Chapter 111 –The High-spirited Old Crab

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Purple lightning branched out. Although the power of thunder had weakened a great deal by the time it reached the seabed, it was still considered a great provocation against the sea monsters living below. They were quietly living down in the sea and not looking for any trouble with outsiders, yet some foreigner dared to come right up to their door and provoke them! This was just seeking death!

There would be no discussion – just kill him!

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The sea’s surface erupted and two mighty sea monsters leapt out. From appearances they were closely related, some type of pointed fish. They were dozens of feet long with thick scales covering their bodies. It was clear they possessed amazing defensive capabilities. Bizarrely, these fish monsters had fleshy hands coming from their tails and beneath their gills, making them look like an eerie amalgamation of man and fish.

Indeed, the high level sea monsters of the Netherworld Sea Region were all strange mutant varieties. Their appearances were surreal, and it was no wonder that they weren’t approved of by the sea monster races outside and were hostile to each other. But, although they looked a bit odd, their Golden Core aura could not be mistaken. These two fish monsters were incredibly fierce.

The Hundred Nether Sword violently shivered, so excited it seemed as if it could cry!

Master, you are such a wonderful person! You brought me to eat such a great meal. No good, no good, I am so happy that I will faint!

Although the two Golden Core fish monsters had blood red eyes, they clearly had a bit of spiritual wisdom. As they looked at Qin Yu, they revealed evident caution. The monster races were extremely sensitive to energies, far surpassing human cultivators. Although they hadn’t fought yet and Qin Yu was also suppressing his aura, they could still feel a threat emanating from him.

In particular, when facing these two brothers, this human cultivator actually wasn’t scared but seemed quite bored instead. This left the fishes cursing in their hearts. However, this fellow was right at their door and they had also leapt out, so if they were to turn tail and flee, it would be too shameful. They wouldn’t have the face to stay here any longer.

As the two fish monsters were hesitating with regret, the Hundred Nether Sword already made a choice for them.

Whoosh –

The sword came flying out and slashing down!

Not mentioning strength, just this momentum alone was completely awe-inspiring.

But this time, the Hundred Nether Sword suffered a loss and was suppressed. Although there were many Golden Core realm fish monsters in the sea region, these were absolute powerhouses. How could it be so easy for them to be chopped up like vegetables? A deep monster light erupted, and as the Hundred Nether Sword fell into it, it shivered and found it hard to extricate itself.

Bang –

A column of water roared forth. The Hundred Nether Sword was struck so hard that it bent and was blown backwards.

The two fish monsters revealed a satisfied expression. If us two brothers join together, dealing with you isn’t difficult at all! Although this human cultivator hadn’t yet moved, it would be easy to deal with him once his treasure was ruined.

Hehe, they would kill him now and add him as an additional dinner dish!

But before the two fish monsters could coldly sneer, there was the sound of breaking air. The Hundred Nether Sword that had been blown backwards was flying back at an even faster speed. The sword blade was complete and unharmed, without even the slightest damage to it.

Bang –

The Hundred Nether Sword cut down!

It was aggressive and ferocious, as if it were roaring out: Whoever blocks me from eating I will kill, I will go all out!

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. You wanted to eat others, and you don’t even want them to resist? This sort of completely uncaring and unreasonable temperament that ignored any sense of face…I like it!

However, if he really allowed the Hundred Nether Sword to attack by itself, he had no idea how long it would take before the two fish monsters were slowly grinded to death. There was a high chance that the fish monsters would detect that something was off and would simply flee.

Qin Yu stepped forwards. The air seemed to explode around him. Like a wild tiger descending a mountain, he violently attacked!

Bang –

Bang –

With two loud explosions, the fish monsters were sent tumbling backwards, vomiting out blood. The Hundred Nether Sword seized this chance, and with two swipes of black light, the two fish monsters’ pitiful cries were silenced forever.

The Hundred Nether Sword trembled in the air. A black mass of light covered it. It rang out loud as it swallowed in great gulps.

Its thoughts were as follows:

Wuwuwu, I am too happy!

I’m eating! I’m eating! I’m eating eating eating!

I’m going to eat till the end!

The Hundred Nether Sword ate its fill. As it was completely drowned in its absorption of the monsters’ energies, the other sea monsters within the Nine Nether Winding Paths were moved to anger! Although the fish boss and his second brother barely counted as minor characters, for better or worse they were still sea monsters that dwelled within their Nine Nether Winding Paths. For them to be slaughtered so simply, it was just disgraceful.

