Chapter 116 – Cooperation

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The two fell silent for a long time. Perhaps, they had felt the great changes within each other. After a long time, Lang Tu broke the silence with a smile. He said with an amicable tone, “Taro, to avoid any trouble from now on, don’t call me Lang Tu anymore. My name is now Shan Wugu.” He sighed, a distant look in his eyes. “Lang Tu already died that day.”

Shan Wugu, Shan Wugu…that was a name which meant boneless mountain…was it because when he was pushed down the cliff that day, there weren’t even his bones left behind?

To take up such a name, Qin Yu could only imagine the hatred in his heart. He nodded, “Alright. But, I have already killed Xu Jian and the others. With poison.”

Shan Wugu punched his fists together. “So it was you!”

When the demonic path invaded the Southern Empire and the Eastern Mountain Sect was razed to the ground, he had started his own secret investigation. To his surprise, Xu Jian had died a puzzling death, and he hadn’t known that it was Qin Yu who had taken revenge for him. He smiled, moved by the gesture. Shan Wugu and Qin Yu made some more small talk before they veered towards the main subject.

“Qin Yu, you prompted me to withdraw earlier. Do you have some plan in mind?”

Qin Yu smiled. “I’m lucky you were smart enough to notice my reminder. I indeed didn’t want you to protect the Saint Furnace anymore, because my trip to the sea region this time was because I am coming for it.” His eyes darkened, serious. “Potato, I will call you by your nickname only, this should be okay, right? Let me ask you, what mission are you on for coming to the sea region?”

Shan Wugu hesitated for a moment. Then he said, “To unseal the Saint Furnace!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “Within this, do you require using five element spiritual objects?”

Shan Wugu’s eyebrows flew upwards. He was incredibly surprised.

Qin Yu clapped his hands together. “This is wonderful! Potato, the five element spiritual objects are my goal.”

Shan Wugu frowned. “This…”

This was clearly a difficult matter for him.

Qin Yu waved his hand. “Just listen to me first!”

He thought for a moment, quickly making sure there weren't any holes in his plan. Then, he began to explain it in a hushed voice.

Shan Wugu’s eyes shined. He mulled it over and then nodded. “Alright, I believe you. Let’s give it a try!”

Qin Yu hesitated. “Potato, my only worry is that this will implicate you.”

Shan Wugu’s heart warmed. “Don’t worry. If something happens to the Saint Furnace, I will inevitably be punished for it. But, I have already been pushed away from the guard team. Once I make some more reparations later, it shouldn’t be a fatal punishment. Moreover, compared to the possible rewards, these sorts of risks aren’t anything at all. If my luck is good I will be able to graduate from my role of understudy!” He blinked as he spoke. “And, I think that your harvests this time will be far higher than expected.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. “You are saying…?”

Shan Wugu batted his eyelashes. “Why don’t you take a guess?”

Seeing Qin Yu’s growing annoyance, he chuckled. “Qin Yu, oh Qin Yu, your luck is far too good. The Saint Lord has used up countless methods in order to fully gather the complete five element spiritual objects. But now, there is a considerable chance that all of it will become yours.”

Qin Yu was overwhelmed with joy. Five element spiritual objects! This was actually the complete five element spiritual objects!

This knowledge hadn’t been recorded in the jade slip at all. All that had been mentioned was that the demonic path was undertaking a secretive mission involved with five element spiritual objects. Originally, he was thinking he would already be tremendously lucky if he could obtain two different kinds of five element spiritual objects. But this…this far exceeded his anticipation, it was simply a watershed revelation!

One person wanted the Saint Furnace and another wanted the five elemental spiritual objects; this could be said to be a wonderful conclusion for all parties involved. The two began to make preparations to extract the fangs of the tiger. The original plan was changed beyond all recognition, and after a result was obtained that both sides found to their satisfaction, and after determining that there weren't any problems with it, four hours had already passed.

“Qin Yu, the Saint Furnace has formidable protective powers. Even breaking past the surrounding array formation isn’t something that ordinary Golden Core cultivators can handle. Are you sure you have full confidence in yourself?” Shan Wugu frowned.

