Chapter 119 – Demonic Visage Avatar

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

In the brief moment, the scene that flashed in front of them was imprinted deep in their hearts, never to be erased. The long spear exploded and the fierce ghost face was blown away, leaving Deepblue injured.

This was the first time that anyone here had seen someone capable of directly facing off against Deepblue. But, the price might have been too great. Although they weren’t on the battlefield and weren’t able to accurately determine that power of the spear, they were all absolutely sure that it was a top grade Golden Core realm magic tool.

To detonate the spear without hesitation, even if they disregarded all else, just the will and determination to do this was worthy of praise. But this admiration disappeared as soon as it came, because exploding a magic weapon could only buy him a short period of time. Although Deepblue had been injured, he wasn’t crippled. He would soon launch a counterattack, and that counterattack would inevitably be far more terrifying. How would Qin Yu block the next move?

And indeed, in Wordwind Demon’s gaze, Deepblue attacked. He unexpectedly used his blood essence to bolster the blood ring, causing its strength to rise dramatically. As everyone saw the grotesque ghost face, the demonic cultivators all held their breath. How would Qin Yu defend against such a terrifying attack?

Bang –

A sound echoed through the air. They watched as a round shield appeared in mid-air. The ghost face crashed into the shield and Deepblue was left even more distressed than before.

Before the horror on their faces dissipated, it had transformed into stunned disbelief, making their expressions all quite strange. But, this didn’t affect the faint pity they felt for Saint Son Deepblue; that strike definitely didn’t feel good.

Within the floating image, they stared blankly on as the round shield launched an attack and that magic tool with incredible defensive capabilities was also destroyed. The demonic cultivators fell silent and they subconsciously glanced at Shan Wugu. They all had questioning looks on their faces. Dear Saint Son, just what background does your friend come from?

Shan Wugu remained expressionless. He lightly said, “I said that Qin Yu can be trusted.” His voice was calm and indifferent, as if everything occurring was within his grasp. But, no one knew that beneath his wide sleeves, his palms were actually trembling.

And at this time, the battlefield changed once more. Qin Yu followed the plan and rushed towards the Saint Furnace.

In a flurried panic, Deepblue summoned a blood python from the Blood Refining Ring.

“That is the spirit of the Blood Refining Ring!”

“In the rumors, it is said that this spirit was originally a monster beast blood python that was personally slain by Deepblue’s grandfather, Elder Wei, a Nascent Soul from the Total Faction Headquarters, and he also sealed the monster beast’s soul into the blood ring himself.”

“This blood python is so large and there are bumps on the top of its head. It's clear that it isn’t too far away from evolving into a flood dragon, but now that it was summoned today, all of its hopes of transforming into a flood dragon have been severed.”

“Even if that’s true, this blood python’s strength definitely surpasses the level of a Hollow Nascent Soul. It can also communicate as one with Deepblue, allowing their total strength to more than double for the time being!”

Shan Wugu gripped his fists. Qin Yu, don’t lose here!

This was an all-out gamble with everything on the line! They couldn’t lose!

Suddenly, Northgate Demon cried out in alarm. “This is bad, Qin Yu was sneak attacked!”

Shan Wugu’s head swerved up. In the image, he saw Qin Yu with a dazed expression as if he had been sneak attacked. But, because he was familiar with Qin Yu, he thought that this wasn’t quite right. It didn’t seem as if he had been sneak attacked, but rather…he was distracted?

The calm and steady Shan Wugu had a sudden urge to cry. Big brother, is it really a good idea to be distracted at a critical moment like this?

Yes, that was right, Qin Yu was indeed distracted at this moment. This was because he could see the so-called demonic path Saint Furnace that Shan Wugu spoke of. But, this was clearly the pill furnace he had seen at the bottom of the Eastern Mountain Sect’s Pill Disposal Department that was used to burn away waste pills! Countless images flashed through Qin Yu’s mind, and a thought appeared with them – perhaps the root reason that the Eastern Mountain Sect was destroyed was all because of this furnace.

