Chapter 118 – Valiant

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Deepblue narrowed his eyes. He never thought that what appeared in front of him would only be…a single person! How brave of him to rush in alone, but, as long as this person took a single step into the scope of the Protection of the Heavenly Demon, there would be at least 100 ways to kill him!

One step, two steps, three steps…

The black-robed figure suddenly stopped.

Deepblue stuffily coughed. This mysterious person had stopped a hair’s width distance outside the Protection of the Heavenly Demon. It was clear that this wasn’t a coincidence. The strength of this person’s soul force was likely incredible, thus he was able to sense the fluctuations of the Protection of the Heavenly Demon.

But, so what if he realized it?

The unsealing of the Saint Furnace was imminent. In just a bit more time, he wouldn’t even need to do anything and this black-robed figure would be forced to flee in distress.

Deepblue was arrogant but he wasn’t stupid. Since he had a completely safe method, why would he change things up? Did this mysterious person think that he would suddenly rush out with just a few taunts? How ridiculous!

The black-robed figure fell silent, as if he were at a loss for what to do. The contempt in Deepblue’s eyes only thickened, and a trace of a sneer appeared on his lips.

It was at this time that Deepblue saw the black-robed figure gently raise his hand and wave it in front of him. A light wind stirred, but Deepblue never saw that beneath the black-robed figure’s other hand, a talisman was being crushed.

On the demonic energy ship, Shan Wugu’s eyes brightened. The talisman in his hand began to shine.

This was the signal to begin!

With a deep breath, Shan Wugu gripped the talisman tightly and shouted out, “Send out the sea monsters!”

Northgate Demon and the others all moved together. They took out conches and violently blew into them. The doors all around the ship were torn apart and scattered into shreds of demonic energy.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Vicious figures rushed out, their blood red eyes filled with the lust to kill and destroy as they hurtled forwards.

Black clouds suddenly rose up on the sea, and the rumbling of crashing waves reverberated from the distance, rapidly approaching. Saint Son Deepblue’s heart shrank as a foreboding premonition filled him. Throughout Blood Red Island, countless demonic cultivators watched with eyes filled with shock.

Massive waves formed from hundreds of sea monsters were wildly rushing towards Blood Red Island. The wanton cruelty and animus blazed in their eyes, causing the demonic cultivators to pale with fear.

“Defend!” Saint Son Deepblue barely had enough time to issue this order before the Protection of the Heavenly Demon formed by the demonic cultivators was completely broken into pieces by the impact of sea monsters. The Heavenly Demon that had been summoned wasn’t even able to utilize its mind-twisting powers before its source of power was cut off.

It wasn’t that the Protection of the Heavenly Demon didn’t have enough strength, but there simply wasn’t anything it could do against hundreds of mindless sea monsters rushing towards it. Still, since it was here, how could it leave without any harvests?

“Ahh!” Screaming out loud, several demonic cultivators fell to the ground. Their bodies began to rapidly wither away, and after several breaths of time they became dried corpses, all of their flesh and blood stolen away.

Deepblue’s anger was an inferno that reached the heavens. But as he looked at Qin Yu, he actually hesitated. To summon several hundred sea monsters, just what kind of strength was this? No…this wasn’t right. In order to summon several hundred sea monsters alone, one needed to at least have a Nascent Soul level cultivation. And, if this person possessed this sort of strength, he wouldn’t need to go through so much trouble to deal with them. The black-robed person must have companions. That was the only possible explanation for how several hundred sea monsters could show up.

Shan Wugu!

Within the Netherworld Realm, if there was someone that dared to oppose him, it must be that person!

Deepblue swept his eyes over the sea monsters again, and noticed that they were all acting like sea monsters that were being controlled by controlling medicines. But, where had Shan Wugu obtained so much of this medicine from? Even though he couldn’t figure this out, this didn’t stop Saint Son Deepblue’s heart from inflating with killing intent!

Shan Wugu, you dare to collude with outsiders to move against the Saint Furnace! This is a crime worthy of death!

With a loud roar, Deepblue raised his hands high and brought them slashing down. A ring of blood appeared in the air, and blood red light condensed to form a ghost face that rushed towards Qin Yu, wanting to swallow him down.

First, Deepblue would kill this person and then suppress Shan Wugu. The Saint Furnace was about to be unsealed soon – he could not allow anyone to interfere!