While they didn’t care for revenge, this man and this sword could not be forgiven!

Whoosh –

The seawater split open. A giant crab broke out. It had a gray iron-like shell and a giant pair of crab claws. It howled out loud, a horrendous sound. As the sea monsters saw this, they coldly sneered. The crab monster had taken action, and now the fate of this man and his sword had come to an end. Everyone knew that while this old crab wasn’t considered too strong, his defensive abilities and endurance were horrifying.

But what happened after left the sea monsters’ jaws dropped to the floor. They were left completely dumbfounded and eventually were left cursing into the wind.

Qin Yu grabbed the Hundred Nether Sword, turned, and fled.

Bang –

A crimson flame ignited. Like a meteor, it cut across the horizon, rapidly fleeing.

This fellow, before a battle even occurred, he had just run away.

What a soft egg, completely gutless!

The old crab monster was a bit resentful, but it was even more conceited in its heart. It coughed a little and stood taller. This person that had easily and ruthlessly slain the old fish and his brother had seen the old crab and had run away in fear. What was majesty? What was daring? To not surrender on the battlefield, do any of you understand?

He waved his claws around in high spirits. The magnificent crab monster spun around and dove back into the sea.


Qin Yu’s complexion was dark as he urged the Blood Escape Art to the limit. The Hundred Nether Sword could feel the chill percolating around its master and remained obediently still.

It was a moment ago when the old crab monster broke through the water that Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat and he felt a great dread overcome him, as if a disaster were imminent.

This feeling inexplicably came from nowhere, but it felt so real and intense. It was like a saber was hovering above his head, ready to cut down at any moment!

Qin Yu instantly thought of Princess Lushy and the Thousandthread Everknot she used.

That woman, she actually hadn’t undone their connection yet.

Qin Yu had an impulse to curse out loud. If anything were to happen to Princess Lushy, then even if he ignored the rage of the sea monster races, he would still be gravely wounded and put in immediate danger.

If he were reduced to such a state in the Netherworld Sea Region, how was that any different from death?

Clenching his teeth, the red flames combusted even more vehemently. His speed quickened.

Somewhere in the Netherworld Sea Region, rough waves tumbled out. Beneath the water, thunderous sounds rang out as a great battle was underway.

Princess Lushy was in her true flood dragon form. She was being besieged by four variation sea monsters. Although those with a flood dragon body were born with an inherent ability to control the power of the sea, she was still too young and her strength too lacking. As she was besieged by four powerful variation sea monsters, she could barely manage to hang on.

In the surroundings, several cultivators in black robes coldly sneered.

“The spiritual medicine that the Saint Lord bestowed upon us is truly fierce; even these variation sea monsters can be temporarily controlled. If it weren’t for them, wanting to capture this little girl wouldn’t be easy!” This voice was quite familiar; it was the demonic path cultivator, Han Shanye. He helplessly shook his head, “But what a pity, the royal family girl must have an unblemished and untainted body to be used as a sacrifice, otherwise…”

Qi Quan flattered, “Once Elder Han captures that sea monster royal, it would definitely help the Saint Furnace reawaken. The Saint Son will surely grant you a great reward, and the day of your cultivation rising again will be just around the corner!”

Han Shanye cackled. “After this matter, I will make some arrangements and pin the death of the sea monster princess onto that Qin fellow. Once that occurs, even if he has six arms and three heads, he will die a miserable death in the sea! Fellow daoist Qi, you will finally have taken revenge for Fairy Xiang.”

Qi Quan cupped his hands together. “I will have to depend on Elder Han’s ingenious plan.”

Han Shanye smugly smiled.

When the Saint Lord arranged for this mission, he sent two Saint Sons to complete the task. This was an indication of how much importance he placed on refining the furnace, as well as being a test for the Saint Sons. He was a follower of Deepblue Saint Son, so if he could help the Saint Son achieve victory, what would the present rewards be in comparison to what he would obtain in the future?

This was the most important point!

Han Shanye’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “We’ve dragged this on long enough. The little monster girl doesn’t have much strength left. Have those four sea monsters capture her no matter the cost!”

If this were just a killing, this would have ended long ago. But capturing someone alive required a certain degree of finesse.

“Yes, Elder Han!”

A demonic path cultivator took out a conch and blew on it. A silent sound wave spread out and the four controlled sea monsters immediately went wild. Princess Lushy was originally barely managing to support herself and now she was instantly placed in peril. Countless wounds were added to her body, and the flavor of a flood dragon’s blood in the water caused the four sea monsters to release their cruel and violent instincts, making their attacks much more ferocious.

