Chapter 128 – Supreme Book

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Leon turned around, puzzled.

Qin Yu honestly asked, “Leon, you once said that you worked at a place called Sea Spirit Pavilion, right?”

Leon nodded and unconsciously puffed out his chest, a prideful look in his eyes. “That’s right, it is the Sea Spirit Pavilion.” For this lowly and humble sea race youth, this was his only point of pride. But as he recalled that Qin Yu was a human who had just come to the capital city, and who likely wouldn’t know about the renowned reputation of Sea Spirit Pavilion, he immediately felt a bit dispirited. Luckily, Qin Yu had asked about the Sea Spirit Pavilion at the right time. The youth had an urgent desire to tell Qin Yu, as if wanting him to understand just how fierce he was.

“Sea Spirit Pavilion is tyrannically powerful. Within the sea region, they are the largest chain of sea spirit stores that sells a comprehensive variety of items, collects cultivation methods, gathers resources, provides treatment, recycles, and engages in all sorts of other industries. After I obtained the initial qualifications to be a sea spirit teacher, I worked hard for three years before I barely managed to become an assistant to a sea spirit master at Sea Spirit Pavilion. And with Sea Spirit Pavilion’s reputation and status, as long as I work there for five years, I can then transfer to another place where I can have my own work room as a sea spirit teacher…”

On and on, all sorts of things related to sea spirit teachers and their work was explained by the youth. It was clear that he rarely found someone he could show off to, and now that he had, he simply couldn’t stop.

Qin Yu listened attentively, constantly summarizing the information until he had a comprehensive understanding of what sea spirit teachers were. In short, they were sea race members that treated and cultivated sea spirit plants. be more accurate, they were incomparably rich sea races members that treated and cultivated sea spirit plants.

Sea spirit teachers charged an extremely high price, and the income they received when treating high level sea spirits (spiritual treasures of the sea) was astonishing. And, the most mind-boggling, heaven-shattering thing was that even after charging their fee, they still didn’t guarantee a cure. It wasn’t just a single person that did this; this was the custom within the entire sea spirit teacher profession.

And if you didn’t agree? Then screw off somewhere else.

And if you want to retaliate afterwards? Then my 100,000 sea spirit teacher colleagues await you!

In summary, sea spirit teachers possessed a high status within the sea races. Of course, this was limited to high level sea spirit teachers. For those like Leon who were at the most basic level and didn’t possess any potential to improve or progress, they could only continue struggling at the ground.

Qin Yu revealed a strange expression. This wealthy and respectable sea spirit teacher profession seemed extremely suited for someone like him. Although he had never obtained a clear understanding of the sea spirit teacher profession until now, this didn’t hinder his confidence. With the little blue lamp in hand, treating or cultivating any type of sea spirit plant was far too easy.

If he could become a high level sea spirit teacher, then he might be able to find the things he needed from the wealthy high level sea races.

For instance, treasures that could increase his soul force!

Seeing the weird expression on Qin Yu’s face, Leon suddenly stopped talking. He revealed a shy look. “I’m sorry Big Brother Qin. I spoke too much.”

Qin Yu smiled. “You didn’t. I am very interested in what you said. Moreover, Leon, it seems I will have to move away.”

Leon’s eyes widened. “You’re leaving? Will we ever see other again?”

Qin Yu mysteriously smiled. “Of course. Perhaps we’ll meet again sooner than you think.”

Leaving behind the dazed sea race youth, he turned and floated away.

A moment later, Qin Yu found a corner where no one was and put on a black robe. After restraining his aura, he blended into the streams of people walking through the capital city streets.

As the saying went, in a forest, you could find a bird of any size; all kinds of people could be found in a large enough land…in truth, these words could be applied to any intelligent race. As the center of culture, economy, and politics, all sorts of people gathered at the sea race capital city, each one with their own quirks.