The black-robed figure turned around and his eyes met Deepblue’s. At this time, an ice cold chill appeared in his heart, causing hairs to rise all over his body and a warning bell to go off in his mind.

Whoosh –

A spear appeared. It tore through the air with a keening cry, overbearing and violent, as if everything in this world would be crushed and pierced by it.

What an amazing cultivation!

Deepblue’s eyebrows leapt up and fighting spirit ignited in his heart. In order to become the demonic path’s Saint Son he had defeated countless opponents, and his strength was extraordinary amongst his generation. In this vast world, was there anyone beneath the Nascent Soul realm that could be his match? Although this black-robed figure was strong, he was doomed to become nothing but another specter today.

Hum –

The blood ring trembled and more and more blood red light gushed out from it. Flames began to burn around the ghost face, as if it were a fierce ghost from hell! These flames carried with them a strong corrupting power. As long as it touched a magic tool, it could greatly damage its power. It could even taint the master of the magic tool, causing their soul to be blasted with corrupting energy.

The long spear continued forwards with an overwhelming momentum. Deepblue’s eyes were cold and cruel. He wanted to see the black-robed figure’s expression as his precious treasure was destroyed. Even if this person’s soul was powerful, he would still be left in agonizing pain if he tried to resist the attack of corrupting power. Once this person lost their magic weapon spear, their strength would definitely fall dramatically. At that time, he would die.

The black-robed figure’s eyes were calm beneath his hood. Normally they were flat and placid, without a single wave, but at this time they were also quiet and filled with confidence. As the black-robed man looked at the fire-wreathed ghost face, he suddenly smiled. Without warning, the spear shot forwards, violent and devastating. The spear shaft trembled. As it pierced through the ghost face, a wild and manic aura swept through the skies.

Deepblue’s eyes popped open. Just what…what was happening here?

Before he could regain his composure, the long spear detonated. The fragments of the spear was mixed in with the terrifying self-destructing strength of a magic tool as they flew out recklessly like pieces of molten hot lava.

The flame-wreathed ghost face was instantly torn into a sieve. Its macabre cackles suddenly turned into screeches of pain. Although it didn’t possess a material form, it had still been heavily wounded from the explosion of the spear. It began to fly away in a panic. Nearby, several demonic cultivators that were battling the sea monsters cried out pitifully as they were ripped apart. They fell to the floor, dead.

Deepblue coughed and his face paled. Blood dripped down the side of his lips. The blood circle possessed a terrifying power and had many wonderful abilities. It was something that he had refined with his own blood, and they shared prosperity and disaster together. Now that the blood circle was damaged by the exploding spear, Deepblue also received tremendous internal injuries.

If Deepblue were to lose in a frontal battle with someone, then he could acknowledge that. But, this opponent had completely disregarded all common sense in utilizing a trump card in such a manner that it left him extremely dispirited but also fuming with rage.

He slammed his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood didn’t fall down to the ground, but burst forwards and fused into the blood circle. After obtaining the support of its master’s blood essence, the blood ring magic tool’s power rose to the peak. The light that played along the surface of the blood ring began to dim and then shine. The ghost face ferociously roared. Angered that it was wounded, it shot forwards, its speed reaching the peak of possibility. It opened its jaws to reveal black fangs that were as sharp as thorns.

Exploding your magic tool is indeed a terrifying attack, but can you take out another treasure of this level? Since you dared to damage my magic tool, I will make sure you die without a grave!

At this time, a round shield suddenly appeared. As magic power was poured into it, its suddenly inflated in size. The ferocious ghost face shot forwards with confidence, thinking that it would soon enjoy delicious flesh and blood. But like this, without making any preparations, it slammed directly into the round shield!

Pa –

That sound was heavy and dull, and filled with a little bitterness…just by listening to it, one’s scalp would crawl and body would tingle!

Deepblue’s entire face was twisted, as if he himself had struck the shield. His mouth was askew as blood continued to stream from his lips. He looked incredibly distraught. He swore that he had never lost so much face as he did today, and as he saw the amazed looks that his subordinates were sending him, he wished that he could tear this mysterious stranger into pieces.

But following that, before he could respond, he suffered a second strike from the round shield. There was a terrifying bang as the ghost face was blasted backwards. Its screams were even more tragic than before, and now they also contained a trace of fear.

