Chapter 115 – Brothers Reunited

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 115 – Brothers Reunited

Deepblue coldly sneered. “A coincidence? Shan Wugu, do you think I would believe an explanation like that?” He suddenly shouted out loud, “Shan Wugu, how daring of you! This matter involves the life of the Saint Lord, one of the demonic path’s great secrets, and yet you revealed it to others. If any accidents happened because of you, not even a thousand deaths would be enough!”

His eyes fell on Qin Yu, coldly shining.

What a brave Shan Wugu, he had truly underestimated the lengths to which he would go. He actually had the courage to seek outside help in moving for the Saint Furnace. If a single person came, they had likely come to deal with him.

As soon as Deepblue thought of this, killing intent rose in his heart.

Northgate Demon and the others were left feeling anxious. They always thought that their Saint Son handled affairs cautiously and safely, so how come he made such a careless mistake this time and was caught by Saint Son Deepblue?

It was all over!

Shan Wugu remained expressionless. “There is no need for Saint Son Deepblue to worry for me. Since he is my friend, I will naturally guarantee him.”

After flying out from the island, arriving here, and seeing Qin Yu’s face, Han Shanye paled. His pupils subconsciously shrank in fear and alarm. His first thought was: why was he here? If someone could cultivate all the way to the Golden Core realm, they were rarely stupid. Suddenly, he realized that this person must have followed him here!

Han Shanye’s lips trembled. He absolutely could not allow Saint Son Deepblue to learn of this, otherwise he would suffer a miserable fate. But, as he heard Shan Wugu suddenly say he would guarantee this man, his complexion immediately brightened.

He drew in a deep breath, pointed a finger at Qin Yu, and screeched in rage. “Saint Son, I recognize that man! He is the man who rescued the sea monster royal princess and killed five of my demonic path powerhouses! That’s him!”

Deepblue’s eyes flashed. “Elder Han, are you speaking truthfully?”

Han Shanye roared, “I dare to guarantee my words with my life!”

Saint Son Deepblue’s vision was as sharp as sabers. “Shan Wugu, how do you explain this?”

Shan Wugu frowned. He had heard of Han Shanye encountering a powerful enemy and suffering tragic losses, but he never imagined that this was all because of Qin Yu.

If so, then things had become much more troublesome.

Deepblue lifted a hand. Demonic energy roiled in his palm, forming a demonic visage that roared at Qin Yu. The corners of his lips curled up. “Shan Wugu, I’ve already been suspicious of you. I suspected you were a spy for the righteous path, but I never found any evidence. However, the proof is now standing right in front of us. If this person is your friend, then how do you explain the aura of the righteous path that exudes from him?”

Shan Wugu fell silent.

Deepblue stepped forwards, demonic energy tumbling all around his body. He swept his gaze around, “All of you, do you still plan on obeying the orders of this righteous path spy and committing more wrongs?”

Han Shanye sneered and waved his hand. The demonic cultivators behind him spread out, surrounding everyone. He was shivering with excitement. If he could borrow this chance to remove Shan Wugu, it would be a tremendous accomplishment for him.

Northgate Demon and the others were infuriated. Although they didn’t believe what was happening, they actually had no idea how they could refute Saint Son Deepblue’s claims. Saint Son Deepblue’s identification skills were relatively renowned within the demonic path, and it was impossible to fake the aura of the righteous path around Qin Yu! Moreover, he had killed five demonic cultivators. With blood as evidence, everything else became pale and weak.

Shan Wugu’s silence was itself an admittance of guilt. As the hearts of his people wavered, this was the best chance to attack. Deepblue’s eyes surged with killing intent. If he eliminated Shan Wugu here, then even once he returned to headquarters, he would be able to control the narrative and wouldn’t need to fear any investigation.

Suddenly, a cold sneer echoed out. Compared to Deepblue’s arrogance, this sneer was one formed from cruelty and slaughter.

The scene suddenly fell quiet.

Qin Yu’s eyes were cold. “Widen your eyes, and take a good look at just who I am.”