A man walking around in a black robe wasn’t strange at all. In fact, just a few days ago Qin Yu had seen someone walking down with a massive coral covering their head. What had these sea race people of the capital city not seen before? If he were to look for a black robe, he’d probably find ten of them in a minute if he tried! As long as he didn’t lift his robes and completely restrained his aura, no one would know that he was a human man.


The Sea Spirit Pavilion branch division within the capital city was indeed only a branch division. No one knew why this chain store that operated throughout the entire sea region, that plundered endless wealth and had an immeasurably deep background, would place their headquarters so far away from the capital city, in the bitterly cold and distant Sega City. This was a riddle that innumerable sea race members had tried to figure out. But, all they could come into contact with was a deep and vast fog. Those that had the qualifications to discover some traces of clues would immediately stop without hesitation and strictly prohibit anything from being leaked out.

When all of these things were joined together, Sea Spirit Pavilion appeared even more mysterious.

Although this was only a branch division, they had been established in the capital’s Double Yang Main Street for a long time, and also occupied the best Nine Layer Building. In terms of grandeur, they were no less than anyone else. According to their chief manager, although their headquarters weren’t located here, they couldn’t lose face in front of the people from the capital city. It was said that when Sea Spirit Pavilion had first requested construction of the Nine Layer Building that overlooked the walls of the royal palace, this was the reasoning that the chief manager gave. It was obvious that the request had been accepted, otherwise this grand and majestic Sea Spirit Pavilion branch division wouldn’t have existed.

Standing in front of the Nine Layer Building, Qin Yu looked up at the three ‘Sea Spirit Pavilion’ characters that were written in a flowing script atop the storefront. The characters exuded an endlessly overbearing aura. He smiled. The more overbearing it was, the better. As a fake sea race member, he had to come up with a deep enough background to shake the scene. As for why the sea race used the human writing system, that was also a question and answer that could be disputed over and over. Of course, in the eyes of the sea races, it was the shameless and despicable humans that had stolen the noble writing of their sea races.

This sort of question of historical legacy was long lost to time. Qin Yu didn’t care much about it. He followed the stream of people and entered Sea Spirit Pavilion.

In truth, walking itself was a form of art that was studied by businesses all over. According to a person’s manner and how they comported themselves, one could make an inference of how high or low their status was. From this, a business could approximate just how wealthy a  person was and whether they were worth attending to or not. At this moment, mixed within the crowd, this simple and common black-robed figure was like a crane amongst chickens.

His steps were neither too slow nor too fast, but seemed incredibly natural and casual. His shoulders rose up and down slightly as he walked. This wasn’t a loose posture, but rather an unrestrained and free manner. For those that worked in this buying and selling industry, what they tempered the most was their eyesight. As long as they worked for several years and weren’t stupid to the point of being unsalvageable, they would inevitably develop a keener eyesight.

At the entrance of Sea Spirit Pavilion, the eyes of several neatly-dressed guest consultants immediately brightened. One of them, a handsome and affable youth, stepped out. He was thin with long legs, and arrived in front of Qin Yu in just several steps. He smiled, “Welcome, guest, to Sea Spirit Pavilion. Is there anything I can help you with?”

His eyes swept side to side, a bit proud, a bit arrogant! The other consultants sighed inwardly, but didn’t reveal anything on their faces. Their feet turned and they each chose different guests to greet, without any appearance of rudeness at all. It was clear that Sea Spirit Pavilion managed their workers strictly.

Qin Yu lightly said, “I have a sea spirit. It’s been a bit down lately, so I came here to seek help.”

The consultant’s eyes brightened. This sort of faint and apathetic manner of speaking naturally seemed a bit distant, but the tone was gentle and polite, not seeming rude at all. This was the manner that only a genuine noble or great customer would have! His smile widened, becoming warmer. He gestured, “Guest, please come in. We have the best sea spirit teacher grandmasters that will do everything they can to help solve your problem.”

