Chapter 113 – Netherworld Realm

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

This black water was the violent poison that the shark monster had gathered in its body throughout the years from swallowing countless sea monsters. It was its ultimate life-preserving trump card, but at this time it was spitting it all out without hesitation. If it could kill this human cultivator and eat him, then perhaps its strength would rise to a whole new level. At that time, who cared about losing some poison!

Many of the eagerly waiting sea monsters curled their lips and cursed at the old shark for being so ruthless. If the old shark used such a powerful move at the start, what would they be able to do? If the boy died so easily, it would be such a pity. Moreover, they were all sure that the boy must taste great!

As the sea monsters were wiping away their drool, Qin Yu was actually staying completely still, allowing the poison to fall on him without even attempting to dodge. The countless sea monsters were stunned. Hey brat, where is all your vigor and movement you had when you were dealing with that old crab? Although we know that you will definitely die to this old shark, you are making it seem too easy!

Late just a single step, all the sea monsters who were hoping to benefit afterwards were feeling their guts turn blue with regret.

Who would have imagined that things would end so simply!

The shark monster was startled for a moment before it shook its head. It was fully confident in its poison. Let alone a human cultivator, even sea monsters with strong anti-poison capabilities would surely die. It had to hurry up, otherwise if the poison melted everything away, there wouldn’t be anything left to eat. It would be such a pity to ruin a tasty morsel like this!

The shark monster rushed over, its jaws open and ready to swallow. It already possessed methods to deal with its own poison without causing any damage to itself.

Bang –

A fist smashed outwards, rumbling into the shark monster’s jaw and sending it flying away. The shark monster’s jaw tore off and it cried miserably.

Whoosh –

The Hundred Nether Sword took this chance to attack, easily making another kill. It could be called a sidekick best at kicking those who were already down!

Buzz –

Endless invisible strength gushed out from the void, wrapping up the shark monster’s corpse and pulling it to the side. Qin Yu waved his hand and the shark monster’s corpse disappeared, immediately deposited into the storage ring. While he didn’t care for the corpse itself, the shark monster’s teeth were indeed wonderful treasures!

Initially, he had used 108 of the strange fish’s teeth to refine the Storm Flow magic tools, and these had come in handy when he forced back the Seven Slaughter Demon Sect’s Sect Master, Heavenstar Demon. Just that alone was enough testament to its power. It was hard to find another set that had the qualifications to be refined, so now that he had found one he definitely couldn’t miss out!

As for why the shark monster’s poison didn’t have any effect, it could only blame itself for being unlucky. While the Netherworld Sea Region didn’t display the differences between the yin and yang of day and night, the little blue lamp could actually accurately sense the rotation of the sun and moon. Thus, at this time, the foot of blue sea light had come out, and while being protected by this foot of sea blue light, Qin Yu had the most powerful poison immunity in the world! When he was wrapped by the black poison, all he needed to do was take out the little blue lamp and all the poison was extracted out and condensed into the index finger of his right hand!

The shark monster died.

It died…

How did it die?

The sea monsters were left utterly bewildered.

When the old crab died they hadn’t been able to see clearly, but the death of the old shark had occurred right in front of their eyes. This human cultivator had clearly been drenched by the poison, so why was he completely safe?

The old shark’s poison had expired and gone bad? If that was true, it was just too incredulous a joke!

But, could someone tell them just what in the hell was happening right now?

The fish boss, the fish brother, the old crab, the old shark, with all of them combined, four of the Nine Nether Winding Paths’ sea monsters had perished beneath this human cultivator’s hands. Generally speaking, this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, and those who came out to play all had to risk their lives. For these sea monsters to cultivate to the Golden Core level, which one of them hadn’t eaten one or two cultivators in their lifetime? But the crux of the problem was that everything that occurred was far too mysterious. Besides that black sword kicking others when they were down, the four sea monsters had died inexplicable deaths.

The sea monsters weren’t idiots. Something began to appear in their eyes, something called panic.

This cultivator was strange!

