Chapter 136 – Faint Again

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

“Enough!” Clearwood had a cold expression. “Is there a grandmaster who is confident that they can rely on their own methods to cure the 13 sea spirits?”

The scene immediately fell quiet.

The grandmasters gazed at the ground, deep in thought, or perhaps they looked at the sky, wondering, but no matter what, they didn’t make eye contact with her. How ridiculous. While they were fierce, none of them were fierce enough that they could guarantee absolute success. In particular, with Bluesky Tower and Earthfault Spire both conspiring together, who knew what sort of disgusting and dastardly methods they utilized!

Grandmaster Goldrune panted in indignation. “Why would you sign a contract that defines a limit of three days? This is just causing a mess! If we had enough time, we could slowly feel our way forwards and we would definitely be able to find the cure!”

The meeting room door was shoved open. Chief Manager Wu appeared, his face expressionless. “I was the one who signed the contract.”

Grandmaster Goldrune was immediately left in an awkward position. He coughed and lowered his head, as if he weren’t the one who had said those words just now.

The man he had been arguing with before revealed a disdainful look.

Chief Manager Wu moved to the side. He gestured, “Mister Ning, please.”

Grandmaster Goldrune’s ears pricked up. His head veered up and as he saw the black-robed figure, he clenched his jaws.

This bastard!

If it weren’t for this man, then he would never have fallen to such a state where he was mocked by everyone!

That’s right. You cured the red coral, but so what? That thing was his to begin with, so who knew what tricks he had used on it? Goldrune simply had no idea why Chief Manager Wu would invite this fellow into Sea Spirit Pavilion. Instead, it would have been better to hunt down and ruin this fellow!

Beneath the black robe, Qin Yu arched an eyebrow. He didn’t know why this white-faced chubby man would have such a great grudge against him.

No, that wasn’t right, this was simply overwhelming resentment!

Chief Manager Wu coughed. “This is Grandmaster Goldrune. He was the grandmaster who originally diagnosed the red coral and discovered there was an issue with it.”

These words were absolutely to save face.

Even so, Goldrune’s cheeks flushed red and his animosity boiled over!

It was intentional, it was definitely intentional! This fellow was taking advantage of the chief manager to publicly slap him!

Endure, I will endure this!

I cannot be fooled by him. If I really started a conflict here, I would become a complete laughingstock!

Qin Yu revealed an understanding look. So, this fellow was the original hapless bad-luck stepping stone. Well, perhaps that might be too unreasonable. After all, Grandmaster Goldrune had completely ruined his reputation in order to pave the road for him to enter Sea Spirit Pavilion.

But this seemed like…the truth!

If Grandmaster Goldrune were to know of Qin Yu’s thoughts, he would definitely fall unconscious and foam at the mouth. Thus, sometimes one’s good intentions should be to remain silent.

Qin Yu stepped in front of the table. He made a motion of looking around at the 13 sea spirit plants placed on it.

However, to Grandmaster Goldrune, his good intentions simply seemed like open and naked disregard!

If he didn’t hold his breath, he would have already fainted or stormed away!

This surnamed Ning fellow, are you really so amazing? Then let me see just what you can do!

The 13 sea spirits are here. How many can you save?

Grandmaster Goldrune’s heart itched. He saw the black-robed figure straighten himself and say, “No problem, just send everything to my workshop.”

Everyone within the meeting room was left dumbfounded. Even the other grandmasters who had no grudges or gratitude with Qin Yu had ugly complexions. This person has casually lowered his head, and without even verifying what sort or species of sea spirits these were, had the confidence that he could treat them? Just what sort of joke was this? Moreover, doing this was too careless. To be more plain, did this new Ning fellow really think they were all useless side characters? This insult could not be endured!

