Chapter 121 – The Demon Monarch Arrives

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Looking at his strong gaze, Qin Yu finally understood that today’s Shan Wugu was no longer the Lang Tu of the past. He had his own convictions, his own path, his own judgment. After a moment of silence, Qin Yu quietly said, “Potato, I hope that you won’t regret this in the future.”

Shan Wu squeezed out a smile.

Qin Yu sucked in a deep breath. “I have already obtained the five element spiritual objects, so the Saint Furnace is yours to take away. I wish you a smooth journey and I hope you can truly obtain the status of the demonic path’s Saint Son.”

He cupped his hands together and turned to leave.

Shan Wugu’s lips moved, but in the end he didn’t go to stop him. After a brief hesitation, his eyes hardened. He knew that his martial talent was ordinary at best, and besides patience, there was nothing extraordinary about him. If he wanted to stand above the clouds and grasp his own destiny, he knew that Demonic Slaughter was his only path. In any case, even if he knew there were numerous perils in the way, he still couldn’t give up.

Brother, I know you mean well. I’m sorry that I must disappoint you.

Shan Wugu opened his mouth and sucked in another breath of slaughter energy. After today, he had no idea just when he would have another opportunity like this. He had to do his best to refine as much as possible and further his cultivation.

After leaving the cave and sealing the entrance, Qin Yu frowned. He had already done his duty as a brother. If Shan Wugu couldn’t accept his advice, that was his choice.

In the end, they were no longer two youths in the Eastern Mountain Sect. They now had their own cultivation and their own status, and they also had to take responsibility for their own decisions.

Shua –

A brilliant light flashed. Qin Yu flew far away.

Blood Red Island.

The atmosphere was heavy and gloomy.

How grave a sin was the crime of losing the Saint Furnace? Once the Demon Monarch’s anger fell upon them, they feared that the vast majority of people here would be incinerated into ashes.

Suddenly, billowing demonic energy rose up from where the Saint Furnace had been. The demonic energy instantly condensed into a demonic array. Demonic light rocketed into the skies and a figure appeared. His open eyes were as awe-inspiring as silent thunderclaps and all the demonic cultivators present felt their hearts quiver.

“We greet the Saint Lord!” Everyone on the island fell to their knees, their faces full of fear.

Deepblue’s complexion was paper white. He struggled to kneel down, disregarding his opening wounds as his body streamed with sweat.

The Saint Lord’s face was blurry and demonic light rippled around him. Although his figure wasn’t large, his aura pressed down like a million mountains. Powerful, tyrannical, overbearing, looking down upon the world with disdain, capable of sweeping away all, this aura left one gasping for breath. With just a single glance, Deepblue’s chest blew open. Flesh and  blood splashed out to reveal his beating heart.

“Saint Lord, mercy!” Deepblue pitifully pleaded.

Demonic light flickered. The Saint Lord disappeared from everyone’s sight, his icy cold voice left reverberating in the wind.

“I am very disappointed.”

Puff –

Puff –

The heads of demonic cultivators all around suddenly blew open, white and red goo splattering out! Besides Deepblue and Han Shanye, everyone other demonic cultivator in their group had died.

Northgate Demon’s forehead touched the ground. His body was stiff and his complexion was white. The Saint Lord hadn’t harmed them, proving that he was well aware of what had occurred in the sea region. If so, then would he be able to find out about Shan Wugu’s actions? If this was the case he feared that their fates would be at least a hundred times more miserable than those who had died!


He had obtained the five element spiritual objects. With this, his harvests in the sea region had far surpassed his original expectations. Qin Yu didn’t want any other sudden surprises to jump up at him. He found a place and waited for the arrival of the Netherworld Ship.

But at this time, Qin Yu froze. His heart felt as if it had been grasped by a great hand. Every beat brought about excruciating pain. Cold sweat started to stream down his forehead, causing his robes to stick to his body. He didn’t know what had happened, but his intuition told him that some great danger was rapidly approaching!

This sort of feeling…

The Demon Monarch!

