Chapter 129 – Grandmaster Goldrune, Who Fell Down

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The sea race woman’s eyes widened. She took a deep breath to steady herself but couldn’t stop the shock that spread through her heart. She squeezed out a smile and said, “Guest, are you sure that you want to pay…300,000?”

Qin Yu placed a storage bag on the table. “It’s in here. I’ll sign.”

The consultant began to drip with beads of sweat. He hurriedly said, “Guest, please wait a moment; this payment amount is too high, so we need to ask for permission.”

“Of course.”

The consultant relaxed. He glanced over at the woman.

The sea race woman immediately began to move. She took out a round glass-like cover and placed it over the jade box and red coral.

A faint light flashed and she picked up the cover. “Very good. There will be a reply soon.”

Within the ninth floor of Sea Spirit Pavilion, in a peaceful chamber, several experienced sea spirit teachers were sitting and processing messages they received from below. Many of them were seated at a counter, judging the items sent up for appraisal so that they could determine the amount to charge as well as the agreement contract. On the table, a curtain of water flashed and another piece of information was sent up. The purple mark indicator caused the sea spirit teacher in charge to be more prudent. As he looked over the information, he soon frowned.

The image in the water curtain was extremely clear; one could see each and every corner of the red coral. There weren’t any major problems with it. He considered it over and over again, and after deciding that there wasn’t anything wrong, he scoffed inwardly. Some wealthy local idiot was actually willing to sign the Supreme Book just for an ordinary red coral.

Although this sort of thing didn’t happen often, in the several months since the Supreme Handbook had been launched, it had indeed made a considerable amount of income for them in the capital city. On one hand, he praised the Chief Manager for knowing how to make money, and on the other hand he quickly approved the transaction. But as he did, he lifted an eyebrow, faintly thinking that something was missing from the message.

Shua –

Another message arrived. The sea spirit teacher quickly suppressed these thoughts and started to carefully review it.

Sea Spirit Pavilion treated its workers well. Since he was benefitting from them, he certainly had to be careful in everything he did.


The glass cover flashed with a green light. The sea race woman smiled. “It’s been approved.”

The process was simple. The quantity of spirit stones was checked and the contract agreement was reviewed. After signing, Qin Yu received a copy. He left behind the jade box and red coral and left.

The consultant quickly ran over to send Qin Yu out, a comforting smile on his face. He also told Qin Yu not to worry and that they would absolutely hasten his sea spirit treatment with the highest priority possible, and that a result would be obtained in three days. As he walked out of Sea Spirit Pavilion and watched the black-robed figure vanish from sight, he sighed inwardly. This mysterious person had been so decisive and firm. He had tossed down 300,000 spirit stones and left without even batting an eyelash.

Would there ever be a time when he could mix in with such a crowd of people? He calculated the possibilities in his heart, and soon discovered that there would never be a single chance in his entire life. He sighed in frustration as he told himself to forget about it. But soon, he pushed aside his sadness and walked back into Sea Spirit Pavilion, excited. Several of his colleagues saw his expression and cursed inwardly at him, their eyes turning red with envy.

One of the counters had been temporarily suspended from business. The sea race woman held the signed Supreme Book high, her chest wildly fluctuating as she looked at it. As she saw the consultant come back in, she quickly rose up. Her actions were loud and grating, and several guests nearby who were doing business immediately frowned in dissatisfaction.

A lobby manager hurried over to apologise. He stared daggers at the woman and dragged her to the back to scold her. “What are you doing? You are not a new worker here, so how can you still be so rash!” He straightened himself. “Just what is going on?”

The sea race woman handed over the purple book, “Manager…”

The manager’s eyes brightened. “Supreme Book, not bad, not bad, Little Li, you’ve made a considerable commission this month.” He took the book and started flipping through it. He immediately froze, his eyes blinking and his expression turning serious. “A payment of 300,000 for a red coral?”

The consultant hurriedly said, “We didn’t dare to decide this for ourselves. We asked for permission from above.”

The manager relaxed. Since everything had passed inspection, this proved that nothing was wrong. He smiled and nodded, “That’s good. Brat, you have a good future ahead of you. Keep working hard and one day you’ll be able to climb to where I’m at.”