Grandmaster Goldrune was the first to speak up. “Grandmaster Ning, do you know where these 13 sea spirits come from? Or what sort of contract was signed? With such an irresponsible attitude, if a problem occurs, who will take responsibility for it? Don’t forget what your surname is just because you had a moment of glory!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Although I don’t know much, at the very least it should be more than Grandmaster Goldrune, so I ask that you don’t worry about me. Moreover, my surname is Ning.” He turned and walked out, “Chief manager, a great deal of time has been wasted already. If you want me to help, please hurry things up.”


“We were diagnosing!”

“Wasting time? You actually said we were wasting time!?”

“Surname Ning, don’t be too rampant!”

Facing a common enemy, Goldrune completely forget his previous unhappiness and even the humiliating words. He huddled close to those near him and said, “Chief Manager Wu, you should think things over carefully. If you are dragged down by others, you might never recover!”

Qin Yu stopped. He turned and looked around. “Everyone, would you all like to make a bet with me?”

Goldrune smiled in anger. “If you can heal the 13 sea spirits within three days, then I will present you my own head in front of everyone!”

Qin Yu shook his head. “I have no interest in Grandmaster Goldrune’s head. Let’s change the bet into spirit stones instead. How does 500,000 sound?”

Speaking of spirit stones, Grandmaster Goldrune felt all his organs twitch. Due to the Red Coral Incident, he had been forced to pay an entire 600,000 spirit stones in damages!

600,000 spirit stones, just how many years of labor had it taken to save that many? As he thought of this black robed figure pocketing it all his eyes turned red with rage!

“I will bet a million spirit stones!” Grandmaster Goldrune roared.

“What daring heroic spirit Brother Goldrune! Chief Manager Wu, I am not deliberately trying to stir up trouble, but this Ning fellow is far too arrogant. I will bet 500,000 spirit stones!”

“Me too!”

“I will also join in!”

In the blink of an eye, six high level sea spirit teachers made a total bet of 3.5 million spirit stones.

Clearwood had an icy expression. Looking at this red-faced crowd of angry fellows, just where had their training gone and what kind of scum had they devolved into? She wished she could choke them all to death. But as she glanced at Qin Yu who had provoked all of this, she found him even more displeasing to the eyes. If looks could kill, he would have been cut into dozens of pieces already.

Qin Yu smiled. “Chief Manager Wu, please be a witness to this.”

Chief Manager Wu bitterly smiled and nodded.

For some unknown reason, after the two walked far away, Grandmaster Goldrune suddenly trembled and felt an inexplicable sorrow towards his own money bags. But soon, he chased away these thoughts and told himself not to be frightened like this.

He took a deep breath. The anger in his eyes soon flashed with a ray of joy. The 600,000 spirit stones he had lost would soon return, and he would gain another 400,000. Thinking of this, his spirits were lifted.


News of Mister Ning accepting the work of 13 sea spirits soon spread throughout the entire Sea Spirit Pavilion through unknown channels. Although it was unknown who did it, it was likely related to the six grandmasters. Of course, concerning those that spoke about this reckless and irresponsible gamble, all of them were well known characters. Even though they were banding together to cross this difficult moment, they still cared about their reputation.

One day passed. Then another day passed.

Everything was quiet and tranquil.

The door to the workshop didn’t open even once. No one knew how far things had gotten.

Several spirit shell calls were received by Leon. As he faced tentative questions from all sides, he helplessly explained that he was also in the dark.

In the blink of an eye, the last day arrived.

On the seventh floor, in a corridor outside the workshops, Chief Manager Wu and Clearwood were sitting down, facing each other. The atmosphere was thick, so dense that it could be cut apart. This floor still had the workshops of two other high level sea spirit teachers. Their assistants would often pass by, but as they sensed the heavy atmosphere, they quickly bowed and scurried away. Many times they couldn’t but turn around with anxious gazes.

Although they had suffered the angry scolding of their teachers these past two days, and also heard about the conceited arrogance of Mister Ning, none of them hoped that Sea Spirit Pavilion would fail.

In the silence, Clearwood couldn’t help but ask, “Can he really do it?”