Sea Spirit Pavilion was composed of nine floors. The first floor was responsible for registering and screening guests. According to a guest’s inquiry, one would calculate the approximate difficulty level and amount to be charged.

Qin Yu sat down in a purple coral chair. With a stiff posture, he took out a jade box and placed it on a table.

The consultant stood behind, awe in his eyes. This jade box was definitely a human product, and the materials and style were both high quality. It was absolutely a high grade good that was extremely valuable.

The rarer something was, the more precious it became. Although the sea races looked down upon humans and called them low and pathetic beings, human goods were actually considered superior goods within the sea race. Only aristocrats and the truly rich and powerful could afford to use them.

This consultant praised himself for his own eyesight!

Across the table sat a sea race woman with a particularly voluminous chest. Her smile widened, becoming brighter and more beautiful. She tossed over a shy wink, but after receiving no response, she composed herself and got down to business. She carefully opened the jade box and was immediately stunned.

From color and taste, this could be judged to be the most superior type of seabed nutrient liquid. The tiny layer within the jade box was already incredibly valuable, but strangely, what floated inside was a plain red coral. While this coral wasn’t seen every day, its value was actually limited. It was unknown why this uncommon guest would place so much importance on this red coral.

Seeming to sense her thoughts, Qin Yu lightly said, “This coral was left behind by an Elder before he passed away. As long as you can treat and cure it, you can open with any price you want.” His tone was low, as if a bit sad.

The sea race woman immediately revealed a sympathetic look. But, the eyes of the consultant behind him immediately brightened. He signaled with his eyes again and again; this sort of fat sheep was rarely seen!

“Guest, please rest assured that Sea Spirit Pavilion will not leave you disappointed.” The sea race woman spoke some words of comfort and then looked down to inspect the red coral. There were some marks on the surface; these should be made by pests. The color was dark, meaning it wasn’t absorbing well. But besides that, there didn’t seem to be any problems overall.

She assumed that Qin Yu was a nervous young noble sea race youth that didn’t find it convenient to reveal himself. Her thoughts raced as she rapidly calculated numbers in her mind. She pulled open a drawer and took out a purple book from within. The cover shined with a faint spiritual light; it was clear that this wasn’t any ordinary item.

“Guest, you have arrived at the perfect moment. According to your status and the importance you place on this sea spirit, I advise that you sign this Supreme level Sea Spirit Treatment Book. The threshold price is 5000 spirit stones. Our Sea Spirit Pavilion will do everything in our power to help you cure this sea spirit. If we fail, we will refund you ten times the fee.”

Sympathy was sympathy and business was business; she couldn’t allow her knife here to be soft. This was the most basic principle of negotiation. The consultant sent over an appreciative look and said, “This is an insurance book launched by my Sea Spirit Pavilion. Although the cost is high, we will definitely use the highest level sea spirit teacher to ensure treatment efficiency and success. If guest isn’t comfortable, you can also increase the payment.” He smiled, “You should understand that the higher the price, the more importance that Sea Spirit Pavilion will treat this matter with. This is because it is impossible for us to withstand a ten times refund that is too high.”

The sea race woman revealed a trace of admiration. She thought that her offer was already black enough, but this fellow here was making it even blacker. It seemed that she really wasn’t suited to being a consultant. But as long as she could make this transaction, her commission fee would be substantial. “Of course, everything follows your will. If you don’t want to, you may sign an ordinary treatment agreement. Sea Spirit Pavilion will similarly try, but it might take a bit longer and we cannot guarantee success.”

To retreat to advance: this was her specialty move. Of course, this all depended on who she was speaking to. When it came to local and wealthy guests, this was often a killing move. And as she thought, the black-robed figure spoke up, “Then I will sign this Supreme Book. I want to raise the payment amount.”

The sea race woman’s smile brightened. “Guest, please feel free to speak.”

Qin Yu calmly said, “300,000.”

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