Qin Yu smiled. “All you need to do is to act according to the plan. I have my own methods of dealing with it.”

Shan Wugu rose up. “Good. Then I will immediately go and make preparations. You can meditate here.”

He had a firm and decisive look. As he stepped out from the cabin, it was clear he had wiped away most of the extraneous worries in his heart.

Since they had already decided to take the risk, they would do it with all they had!

Qin Yu lifted a hand. Several array discs fell down, sealing in all aura within the cabin.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Shan Wugu, but since this involved the five element spiritual objects, he had to be extra cautious.

With a flick of his sleeve, a light shined and the corpse of the shark monster appeared on the ground in front of him.

With his current cultivation, he no longer needed to use brute force to dismember the corpse any longer. Controlling a magic tool with his mind, he cleanly pulled out all its teeth.

After a quick count, he counted 312 in total.

He was pressed for time. Without saying anything, he began!

Qin Yu indeed didn’t have the strength to break through the Saint Furnace’s protection that Shan Wugu mentioned. But this didn’t stop him, because he was still confident in himself.

Storm Flow!

This was a demonic path refining method that You Qi had left him in the past. It was a crude but excellent technique. Unfortunately, it created one-time use weapons and the materials required were mind-boggling, something that an ordinary person couldn’t withstand at all. Even if he completely forgot about the materials, who else besides Qin Yu who had successfully refined the Demon Body could produce so much blood essence at one time?

Storm Flow. This wasn’t a game that average cultivators could play.

Ten hours later, he had succeeded in refining 93 shark monster teeth.

With a pale complexion, he momentarily stopped. He lifted his hand and swallowed some pills to restore himself.


Shan Wugu returned to the deck and passed down orders to not disturb Qin Yu. Then, he picked out several of his most trusted subordinates and left in a hurry. As the rest of his followers watched him leave, they had defeated looks on their faces. While they didn’t know what use the Saint Furnace had, it was the indisputable truth that the Saint Lord highly valued it. This time, Shan Wugu had been chased out by Deepblue, so all the merits of accomplishing the mission would be taken by him alone. Once they returned to headquarters, things would be even more awkward for them all.


With deep sighs, the demonic cultivators began to disperse.

No one noticed that one of these demonic cultivators had a trace of pride hidden behind a veil of worry and anxiousness. As this person looked up at the direction in which Shan Wugu and the others left, he had a thoughtful look on his face.

But a moment later, accompanied with an enraged roar, there was a loud explosion and the figure was blasted away. Demonic light wildly surged on his body, proving that he had some sort of protective treasure. Even so, blood spurted out from his nose and mouth, and a stabbing pain wracked his chest as countless bones broke through his body.

With a sharp scream, the man turned and fled, soaring into the dark night clouds.

Shan Wugu was enraged. “Kill him! No matter the cost!”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Demonic cultivators shot up into the skies!

Shadethorn Demon was pale, his entire face filled with alarm and fear. He never imagined that even with a demonic treasure helping to conceal him, he would still be discovered. Then again, he recalled that Shan Wugu must have been extra vigilant ever since the last leak in information. He had been too negligent!

The pain in his chest became increasingly heavy and agonizing. Every breath he took was followed with the scent of burning blood that gushed out from his throat. Demonic energy swirled in his body, suppressing his wounds. Right behind him, he could feel a terrifying aura lock onto him. It was clear that people were chasing him down, and it wouldn’t be too long before he was overtaken.

Suddenly, Shadethorn Demon’s complexion changed and he came to a sudden stop. In front of him, a figure stepped out from the mist. Shadethorn Demon recognized who he was; he was an early Golden Core demonic cultivator that Shan Wugu had taken in some time ago – Wordwind Demon.

That’s right. Although this person’s strength was sloppy and ordinary, he was actually bizarrely fast. As he thought about how he had been secretly mocking this man as being a useless ornament, he never thought that this person would be the one to stop him. Shadethorn Demon took a deep breath, restrained the tumbling blood energy in his body, and readied himself to attack.

“Wait!” Wordwind Demon waved his hands repeatedly, his thin and wizened face flustered. “Fellow daoist Xu, I am here to save you!”

