Chapter 120 – The Five Element Spiritual Objects In Hand

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Deepblue was still alive. A dazed expression crossed his face, as if he had lost his soul. Then,  he gnashed his teeth. That damned black-robed man, he hadn’t even bothered to finish him off! Was it because that person didn’t think he could become a threat to them in the future? Damn it all, you will regret this!

On Blood Red Island, the demonic cultivators were finally able to stabilize their position. They gathered together, all of them distressed, wounded, and deathly pale. For them to survive the impact of hundreds of sea monsters wasn’t easy at all. Of course, the most important reason was that even though the vicious and berserk sea monsters had bloodshot eyes, eventually, a trace of fear appeared within them, and they began to withdraw on their own initiative.

The controlling medicine had expired.

Han Shanye had a morose expression. “Saint Son, what do we do now?”

Deepblue spat out a mouthful of blood and nearly collapsed to the floor. Just how great was the crime of allowing the Saint Furnace to be taken away? Even if he didn’t die, his future was already utterly ruined.

Hu –

Just off Blood Red Island, the black clouds were torn open and a giant ship of demonic energy came sailing in. Shan Wugu arrived, his face full of shock. “What happened? Where is the Saint Furnace?”

Deepblue nearly fainted from anger. “Shan Wugu, you despicable scoundrel, you dared to collaborate with outsiders to steal the Saint Furnace! The Total Faction Headquarters will not forgive you!”

Shan Wugu coldly stared at him, ignoring his outcry. He turned and said, “You stay here and recuperate. I will chase after the Saint Furnace.” He turned and flew away.

Northgate Demon waved his hand. The demonic cultivators on the ship flew down. Although they were all terrified in their hearts, as they saw this Saint Son who had been so arrogant and rampant fall into such a miserable state, they had pleased expressions. Several demonic cultivators looked at Shadethorn Demon. He was shaking and his face was pale white, without the least bit of blood.

Deepblue wanted to say something but he was held back by Han Shanye. Han Shanye quietly whispered, “Saint Son, a real man must adapt to the changes. The current situation is extremely disadvantageous for you; you must patiently endure this first.” After a brief hesitation he said, “Moreover, it is not likely that Shan Wugu was behind this. If he had such a strong supporter, then why would he allow himself to be forced into a corner before he counterattacked? Or, if he really wanted he could have made us all vanish in the sea.”

Deepblue’s complexion was ugly, but he calmed down a little. He knew that what Han Shanye said was right. That black-robed figure was so strong, so how could he possibly allow himself to be controlled by someone like Shan Wugu? He had been the one to force Shan Wugu off of the island just several days ago, but he never thought that this would actually end up helping him. Now, the responsibility of losing the Saint Furnace fell entirely on his shoulders.

The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. Deepblue vomited another mouthful of blood and fainted on the ground.


Shan Wugu rapidly flew forwards. Although he had a calm expression, he was actually crying out praise in his heart over the strength that Qin Yu had revealed. He had even been able to force away the demonic visage of the Saint Lord. This meant that Qin Yu would even be able to face off against a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Qin Yu may have drawn strength from the Storm Flow demonic treasures, but magic tools themselves were a part of a cultivator’s overall strength. Unfortunately, Storm Flow demonic treasures were one-time use items. Still, Shan Wugu could say that Qin Yu was the strongest Golden Core he had ever encountered!

Suddenly, Shan Wugu looked up and revealed a happy smiled. “If you didn’t reveal your aura on your own initiative, I wouldn’t have been able to sense you at all. It’s no wonder that even someone as sharp as Deepblue wasn’t able to discover who you were.”

A light chuckle echoed out from beneath the voluminous black robes. “This time, I bet my life and paid a sky high price.”

Shan Wugu curled his lips. “I still don’t know, if I weren’t here, would you have done the same thing?” His eyes brightened. “Let’s go, it’s time for our harvests!”

Soon, the two of them left the Netherworld Realm. In a mountain range beneath the sea, they found a simple cave dwelling that had been abandoned. After expelling the water and sealing up the opening, Qin Yu flicked his sleeve and took out the Saint Furnace. The spacious cave suddenly became much more crowded. As his eyes fell on it, he sighed.

Shan Wugu was jumping with excitement, but he hadn’t missed Qin Yu’s look. He asked with surprise, “You recognize the Saint Furnace?”

