Chapter 135 – Skyspirit Sage

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

With the arrival of every high level sea spirit teacher, that meant the founding of an all new independent workshop. To the drifting mid-level sea spirit teachers who hadn’t attached themselves to anyone yet, this represented a chance to soar into the heavens. Thus, on this day, within the entire Sea Spirit Pavilion, everyone was showing their peak skills and the entire place was jumping with enthusiasm.

One of the disciple spots had been taken away by some unknown boy, but according to rumors, Mister Ning hadn’t brought any subordinates with him. In other words, all of his assistants would be chosen from Sea Spirit Pavilion. Not only did this mean that everyone had a higher chance of being selected, but they also had a chance of becoming a direct disciple of Mister Ning.

This was simply too wonderful!

The resource management department was suddenly jammed full of people. The supervisor was invited to multiple dinners and even the deputies with the smallest roles were coaxed and groveled to. For a time, everyone beamed with joy and drooled with greed, each one developing an extremely favorable impression towards Mister Ning.

Originally, they were thinking of using some subtle methods to draw out the selection process for a long time. In that way, they could maximize the benefits they could obtain. But when the first list of screened names was sent up, it was immediately sent back down. This caused the entire resource management department, from the supervisor to the lowliest staff member, to feel as if they had been slapped in the head.

If these people hadn’t been chosen then that would be fine. After all, they could simply send over a new list and there was no end to the waves of middle level sea spirit teachers that were waving their spirit stone cards around. But, no matter what they did, Mister Ning’s reply was that…he didn’t need anyone!

The supervisor was left feeling ill to his stomach. He had already accepted all the bribes and offers, so now that this new sea spirit teacher was using this move, wouldn’t this just completely ruin him? Moreover, which high level sea spirit teacher didn’t have one or two dozen assistants on hand? Otherwise, they would be fully occupied dealing with the random trivial daily necessities.

So wouldn’t it be best to just not make a fuss?

The supervisor hesitated over and over, and finally he drew up another list of names. He clenched his teeth and added a number of strong middle level sea spirit teachers. He was drawing back a little here and letting this matter cool down first. He sent someone over to deliver the new list, thinking that this time it would be satisfactory. However, before he could even finish his thoughts, his subordinate was sent scurrying back with a distressed look. It seemed that he hadn’t even been able to get past the door.

With this, the news couldn’t be suppressed any longer. All of the middle level sea spirit teachers that had been jumping with joy just now were suddenly frozen in shock, their eyes flying wide open. Did this mean that there was no need for assistants? If the new sea spirit teacher didn’t recruit anyone, how would he get work done!? And, they had already handed so many benefits over to the supervisor! He had eaten his meal, taken what he wanted, and then he had wiped his mouth and treated it as if nothing had happened! What sort of joke was this!?

The resource management department was left shamefaced. All of those people who were just smiling and flattering them yesterday were suddenly glaring at them with grim faces, their eyes full of evil thoughts.

And seeing that no one could come up with an explanation, this matter wouldn’t be considered over yet!

The supervisor had taken a great deal of benefits, but now an accident had occurred. He clenched his teeth, forcing himself to carefully draw up a third list of names, and then he went looking for Chief Manager Wu’s secretary.

“Director Jin, this list has every outstanding middle level sea spirit teacher that we could find. If Mister Ning is still dissatisfied with this, then there is nothing I can do!”

Looking at the nearly crying supervisor, Director Jin took the name list and entered the chief manager’s office. Soon, the door opened and the chief manager stepped out.

“You go back first. I will speak to Mister Ning about this matter.”

The supervisor was overjoyed. He bowed repeatedly and excused himself. But, as he thought of having to return all the benefits he received, and even having to give back a little extra just in case, he felt his heart, liver, spleen, and the rest of his organs twist and ache.

A good number of people saw this occur and thought that Mister Ning had extremely fierce and magnificent methods. With just a few simple moves, he had caused the conceited and arrogant resource management department to flip over onto their backs. Of course, there were even more people that sneered in their heart, cursing at the overly greedy resource management department. They wanted to take sole possession of the massive amount of benefits, so it was no wonder that Mister Ning had grown angry with them.