This mysterious cultivator was far too terrifying!

Deepblue vomited several mouthfuls of blood and stumbled backwards. Shock, grief, and indignation filled his heart.

The shock came from the fact that this black-robed figure was so valiant he would actually explode two powerful magic tools in a row. It had to be known that with their quality, even a Golden Core would find them extremely precious. To blow apart two of them, just how steep were the losses?

As for his grief and indignation, they originated from the fact that his opponent was tossing forwards trump cards while disregarding any common sense. This person was relying on their ridiculous wealth to make him suffer a great loss.

The black-robed figure didn’t give him time to think. His figure vanished and he soared straight into the depths of Blood Red Island. Here, a great furnace was located.

He wanted to steal the Saint Furnace!

Deepblue’s heart shook. He knew that the Saint Lord had left behind a spell on the Saint Furnace, so it was impossible for this person to obtain it.

But if the Saint Lord’s spell was touched, it would mean that he had been defeated. This would surely cause the Saint Lord to be disappointed in him.

He absolutely could not allow this person to touch the Saint Furnace!

Hesitation flashed in Deepblue’s eyes. Then, he clenched his hand and raised a finger. A humming sound spread out from above his head. The blood ring trembled and markings began to appear on its surface. A python phantom shot out from it.


With a roar, countless beams of blood light shot out and the python phantom’s body solidified into reality. It hissed and swung its tail about. It was hundreds of feet long and its giant body was covered in thick scales. Its serpentine eyes were filled with a cold killing intent.

This python was the spirit of the blood ring. After being hunted and slain, its spirit was sealed into the blood ring using a secret method of the demonic path. Although it wasn’t a true spirit treasure, it had its own unique strengths. For all these years, Deepblue had been carefully refining it. Each time he cut down an enemy, he would feed their blood essence and even their soul to the python, whereupon this strength would be saved in its body.

These past years, the blood python gradually showed signs of transforming into a blood flood dragon. Once it completed this evolution, Deepblue would even be able to fight with a Nascent Soul cultivator. However, he had summoned it ahead of time, and because of this all of those dreams had faded away and all the effort he put into it these years was wasted. Deepblue’s heart with overcome with hatred. With nothing but slaughter in his mind, the blood python shot forwards with astonishing speed, forming a line of blood in the air. It immediately stopped in front of the Saint Furnace, blocking anyone from nearing it.

On the demonic energy ship, everyone saw that Qin Yu had finally sent out his signal. Hundreds of sea monsters swarmed forth, and in the depths of the black clouds, terrifying explosions rang out.

The battle had begun!

Everyone relaxed a little. This was because they now knew that Qin Yu stood on their side. Even so, everyone was instantly worried again. With just him alone, even if he had several hundred sea monsters helping him, how could he break past the Saint Furnace’s poison, much less invade Blood Red Island?

Shan Wugu fell silent. He lifted a finger and tapped the air. Ripples spread out, but soon the ripples disappeared, leaving a clear image within. Looking closely, one could see that it was the situation on Blood Red Island. From the angle and perspective, it should be the eyes of a cultivator that was producing this image.

“It is Wordwind Demon. Before he left, he swallowed a demonic bug from the Total Faction Headquarters.” Shan Wugu quietly said.

The complexions of Northgate Demon and the others paled. They subconsciously revealed looks of fear. It was clear just how much they dreaded this demonic bugs. But, if Wordwind Demon already had the determination to die, then this was understandable. At this time, the scene being displayed in the air was Deepblue summoning the blood ring, forming the ghost face, and then attacking Qin Yu.

A demonic cultivator cried out in horror. “The Blood Refining Ring!”

Several others had ugly complexions.

Deepblue was excessively strong. Besides several Nascent Soul supreme elders at headquarters, he was basically an invincible existence. His Blood Refining Ring could also be called an illustrious and infamous weapon. In these past years, countless people who dared to challenge his status had died to his Blood Refining Ring, and their flesh and blood, and even their souls were swallowed within.

Qin Yu was strong, but if compared to Deepblue, there was actually no one that favored him. But in the next moment, the demonic cultivators’ eyes all widened like full moons, as if they had all seen ghosts. They gulped, unable to produce words.

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