Chapter 153 – The Confident Grandmaster Wu

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chief Manager Wu explained the situation with the 30 million spirit stones.

Old Sea waved his hand. “That is far too petty. Tell Madame that little friend Ning is worthy of her investment. There will surely be a great repayment in the future.” He paused for a moment then continued, “I heard that little friend Ning has been purchasing a massive number of soul strengthening items. Inform Madame that she can begin from there.”

Chief Manager Wu respectfully bowed.

Clearwood signed inwardly. Since her teacher said this, this must mean that he didn’t have much faith in the outcome of this challenge.

She had followed her teacher for many years, and she could approximate just what he was thinking.

A sea spirit teacher needed to slowly accumulate experience, and with this they would improve, growing stronger over time. While Mister Ning originated from a prominent background, he was simply far too young. If he possessed such mind-boggling abilities in strengthening sea spirits, then correspondingly his skills in other fields would be lesser.

Not only was his enemy far older but he was also the third ranked Purple Card. Even if Qin Yu originated from the Skyspirit Sage lineage, there didn’t seem to be any plan that could ensure his victory.

When Qin Yu felt the dim red light completely scatter from the corals, he pushed open the door. Countless eyes swiveled to him, startling him for a moment.

The competition staff were already waiting to the side. They hurried forwards, and after confirming with Qin Yu, then hurried away.

The bell rang out, echoing through the square.

Let the challenge begin!

Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s eyes flashed, a brilliant light exploding from his pupils. His robes fluttered about him, the Purple Card hanging from his waist on clear display. Whether it was appearance or momentum, everything was perfect.

Cheers surged like a tide!

He stood high above, his gaze regal and dignified. “Junior, I will teach you just what a Purple Card is!”

Qin Yu looked up, meeting his eyes. With a bored expression he said, “How mouthy.”

How could such overwhelming words be met with such a ridiculous response? Countless seafolk thought that this was the greatest shame a Purple Card could receive. Grandmaster Wu Zetian should be frothing with anger…but why, why did he seem inexplicably happy?

Old Sea said with a helpless look. “Doing this will stir up public anger.”

Qin Yu smiled. “I don’t care.”

Old Sea shook his head. “Brat, has anyone ever told you that your current actions make anyone want to punch you?”

“It’s more than punching. I think Grandmaster Wu wishes he could eat me right now.”

Old Sea laughed. “At least you are self-aware. Little friend Ning, this time you have offended him to death.” He stopped laughing, “But, I like it.” He took a step back and cupped his hands together. “I, Sea Lingdao, will always remember little friend Ning’s graciousness today. If you have any problems in the future, then they are my problems too. I want to see just who dares to touch you.”

These words weren’t concealed at all. To speak them out loud in such a situation was the equivalent of giving Qin Yu the deepest vow.

In the future, anyone who wanted to harm him would be the enemy of Sea Lingdao!

Qin Yu smiled, “Thank you, Old Sea.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together and turned to leave.

Old Sea looked at Qin Yu’s back and sighed. “It seems that you never planned on staying!”

Chief Manager Wu’s complexion shifted. “Old Wu, you mean…”

“Little friend Ning is a smart fellow, so how could he not see what he is doing? Although his words and actions are aimed towards Wu Zetian today, in reality he is questioning the status of all Purple Cards. The ten Purple Cards themselves don’t mean anything, but what stands behind them and represents them are nearly all the powerful influences in the sea region. Their status has been established over countless years, so how could they possibly be shaken by someone?”

Chief Manager Wu bitterly smiled. He finally understood that Mister Ning must have had the thought of leaving, so that was why he was able to act how he wanted today, based entirely on his heart and conscience.

His face was dark and dreary. Although it was unknown what he was thinking, a bit of hesitation lit his eyes.

Old Sea said, “You may inform Madame about this. She will make the right choice.”

Chief Manager Wu lowered his head in shame. He nodded, no longer speaking.

