Chapter 112 – The Old Crab’s Hidden Bitterness

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Qi Quan roused his magic power. It wildly surged about him as he locked his eyes onto the black seawater, his eyes filled with cruel excitement.

Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Tear him to shreds!

At this moment, a light crack rang out from his hands.

Qi Quan’s face stiffened. He lowered his head in stunned silence, and as he saw a crack in the conch, his eyes flew open.

Bang –

The conch blew apart. Countless fragments flew out, puncturing Qi Quan’s head. His two fragile eyes were not lucky enough to escape unscathed – they were pierced through and burst open!


He cried out miserably and started to wildly tumble through the water.

The several demonic cultivators who rushed forwards turned back to look at Qi Quan. As they saw what happened, their faces turned pale white.

Whoosh –

The seawater split open and Qin Yu rushed out. Before the demonic cultivators could respond, their bodies were sent soaring backwards. The eerie sounds of shattered bones and flesh filled the air, leaving one’s scalp tingling. With repeated coughs, a demonic cultivator was immediately turned into a corpse.

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves, causing vast tracts of seawater to surge forth like a giant hammer. It covered the two other demonic cultivators and they screamed miserably as they were crushed alive.

The last demonic cultivator turned tail to flee but a black light flashed in front of his eyes. He grabbed his throat and twitched, and as a giant plume of blood blew out from his neck, he slumped down, dead.

Han Shanye’s eyes widened. He suddenly understood that he had underestimated Qin Yu’s strength by far! In just several breaths of time, the four variation sea monsters and four of his subordinates had been killed.

It had to be known that they were all at the Golden Core level!

Ignoring Qi Quan who was rolling around in pain, Han Shanye turned and fled. It was unknown what sort of magic tool he activated, but he fled at a mind-boggling speed, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He flicked his finger and a talisman opened and broke apart, turning into a flow of light that covered Qi Quan’s body.

As if he could feel the imminent danger, Qi Quan took out the bronze mirror. He crazily poured his magic power into it, screaming in a high-pitched voice, “I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid of you!”

Weng –

The bronze mirror began to emit a dazzling light. A beam of light suddenly shot out, and wherever it passed through, seawater was directly evaporated into nothingness!

It was incomparably powerful!

Unfortunately, the beam of light was still a good distance away from Qin Yu.

Qin Yu flicked his sleeve and a current of water flushed away Qi Quan, ending his life at the same time. With another wave of his hand, Qin Yu drew the bronze mirror into his hand.

Indeed, this bronze mirror was the same one found in the ancient cultivator’s cave dwelling.

This thing should have originally been in the hands of Xiang Ruyu. After killing her, Qin Yu hadn’t been able to find it on her body. He never expected that it would unexpectedly appear here in the hands of a demonic cultivator. As he sensed the resistance and faint hostility from the bronze mirror, Qin Yu had a thoughtful look. After mulling over it for several breaths of time, he approximately understood what was happening.

Sure enough, there was no unprovoked love or hate in this world. The reason these demonic cultivators came looking for him to begin with was all because of Xiang Ruyu. If so, then the hostility of the sea monster races towards him couldn’t be disconnected from these demonic cultivators.

The black seawater gradually dispersed, revealing Princess Lushy’s form. At this time she was deathly pale and her aura was extremely weak. She looked at Qin Yu, and though her lips moved she didn’t say anything.

Qin Yu frowned. He said, “Princess, I have already released you, so why haven’t you undone the Thousandthread Everknot? If I had come even half a step late today, then not only would you have died but I would also have died!”

Princess Lushy’s eyes popped open. The little bit of guilt and gratitude she felt immediately vanished as she started to gnash her teeth.

Really, this Qin fellow was just an abominable bastard! The only reason he saved me is because he didn’t want to be implicated!

She drew in a deep breath and coldly said, “I am injured, so you may protect me for the next several days. Don’t worry. After I heal and return home, I will clearly explain everything that has happened. Not only will the sea monster races not bother you anymore, they will even compensate you for your efforts.”