Chief Manager Wu said, “I don’t know.”

Clearwood had an anxious expression. “Do you think you might have taken too great a risk this time? If….even if we disregard Sea Spirit Pavilion’s reputation, just the compensation is more than enough to bankrupt our capital city branch division.”

Chief Manager Wu narrowed his eyes. “In three days, my Sea Spirit Pavilion is to heal 13 sea spirits, each one with a compensation guarantee of 20 times the initial cost. They bet that their methods are good enough, while I bet that my sight is sharp enough. If we win this battle, the three pillar situation within the capital city will be broken, and our Sea Spirit Pavilion will truly ascend to the top.

“I can back down, but I don’t want to.”

Clearwood revealed a look of admiration. She said in a low voice, “There’s only an hour left.”

Before she finished speaking, a spirit shell hanging on her chest suddenly rang out. Chief Manager Wu’s eyes brightened.

On the other hand, a faintly weary voice said, “They’re ready, come pick them up.”

Shua –

The call hung up.

Chief Manager Wu lay down the spirit shell. All the pores on his body seemed to open up together as sweat poured down his body, drenching his robes and pasting his hair to his forehead. He looked incredibly distressed.

Clearwood smiled like a blooming flower. “Congratulations!”

Chief Manager Wu wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I originally wanted to collapse. It seems I really overestimated how long I could maintain my composure for just now. Manager Clearwood must have found it funny. But come, let’s go and inspect them first.”

The workshop’s array formation runes faded away. Leon held one of the sea race’s storage shell in his hands. “Teacher said that everything is inside. Please accept and verify it.”

Chief Manager Wu received the storage shell and probed with his divine sense. After several breaths of time, he took a deep breath and passed it to Clearwood. He picked up a spirit shell. “Connect me to number 287.”

A connection was made. The sound of breathing from the other end could be heard.

“They’re ready, come pick them up.”

These were Qin Yu’s words just now repeated verbatim.

Bang –

There was a loud explosion. It could be imagined that the spirit shell on the other end had burst into pieces. Moreover, before the call ended, Chief Manager could hear something heavy falling to the ground on the other side. He couldn’t suppress the joy in his heart anymore and heartily laughed towards the heavens.


Clearwood held the storage shell, her eyes smiling as if she had picked up a treasure trove.

Not too far away, several wandering assistant sea spirit teachers saw the ecstatic looks of the two. They were shocked as if a bolt of lightning struck their heads and came out from their feet. They turned and started to scream together.

“Success! Mister Ning succeeded!”

Waves of wild joy spread out, reverberating throughout the entire Sea Spirit Pavilion. But, the assistants were left puzzled; just why did their teachers have such constipated expressions, as if they were crying while smiling?

Soon after, an ambulance rushed towards Sea Spirit Pavilion, because Grandmaster Goldrune had fainted again.


In a residence within the capital city.

The crimson red coral crimson indicated that it was noontime, when the temperature was the highest. But right now, there was actually a cold chill percolating around two people.

They had taken this golden chance to make a move, and had almost completed their mission. But before they knew it, not only had they failed, but their identities had almost been exposed.

A sea race man in luxurious black clothes spoke in a cold tone, “Go. Look up everything you can about this Mister Ning!”

Another sea race man cupped his hands and quickly departed.

Some time afterwards, great, dark waves spread throughout the capital city. The ordinary citizens didn’t know why, but Bluesky Tower and Earthfault Spire suddenly suspended business as they were undergoing a restructuring. This became the most discussed topic throughout all the teatimes of the capital city, and countless rumors wildly spread out.

Sea Spirit Pavilion took this opportunity to launch a flurry of activity. There were promotions, rebates, discounts – all sorts of things that whipped everyone up into a frenzy, giving them vastly overwhelming momentum. Those that observed carefully saw that during this flurry of events, there were actually many high ranking citizens of the capital city that sent flower baskets to express their congratulations and as a vague way to apologize for what happened before.

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