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. His first thought was to immediately run away, the farther the better. When he fought with the Demon Monarch’s demonic visage, although he had managed to force it back, he had gained a far clearer understanding into how terrifying the Demon Monarch truly was. If the Demon Monarch really came, there wouldn’t even be the smallest chance of him escaping alive.

This was bad!

If the Demon Monarch came, it must be for the Saint Furnace. If he were to find out about Shan Wugu’s actions…then Shan Wugu would certainly die.

Blood red flames ignited. Qin Yu turned and flew away.

He raced towards the seabed mountain range cave dwelling at full speed. It soon appeared before his eyes. He flicked his sleeve, pushing open the entrance and breaking directly in.

Shan Wugu had reached a critical moment in refining the slaughter energy. At this time, his eyes popped open, filled with surprise.

Within his mind, a dreadful focus locked onto him with the sharpness of a saber point. It tore at his soul.

The Demon Monarch would soon arrive!

Qin Yu didn’t even have time to explain himself. With a flick of his sleeve, he took away the Saint Furnace and fled from the cave.

Bang –

Seawater erupted. Qin Yu soared into the horizon, howling into the distance like a scarlet meteor!

Within the cave, Shan Wugu’s pale face was streaming sweat. It was clear he had suffered a backlash while in the process of refining the slaughter energy. A self-ridiculing smile appeared on his lips. If you want to leave then leave. At least Qin Yu hadn’t killed him. Perhaps this was because he had left behind a point of consideration for their past friendship.  However, when you urged me to give up on refining slaughter energy, was that the time when you decided to take away the Saint Furnace?

Soaring across the sea, tearing through the skies like a blood red rainbow, Qin Yu didn’t know that Shan Wugu had misunderstood him. He continued to wildly run away. As time passed, the foreboding feeling in his heart didn’t vanish, but instead became increasingly strong.

He knew that the Demon Monarch had locked onto him.

Suddenly, Qin Yu looked upwards. At some point, the gloomy weather up above had turned pitch black. Stars appeared in the darkness, their silver starlight gathering in the vault of heaven. Then, a figure emerged from the starlight. Without releasing the least bit of aura, just by stepping into this part of the world, Qin Yu was nearly frozen where he was. Fear gushed out from the depths of his soul.

The Demon Monarch…had arrived!

“It’s you?” The voice was astonished, as if a little surprised. “Little friend, it seems the two of us are fated to meet.”

The faint voice fell into Qin Yu’s ears, no different from a deafening thunderclap. The voice seemed to rumble into his soul. He spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion turning pale white as his magic power froze in his body!

Night had arrived in the Netherworld Sea Region. In the gathered sea of stars, Qin Yu was locked in the air, blood leaking from his nose and pouring from his mouth. He looked extremely distressed. At this moment, even his brave mentality was collapsing in despair.

Perhaps he might be able to contend with a common Nascent Soul, but his opponent right now was the demonic path’s Saint Lord, one of the strongest existences in this part of the world. How could he possibly face him?

Hu –

Strong winds whipped up between the heavens and earth. A massive bone hand appeared. It seemed to reach across the endless river of space and time and grasp out towards Qin Yu. He wanted to struggle, but he was only able to cause the magic power in his body to surge, forcing himself to vomit even more blood. He could only stare helplessly as the great hand fell down upon him, like a powerless and insignificant ant.

But as the great bone hand was about to fall down, the sea suddenly roared. The endless sea began to tumble and boil. A giant wave appeared, so high and vast that it seemed as if it could shatter the world.

Before it arrived, one could already feel the terrifying strength contained in every single drop of water. Even with the Demon Body, touching this wave would mean being grounded to pieces.

Qin Yu closed his eyes and gently sighed inwardly. In his path of cultivation, he had encountered far too many life or death situations. He had expected that his death would eventually come, but he never hoped that it would come so soon.

He had obtained the five element spiritual objects and would soon be able to cultivate the Five Element Sword Diagram. A radiant road of cultivation had slowly opened in front of him, but now that radiance would soon be plunged into darkness.

Indeed, humans were nothing but fortune’s fool. The world was unpredictable!