Chief Manager Wu’s thinking was similar to theirs. He thought that Qin Yu was taking this opportunity to establish his position, and once he did he would finally choose some assistants.

Along the way, he bumped into Clearwood. As she heard that he was headed to see Qin Yu, her eyes brightened and she joined him.

After the most recent scandal, Chief Manager Wu’s attitude towards Clearwood had undergone a tremendous change. The two nodded and chatted with each other before arriving at the workshops on the seventh floor. As Chief Manager Wu saw the array formation shining at the entrance, he frowned. Thinking about it, he hadn’t yet given Qin Yu any tasks. He knocked on the door.

Soon, the array formation’s runes extinguished and the thick door swung open. Leon, dressed in brand new robes, opened the door in a flustered panic. He hastily bowed, saying, “Greetings, chief manager, Manager Clearwood.”

Chief Manager Wu nodded. “What is Mister Ning doing?”

“Is that the chief manager? Please enter.” A calm voice echoed out, followed by the faint fragrance of tea.

Chief Manager Wu’s eyebrows shot up. As he stepped into the workshop, the sight he saw left him bitterly smiling. A black-robed figure was sitting with his back to him. Steam floated up and water boiled. The scent of tea filled the room. The work table that Sea Spirit Pavilion had spent an extravagant amount of money on hadn’t even been used once, but was actually being used as a table to boil tea?

Clearwood frowned. A bit of cold flashed deep in her eyes. Just as she was about to say something, she was stopped by Chief Manager Wu. Chief Manager Wu walked over and took a seat. “Mister seems to be in high spirits.”

Clearwood put on an icy face and didn’t say anything.

Qin Yu waved his hand and produced another tea set. He raised his teacup high, as if signaling for everyone to taste it, and then said, “I was just a bit bored so my hands were slightly itchy for a moment. I hope no one minds.”

“The work table is where sea spirits are worked with. To each and every sea spirit teacher, it is a sacred place of great dignity and solemnity. Doesn’t Mister Ning think it is a bit too disrespectful to use it to make tea?” Clearwood’s eyes were sharp and there wasn’t any warmth to her voice.

Chief Manager Wu pretended as if he didn’t hear anything.

Qin Yu took a sip of tea, his expression light. “In my eyes, a work table is nothing but a platform. Respect towards sea spirits should originate from the heart and not be something that is merely shown on the surface. If every sea spirit teacher could focus on what is in their hearts and not pay attention to only what is on the surface, then there wouldn’t be such a shortage of high level sea spirit teachers.”

These words seemed quite grand and pompous, and even seemed as if they were teaching a lesson. Clearwood’s complexion became even colder. She was about to rebut him but Chief Manager Wu coughed and interrupted her. “Mister Ning’s words contained a trace of truth. But, the reason we came here was for proper business.”

He slyly smiled and laid down a folder. “The resource management department supervisor is about to cry because of you. If you wanted to establish your reputation, you’ve done more than enough. After this I will go back and give him a big red envelope, so just open this and choose some names from within. Rest assured, I have already looked through the list. All of these people are highly skilled and none of them will drag you down.”

Qin Yu shook his head. “No need.” Before Chief Manager Wu could respond, he continued, “Since you came here, I will also clarify some matters with you. My legacy of inheritance doesn’t need help from anyone. Leon is only helping me deal with some miscellaneous matters, so I definitely do not need more people to come.”

Chief Manager Wu’s eyes flashed. “And I wonder where mister originates from…?”

Qin Yu lightly said. “It’s difficult for me to say. If chief manager finds this unacceptable, then I would rather leave.” Of course, these words were just a front. He had spent a great deal of effort to come here and was just about to arrive at the harvest, so why would he leave?

The key was that these words showed his attitude.

