Chapter 109 – Boarding

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Suddenly, several cultivators shot up from the Three Mountain Islands. Each one was at the late Golden Core realm, their auras sharp and straight, piercing into the horizon!

“Sea monsters, the Netherworld Ship is the only chance that us humans have to enter the Netherworld Sea Region. Never have you meddled in our affairs, so why must you make an exception today?” An old man leading the pack spoke. He was hidden in a halo of golden light that had faint images of people meditating within. This person was a Hollow Nascent Soul powerhouse!

In the past, the one that had advised Qin Yu to leave Three Mountain Islands was this man.

Hai Deepwhite drew in a deep breath, a chilling glint in his eyes. “Are you saying that you want a member of my sea monster royal family to perish here?”

The old man frowned. “I certainly don’t have that meaning. But, that cultivator Qin is simply trying to fool you all. If you are all so intelligent, how could you fall for such a ridiculous plan!”

Hai Deepwhite sneered. “Can you guarantee? Can any of you guarantee? If something were to happen to the royal princess, could any of you bear the consequences?”

The complexions of several people changed.

They were 99% confident that Qin Yu wouldn’t actually dare to kill the princess and perish together.

But just a 1% possibility of that happening was far too risky!

If they were all really blamed in this matter, none of them would live through the rage of the sea monster races.

The Hollow Nascent Soul old man’s complexion turned ugly. “It looks like you sea monsters are prepared to interfere.”

Hai Deepwhite said without expression, “I hope that everyone can consider the larger picture, and not make this difficult for us.”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The surface of the seawater broken apart and countless sea monsters appeared. They fiercely glared at the humans, killing intent naked in their eyes. After suppressing their raging anger for so many days, all of them wished they could engage in wanton slaughter.

The Hollow Nascent Soul old man roared, “Although the sea monster races are strong, we human cultivators of the Three Mountain Islands will not comply with this demand!”

Bang –

Bang –

The auras of powerhouses erupted from all over the Three Mountain Islands. This represented the tough posture and attitude of every Golden Core powerhouse.

What would soon follow was a massive frigid battle between the human cultivators and sea monster races.

Hai Deepwhite’s eyes blazed with anger. Although he was a royal prince and extremely trusted by his father, it was also because of this that he had to be more prudent and careful in his actions. He had several brothers, and none of them had ever given up their greed for his status. If he were to handle today’s matters improperly, it would affect the subtle and frail balance that existed between the human cultivators and sea monster races. The drastic consequences that came from this would be something he wouldn’t be able to withstand.

As if sensing the hesitation of the sea monsters, the human cultivators were even more daring. The Golden Core powerhouses continued to fly up from the Three Mountain Islands, their momentum rumbling through the air!

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank and a bit of cold sweat dripped down his back. That feeling deep in his heart, where he felt as if he had been locked on to by some vicious beast, had become acutely intense. It was as if this terrifying power would soon arrive to grind him into pieces! Even so, he stood straight and tall, maintaining his composure the entire time.

Suddenly, the terrifying feeling disappeared.

Qin Yu’s heart relaxed. He looked at the several Golden Cores, pity in his eyes.

Since he was fine, it should instead be these other fellows that would be in trouble.

Bang –

The surface of the water broke apart. A tall man in black armor stepped out. Without a single word, he punched out his fist.

The Hollow Nascent Soul old man’s eyes widened, his face full of fear. Without any time to dodge, he was struck flying away.

The sound of broken bones and ruined meat rang through the air. The water was dyed red before being immediately washed away.

The whale monster lord had an indifferent expression. His eyes swept around, as sharp as sabers. “Now, who else disagrees?”

Several Golden Core cultivators that were standing near the Hollow Nascent Soul old man began to pale, their arms and legs shivering.

Just now, if the striking zone of that attack had been any wider, the several of them would have joined the old man along the road to the yellow springs.

On the Three Mountain Islands, the Golden Cores that had soared up immediately turned tail and fled back down without any shame.

This was a Nascent Soul! This was absolutely a Nascent Soul!

Before strength of this magnitude, who could still care about face? Maintaining their lives was all they could hope for.

Whoosh –

The final waves were parted and the Netherworld Ship came to a stop. But at this time, none of the human cultivators dared to step forwards.