Qin Yu nodded. “Potato, do you remember when I was plotted against by Xu Jian and sent into the Eastern Mountain Sect’s Pill Disposal Department? This was the furnace that was located deep beneath the Eastern Mountain Sect.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “In the past, the Eastern Mountain Sect was attacked by the demonic path and razed to the ground. I thought that it was only a coincidence due to the invasion of the demonic path, but now it seems that the reason the Eastern Mountain Sect ended up exterminated was because of this furnace.”

Shan Wugu’s eyes shook. He never thought that the Saint Furnace would originate from the Eastern Mountain Sect.

Qin Yu’s voice sank. “Potato, do you know why the demonic path would use every means at their disposable to capture the furnace? And why the Demon Monarch values it so much? Just what use does it have?”

Shan Wugu shook his head. “My status in the Total Faction Headquarters isn’t high; my title of Saint Son is only for show. I only know that the Demon Monarch has many uses for the Saint Furnace, but as for what they specifically are, I do not know.” He looked up and said. “You must keep your word and return the Saint Furnace to me. Otherwise, once the Demon Monarch is angered, I will die without a doubt.”

Qin Yu fell silent for a time. “I wouldn’t harm you.”

Shan Wugu wryly smiled. “I’m sorry. This is just a habit I’ve developed over the years. Don’t think about it too much.”

Qin Yu smiled. “I understand. Alright, this thing is finally in our hands. It’s your turn now.”

Shan Wugu took a deep breath. “Give me some time.” He walked up to the furnace and carefully looked over it. Then, he lifted a hand and slashed his palm. Blood flowed out, but it didn’t fall to the ground. The blood floated in the air, bright red and shining like jade. Drops spread out, surrounding the furnace in the center.

Terse syllables were spoken from his lips. The beads of blood began to tremble and release a halo of light. Yet this light wasn’t blood red, but rather pure darkness, as if it could swallow everything.

Shan Wugu had an earnest look. He began to speak faster and faster, his tone increasingly hurried. The drops of blood began to hum and emit a low cry. His complexion rapidly paled and nervousness colored his eyes. After another moment, he clenched his teeth and said, “Qin Yu, the demonic aura in my blood isn’t enough. Can you lend me a hand?”

Qin Yu stepped forwards and made a cut on his finger. Blood flew out and surrounded the Saint Furnace. The demonic aura within the blood was instantly drawn out.

Near his ears, he seemed to hear the keening cries of demons!

It was ancient, intense, and somber.

Shan Wugu’s eyes widened. Never before had he felt such a pure and strong demonic aura. Even the Saint Lord only had the absolute suppression of strength; if he had to compare their ranks of demonic aura, then the Saint Lord was definitely inferior to Qin Yu. Just what had he experienced in these past years? A cultivator who possessed a deep cultivation actually had such a horrifying demonic strength.

But soon, Shan Wugu rid himself of these thoughts. In this crucial moment, he didn’t dare to distract himself. His quiet summons became calmer, firmer, and with Qin Yu’s blood helping him, opening the Saint Furnace was no longer difficult.

Hum –

The Saint Furnace shivered. Ancient markings began to shine on its surface. The aura ancient years emanated outwards, nearly turning material as it was released from the furnace. But what was even more terrifying that in this ancient aura of the years, there was actually a dreadful slaughter intent!

There was only a trace of this slaughter intent, but it was unimaginably potent. Qin Yu had a powerful slaughter energy around him, one that could awe most demonic cultivators. But, if he were to be compared with the furnace, the difference would be as great as the heavens and earth. There was simply no way of knowing just what sort of calamities this so-called demonic path Saint Furnace had experienced to condense such a horrific slaughter intent.

Shan Wugu’s face paled, but his eyes became increasingly bright. To other people, this slaughter intent might be the greatest horror in the world, but in his eyes, it was beyond wonderful.

If he could refine it…

His gaze turned burning hot. He lifted a hand and slapped down. “Open!”

Hum –

The surrounding beads of blood fused into the furnace’s body. The furnace opened.

In the next moment, a beam of five-colored divine light shot out from the opening, as fast as lightning.

“Qin Yu!” Shan Wugu shouted.

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. Boundless magic power raged outwards, weaving together into a net that covered the surrounding space. The five-colored divine light was trapped within. It hurtled about, left and right, but it still couldn’t escape. With a thought, the Fleeting Flame Furnace appeared. The furnace opened and a powerful suction force covered the light.

