even more dread in his heart and confirmed his suspicions. A terrifying master must have arrived amongst the sea monsters, and was biding their time deep in the sea, waiting for a chance to move.

Up until today, nothing eventful had happened. It must be because this other party didn’t have the full assurance to strike him down while ensuring Princess Lushy’s safety. If so, then the chance this existence was waiting for was likely…the Netherworld Ship!

Once the Netherworld Ship arrived, countless cultivators would surge forth and this would inevitably affect his senses, giving an opportunity to this sea monster master. Moreover, Qin Yu couldn’t forget another element of uncertainty by his side – Princess Lushy.

Although her highness the princess had remained relatively quiet and peaceful ever since she had been captured, as a sea monster royal, Qin Yu wouldn’t believe it for a second if someone said she didn’t have some other methods at her disposal. With everything considered, the arrival of the Netherworld Ship would be the riskiest time for Qin Yu.

His thoughts raced. Since he realized this, he wouldn’t sit idly by and wait for death to take him.

After some time, a plan began to gradually take shape in his heart. After carefully considering and calibrating it for a day and making sure that there was nothing wrong with it, his heart finally calmed down.

Then, the Netherworld Ship arrived.

Two days later, at some random moment, the temperature within the world began to fall. A yin chill spread out, proliferating between the heavens and earth.

Qin Yu’s eyes popped open. He grabbed Princess Lushy and stepped out from the Thousandcraft House. He looked up towards the skies. The sun still loomed large in the heavens, but the sunlight had turned pale and dim. As the rays fell upon his body, there wasn’t any heat at all. Waves rose up in the originally calm sea, at first small, then larger, then finally growing into torrential waves!

All around the Thousandcraft House, countless sea monsters revealed disgust and loathing, as well as a fear they couldn’t conceal. They turned and looked deep into the sea. At some unknown time, a massive pall of fog had appeared. The fog was dark gray and bleak, causing one to unconsciously shiver.

Crash –

Crash –

There was the sound of parting seawater.

A giant ship sailed out from the fog. Its hull was mottled, the bow was broken to the side, and the mast stood tall and erect, hanging with a tattered sail. Seeing it for the first time, one would imagine that such a dilapidated ship would break into countless pieces upon encountering a storm. But, the ship sailed atop the waves as if it were walking over flat land. The giant hull floated at the top of the waves, and although it was struck again and again, it didn’t shake in the least.

The yin chill and the precipitous drop in temperature was all because of this ship. It seemed to drift out from the netherworld, tainted with the breath of death.

“Netherworld Ship!”

Shouts sounded out from the Three Mountain Islands.

Countless cultivators stared with wide eyes, their faces filled with wild joy and thrilling excitement.

Crowds started to gather and restlessly move about. However, no one dared to leave yet, because before the Netherworld Ship had anchored, no one could board it.

If a person were to recklessly approach, they might even be injured by the yin chill atop the ship!

All eyes followed the Netherworld Ship, waiting for it to dock. But, there was one exception.

Qin Yu looked down at Princess Lushy in his hands.

Whether or not his plan would succeed, it would all depend on how much worth this princess held in the hearts of the sea monsters.

Princess Lushy’s heart sank as a foreboding feeling rose within her. But before she could say anything, magic power rushed into her body. Her eyes widened and she coughed before directly fainting.

“Brat, what are you doing!”

“If you injure the princess even the tiniest bit, I will flay you alive!”

“Bastard, you still haven’t released her!?”

Even though the Netherworld Ship had arrived, the sea monster races still hadn’t stopped observing Qin Yu. Every action and movement he took was watched by countless pairs of eyes, and as they saw Princess Lushy, these countless pairs of eyes suddenly turned blood red.

Qin Yu said in a low voice, “Fellow sea monsters, today, I would like to be the first one to step onto the Netherworld Ship.”

He didn’t conceal his intentions. With magic power supporting his voice, it reverberated through the air.

On Three Mountain Islands, countless cultivators were stunned briefly before immediately becoming incensed.

If you board first, then what about us?

In particular, some relatively stronger individuals that were confident in their strength had grim expressions.

The Netherworld Ship was difficult to board. One had to fight to earn their position, and the longer the ship remained, the more blood would be spilled. While there were many negative conditions, correspondingly there were also some benefits that served as compensation.

This benefit was prepared for the first cultivator to step atop the Netherworld Ship. The yin chill strength that hadn’t yet dispersed from the ship would condense into a piece of ‘black ice’. This thing was an incredible enticement for the variation sea monsters of the Netherworld Sea Region. By relying on this ‘black ice’, if one’s luck wasn’t too bad, they could subdue a formidable and fierce variation sea monster. Whether using it as a mount or minion, this was a powerful tool!

One of the main reasons so many people were brimming with energy was because they wanted to be the first to board the ship. But before things had even begun, Qin Yu wanted to be the first already?

What was the meaning of this? Surnamed Qin, what is the meaning of this!?

Angry cultivators glared at the Thousandcraft House. They hoped that they could use their eyes to dismember Qin Yu.

The sea monsters were dazed for a moment before they all flew into a blinding rage. What was the meaning of this? Did this Qin Yu think they were his slaves? That he could casually order them around?

This human cultivator deserved to be peeled apart!

Tens of thousands of cold eyes fell upon Qin Yu. If it were someone with a weaker mindset, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand this at all. But, Qin Yu’s complexion was calm and indifferent, as if he didn’t notice anything at all. Before he spoke he had already expected this situation to occur. What was there to fear from looks? If looks could kill, he would already be invincible beneath the heavens.

Hum –

Magic power surged in his hands and a violent aura spread out, covering Princess Lushy. No one doubted that with just a single thought, the most brilliant pearl of the sea would turn into bloody meat.

The sea monsters shivered with rage and fear!

They had seen people who didn’t care about face before, but they had never seen someone who was shameless to such a degree. He simply wanted to tear apart their bottom line!

Whoosh –

A giant turtle broke free from the water. Hai Deepwhite had a dark complexion, “Fellow daoist Qin, don’t push things too far!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I won’t repeat myself a second time. Either the sea monster races help me be the first to board the Netherworld Ship, or I will kill the princess right now and then accompany her on the road to the yellow springs. The Netherworld Ship is docking soon; you don’t have much more time to consider it.”

He no longer spoke. His body roiled with killing intent, ensuring that everyone knew he wasn’t joking around!

Hai Deepwhite’s chest wildly fluctuated. He never imagined that as soon as Qin Yu took action, he would force him into a dead end. And, the strategies he had discussed with the whale monster lord had all been destroyed!

If he agreed and Qin Yu boarded the Netherworld Ship, it would be even more difficult to rescue Lushy. But if he refused…Hai Deepwhite believed that this Qin fellow truly would kill her.

Even if Qin Yu was faking it…he didn’t dare to make the gamble!

The Netherworld Ship started to slow down. Soon, it would stop. If he continued to hesitate, there wouldn’t be any more time.


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