The consultant smiled. “Everything is because of manager’s skill and leadership.”

The manager smirked with satisfaction. After giving a bit of advice, he took the Supreme Book and walked away. This sort of massive contract needed to be specially archived in preparation for future audits. The jade box and red coral were quickly sent to the upper levels where the true sea spirit teachers would be able to carefully diagnose it and treat it. No matter how valuable it actually was, after Qin Yu sighed the Supreme Book and paid 300,000 spirit stones, its worth was placed at that point.

The sea race woman returned to her counter. She put away the busy sign, and then treated all guests with perfect manners and poise. This was because the meat pie that fell from the skies could disappear at any moment.

Thinking of the black-robed figure and his youthful voice, the woman gently stroked her thigh, secretly regretting that she didn’t try hooking that giant fish herself. Otherwise, she was confident that as long as she had a single night, she could make sure that that giant fish was lost in her depths, never to return.


Right now, Big Fish Qin Yu was walking down the street, completely unaware that some sea race woman had marked him as a target of love and was wildly ravaging him in some imaginary bed.

He casually found an inn and paid for a room for three days. After sending away the servant, he sat down in meditation. If things happened quickly, he might have to welcome guests from Sea Spirit Pavilion tomorrow.

As Grandmaster Goldrune saw the jade box, his eyes brightened. He lifted the cover a little, and as he smelled the fragrance of top tier nutrient liquids, his expression immediately turned earnest. A bit of happiness lit up his face. He had been in Sea Spirit Pavilion for half a year now, and after effortlessly putting in his strength and time, he had proven his own worth. This was the first precious spirit plant that Sea Spirit Pavilion had handed to him, and he certainly had to try his best to display his peak skills.

He took several deep breaths, composing his thoughts. Then, Grandmaster Goldrune fully opened the jade box. But in the next moment, his complexion darkened and blue veins popped up on his forehead.

Where was the most basic amount of trust between people? Where was the precious spirit plant?

Clenching his teeth, he picked up the introductory jade slip. Detailed information about the sea spirit was listed within. As the first line entered his eyes: Red Coral [ordinary], he immediately felt his heart shatter to pieces as he started to curse out loud.

Just which bastard had used such a precious jade box, such valuable nutrient fluid, and had even been so abnormal as to sign the Supreme Book, just for the sake of an ordinary common red coral! And, the most important part was that he had been tricked into being entirely enthusiastic about this task, and he had even been incomparably sincere about his work!

Tossing down the jade box, Grandmaster Goldrune paced up and down through the work room. It was only when he managed to suppress the anger brewing in his heart that he stood in front of the work table once more. His eyes were calm and focused. Controlling one’s temper was a skill that any high level sea spirit teacher needed to master.

In a short period of time, he was able to go from a completely enraged state to a perfectly composed state. Grandmaster Goldrune secretly applauded his own professionalism. His gaze fell down on the red coral. He originally excelled in treating coral spirit plants, and soon he figured out just what problems this coral had.

Excessive nutrition led to malnutrition. An overabundance of care led to a poor level of care. Moreover, this type of top level nutrient fluid far surpassed the absorption limits of the red coral. It had to be known that sometimes, too much nourishment actually led to injuries. Combined together with malnutrition, this led to the current exhausted condition of the coral. As for the traces of pest markings on the surface, as long as these problems were solved and some appropriate nutrient fluids were provided, it would soon be growing well.

He flourished his hand and wrote down a detailed treatment plan, step by step. After looking over it and making sure that nothing was wrong, he rang a bell. An assistant soon came in. With a few commands, the assistant left with the red coral. A high level sea spirit teacher’s time was precious, and it was natural for an assistant to deal with simple matters like this. Of course, in order to be chosen as an assistant to a high level sea spirit teacher, one had to have the abilities of a middle level sea spirit teacher. In other words, they were more than competent enough to handle these things.

Grandmaster Goldrune dove into the work he had put down. He had been treating this Seasnake Grass for ten days and it was finally showing signs of improvement. However, a part of the roots were still withered, so he needed to consolidate the treatment plan a bit.