In the coral house, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. With a flick of his sleeve he received the Blue Sea Lotus seed into his storage ring. Within, the thumb-sized lamp started to bloom with light.

This light wasn’t instant. Rather, it flowed like water, slowly spreading out. It circled around and around before finally covering a foot distance.

The Blue Sea Lotus seed gently trembled, seeming as if it were leaping with joy. It absorbed all the deep blue light it could, or perhaps it could be said the power hidden within the light.

One breath of time, two breaths, three breaths…time slowly passed. After an unknown period, markings began to appear on the surface of the lotus seed, twisting and winding like waves of water.

After determining that there wasn’t a problem, Qin Yu withdrew his divine sense. He took out a soul-strengthening treasure and started to refine it. The 3000 year old bellvine flower that Old Sea had given him was far more effective that he thought. If it weren’t for it being the wrong time right now, Qin Yu believed he could attempt to refine the fourth of the five-element spiritual objects. He thought of the sea spirit baptism and smiled. Perhaps it wouldn’t be much longer before all five-element spiritual objects were gathered in his dantian sea!

On the altar –

Grandmaster Wu finally made his move. He revealed all the strength of a Purple Card, leaving nothing hidden. Every action and every movement was like a textbook. No, it could even be said to be more elegant and classic than a textbook. His actions were like passing clouds and flowing water, every single thing he did linking together just right.

The Blue Sea Lotus seed floated in the air, shrouded with circles of light. Grandmaster Wu brandished his hands, gently swinging them about.

Countless sea spirit teachers watched, intoxicated by the sight. They sighed inwardly over the great strength of a Purple Card, and while their minds were completely immersed, they lost track of time. As for the ordinary seafolk, while they couldn’t understand Grandmaster Wu’s actions, they still found his actions pleasing to the eyes.

As time passed, changes began to appear on the lotus seed. It seemed to grow, and the withered lotus seed started to fill out. Then, on its surface, beautiful markings appeared. With more and more appearing, they connected together into a single stretch. The sound of rustling waves appeared in the void.

This left countless seafolk crying out in astonishment.

Finally, Grandmaster Wu stopped and closed his eyes in meditation.

The quiet sea spirit teachers seemed to regain their senses, one at a time. Many of them were excited; it was clear they had obtained harvests. While they wanted to immediately leave and confirm their thoughts, they actually weren’t willing to as none of them wanted to miss out on what happened next. A struggling expression appeared on their faces.

“Mister sea spirit teacher, why would Grandmaster Wu’s lotus seed emit the sounds of waves?” A young miss from the capital city asked. She had a maid beside her, and looking at her clothing and jewelry, it was clear she came from a good background.

And of course, this young miss had a fresh and beautiful appearance, thus while the sea spirit teacher who had been disturbed did frown, he suppressed his anger and explained, “The Blue Sea Lotus isn’t a particularly high ranking sea spirit, but when the lotus opens, the phantom of a blue sea will appear. Because of this reason, it is well known within the sea region and is considered a special type of precious sea spirit. This lotus seed was damaged during formation so it should be extremely difficult for it to take root and germinate. With Grandmaster Wu’s exquisite skills, he was able to make up for the defect and sharply increase the strength contained within. The reason for the sound of waves to appear is because the strength from within the lotus seed is emanating outwards.”

The sea spirit teacher’s face was full of adoration and worship, “To make up for a birth defect like this isn’t easy to begin with, but Grandmaster Wu was actually able to increase the strength it contains, even causing that strength to voluntarily dissipate. Such skills are extraordinary and simply unbelievable.”

The surrounding people listened in a trace. Although they weren’t clear on what was occurring, everyone tacitly understood that they had to have appearances that made it seem that they understood so that others wouldn’t think they were useless. So, as the seafolk looked at the altar, their eyes were filled with an even deeper awe.

At the Sea Spirit Pavilion area, Old Sea watched with a dignified expression. He watched for a long time before finally sighed. Originally, he had a trace of hope in Qin Yu, but now he had thoroughly given up. Although he disdained Wu Zetian’s character, he couldn’t help but acknowledge that he was truly powerful. In the aspect of cultivating sea spirits, he had actually been hiding such shocking strength.