A demonic path cultivator held a bowl-shaped magic tool that he used to absorb the flood dragon blood in the water, to prevent it from spreading out and drawing in more sea monsters. This capture had been planned far in advance. Not only could they catch a sea monster royal to use as a top tier sacrifice, but they could even shift the blame to Qin Yu and place him in a death trap!

Princess Lushy bled more and more, and her body started to become cold and weak. For the first time, fear began to appear in her pearl-like flood dragon eyes. In order to maintain the dignity of the royal family, no matter how scared she was before she was still able to maintain her calm. But, no matter how calm she was, in terms of the flood dragon race’s relative age, she could only be considered a ten year old girl. When death truly arrived, she would still be afraid.

King father, queen mother, big brother, where are you? I am going to die soon, please save me!

Tears leaked out, condensing into crystalline pearls that fell towards the dark seabed. It seemed she had accepted her destiny.

But inexplicably, the princess immediately recalled Qin Yu. This was all because of that despicable and damned human cultivator! Otherwise, how could she have fallen to such a state!? If I die, then father will certainly take revenge for me, and you can forget living! That’s right…there was also the Thousandthread Everknot! Once I die, not only will he be severely wounded, but he will definitely be eaten up by the variation sea monsters!

With her thoughts racing, Princess Lushy didn’t feel guilty at all. Rather, it brought her a little comfort. This bastard Qin fellow’s punishment was well deserved!

Suddenly, a faint fluctuation spread out. Flood dragons had naturally sharp senses when it came to the water currents.

Princess Lushy lifted her dark and teary eyes. She saw a blood red beam of light racing through the water, catching up to her with mind-boggling speed!

Her eyes widened. This was…

Bang –

A wild strength swept out. The four ferocious sea monsters were sent flying away.

The demonic cultivators in the surroundings all had ugly complexions. Their plan had just been about to succeed, but some scoundrel had dared to interfere in their demonic path’s affairs. Was this person really so tired of living?

Han Shanye’s expression was ice cold. He was startled for a moment before he coldly sneered.

It was that boy!

Great, this was far too great!

Qi Quan gnashed his teeth. “Elder Han, please kill him!”

Han Shanye coldly waved his hand. Four demonic cultivators rushed out.

They definitely would kill this boy. Otherwise, once news spread out of them trying to seize a sea monster royal, even if it wasn’t true they would still be left dealing with all sorts of trouble.

And the Saint Lord had expressly warned that no matter how they handled their affairs, they could not frontally engage the sea monster race and tear apart any pretense of cordiality.

But with the sudden appearance of the Qin fellow, it seemed that their plans would have to change.


How about this. The human cultivator had gone insane with lascivious desires, and in order to maintain her purity, Princess Lushy had decided to perish together with him.

This was a pretty good story. The sea monster races would be more receptive to something like this, and it was simpler and more feasible than the original plan.

Qi Quan diabolically grinned. He grabbed the conch and blew on it with all his strength, controlling the four sea monsters to hurl themselves at Qin Yu.

Roar –

Roar –

The four sea monsters howled.

Qin Yu’s gaze was chilling. He stepped forwards, welcoming the attack. He flourished the Hundred Nether Sword and poured his billowing magic power into it.

Weng –

The Hundred Nether Sword cried out in excitement. A faint light started to shimmer around the black sword blade.

The sea monster closest had countless tentacles. Just as it was about to wrap up Qin Yu, a black light flashed and it froze in place.

Puff –

Massive black ink spewed out, turning this entire area of seawater pitch black.

Qin Yu didn’t stop. He thrust out the Hundred Nether Sword, piercing its mouth.

The sword blade broke through its jaws and stabbed into its brain!

Turning around and avoiding the sweeping claws, he released the Hundred Nether Sword from his hands. There was a light popping sound.

The last sea monster tried to tackle Qin Yu from the side. But what greeted it was Qin Yu’s fist.

The strength of his Demon Body and a cultivation comparable to a Hollow Nascent Soul, when these two aspects combined together, even with the sea monster’s hard head it still burst apart like a watermelon.

And at this moment, the four demonic cultivators arrived. Seeing the black seawater before them, they hesitated. They didn’t fear Qin Yu, but were somewhat worried they would be accidently injured by the four rampaging sea monsters.

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