The whale monster lord turned around, the black armor he wore emitting light friction sounds, his gaze as sharp as arrows shooting down from the heavens.

Qin Yu’s face paled a tiny bit, but his back remained straight and steady. As he held Princess Lushy, he didn’t tremble in the least.

The whale monster lord’s face darkened. Then, he slowly said, “The sea monster races will agree to your request. After entering the Netherworld Sea Region, release the princess. Otherwise, I vow that even if you flee to the edges of heaven or the ends of the sea, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

No one doubted the vow of a Nascent Soul powerhouse.

Qin Yu was no exception. “Senior, rest assured that I would also not like to completely doom myself with the sea monster races.” He stared at the whale monster lord, completely still.

The whale monster lord turned around. “This matter has been settled. I will be leaving first.”

Whoosh –

A monstrous light flashed and he disappeared.

Confusion reigned atop the Three Mountain Islands. But, no matter how restless the people were, no one dared to defy the will of the whale monster lord.

Hai Deepwhite’s complexion was ugly. “Fellow daoist, if you will!”

Qin Yu retrieved the Thousandcraft House. A flash of light glowed within his body as he grabbed Princess Lushy and flew to the Netherworld Ship.

The human cultivators and sea monsters all had incomparably complex looks. From the time that the Netherworld Ship had first appeared until now, such a situation had never occurred.

Despicable little man!

He was just completely shameless!

Their hearts were full of envy and endless cursing, yet none of them could stop Qin Yu.

Pa –

He landed on the Netherworld Ship.

A yin chill aura snuck out from the deck, causing the hairs on his body to stand on end before immediately disappearing.

As if a mark had been placed on the cultivator’s body.

Before Qin Yu could think further, the yin chill aura that hadn’t fully dispersed from the Netherworld Ship began to rapidly gather, condensing into the form of a thumb-sized bead in front of him. The bead was pitch black and translucent, as if it were some sort of glazed jade. It clearly reflected the faces of those looking at it.

A faint fluctuation spread out from within Qin Yu’s storage ring, extremely weak. If it weren’t for Qin Yu being on full alert at this moment, he wouldn’t have been able to sense it at all. A look of astonishment flashed in his eyes for a moment before he calmed down. Qin Yu reached out and obtained the black bead; it was icy cold to the touch.

Atop the Three Mountain Islands, the eyes of some cultivators that wanted to obtain this black bead immediately turned blood red!

Hai Deepwhite waved his head and led the sea monsters to draw back.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

With the sound of breaking air, countless cultivators shot up into the skies, all of them hurtling towards the Netherworld Ship. Although the benefit from boarding the ship first had been taken, there was a limited number of people who could board the ship, and this fact hadn’t changed. While boarding the ship didn’t mean that they could manage to stay on, arriving earlier was still better than arriving later and fighting with people.

Bang –

Bang –

Vicious shockwaves of strength erupted. A fierce battle had begun, and it rapidly swept through the ranks of the cultivators like a swelling tide.

Qin Yu stood atop the deck, watching all of this occur. His complexion was tranquil and without a single wave. Yes, he had managed to board the ship without too much effort, but he had also paid a great price for this.

For instance, that black-armored Nascent Soul sea monster powerhouse with the incomparably deep aura. Although this person seemed casual and carefree, Qin Yu didn’t doubt that he was enraged to the extreme. If that Nascent Soul powerhouse ever had the chance, he would definitely incinerate Qin Yu’s body and soul to ashes if they were to meet again.

The affairs of the world were like this. There were gains and losses.

A massive number of cultivators started to board the ship. Soon the deck became crowded, but an area of 30 feet around Qin Yu was still clear of people. It wasn’t that they feared him in particular, but they didn’t want to approach and somehow provoke some trouble. The one Qin Yu held in his hands was a royal princess of the sea monster races, and if anything were to happen to her, who here could withstand the consequences?

Qin Yu was glad for the peace and quiet. He sat down. Of course, he also continued to hold the princess; she was his protective amulet.

The brutal battle continued.

On the Three Mountain Islands, a white-haired sword cultivator stepped forwards. His aura was filled with a dense sword aura, and anyone that approached within 50 feet of him was attacked by this sword intent. Wherever he passed, a storm of blood would rage and severed limbs would fly about. Countless cultivators shouted out in pain and agony as they drew back in a flustered panic.