He took one step forwards.

Bang –

A wild and violent aura broke out. Thick blood-drenched slaughter energy erupted all around him. The Demon Body revolved, causing his blood energy to seethe with ecstasy. At this time he was just like a demon king that emerged from hell, without any bit of the previous righteous path aura.


Impacted by the slaughter energy, the surrounding demonic cultivators cried out in horror and fear. They drew backwards, all of them awestruck.

This slaughter energy had been formed from Qin Yu’s continuous killings. In addition, many of those who died beneath his hands were at the Golden Core level. This strong slaughter energy wasn’t something that most cultivators could resist.

Northgate Demon was left in awe. Such a terrifying slaughter energy…just how many lives had been slain in order to accomplish this? Righteous path? Righteous path your mom! This person was absolutely a hero of my demonic path!

Shan Wugu’s eyes darkened. He lightly said, “Saint Son Deepblue, is there anything else?”

Deepblue’s complexion was hard to look at. He coldly glanced over.

Han Shanye’s heart shivered. He hurriedly said, “Saint Son, I swear to you that I did not make up anything I said. This Qin fellow really did kill five of our masters!”

Qin Yu said without expression, “That’s right, I killed them.” He suddenly clenched his jaws and roared out, “You useless idiots, if it weren’t for me interfering, that sea monster royal princess would have already committed suicide! Do you really think you would have been able to restrain her and use her as a sacrifice? When the Saint Lord assigned you on this mission, he wanted you all to handle matters carefully and discreetly. Once you kill a sea monster royal, the sea monster races will inevitably be enraged. At that time, even the Netherworld Sea Region will not be able to resist the anger of the sea monster races! If that happens and the Saint Lord’s plans are affected…I don’t care if you are all seeking your own deaths, but don’t drag the rest of us down with you!”

Han Shanye was shocked and angered. Suppressed by Qin Yu’s momentum, he was left at a loss for words.

Deepblue cursed this piece of trash in his heart. He coldly said, “I don’t care who you are, but it remains a fact that you killed my demonic path cultivators. Shan Wugu, this person is your friend so all the responsibility should be shouldered by you. I believe that before we fully verify this matter, you are not suited to continuing to guard the Saint Furnace.”

Shan Wugu’s face darkened.

Northgate Demon and the others were incensed.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He casually raised a hand and swirled a finger.

Shan Wugu’s eyes were undecided. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said, “I will produce evidence as soon as possible to prove fellow daoist Qin’s innocence. We’re leaving!”

Qin Yu revealed a happy expression.

Even though Northgate Demon and the others were unwilling, they clenched their teeth and followed.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The group rapidly departed.

Han Shanye nervously said, “Saint Son, can you really let that person go so easily?”

Deepblue shouted out, “Shut up! You recklessly moved against the sea monster royal family and you are lucky that your plans were disrupted halfway. Otherwise, you and I would be left dealing with the fallout!” He turned his gaze towards the direction that Shan Wugu and the others left in, his vision earnest. That Qin cultivator was not an ordinary man. If he really tore apart any pretense of cordiality and fought, he might not have been able to occupy the advantage, much less profit from it. But as long as he could chase away Shan Wugu, the merits from unsealing the Saint Furnace would all be his. That would be more than enough.

But just in case, he would make more preparations to avoid any possible accident.

“Men, continue to add fuel. Ten days later, we must unseal the Saint Furnace by then!”

For a time, atop Blood Red Island, the horrified screams of the sea monsters reverberated through the heavens.


After leaving the island, Shan Wugu flew for some time before stopping. He flicked his sleeves and black light rushed out. The black light rapidly grew and turned into a giant ship. It was black all over, and seemed as if it were made out of wood. But, if one looked carefully they could see that this ship wasn’t made from material objects at all, but was condensed from demonic energy.

Leading the group onto the ship, Shan Wugu said, “Northgate, we will rest here for now.”

Northgate Demon began to speak, but hesitated.