Xu Yuan was Shadethorn Demon’s alias. His eyes flashed. “Wordwind Demon, what is the meaning of this?”

Wordwind Demon smiled warmly. “Shan Wugu’s loss is already decided, and I’m thinking to become one of Saint Son Deepblue’s subordinates. I ask that fellow daoist Xu recommend me.”

Shadethorn Demon’s heart relaxed a little. Wordwind Demon had become one of Shan Wugu’s subordinates not too long ago, and in this sort of situation, thinking of defecting was quite normal. Although he was disdainful of such an act, Shadethorn Demon actually revealed a welcoming smile. He said, “Saint Son Deepblue is always looking for new talent. If you lead me out of here, I will definitely recommend you.”

Wordwind Demon was overjoyed. “Good, I’ll lead you away now!”

With a flick of his sleeve, demonic energy wrapped around Shadethorn Demon. Like shadows, the two melted into the dark night clouds, quickly flying far away.

Shadethorn Demon turned around, his eyes cold. Shan Wugu, did you ever think that the man you sent to kill me would actually come to save me instead? Although I’ve been heavily wounded this time, the information I’ve learned is of great importance. After I inform Saint Son Deepblue, he will surely reward me.”

Thinking of this, a trace of happiness flitted across his pallid face. But as his eyes fell on Wordwind Demon’s back, contempt rose in his heart. Who would want to make use of someone who abandoned their master? It likely wouldn’t be long before this fellow was used as cannon fodder by Saint Son Deepblue.

Except, Shadethorn Demon never discovered that while watching Wordwind Demon’s back, Wordwind Demon’s previous flattering and pleasing expression had all but disappeared, replaced by nothing but cold indifference.

In the clouds, Shan Wugu, Northgate Demon, and some trusted followers were floating high in the air.

“Northgate, do you think I might have gone too far?”

Northgate Demon cupped his hands together. “Saint Son, there is no need for you to worry about this. This is something that Wordwind Demon voluntarily agreed to. Since you agreed to take revenge for his blood feud, I’m sure that he is quite overjoyed.”

Shan Wugu took a deep breath. “Wordwind Demon left behind a son. After I return, I will bring him to the Total Faction Headquarters and compensate him for all of Wordwind Demon’s merits.”

“Saint Son is truly benevolent!” Numerous demonic cultivators bowed.

With one easy action, Shan Wugu had obtained an even higher degree of recognition from his supporters. His expression was quiet and solemn. Although he still had a simple and honest face, the heart that lurked beneath it was no longer the same as it was in the past.

“Let’s go. This is only the first step. We still have many other matters to do!”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The group flew far away.


Netherworld Realm, Blood Red Island

With Shadethorn Demon guiding the way, the two soon arrived.

Wordwind Demon was watched from all sides. As he landed on the edge of the island, his shy and wretched face was all smiles.

Deepblue looked over them and furrowed his eyebrows together. “He’s the one who rescued you?”

Shadethorn Demon respectfully replied, “Yes. If it wasn’t for this person, I fear I wouldn’t have been able to return alive.”

Deepblue coldly sneered. “What a good Shadethorn Demon, to think you are actually so stupid! You were used by others to bring back a spy and you still remain oblivious!”

He shouted out, “Men, grab him!”

Wordwind Demon’s blood drained from his face. He screamed out loud, “Saint Son forgive me! Forgive me!” He turned and begged, “Fellow daoist Xu, save me, save me!”

Shadethorn Demon lowered his head, not saying a single word.

Deepblue looked down, his sharp vision locked onto Wordwind Demon. “Tell me, just what sort of tricks is Shan Wugu up to?”

Wordwind Demon bowed again and again. “Saint Son, forgive me! I merely didn’t want to follow Shan Wugu to die, so I saved fellow daoist Xu and asked him to recommend me. Saint Son, please consider my words, everything I say is true, I am not lying at all!”

His legs shivered as he spoke and a disgusting scent spread out.

The surrounding demonic cultivators all widened their eyes as disdain immediately flooded their faces. Indeed, in this world all sorts of strange things were possible. In this world, people were taunted for peeing their pants in fear, but this solemn Golden Core cultivator actually…peed in fear!


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