Whoosh –

A voice from beneath the water echoed out in his ears. He could feel the water around him as well as that terrifying strength. The imprisonment that shackled his body suddenly erupted, and a desolate voice sounded out. “Junior, the graciousness of saving my people’s princess will be considered even with this. Whether or not you can live, that will all depend on your fate!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed open. He watched as the giant sea wave flew above him and violently smashed with the bone hand. At this time, space fiercely twisted as if it couldn’t withstand the terrifying impact of strength. Pain stabbed at his eyes and he couldn’t help but close them. Tears dripped down his cheeks.

Following that, he felt his entire body wrapped up. He was like a speck of sand so tiny that it could be ignored, flowing down a raging river. Wild twists and tumbles, crashes and bumps, sent him hurtling about. The powerful force nearly flattened him and tore him apart. Countless wounds opened up on his body and blood gushed out from his head.

Qin Yu bitterly smiled. He suddenly understood why the voice had said that whether or not he could live would depend on his fate. Indeed, just because he hadn’t died then didn’t mean he wouldn’t die now. This was a truly tragic and saddening reality. He took a deep breath. Pain wracked his body. Broken bones stabbed into his flesh. Each breath he took was like fire, and it felt as if his lungs would explode. His breath was filled with the scent of blood.

His heart beat furiously. Even if he knew this would aggravate his bloodless, he couldn’t care about the consequences, because only like this could he stimulate the strength of the Demon Body and find a slim hope of survival. Otherwise, if he remained caught up in this terrifying battlefield, all that awaited him was death.

Qin Yu tightly shut his eyes. He was afraid that if he opened them, his eyeballs would blow apart from the force of the water. He stepped on the water. As he made this single step, the originally gentle currents of water were now a hundred times harder than steel. With the sound of shattering bones, Qin Yu raced away.

Before he collapsed, he needed to flee the battlefield!

Bang –

Bang –

Heaven-shaking thunderclaps rolled without end, each one stirring up massive waves. Wild strength swept across the sea surface, swirling up endless plumes of water that blocked out the sky. Like a mere ant, Qin Yu struggled to live beneath this heavenly might. His complexion became increasingly pale and less and less blood flowed from his wounds. His open wounds began to turn white, as if all his blood was about to be drained away.

Seawater slammed into his face, each drop possessing a horrifying strength. The experience was no different from being bombarded with an endless wave of boulders. His flesh, bones, every part of his body shook and groaned. A tide of pain tore through his body, wanting to swallow Qin Yu’s consciousness. But, the resolve on his face never vanished.

Facing the Demon Monarch, Qin Yu was as small and weak as a baby, without any strength to resist. He could only close his eyes and wait for death. But now, with this sea monster race powerhouse helping him, he was given a slim chance to live. No matter how faint and uncertain this hope was, he had to do his best! Perhaps there was a day he would die, but that day was not this day.

Today, he wanted to live!

An animalistic roar sounded out from the depths of Qin Yu’s heart. He gathered up the final dregs of his strength and displayed the Blood Escape Art. Scarlet light erupted around him, tearing open the heavy waves of water. It was unknown how many times he was struck, but the blood light soon collapsed and the terrifying impact that crashed upon his body suddenly vanished.

He had made it out!

Qin Yu staggered. His body had turned thin an emaciated; this was caused by the massive blood loss he experienced as well as his forceful use of the Blood Escape Art. His black robes were torn to shreds and hanging from his body. His chest rose and fell weakly, making it seem as if he could collapse at any moment.

He took out a pill and swallowed it down. Then, he bit down on his tongue. As he was still conscious and alert, he flew off into the distance. Behind him, the two super powerhouses were still fighting, and the range of their battlefield would expand as time passed. Storms would descend upon the surrounding area for hundreds of miles, and all life in the vicinity would perish!

Qin Yu flew aimlessly. He didn’t care which direction he flew in, only that he flew as far away as possible. He didn’t know how long he flew for, but he spat out a mouthful of blood. His injuries had reached their limit; any more and he would die. He flicked his sleeve and took out the Thousandcraft House. Qin Yu landed inside, swallowed more pills, and used up the last of his strength to release the Yinyang Twin Ants.

Then, he fell unconscious.

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