The five-colored divine light gradually slowed and its true form was revealed.

Metal. A stalk of green grass. It seemed common and ordinary, but as its leaves gently swayed about, it surged with an endlessly sharp and dangerous aura.

Wood. A verdant willow branch. It was unknown how long ago it had been cut, but it maintained a vibrant vitality and emitted a blinding green divine light.

Water. Pitch black lotus seeds. There was no difference in their color. A halo of black light circled them, producing ripples in the air.

Fire. A large crystal the size of a young child’s palm. It was translucent, and as one looked at it, their eyes tingled, as if they were being burned by its image.

Earth. A little path of mushrooms. They were open like small umbrellas. Their surface was marked with tiny lines, and no matter which direction one looked at these markings from, they wove together into images of mountains.

Qin Yu smiled wide. Five element spiritual objects, these were the five element spiritual objects! He took a deep breath and grasped out five fingers together. The net of magic power tightened and the suction coming from the Fleeting Flame Furnace increased, drawing the five spiritual objects within.

Bang –

The furnace sealed itself shut!

Qin Yu called back the Fleeting Flame Furnace. He pressed down on it, pouring in his magic power and sealing up the five element spiritual objects. Then, he placed it in his storage ring.

Shan Wugu cupped his hands together. “Qin Yu, congratulations.”

Qin Yu nodded. “So, what do you plan on doing now?”

Shan Wugu licked his lips. “This is just what I wanted to say. Qin Yu, the Saint Furnace’s slaughter energy is extremely beneficial to me. If you can guard me, that would be great.”


Shan Wugu sat down. He drew in a deep breath, sucking in a part of the Saint Furnace’s slaughter energy. Suddenly, his face flushed red as if he had become drunk. He hurriedly closed his eyes to refine the energy. A yin chill rose up from his body, accompanied with slaughter intent. From time to time, this intent would form crying faces before blasting apart. This sight left one’s heart chilled.

Qin Yu had already put away the Fleeting Flame Furnace and was watching Shan Wugu. Although he didn’t know what sort of cultivation law Shan Wugu had settled on, it was clear that he had chosen of road of refining slaughter and death. These sorts of cultivation methods often produced rapid progress and were incredibly strong, but the disadvantages were equally serious.

Even if one ignored how terrifying the heavenly tribulation would be for someone who walked the road of slaughter, the reality was that those who reached a deep level in these cultivation methods would have their very thoughts and personality influenced. There was a high chance that those who delved too deep could become mindless slaughter machines who lost their sanity and only knew killing and death.

After a moment of hesitation, Qin Yu’s gaze deepened. He decided that once Shan Wugu woke up, he needed to have a serious talk with him. He could continue walking down the demonic path, but he definitely needed to swap to a different cultivation law. Although he didn’t have a top level demonic cultivation manual right now, he didn’t lack in other top grade goods. If anything, he could search for another method. With the good fortune of heaven, the brother he thought he lost in the past had returned to him alive. No matter what, Qin Yu couldn’t stare blankly on as his good brother marched into a dead end.

Shan Wugu soon refined the Saint Furnace’s slaughter energy. A sharp light erupted from his eyes. It was clear he had made great harvests!

Qin Yu’s heart sank. He feared that trying to persuade him to give up in this situation would be extremely difficult.

“Qin Yu, the effects of the Saint Furnace’s slaughter energy are far greater than I anticipated. If I refine a bit more, I can likely make a breakthrough in my cultivation!” Shan Wugu excitedly said. But as he saw Qin Yu’s expression, he paused. “What is it?”

Qin Yu quietly said, “Potato, I hope that you can give up on your current cultivation method.”

Shan Wugu furrowed his eyebrows, and between them, a faint trace of slaughter energy lingered about. He fell silent for several breaths of time. “Qin Yu, I know what you are worrying about, but the reason I have my current cultivation is all due to this cultivation method. If you want me to give up on it, that is impossible.” He purposefully relaxed his expression. “Don’t worry, I have my own plan. I won’t let this slaughter energy affect my mindset.”

“Potato, within the demonic path, cultivation methods are vast and limitless as the smoky sea. Why must you walk down the path of refining slaughter? Let me help you…”

“Qin Yu, as an orthodox cultivator, you actually have such a terrifying demonic nature within you. I haven’t asked you the reason for that, so please don’t interfere in my matters either.”

“I am different from you.”

“And I am also different from you.”


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