Chapter 152 – Cultivating the Lotus Seed

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Whether it was competing against Jing Guanjing or challenging a Purple Card, it wasn’t any different to Qin Yu…after all, he believed he would win in the end. To become a Purple Card was an extraordinary event. Qin Yu had underestimated it before. The status and attention a Purple Card brought with it was enough to make him the focus of all attention.

Since he was going to win no matter what, he might as well act a bit lofty and arrogant and look down on everyone else in a disdainful manner. This was so that others wouldn’t be suspicious of him once he became a Purple Card.

In simpler terms, he wanted to use this high-profile approach in order to add another layer of camouflage to his disguise. This was because a person who was using questionable methods definitely wouldn’t do this.

Of course, him not liking Wu Zetian was also another one of the reasons.

The power of inspection, huh? My apologies…but I won’t give you that chance!

If Prosperity Square had fallen silent when Qin Yu had taunted Wu Zetian, then right now one couldn’t even hear any quiet gasps throughout the audience.

The seafolk seemed to have been shocked so deeply that they forgot to breathe. It lasted until someone wasn’t able to hold it in, and once he took a deep breath, this created a chain reaction that tumbled down into a roaring avalanche.

Almost one million people sucked in a deep breath at once. With a loud rumble, it brought with it a dreadful momentum!

Chief Manager Wu choked on himself, gurgling sounds coming from deep in his throat. If someone like him who could hide his emotions so well was actually startled to such a degree, it could be imagined how shocked and panicked everyone else was.

For instance, Chairman Xu.

Chairman Xu was a high ranking man who stood amongst the peak of the capital city. He had close connections to the royal palace and in his life he had experienced countless twists and turns. He had even been alive and bore witness to the struggle of royal authority when the throne had been changed. Perhaps it was a bit exaggerated to say that the collapse of a mountain couldn’t produce any reaction from him, but his calm serenity wasn’t something that an average person could match.

At this time, he was left slack-jawed, his mouth hanging slightly open. Although he instinctively knew that this appearance was very ugly, he still couldn’t form a thought of closing his mouth.

Old thing…

In the entire recorded history of the sea races, there might have never been a scene where a Purple Card was pointed at and challenged in such a matter. Of course, regardless of what today’s outcome was, this would surely be an event recorded for posterity.

To be recorded in the annals of history in such a manner, it could be imagined just what Grandmaster Wu Zetian was feeling at this moment. If anger could really burn, then Old Wu would definitely be a sun, and amongst the hottest and brightest kind!

His face flushed red, purple, and finally blue, before reverting to normal. His eyes seemed as if they could devour others whole. “Junior, I guarantee that you will regret this!”

Qin Yu faintly said, “You pair of master and disciple are quite similar in attitude. You keep flapping your lips and spouting nonsense; how annoying.”

Wu Zetian grinned in rage. “Good, very good! Chairman Xu, since this junior challenged me, then according to the rules I will come up with the topic.”

Chairman Xu didn’t know how to respond. “As it should be.”

Wu Zetian flipped his hand and two lotus seeds appeared atop his palm. “These two lotus seeds are something I obtained long ago from a withered Blue Sea Lotus. The lotus itself had died before these two seeds could reach maturity, and they suffered tremendous inherent damage, leaving them extremely difficult to germinate. Then, the topic will be to cultivate these two lotus seeds.”

Chairman Xu and the committee members personally inspected both lotus seeds. After determining that they were nearly identical, they also left behind a mark.

“There is no problem. Mister Ning, do you have any objections towards this topic?” In truth, these words were unnecessary. This was because it was a long established rule that the Purple Card sea spirit teacher would be the one to designate how the challenge was carried out. If there were any objections then that would be no different from forfeiting.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian didn’t have an expression. “Junior, if you have any worries then I will allow you to choose from the two lotus seeds first.” Old Wu was incredibly angry. Though he wished he could tear Qin Yu to shreds, he still maintained his reasoning.