Just as he was lost deep in thought and about to come up with a clue, someone knocked on his door. His thoughts immediately became jumbled.

Grandmaster Goldrune called in the person with a gloomy face. He wiped away his scattered hair, completely intent on reprimanding whoever came in. If it weren’t for the fact that the person who entered was his most favored assistant, he definitely wouldn’t have allowed things to end here. It had to be known that the number of people who wanted to become an assistant to a high level sea spirit teacher of Sea Spirit Pavilion could line up from here all the way to the city gates.

“Assistant Xia, you know that I heavily dislike being interrupted during moments of contemplation. So, just what is it that you are bothering me for?”

Assistant Xia had a dreary expression. “Teacher, something is wrong with that red coral. You should come and take a look yourself.”

Being called teacher was simply a polite term of respect; it had nothing to do with the relationship of master and disciple.

Grandmaster Goldrune was startled. As he thought of the events from a moment ago, his face clouded over. “I already wrote a clear and detailed list of instructions. All you needed to do was follow them to the word. Can you not even handle something so simple?”

Assistant Xia bitterly smiled. “I only dared to interrupt you because I had no other means. It is now in very poor condition. Teacher, it is best if you hurry up a little.”

Grandmaster Goldrune coldly snorted. He quickly hurried out. He didn’t care about an ordinary red coral, but if it died it would affect his rating. Moreover, what the other party signed was the Supreme Book. According to the contract, if he failed he would need to pay for a fifth of the losses.

Outside his work room was a large workshop. Over a dozen assistants were present. Normally, they would be busy working, but at this moment they were all gathered around a work table, their complexions ugly as if they had eaten flies.

“Teacher has arrived!”

Everyone hurriedly drew back, lowering their heads in deference.

Grandmaster Goldrune coldly coughed, not caring to scold them. He walked in front of the work table and looked down. The red coral was placed in ordinary nutrient fluid, and the specifications were exactly in the range he had prescribed. But at this time, the red coral was incomparably listless and dull. Grandmaster Goldrune frowned. He reached out a hand and placed it on the red coral. After several breaths of time, his face darkened. This red coral was emitting a death aura; it could no longer be saved.

Pa –

He slapped the work table. “Just who did this? Do you have no idea how to follow instructions? I clearly diagnosed the condition, so how could an accident occur?”

An assistant trembled and stepped forwards. “Teacher, I followed the treatment you prescribed completely. There is phantom image monitoring that can verify my words.”

Assistant Xia vaguely nodded. This indicated that he had examined the situation and knew this to be true.

Grandmaster Goldrune’s complexion became even gloomier. If the red coral died because of his instructions, wasn’t that the same as saying that his level was very low, so low that he couldn’t cure an ordinary red coral? But now, the more he spoke the more face he would lose. “Treat this red coral as if it has died. Send out a report and have Sea Spirit Pavilion process it.”

He turned and left.

Assistant Xia’s eyes widened. “Teacher, you won’t try to revive it?”

Grandmaster Goldrune wished that he could smash open this assistant’s face. Didn’t he already shame himself enough? This was only an ordinary red coral; what need was there to save it?

Facing the ferocious eyes of Grandmaster Goldrune, Assistant Xia weakly said, “Teacher, the other party signed the Supreme Book…”

Grandmaster Goldrune clenched his teeth. “It’s fine to compensate him. The funds I have left in the work room should be enough!” Just as his voice fell, the eyes of the assistants lit up, filled with worship and admiration.

Grandmaster Goldrune was truly worthy of being a high level sea spirit teacher. He didn’t even bat an eyelash at paying such a steep compensation sum.

But as Assistant Xia looked at Grandmaster Goldrune’s eyes which seemed to tell him to shut up or he would eat him alive, he could only put on a sobbing expression and say, “It’s not enough.”

Grandmaster Goldrune was stunned. It was only then that he recalled that when he was diagnosing the red coral, he hadn’t paid any attention to how much the payment amount had been.

Looking at Assistant Xia’s complexion, unease began to rise up in his heart. “How much was the initial payment amount?”


Thump –

Grandmaster Goldrune’s eyes rolled back into his head as he toppled to the ground!

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