Chief Manager Wu was an understanding man. He immediately laughed and stated that Sea Spirit Pavilion wasn’t in the habit of investigating the origins of their workers before changing the topic. Since Qin Yu really didn’t need any more assistants, Chief Manager Wu merely spoke some more small talk, and after the atmosphere returned to normal, he rose up and bid his farewells.

Clearwood coldly squinted at Qin Yu before swiveling away. While she had skills, she also had a considerable temper.

Leon bowed and delivered them out. As they left, the door slammed shut and the array formation lit up once more.

Seeing Clearwood’s ugly complexion, Chief Manager Wu put on a thoughtful expression. He said to her, “Manager Clearwood, perhaps our Sea Spirit Pavilion really dug up a treasure this time. I read through many ancient texts before, and in some records, I read about a line of sea spirit teachers that pursued the path of practicing everything, and everything must be done by their own hands.”

He paused for a moment. As he saw Clearwood’s puzzled expression, he smirked a little. “If I say things like that, you might not be able to think of it. But, if I tell you their name, you will know. These sea spirit teachers are called Skyspirit Sages, and they have always lived in seclusion, not caring for the outside world. In the records, it stated that even if they were to step into the outside world, they would still hide their status. Because of that, even now no one knows just who the Skyspirit Sages are, what their background is, or what race they originate from.”

Clearwood was stunned. “Skyspirit Sage!”

Chief Manager Wu’s eyes brightened. “Reviving that coral represents an extraordinary level of skill. Moreover, he appeared alone in the capital city, he hides his appearance, and he also doesn’t need assistants. While these might be flukes, if you add them all up, it’s far too much of a coincidence!”

Clearwood’s eyes shook. She fell deep into thought and finally said, “Should we try to find some way to determine his identity?”

Chief Manager Wu turned and looked at her. “In the rumors it is said that Skyspirit Sages possess an unknown strength and are capable of healing all sea spirits. If Mister Ning is one, he will definitely have such an ability.”

Clearwood’s eyes brightened. “Bluesky Tower and Earthfault Spire will not sit idle as they suffer. I received some information that they will make some small movements to harm our reputation.”

Chief Manager Wu smiled. “It looks like Mister Ning will be busy soon.”


They had used the resources they had set up so many years ago, and just as they thought they had obtained the weakness of Sea Spirit Pavilion, in the end they fell into a trap and ruined themselves instead.

Things certainly wouldn’t end here!

Whether it was to make up for their losses or to try and regain some face, the high level figures of Bluesky Tower and Earthfault Spire held a conference, and after preparing for several days, they finally made their move.

13 precious sea spirits flowed into Sea Spirit Pavilion through different channels, each one accompanied by a request to sign the Supreme Book. They all paid 100,000 spirit stones in advance. With two sea spirit influences collaborating, the strength of their attack far surpassed the imagination. Even Sea Spirit Pavilion was unable to reject them. After a brief standoff, they could only accept the transaction.

For a time, all the high level sea spirit teachers were placed in a crisis, They busily inspected the sea spirits and then bitterly cursed out loud. These precious sea spirits had been tampered with. Searching for the problem wouldn’t be easy, let alone finding a way to heal them.

The entirety of Sea Spirit Pavilion was armed for battle. All the high level sea spirit teachers laid down their current work and clenched their teeth as they focused on this critical mission. All three of the sea spirit influences were used to plots being hatched in secret, and many of these sea spirit teachers had experienced them. But, the attack that came this time was far too fierce.

Six high level sea spirit teachers held a meeting. They butted heads and quarreled until the entire group was left in a mess. As they diagnosed the 13 precious sea spirit plants, countless questions arose, and, the key problem was that none of their opinions were unified and some even clashed with each other. No one was able to convince the other parties, and thus no one could produce a treatment plan.

Goldrune violently argued with someone. Just as the other person was on the losing side, he suddenly rose up, his face red, and said, “You couldn’t even cure the red coral, so what qualifications do you have to argue with me!?”

To Grandmaster Goldrune, these words were a fatal blow that struck at his wound 100,000 times over. He took a heavy breath and nearly fainted. Then, he clenched his teeth and stormed away!


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