Jing Guanjin possessed the Skyspirit power and yet he had been forced into such a miserable state. It was clear that this Ning fellow had some skills in treating and strengthening sea spirits.

Luckily, the work scope of sea spirit teachers was far more than that. For instance, cultivating something like these lotus seeds. There weren’t many sea spirit teachers who specialized in cultivating sea spirits to begin with, because doing some required one to expend a tremendous amount of time and effort. The investment required compared to the harvests simply wasn’t worth it at all. Besides a small minority of sea spirit teachers that loved this subject and thus had some skills in it, most ordinary sea spirit teachers only possessed the most basic skills.

And as it happened, because of some reasons long ago, Wu Zetian had been wildly obsessed with cultivating sea spirits for a period of time. Even afterwards he still couldn’t let go of it.

When he became a Purple Card sea spirit teacher and gained wealth and status, those things were no longer shackles that held him down. He began to secretly study cultivating sea spirits and tried to further his research into enhancing them.

Because of this, Grandmaster Wu Zetian was fully confident in himself.

This junior wanted to challenge him?

This junior only had himself to blame!

Beneath his black robes, Qin Yu lightly said, “No need.”

Chief Manager Wu wanted to speak but hesitated. With things having come this far, there was nowhere where he could intercede.

A bit of gratitude shined in Clearwood’s eyes. Her lips moved as she quietly said, “You can do it!”

But even though she was the one who said these words, she still found them lacking in energy.

Since Wu Zetian had chosen the topic of cultivating sea spirits, he was definitely skilled in this specialized field. As for Qin Yu, he had never revealed any abilities in this aspect.

Leon flushed red. “Teacher, you will definitely win!”

Wu Zetian coldly sneered. He flicked his sleeves and walked away.

He didn’t have any interest in speaking further. These people were nothing but frogs in a well, incapable of understanding how high up the heavens were. He would let the facts speak for themselves!

Qin Yu smiled and patted Leon’s shoulder. “Wait for teacher to win. Then you’ll need to try just a bit harder and you’ll succeed in chasing after Miss Qingqing’s hand.”

He blinked an eye as he spoke.

Leon blushed red. He mumbled to himself, unsure of what he should say.

As everyone from Sea Spirit Pavilion saw he was still able to joke around with his student at such a time, they stared at each other, unsure if they should laugh or cry. Even so, they couldn’t help but feel a secret admiration towards him.

Mister Ning was truly worthy of being Mister Ning! This courage wasn’t something that the average man could compare with!

Unfortunately, something like courage didn’t give someone strength…

From inside and outsider Prosperity Square, countless seafolk shouted in excitement. The match between Qin Yu and Jing Guanjin had been rather boring. In particular, that cold and overly arrogant Young Master Jin hadn’t shown off any skills at all. Instead, he nearly fell to his own death. It was just disgraceful.

Luckily for them, Grandmaster Wu Zetian was about to make a move. He was a Purple Card sea spirit teacher, the living incarnation of the sea spirits in the world!

And really, Grandmaster Wu Zetian didn’t disappoint them.

“Chairman Xu, as a Purple Card sea spirit teacher, not only should I further the faith or the sea spirits in the world, but I should also shoulder a corresponding responsibility. Thus, for this challenge, I will work in public view of all. I hope that in doing so I will be able to help some sea spirit teachers and give them some harvests.”

The cheers shook the earth!

In the crowd, countless sea spirit teachers watching began to shake with excitement. Several of them started to cry copious tears.

To observe a Purple Card sea spirit teacher in action, just what sort of lucky chance was that!

Chairman Xu followed the flow. He first expressed his thanks on behalf of all the sea spirit teachers watching and then spoke several words of profound meaning, expressing how Wu Zetian was a role model for the younger generation. He glanced over at an attendant, who immediately left. He wanted the two lazy young bastards of his family who were living far too comfortable a life to hurry up over here!

A Purple Card sea spirit teacher personally showing off his skills was an opportunity hard to find even in a hundred years. Even if one couldn’t learn anything, they could still brag to their friends in future conversation about how they had been able to observe Grandmaster Wu Zetian working!