Shan Wugu smiled. “Don’t worry. Soon, a favorable turn will appear for us.”

He looked at Qin Yu and cupped his hands together. “Fellow daoist Qin, please.”

Pushing open a cabin door, Shan Wugu flicked his sleeves again. A spell on the ship activated, isolating out the outside.

The two stared at each other and then suddenly hugged, heavily slapping each other on the back. But soon, they pushed each other away, their faces both filled with disgust and annoyance.

“Get away from me! You dead pervert, don’t ruin the reputation of this young master!”

The two men laughed.

They laughed for a long time until their bellies ached and their eyes turned red.

Qin Yu sucked in a deep breath and roared out. “Potato, you damn bastard, you were actually still alive! I wasted all of my tears and sorrow on you! How are you going to pay me back for that?”

Shan Wugu revealed a lost expression as he heard this nickname, as if he were recalling fond memories. He gently sighed. “In truth, even I didn’t expect myself to live.”

Shan Wugu was the man who had been wounded by Xu Jian and tossed into the abyss – Lang Tu!

This world was full of too many marvelous and amazing occurrences. It was hard to predict that the brothers who were once separated would reunite here once more.

Qin Yu knew that Lang Tu must have experienced a great deal. He patted his shoulder and softly said, “Should we brothers have a good chat?”

“Of course.”

One table, two chairs, Qin Yu and Lang Tu sat across from each other. There was wine but no food in front of them.

“I was poisoned by Xu Jian and thrown over the cliff. I thought I was dead, but I never imagined there was a rapidly flowing river below. Haha, the waters were cold and far too fast. When I fell into the river, I broke many bones but I managed to preserve my small life. As I was being pushed along, perhaps I drank too much water but I vomited again and again, and the poison in my body might have been a little relieved because of that. I didn’t die in that cold river, and when I awoke, it was a demonic cultivator that rescued me.” Speaking to here, Lang Tu’s face began to shiver. His voice deepened and he drank more wine. “Of course, he didn’t rescue me from the kindness of his heart. It just so happened that he was looking for someone to test medicines on.”

Lang Tu stopped for several breaths of time and then grinned. “In short, a great deal of things happened and in any case I don’t want to experience that again. You just need to know that I lived, and I lived quite well afterwards. My cultivation even rapidly rose. After that, there were some lucky chances that coincided and I joined a demonic sect. You should remember that my talent is poor and I had no other choice but to stupidly walk down the path of body transformation. But in this demonic sect, there was a cultivation method that was actually suited for me to learn. Because of that, I was chosen by the demonic path’s Saint Lord and became one of the so-called demonic path Saint Sons. But you saw what happened. As a Saint Son, my abilities are lacking. Without accident, my role here is no different from someone who accompanies the crown prince to study. I’m just an understudy helping the main actor.”

There were many parts lacking and many parts glossed over. Some were memories that Lang Tu didn’t want to recall, and some were things he didn’t want to speak of.

Qin Yu understood. Still, he could sense that an extra wall had appeared between the two and it would be impossible for their relationship to return to how it was in the past. Perhaps this could be called the power of time. However, as he thought of the little blue lamp, these feelings vanished and he laughed at himself. Didn’t he also have secrets that he couldn’t speak of?

Everyone changed.

“Potato, what has passed has passed. It’s already a good fortune that you are still alive.”

Lang Tu nodded and he laughed fully. “I have no complaints. Compared to dying, everything I experienced isn’t anything at all.” His eyes brightened. “What about you, Taro? Just how much time has passed and you already have such a cultivation? If you say you haven’t stumbled on a lucky chance, I won’t believe you at all.”

Qin Yu laughed. He explained approximately what had occurred in these past years. Although he had disguised himself, it was impossible for him to fully cover all his traces.

Lang Tu smiled. “I was also feeling guilty and felt that I deceived you, my best friend in the world, but now I feel much better.” He waved his hand and said again and again, “Don’t explain, you don’t need to, it’s fine as long as we understand each other.”

Qin Yu wryly smiled and nodded.

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