Deepblue immediately discovered that Qin Yu had lost focus for a moment. Although he didn’t know why this happened, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to warn him.

While you’re distracted, I’ll take your life!

The blood python roared and boundless blood energy erupted. It hurtled towards Qin Yu like a bolt of blood red lightning. Before it arrived, its cruel and malevolent aura was already crashing down on Qin Yu like a mountain. And with the speed of the blood python, it was impossible for him to react.

Deepblue diabolically grinned. Just die, you hateful black-robed stranger!

In truth, Qin Yu really didn’t have time to respond. But, he remained calm the entire time, as if he would heroically face whatever fate awaited him, even if he didn’t know what was coming next. He lifted a hand. With a flash of light, 197 bones appeared. Each one emitted a sharp aura, as if they could tear through the world.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

197 bones emitted a keening cry in unison. In the blink of an eye, they formed a mighty wave. From afar they seemed like a giant arrow of bones that came shooting out from the blue.

The blood python was strong, but with Qin Yu’s cultivation, wanting to kill him would still require a great deal of effort.

And now, facing the brutal and merciless Storm Flow magic tools, it only had time to give one last miserable howl before it was broken into countless pieces. The blood ring trembled and cracks appeared on its surface, rapidly racing outwards before the entire thing disintegrated.

Puff –

Deepblue spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion paper white. His blood-refining treasure had been destroyed and he had been left grievously wounded in the process. Without time for shock or panic, he hurriedly evaded. Even so, he was still swept over by Storm Flow’s energy waves. His chest cracked and blood flowed out from his body as he was sent tumbling away. His ears rang and his eyes popped open as he kept his gaze locked onto Qin Yu.

Storm Flow, this was absolutely Storm Flow!

This person actually grasped a long lost terrifying refining technique of the demonic path. Just who the hell was this black-robed person!?

Deepblue had an aggrieved expression. What was the point of thinking of all this? He was going to die soon anyways. Yet, he never imagined that death would come so rapidly or so unexpectedly.

Still, I am the demonic path’s Saint Son. Even if I die, I have my own dignity. I will never bow my head!

Deepblue looked up arrogantly. He closed his eyes and waited for death to arrive.

Rumble rumble –

This sound was the 197 bones of Storm Flow tearing through the furnace’s array formation. They overloaded the capacity of the array formation and easily crushed it.

But suddenly, on the surface of the Saint Furnace, a layer of darkness descended. It was like thick black oil flowing down, turning into a massive spinning vortex.

From within the center of that vortex, a demonic visage appeared, its eyes shut tight as it faced Qin Yu.

Then, it opened its mouth and roared.

Rumble rumble –

Waves of shock and dread rose up from deep in Qin Yu’s heart. He stuffily coughed as his face paled.

It was like countless small needles were piercing his mind!

Pa –

Pa –

The 197 bones bore the brunt of the attack. They trembled and started to collapse one after another, soon disintegrating into a rain of powder that fell downwards.

Deepblue’s eyes flew open and joy appeared on his face. This was the Saint Lord’s demonic visage! The lord was truly far-sighted; he had unexpectedly left an avatar here. With the strength of this avatar, it was more than enough to cut down this black-robed man!

And indeed, those terrifying Storm Flow demonic treasures were ground to dust in front of the Saint Lord’s demonic visage!

On the demonic energy ship, Shan Wugu and the others all fell silent.

The strength that Qin Yu revealed had far surpassed their imaginations. Qin Yu had directly faced and suppressed Deepblue, and once the Storm Flow demonic treasures appeared, he even had the capability to face off against a Nascent Soul. But, no one ever thought that the Saint Lord would have left behind an avatar on the Saint Furnace.

This was the Saint Lord’s demonic visage! Even if it were only condensed from demonic energy, it still had 30% of the Saint Lord’s strength. This was enough to overwhelm any common Nascent Soul. How would Qin Yu escape this calamity?

Everyone was left disheartened. There were surprises after surprises, but in the end, would this be the result? Once Qin Yu’s identity was exposed, Shan Wugu would inevitably be implicated. Once that occurred, it was obvious what the fates of those onboard the ship would be.