Deep roars echoed out from the depths of the Nine Nether     Winding Paths. Cruel and vicious, more and more sea monsters began to race out.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Six variation sea monsters broke through the water. Without a word, they all displayed their supernatural racial abilities. Water columns, poisons, deadly gales, that was all fine and normal, but what in the world was this fire? Hey, you’re a sea monster, please remember you’re a sea monster!

Bang –

The Blood Escape Art erupted. Qin Yu avoided the barrage of attacks and approached the side of the fire-spewing sea monster. With a punch, he delivered it to the afterworld. Abnormal things were often strange, and strange things weren’t easy to deal with, so finishing it off here and first was best. But as this happened, the other sea monsters thought that besides being a bit fancy, there wasn’t anything good to being so gaudy! Being honest and low-key was the superior path!

With Qin Yu’s strength along with the Blood Escape Art, in addition to the extra wounds caused by the Hundred Nether Sword, although these six variation sea monsters were powerful, the result had long since been decided. Sea monster after sea monster plummeted to the sea. There was another sea monster that was suitable to refine into Storm Flow magic tools that Qin Yu placed into his storage ring.

This was a great harvest!

Weng –

Weng –

The Hundred Nether sword cried out in excitement, nearly fainting from joy. It seemed to sense that from deep within the Nine Nether Winding Paths, another group of sea monsters had come hurtling out!

This time there were 10 of them!

Qin Yu revealed an earnest expression. But, he still chose to take the initiative and attack first. Activating the Blood Escape Art, he hurtled forth, his Demon Body tyrannically sweeping through the battlefield. The Hundred Nether Sword flew high and low, killing its way around.

From deep within the Nine Nether Winding Paths, in the pitch black seawater, a giant brain-like head appeared. A lone eye shimmered, seeming as if it could pierce through the seawater and gaze upon Qin Yu and the Hundred Nether Sword. It appeared gloomy and hesitant.

Bang –

The last sea monster was cut down. The Hundred Nether Sword broke through its flesh and blood, shooting out from another side. The black light around the blade surged and wavered, as if it had become drunk. Qin Yu flicked his sleeve and took it back, and then left without hesitation. Urging the Blood Escape Art with all his strength, he vanished into a dot of light upon the horizon before disappearing from sight.

In the depths of the Nine Nether Winding Paths, that brain-like head was stunned. Then, it immediately issued a resonant roar of annoyance. However, faintly, it also seemed to be just a bit more relaxed.

After flying far away, Qin Yu finally stopped. He turned and glanced back at the Nine Nether Winding Paths. Beneath the dark weather, his complexion was unsure. When he was cutting down the sea monsters he could feel a faint and horrifying threat coming from beneath the sea. Since he didn’t know what it was and since the Hundred Nether Sword had eaten its fill, he chose to simply leave and avoid any further issues occurring.

Since this other party chose not to chase him down, it should be unwilling to come into conflict with him. This result was also quite good.

Whoosh –

Qin Yu flew far away.

Within the Netherworld Sea Region, there was a massive cluster of clouds. It was unknown why they had condensed here, but they possessed a bone-piercing cold that didn’t disperse all year round. It covered a massive area of sea, and within it, the yin yang five elements were reversed and the world seemed like a yellow springs hell. Every time the Netherworld Sea Region opened, there would always be cultivators who entered this area and they would be lost here forever.

The area of this fog and cloud was called the Netherworld Realm.

In the rumors, it was said that the reason the Netherworld Sea Region existed was because of the Netherworld Realm.

And the secret mission of the demonic path was here.

Shua –

A burst of light dispersed, revealing Qin Yu’s figure. He had eaten pills as he hurried here and all his wounds had been restored. The Hundred Nether Sword had fallen into a deep slumber, but this was clearly beneficial to it. Once it awoke, it should have made considerable progress in its strength.

Qin Yu looked up. The black clouds above him made it seem as if the night itself had frozen and was slowly surging forwards.

This was the Netherworld Realm.

Standing outside these black clouds, the temperature had already fallen dramatically. As he breathed out, the water vapors turned into countless tiny crystals. However, the surrounding waters didn’t seem affected much at all. The mighty waves still billowed around, not frozen solid, though they seemed slow and far more viscous.

