Chapter 134 – Save the World

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 134 – Save the World

Leon was bidding his farewells to Qingqing. He wasn’t a true blockhead; at the very least, he could sense the feelings coming from this girl in front of him and that she actually liked him a little. But, he was self-aware of his humble origins, and because of the gap that existed between them, he didn’t dare to express his feelings. Instead he could only pretend to not know. However, today should be the last time that he saw her. His heart ached, but he resisted the urge to cry. He reached out and pulled her into his chest.

Not too far away, two slender sea mantis youths were watching with narrowed eyes. They frowned, and the air became slightly colder. They glanced towards the carriage.

Madame Qing was watching all of this with a calm expression. “It’s understandable for the young to be a bit impulsive. Take this as their final farewell. But, remember to observe him for some time afterwards. If he makes any more moves after this, then handle him at your own discretion.”

A steward was standing outside the carriage. He wore long robes that were clean and straight. He respectfully nodded.

Leon took a deep breath, as if trying to remember the scent of this girl forever. He let go and turned away, prepared to leave, but just as he did, a chaotic sound rose up from behind him.

Outside the main entrance of the Nine Layer Building, countless people poured out. The consultants and receptionists that were greeting guests were stunned for a moment before revealing an excited expression. Chief Manager Wu stepped out, nodding towards the guests, his face full of smiles.

He was the supervisor of Sea Spirit Pavilion’s capital city branch division, and even though he was in the capital city where there were numerous high level figures, he was still a great and lofty figure. But at this time, the one who attracted even more looks was the fearless black-robed figure standing beside him. He stood on par with Chief Manager Wu, and although he was shrouded in his robes, his confident pose and demeanor indicated that he was undoubtedly a grand figure.

Leon had a dazed look. Looking at the crowds of people, he was left stunned. Qingqing quickly responded. She grabbed his hand and pulled him away. But before the two could leave, Director Jin had already arrived in front of him. He said in a soft voice, “Leon, right? Please wait a moment. The chief manager has an announcement he wants to make concerning your job.”

These words directly knocked Leon to the floor. He had already been dismissed by Lord Grindstone, so what job could he possibly have? Moreover, it even alarmed someone like the chief manager?

Qingqing’s mouth fell open. Pleasant surprise lit up her eyes. No matter how she looked at things, this commotion wasn’t something bad at all. If it weren’t for Leon’s completely bewildered appearance, she would have asked just what this blockhead had done that he would cause such a stir.

Chief Manager Wu stopped. His smile became increasingly warm. “Leon, is it? I announce on behalf of the capital city branch division that everything that happened earlier today was merely a misunderstanding. If you want, you may join Mister Ning’s work team.” As he spoke, he looked around. “Here today, I will simultaneously announce an important new event. Sea Spirit Pavilion has obtained a new high level sea spirit teacher today, Mister Ning.”

Although high level sea spirit teachers were distinguished individuals, that still wasn’t enough qualifications to have someone like Chief Manager Wu announce their hiring. If so, then there was only one explanation: Mister Ning was incredibly strong, and only by doing this could his status and position be shown due deference.

Innumerable eyes revealed awe, and as they fell on Leon’s body they turned to deep envy and even resentment. Countless windows opened in Nine Layer Building. Sea spirit teachers thrust out their heads and looked at Leon with utter astonishment. They roared out in their hearts – Why, why did Mister Ning take a liking towards this boy? Whether it is in strength or status, we all completely crush that damn boy!

Within Grindstone’s workshop, the mouths of several assistants dropped open, so wide that they could plug a giant turtle egg into them.

Direction Jin appropriately reminded, “Leon, if you want, you can bow to your teacher.” After a moment, he couldn’t help but reveal a bit of envy. “In Mister Ning’s workshop, you are his first assistant.”

Whoosh –

At this time, the crowd truly erupted.

By convention, within every high level sea spirit teacher’s workshop, the first assistant was a role of absolute trust and faith, a subordinate whose status was above all others’ and was given the role of managing the other assistant sea spirit teachers. And, if the first assistant didn’t have a teacher, they would automatically become the disciple of the high level sea spirit teacher. In other words, they would become a genuine disciple who was taught techniques.