At the same time, he felt pity towards Qin Yu as well as a bit of guilt. If it weren’t because of him then Qin Yu wouldn’t have come up with nothing in the end. According to what Chief Manager Wu had told him, it seemed that Qin Yu hadn’t had any interest in the sea spirit teacher competition to begin with. The only reason he chose to participate was because of the sea spirit baptism.

Sea Spirit Pavilion’s compensation was managed by Sea Spirit Pavilion; it wasn’t up to him to decide. Old Sea took a deep breath and then turned towards Clearwood. He whispered some words to her.

Clearwood nodded without hesitation.

“Aiya, I have wronged you. This thing is something I was planning on leaving to you.” Old Sea said with a guilty look.

Clearwood shook her head. “Teacher speaks too seriously. This disciple has never paid attention to something like that.”

Old Sea felt a bit more comforted in his heart. He thought that he would definitely need to find some good things in the future to compensate this smart and well-behaved disciple of his.

After resting for some time, Grandmaster Wu opened his eyes. His expression was serene. He completely disregarded all the eyes on him and continued to cultivate the lotus seed.

More smooth and simple movements, more entranced eyes.

One day passed.

The second day passed.

In the blink of an eye, it was the third day.

On the altar, Grandmaster Wu flicked his sleeves. The lotus seed in front of him trembled. The light that shrouded it all around suddenly reversed and flowed into it like a hundred rivers.

Hum –

Hum –

The lotus seed cried out, the sound of vast waves filling the air!

Grandmaster Wu lifted a hand and all sounds dispersed. The lotus seed slowly fell into a jade box. Though he looked a bit weary, a happy smile lifted the corners of his lips.

Perhaps it was because of his shock and anger, or perhaps it was because of his tumultuous mood, but his performance this time was a completely unprecedented display of his skills. The lotus seed in front of him didn’t have any signs of its previously withered appearance. It was bright and full of light, as if carved from jade. Markings wove around it like fog above the sea, and it sparkled with dazzling translucence.

Grandmaster Wu sighed. As he looked up, his eyes seemed as bright as stars. He looked all around, utterly fearless and fully confident in himself. While the results for this challenge hadn’t been revealed, he knew that he had won.

At the edge of his eyes, he found the figures of the other Purple Cards. They had laughed when he had been called an old thing, but now they all had solemn expressions and each one cupped their hands towards him in the distance.

Jing Guanjin might have lost, but he, Wu Zetian, would not!

The prestige of the Purple Cards existed atop the highest heavens. No one could question them.

Mister Ning?

What is that? Is that something he could eat?

…Indeed, to become master and disciple, their character and personality traits were extremely similar.

Even their thoughts were the same.

If Grandmaster Wu Zetian had known that his overly prideful disciple had the same thought as he did before being reduced to such a miserable state, then it was unknown whether or not he could have maintained his confidence.

Of course, there were no ifs in the world, so what was destined to happen would still follow quietly along a fixed path before erupting.

The committee quickly responded. Chairman Xu and the others were personally accompanied by a priest as they walked up the altar. They greeted Grandmaster Wu and then began their inspection. They took out their marking and contrasted it. After finding there was no problem, they all lit up with praise.

In order to have become committee members, forgetting all else, they still had good eyesight. This Blue Sea Lotus seed was now in a simply impeccable state. It was the top quality of all top quality.

“Congratulations Grandmaster Wu!”

“With Grandmaster Wu taking action, it is truly phenomenal!”

Congratulations filled the air and smiles bloomed like flowers on their faces. Although no one said anything specific, their meaning was clear.

They were optimistic of Grandmaster Wu’s chances! Very, very, very optimistic!

None of them were blind and none of them were fools. Almost all the sea spirit teachers watching were shouting out praise in their hearts.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian, third ranked amongst the Purple Cards. He was truly deserving of this title!


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