Qin Yu thought about it and nodded, his complexion still a bit ugly. It had to be known that there was a limit to the time he could stay in the Netherworld Sea Region, and there were many other matters he needed to attend to so how could he waste so much time? But, abandoning Princess Lushy here obviously wasn’t a good choice either. This woman would probably mention something about the Thousandthread Everknot, and there was still the passive threat of the sea monster races…

Princess Lushy’s teeth itched with annoyance. If it weren’t for you, would I have fallen into such dire straits? You bastard!

But, the princess had clearly forgotten that she had been tricked by others to provoke Qin Yu first. Of course, even if the princess could think of this, she would still subconsciously ignore it.

Qin Yu didn’t waste his breath. He grabbed Princess Lushy and quickly flew away.

Princess Lushy clenched her jaws.

Endure! Endure! I will endure this!

Flying a thousand miles and dealing with several sea monsters along the way, Qin Yu carved open a cave dwelling deep into a reef down in the seabed. Thanks to the complicated terrain of the Netherworld Sea Region, there were trenches that were hundreds of thousands of feet deep, reaching terrifying depths, as well as undersea mountains that rose up so high they were only a few hundred feet from the surface. Otherwise, just the water pressure would cause one to implode on themselves, much less open a cave dwelling.

Qin Yu tossed down some pills and went to another room.

Princess Lushy wavered but eventually took the pills. After carefully inspecting them, she grit her teeth and swallowed them down.

Soon, her complexion brightened. The anxiousness on her face disappeared and she closed her eyes to heal her wounds.

At this time, Qin Yu was holding the Hundred Nether Sword and carefully sensing its changes. This demonic tool had swallowed six Golden Core variation sea monsters, but besides the color of the blade becoming deeper, there weren’t any other superficial changes. Its aura had become a bit stronger, but Qin Yu had clearly been able to see how strong it was when it killed three variation sea monsters on its own.

Gently stroking the scabbard and feeling the light and rough edges, Qin Yu lost himself in thought for half a day. It seemed that even though the Hundred Nether Sword had recognized him as its master, it hadn’t fully opened itself. But that didn’t matter. Since it had recognized him as its master, there would eventually come a time when he learned just what sort of treasure the Hundred Nether Sword was.

He placed it into the storage ring and with a wave of his hand took out the bronze mirror he just obtained. With this, all the harvests from the ancient cultivator’s cave dwelling were now in his hands. He hadn’t plotted anything at all, but those who schemed had all died. In a way, this could be called a great joke.

But returning to the main subject.

The bronze mirror emanated a clear rejection. This was different from what should have happened. Generally speaking, a magic tool’s relationship to its master should be immediately dissolved upon its master’s death. But, he wasn’t startled nor angry, and instead revealed a happy expression. This was because this indicated that the bronze mirror wasn’t some inanimate magic tool, but had its own simple form of judgment.

In other words, it had its own consciousness.

Spirit treasure…

Qin Yu carefully probed the bronze mirror. After half a day, his eyebrows leapt up in excitement because maybe this time, the worth of his harvest had far exceeded his expectations!

This bronze mirror was a spirit treasure!

However, it seemed that it had suffered heavy damage a long time ago. Its consciousness had been severely wounded and a majority of its strength had been sealed away. All that was left over was perhaps only a tenth of its peak strength, and likely even less than that. Still, less than a tenth of its peak strength was still so incredible. If it could be restored to its peak state, then perhaps even a Nascent Soul would have to retreat.

Qin Yu’s smile widened. After a brief try, he couldn’t refine it for now. But he wasn’t worried. This was a spirit treasure, so how could it be so easily subdued? He could raise it for now.

Taking out several pills, Qin Yu sat down and started to refine them. Cultivating was like a boat sailing against the current. If one didn’t move forwards, they would inevitably fall behind. One of the most important reasons for his current strength was the little blue lamp, but Qin Yu had his own ethic of hard work and diligence, and this was something that no one could take away.

Five days later, Princess Lushy emerged from her room. Qin Yu called out, “Can you leave yet?”

Princess Lushy raised her head and nodded.