If the eyes that were looking at Leon before were only burning hot, they now they were like blazing magma, wishing that they could burn him to ashes and bury him in the ground. This brat, could his ancestors have saved the world? Otherwise, when such a massive meat pie fell down from the heavens, why would it fall in between his lips?

What about us? There is still us!

As for whether or not you already have a teacher? Hey, if you left your brain at home, hurry up and get it! Even if you had a teacher, you had best make sure you don’t have one now!

Qingqing tugged at the stunned Leon with some effort. “Leon, what are you standing here like an idiot for? Hurry up and bow to Mister Ning.” The surprise had come too quickly for her to process and her mind was still in a haze. But, there was one thing she was sure of: Leon wouldn’t have to leave anymore.

Leon’s lips trembled. He fell to the floor. “Di…disciple greets teacher…”

A calm voice sounded out from beneath the black robe. “Rise.”

Leon’s head veered up. His face was filled with shock. But, the black-robed figure’s expression left him swallowing his words.

Chief Manager Wu saw all of this in his eyes. It affirmed his earlier guess that there was definitely some previous connection between Leon and Mister Ning.

In the distance, Madame Qing let the curtains fall. She said, “Let’s leave.”

The steward drove the carriage away. The nearby guards quickly surrounded them.

Sitting within the carriage, Madame Qing had a calm expression. But, there were wild waves tumbling in the depths of her heart. She had already thoroughly investigated Leon and knew he didn’t have any background at all, so what did the actions of Sea Spirit Pavilion mean today? Could they be reacting to the Qing Family’s interference in Sea Spirit Pavilion?

She had already learned what had happened to Grindstone by now.

But something was wrong…with Chief Manager Wu’s status and power, even if he wasn’t satisfied with them, he still wouldn’t use such a direct method to shame their Qing Family.

If so, then the reason most likely originated from that Mister Ning?

Madame Qing rubbed her temples. She didn’t like this feeling of things suddenly spiraling out of her control. But no matter how unhappy she was, she could only suppress her thoughts for the time being. Since her Qing Family had the qualifications to move into Noble Court Avenue, they naturally had a tyrannical strength and they also had some inkling of information into Sea Spirit Pavilion’s background.

So, she could only slowly investigate the situation before making further plans.

Later that night, the Qing Family held a family reunion banquet that only high level members were able to attend. An invitation was sent to Chief Manager Wu’s office, but he refused on grounds of being too busy and sent someone in his place to deliver a message. The contents were simple. Concerning the matter of Leon, that was an internal job reassignment of Sea Spirit Pavilion. It was a normal business event that wasn’t aimed at the Qing Family at all.

Madame Qing and her husband were left helpless. If they really believed these words then they would be fools.

But, this was something that happened later, not now.

At this time, Leon bid his farewells to an incomparably excited Qingqing and followed Mister Ning into Sea Spirit Pavilion. The normally proud and overly arrogant female staff members had all stepped to the side and had lowered their heads in respect. Along the way, Leon actually received many heated gazes. But at this time, he was completely flustered and didn’t notice them at all.

The newly built workshop was decorated with brand new appliances. The work table emitted the light scent of glue; it had clearly never been used before.

Closing the door and opening the isolating array formation, Qin Yu lifted the hood of his black robe. He smiled. “Hello, Leon.”

Leon’s eyes widened. “Big Brother Ning, it’s really you! You…you…you…!” He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

“I said that we might see each other soon again, and we did.” Qin Yu laughed. “What’s there to be so surprised about? Sea spirits might grow in the sea, but they are still spiritual creations of the world. In essence, they are no different from spiritual plants of the land. In the world of humans I am an alchemist, so I also have some attainments in taking care of spiritual plants. It wasn’t too difficult to change professions to being a sea spirit teacher.”

If anyone else were to hear this explanation, they definitely would have snorted in derision. Yes, Qin Yu wasn’t mistaken. In essence, sea spirits were no different from spiritual plants of the land, but if there really was no difference, how about they grab an alchemist and have them take care of a sea spirit?