Numerous demonic cultivators all had distressed looks.

As for Shan Wugu, he couldn’t help but reveal a look of worry. But now that things had come this far and the Saint Lord’s demonic visage had appeared, no one was capable of changing anything anymore.

Qin Yu’s body tensed. Magic power wildly surged within him. He was barely managing to resist the terrifying suppression pushing down at him from all around. At this moment, even with his potent Demon Body, his flesh and blood was still groaning from the pressure. He didn’t know what this demonic visage in front of him was, but he could actually feel a familiar aura emanating from it.

Immortal Eclipse Valley.

Beneath the Radiant Red Wood.

In the battle against Pill Crucible, that giant hand which grasped out…this was…this was the demonic path’s Demon Monarch! Qin Yu bitterly smiled. He never thought that this matter would actually draw out such an ultra-strong existence. However, after having come this far he could no longer retreat. He could only continue onwards, no matter the cost!

With a deep roar, Qin Yu flung his sleeves forwards. 312 sharp shark monster teeth appeared in front of him. He punched his chest, blowing out a mouthful of blood that drenched the 312 shark monster teeth.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The sound of splitting air reverberated through the world. Qin Yu crazily pushed forth the limits of his cultivation, flooding all of his strength into this strike.

Hum –

Hum –

The second set of Storm Flow magic tools emitted their strongest cries. On the layer of darkness, the demonic visage seemed to sense the threat. Its eyes trembled and one of them managed to open. Blinding black light shot out, so fast that it couldn’t be followed. In the next moment, it collided with the 312 shark monster teeth.

Bang –

Bang –

A heaven-shaking explosion occurred. Terrifying waves of strength swept outwards. Deepblue screamed out loud as he was sent flying away like a ragdoll. Blood gushed out from his head. His originally serious injuries were worsened by the impact. Still, he seemed to be lost in a trance as he kept his bloodshot eyes stubbornly locked onto Qin Yu, eyes that were flooded with shock and utter disbelief.

A second set of Storm Flow demonic treasures, he actually had a second set! And this set was at least twice as powerful as the first. Just who was this black-robed person?

Deepblue roared out in his heart!

The layer of darkness violently trembled.

Suddenly, a faint and ethereal sigh echoed out between the heavens and earth. It carried with it a bit of anger and unwillingness.

Pa –

The demonic visage shattered.

With it, the layer of darkness dissipated like smoke.

But at this time, a great sense of imminent horror descended on Qin Yu. He froze like an iron statue, unable to move in the least.

A blade of black energy appeared. It rushed towards Qin Yu like a living creature.

It was at this time that a wild gale rushed past and Wordwind Demon appeared in front of Qin Yu, shielding him. There was none of the previous groveling on his face, and instead there was a calm and resolute decisiveness.

“Remind Shan Wugu! Remember the promise he made me!”

Shua –

Black energy drilled into Wordwind’s body. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Still, it was this kind of silent pain that caused one’s heart to feel icy cold. His soul was slowly drawn out from his body and pulled into the black flames where it was burnt down into nothingness.

Hu –

Qin Yu suddenly found himself able to move again. With a paper white face, he took great heaving gasps of air. He glanced down, and as he saw Wordwind Demon’s breathless corpse, he flicked his sleeves and lifted the Saint Furnace. There was a flash of light in the air, and the giant furnace vanished from sight. In the corner of his eye, he saw the sea monsters who had been imprisoned. With a brief hesitation he flicked his sleeves, sending out a wave of magic power that shattered their cages.

Whoosh –

He displayed the Blood Escape Art. Turning into a blood red meteor, he vanished into the distance.

Being saved from death, the sea monsters shook with excitement. Taking advantage of the chaos that filled Blood Red Island, they turned and fled. A stout and sturdy woman tightly gripped the hands of a little girl. In the deluge of people escaping the island, they appeared ordinary. The moment before they entered the sea, the little girl turned and looked towards the direction Qin Yu had gone in, her pupils deep blue.

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