After examining his surroundings and making sure there wasn’t anything wrong, Qin Yu flew into the Netherworld Realm.

Black clouds covered this entire land. For it to be called the Netherworld Realm it naturally had its own unique features. Flying into the cloud, he felt as if he had entered a completely different world. Casting his senses around, he found it hard to distinguish which direction he was going in. Left, right, north, south, everything seemed to be the same, and the seawater beneath his feet had turned red, as if it were formed of diluted blood.

Being here was like being in a sea of blood!

Hu –

Hu –

Wind rushed towards him, the icy cold reaching into his bones. There was the sound of the wind as well as the wails and laments of the dead. Their sharp voices were like countless needles attacking his soul at any chance they had. If his soul was any weaker, this attack would have caused tremendous pain to him, even causing him to lose his will and be controlled by the specters of the dead.

Qin Yu frowned before immediately calming himself down. He swept his eyes around until they fiercely stopped at a certain patch of water. Two shadows leapt out from below and threw themselves at him. Before they approached, their yin chill aura was already blowing at his face, so cold that it left a person’s hair standing on end.


He could see the general outline of these two shadows. Without a doubt, they were human forms.

Qin Yu didn’t have any intention of wondering why there were human-shaped specters in the Netherworld Realm. He flicked his sleeves and summoned the thunder magic sword.

Pika paka –

Piki paka –

Purple lightning spread out.

The two specters crashed into the lightning. They screamed and vanished into plumes of smoke.

The power of thunder represented the most yang, light, and positive of energies; it was the natural adversary to anything that was yin, dark, and negative. Since he dared to step into the Netherworld Realm, he had already done his preparation. Qin Yu continued on his way forwards. Seeming as if they could sense the aura of the thunder magic sword, the journey onwards was peaceful and no specters attacked him again.

Even so, every now and then he could feel the yin chill aura of specters. Although they were in awe and dread of him, they clearly hadn’t given up.

Qin Yu hurried along, carefully searching for traces of the demonic path. Although he seemed relaxed, he was fully vigilant of his surroundings. The Netherworld Realm was an ominous and infamously deadly land. He didn’t believe he would be able to stay safe here just relying on the thunder magic sword.

Two hours later, Qin Yu came to a sudden stop. His cold gaze swept around. There was only the faintest threads of light in the Netherworld Realm, but even so, he could see fluctuations in the far off seawater, and even tiny traces of slaughter intent…


The one who struck first had the advantage. Qin Yu grabbed the thunder magic sword and thrust it into the sea!

Magic power flooded into it and purple lightning erupted. The entire surrounding thousand feet of the sea instantly turned into sizzling lightning.

Roar –

Roar –

With pained howls, sea monsters broke free from the water. They had massive gaping wounds on their ruined bodies, some of them even revealing pitch black bones.

Sea corpse monsters!

There were no living creatures in the Netherworld Realm. The sea monsters that entered by mistake would eventually die and then their bodies would be possessed by specters, transforming them into infinitely powerful monsters that didn’t fear death. They were specter puppets and were similarly subordinates of higher level specters. With so many sea corpse monsters here, that proved the existence of a high level specter!

With a dignified expression, Qin Yu drew the thunder magic sword and slashed outwards.

Lightning turned into a saber that tore into the nearest sea corpse monster. That giant body that was hardened by corpse energy and turned harder than stone was actually cut in half as easily as cream. The thunder saber continued without stopping. It chopped through five more sea corpse monsters, breaking them apart and disintegrating them.

With magic power whipping up his robes and the thunder magic sword in hand, Qin Yu was like a god of thunder descended upon the world. He wielded his hand, slaughtering to his heart’s content. Besides the disgusting odor of the terrifying sea corpse monsters, nothing else of them could even touch a corner of his robes.

Each sea corpse monster had to be slowly built up and refined over the course of numerous years. To a high level specter, they were their greatest wealth. Not only could they be used to fight enemies, but they could be used to protect themselves so that they weren’t swallowed by others. To lose such powerful tools at such a rate, this clearly exceeded the expectations of the high level specter. It began to roar with anger.


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