However, Leon came from a low level sea race family background, and it was a lucky coincidence that he managed to become a sea spirit teacher. He was blinded by his own ignorance so he thought that what Qin Yu said was actually quite reasonable.

“So it’s like that.” Leon revealed a worried look. “Big Brother Ning, if they discover your identity, things will become really troublesome.” One didn’t need to be a genius to know what would happen if it were discovered that a human cultivator had camouflaged themselves as a sea race member, and a distinguished high level sea spirit teacher at that. Those sea race members that held extremely hostile thoughts towards humans would explode into a frenzy!

Qin Yu shook his head. “I know, but a problem has occurred in my cultivation. I need some treasures so I have no other choice but to do this.” He earnestly asked. “Leon, are you willing to help me?”

Leon blurted out, “Of course I am willing to help Big Brother Ning. But…”

Qin Yu laughed. “Silly kid, do you really think that I might be plotting something in the sea race capital city? That is no different from seeking my own death. I’m not a fool.”

Leon immediately relaxed. “That’s good then. I was scared that Big Brother Ning might end up harming the capital city’s citizens in the end.” He had a relieved expression.

What a pure and naïve boy. He immediately trusted someone with just a few lies. If he continued on like this, wouldn’t he be conned endlessly in the future? Qin Yu shook his head and smiled, breathing a sigh of relief.

It was too noticeable for a high level sea spirit teacher to walk around by themselves. He needed a sea race member on his side in order to not arouse suspicion. He originally only planned on helping Leon a little and improving his current living conditions as repayment for his earlier kindness, but as he looked down from the top of Nine Layer Building and saw the scene before, he decided to change his plans.

Of course, helping Leon was still Qin Yu’s goal. But as he saw the happily smiling sea race youth, he secretly thought to himself that it would be best if he didn’t reveal his identity before leaving the capital city in order to not implicate him.

“Big Brother Ning, I really have to thank you today. If you hadn’t helped me, I…in short, I’m really thankful!” Leon profusely thanked Qin Yu.

Qin Yu laughed, “That girl you were talking to, who is she?”

Leon blushed. “She…her name is Qingqing. She is the young miss of Noble Court Avenue’s Qing Family. But she is very kind and good and doesn’t have the arrogance of a noble.” As he spoke of her, his eyes brightened. But as he thought of Madame Qing’s words today, his complexion rapidly dimmed.

Qin Yu sat down. “Come, tell me everything that happened today.”

Leon wavered for a moment. Then, with a bit of embarrassment, he reiterated everything that occurred. He smiled in self-ridicule. “Big Brother Ning, in truth I didn’t need Madame Qing to remind me of anything. I am well aware of my own status, and I know that it is impossible for me and Qingqing to end up together. If I can stay here and watch her from afar sometimes, I will be more than satisfied.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. He took out a black card. “No matter what happens, first you go and return the Qing Family’s spirit stones. If you have an urgent need for money, I will give it to you.”

Leon’s eyes shined. He had felt guilty about taking Madame Qing’s card, so he would love to return it. He gratefully said, “Big Brother Ning, consider this as me borrowing from you. I will slowly pay you back with my work later. But I don’t need this much. 3000…no, 2000 spirit stones is enough.”

Qin Yu laughed. “Take it. If you can’t spend it all then just take it as me giving you an advance on your salary ahead of time. I know that your mother isn’t doing well and that courtyard you are renting isn’t good for taking care of the elderly. Let’s end things here today; you can go home from work early and come back tomorrow.”

Leon’s face was flushed red. His lips shivered. In the end, he deeply bowed and left.

Pulling his hood back down, he watched from the window as Leon left with a half-happy and half-dazed face, his heart at ease. It wasn’t that he suspected Leon, but this place was simply too dangerous so he had no choice but to be careful.

From this day on, as long as he could play the role of a wonderful sea spirit teacher, he would be able to earn what he needed from the pockets of the wealthy sea races.

Thinking of this, Qin Yu smiled.

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