“That is Solitary Sword Island’s White Demonblade!”

“What a horrifying sword dao cultivation! He hasn’t even drawn his sword but his sword intent covers the world. I fear he has already reached the boundary of Sword Heart!”

“With his late Golden Core cultivation and the terrifying attacks of a sword cultivator, there are few people beneath the Nascent Soul realm that can challenge him!”

White Demonblade stepped on the void. As he looked at Qin Yu, his killing intent wasn’t concealed. He sneered, and the cultivators around him fled in fear.

“It looks like White Demonblade was extremely interested in the reward of being the first to board!”

“That Qin cultivator took advantage of the sea monsters races to be the first to board. But in doing so, he created many enemies for himself.”

“Tsk. After we enter the Netherworld Sea Region, if he doesn’t release the princess then the sea monsters will definitely kill him. But if he does release the princess...hehe, he’ll have enough problems to deal with.”

“This Qin cultivator has at least a 90% chance of not returning alive!”

Cultivators began to voice their opinions in hushed tones.

Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly shot open. He glanced at a pallid cultivator nearby and lightly said, “If fellow daoist returns alive, I’m sure we will meet again.”

The pale cultivator’s complexion changed and he revealed a bit of awkwardness. He quickly turned and walked away. The others also quickly shut themselves up and cursed Qin Yu’s hearing. They had spoken from so far away and so quietly, yet he had been able to hear them.

The air was filled with the smell of blood and the sea water was dyed red. As time passed, the sounds of slaughter began to gradually die down.

In two hours, at least hundreds of cultivators had died on the battlefield. Of course, most of these were at the Foundation Establishment realm. As long as a Golden Core master didn’t deliberately go around looking for trouble, boarding the ship was easy for them.

Occasionally Qin Yu felt several eyes sweep over him, many of them filled with hostility. Thus, he didn’t sense that some people were staring at him strangely.

Qi Quan clenched his jaws. “This bastard has such good luck! Even after framing him, he still managed to survive! Shit, those sea monsters are all useless!”

Han Shanye furrowed his eyebrows, “Fellow daoist Qin, be careful with your words!”

Qi Quan drew in a deep breath and nodded.

Han Shanye slowly said, “Fellow daoist Qin, there is no need to worry. Although we weren’t able to kill him with the original plan, I already have another idea in mind. After we enter the Netherworld Sea Region, this Qin cultivator will definitely die!”

Qi Quan brightened. “Elder Han, are you serious?”

Han Shanye whispered some more words and Qi Quan was immediately overjoyed. Qi Quan looked up at Qin Yu, a fierce smile playing on his lips.

If everything went smoothly, then even if this person who killed Senior-apprentice Sister Xiang had three heads and six arms, he would still be torn to pieces by the sea monster races!

Whoosh –

Without any warning, the Netherworld Ship began to move. The waves parted as it broke into the fog. The cultivators on the ship were stunned before they began to celebrate. No one imagined that the Netherworld Ship would be anchored for such a short period of time before it left again. Altogether, it was a bit more than two hours.

Outside the ship, many cultivators that didn’t have the chance to board were left in an anxious panic. Many of them had been injured and they were resting and gathering their energy before trying again. In a flurried haste, almost a hundred cultivators shot up into the skies, hoping to win one final spot before the ship disappeared.

Aboard the ship, the cultivators being attacked defended with all they had. They didn’t try to kill their opponents; as long as they could persist for several more moments, these people would naturally retreat.

“Ahhh!” Screams suddenly rang out from outside the ship. A cultivator didn’t notice as a mass of fog surrounded him. It was like he had been tossed into a pool of acid. His skin and flesh began to rapidly melt away, revealing his organs and bones. He tried to run away, but even after escaping the range of the fog, the corrosion still continued. In the end, he plummeted into the sea with a splash of red.

The cultivators chasing after the Netherworld Ship couldn’t help but stop in fear and alarm. They looked at the departing ship with unwilling eyes as it sailed into the fog. After several breaths of time, the sea breeze blew and the fog quickly dissipated, restoring the area to serenity.

But, the Netherworld Ship had disappeared without even its shadow left.

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