A teacher of one day was still a teacher. Even if Grandmaster Wu Zetian didn’t know who they were, it was fine as they themselves knew!

Grandmaster Wu Zetian restored his calm. He lifted his hand, looking entirely like a great expert, and the crowd fell silent. A cold light flashed in his eyes. “Junior, do you dare follow me and work in public view of all?”

Qin Yu shook his head.

Wu Zetian taunted, “Do you not dare?”

Qin Yu said, “Indeed I do not dare. This involves secret inheritances of my teacher’s legacy. Although I am unworthy, I still cannot reveal them without being given permission first.”

Wu Zetian had been poked apart once more. He coughed, hiding his disappointment. He was originally thinking that this young man would be overly proud and confident in himself and accept, but who knew that his goading would fail. In any case, his original intention had been to improve his image. As long as he could utterly demolish this junior, then all the humiliation he received would vanish into thin air.

And, his reputation might rise even more.

Wu Zetian flicked his sleeves. “Then let’s begin.”

Qin Yu said, “Wait.”

Wu Zetian sneered. “Are you afraid?”

Qin Yu responded. “You decided what the topic is, and I will decide when the match begins.”

Grandmaster Wu Zetian snorted.

Chairman Xu coughed. He said, “Mister Ning does possess this right. When would you like the competition to begin? And how long would you like it to last?”

Qin Yu said, “Since someone wants to work in the open, I should at least give him a chance to perform. The match duration will be three days. We can begin as soon as I take a brief rest.”

Chairman Xu revealed some hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I only need to rest for a day at most.”

Chairman Xu nodded. “Good, then we will prepare the location first.”

Grandmaster Wu Zetian chose to work on the altar. The highest quality worktable was quickly assembled and even the supporting tools were the latest and best models. Then, the cultivators that arranged the match began to lay down an isolating array formation to prevent any outside disturbance.

Of course, the isolating array formation only went in one direction. Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s voice could pass outwards and those outside could clearly see him working in sharp detail.

Outside Prosperity Square, at the fervid request of the seafolk, the broadcasting array formation was aimed towards Grandmaster Wu Zetian. With permission from the royal palace, the transmission signal was expanded and sent all around the capital city.

Qin Yu chose to work below the altar. This was because he always felt a bit of discomfort working on the altar. There was no basis for this and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. Perhaps it was only a psychological trick.

The coral house was moved. The staffers bustled about, cleaning and rearranging.

Qin Yu turned and stepped onto a carriage. After a moment of hesitation, Chief Manager Wu chose not to follow. With things having come this far, then he might as well give Mister Ning more time to rest.

Who knew? Perhaps he might also win this challenge.

Thinking of this, Chief Manager Wu wryly smiled.

This was a truly infinitesimal hope!

Clearwood suddenly stepped forwards. She respectfully bowed, “Greetings, teacher.”

Old Sea nodded. “You may rise.”

Chief Manager Wu watched this happen and his heart shook as he finally understood Clearwood’s background. No wonder she had vanished for several days; she had been taking care of Old Sea. He hurried over and bowed in greeting.

Old Sea waved his hand, dismissing those following him. “Where is little friend Ning?”

Clearwood said, “Mister Ning is currently resting in his carriage. Teacher, what do you think of this challenge?”

Old Sea coldly sneered. “Old Wu knows how to bear a grudge and is narrow-minded. It's good that little friend Ning chose him, otherwise even if he won, he would still be suppressed with the power of inspection. As for what the result will be…” He paused for a moment. “I certainly hope that little friend Ning will win, but when it comes to cultivating sea spirits, I have to admit that he might lack in skill in that aspect. Humph! That Old Wu is actually quite clever. I thought he would lose his mind in a fit of anger.”

Chief Manager Wu forced a smile. “Old Sea, do you also not favor him?”

Old Sea didn’t directly reply. “Concerning my matters, what is Sega City going to compensate him?”

The ‘him’ was naturally referring to Qin Yu.

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