Qin Yu turned and left. His voice echoed out from afar, “Undo the Thousandthread Everknot!”

Before it fell, he had flown far away.

Princess Lushy’s cold and prideful expressional finally cracked. She angrily stamped her feet against the ground. You surnamed Qin fellow, you really take me as a princess! You fear I will implicate you, but I also fear you will implicate me!

In a fit of anger, she slapped her forehead. A mass of blood red light appeared in front of her, filled with countless threads of blood red light. Ruthlessly slapping it, the blood red light broke apart. Princess Lushy took in a deep calming breath and then flew out from the cave dwelling.

Far away, Qin Yu could feel an invisible connection sever itself from his body. As he realized the Thousandthread Everknot had been undone, he relaxed a little. He really didn’t hope to further entangle himself with the sea monster races. If everyone could just walk their own road and ignore each other, that would be for the best. Now that this spell of trouble was over, it was time to get down to work.

Whoosh –

Qin Yu raced away.

An hour later –

Nine Nether Winding Path.

Using the same method as before, the thunder magic sword was summoned forth and stabbed into the sea.

Buzz –

Purple lightning spread out.

Several days ago, the old brave crab had shown off its skills, leaving it feeling comfortable both inside and out, especially after several other sea monsters had sent it gifts. Ever since it made a display of its might and power, it lay sleepily in its cave, and it was unknown just what it was thinking. But today, these beautiful dreams burst apart into pieces.

Purple lightning swept out. The old crab monster was immediately startled before becoming enraged. Do you know of my might and power? Just where had another brainless idiot come from? They are just looking to die! But as he emitted his senses…holy shit, it was that human cultivator who had visited several days ago! Good young fellow, you fled like a scared little cat when you saw this old crab’s might and majesty that day, but now you even dared to return. Hehe, I won’t give you another chance to escape. Brat, just wait for death!

Magic power stirred around Qin Yu. He flew in the air, the Hundred Nether Sword hanging by his side. It seemed to sense that a great buffet had been summoned in front of it, and it was incomparably excited.

Suddenly, the sea’s surface exploded, forming a giant column of water that rumbled upwards. The crab monster was hidden within, and as the water rose, its two great claws came chopping out!

Prepare to die!

Bang –

The water column burst apart. The crab monster was stunned, secretly thinking that this little brat had some skills.

But in the next moment, boundless strength rolled forth like a wave. With a loud splitting sound, the crab monster’s giant claws began to crack apart. It opened its mouth, but before it could even scream in pain, a black light roared forwards, instantly drilling through its head. The crab monster’s giant body stiffened in midair, and with another loud explosion from its rear, the Hundred Nether Sword flew out.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. He could clearly see that just before the crab monster’s eyes dimmed forever, there was a deep bitterness hidden within them. It was clear that it found it hard to accept dying in such a manner!

Bang –

The crab monster crashed into the sea, causing a plume of water to gush upwards.

The sea monsters within the Nine Nether Winding Paths were dazed, completely confused as to what was happening. What did the old crab do that it died in such a manner? Because of the column of water, they hadn’t been able to see what had occurred. But, it was clear to them all that this brat wasn’t as simple as they assumed. He was definitely some ruthless figure!

The sea monsters revealed fear and their eyes rolled around, none of them speaking for the moment. The Golden Core variation sea monsters finally regained their wits. Although they still had an intense desire to kill this brat, none of them would recklessly seek their own death.

Suddenly, from deep within the Nine Nether Winding Paths, a divine sense fluctuation echoed out, and the faces of the wavering sea monsters brightened.

Whoosh –

A shark monster rushed forth. It bit down on the crab monster’s corpse and tore it apart, eating it in large gulps, causing blood to flow like rivers atop the water. Countless sea monsters drooled as they saw this, but as they were a step too late, they could only cry out in their hearts.

In the blink of an eye, the crab monster had been completely eaten up. The shark monster’s aura was evidently strong and far more vicious. Without hesitation, it rushed out.

Whoosh –

The shark monster’s 70-80 foot long body flew in the air, completely exposed. It opened its great jaws and a mouthful of black water was spat out.

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