Chapter 154 – Would You Like To Make a Bet?

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Old Sea fell silent, not saying a word. Chief Manager Wu had an ugly complexion and Clearwood watched with a bit of helplessness. They also thought that this would be the final result. When Wu Zetian had finished his task, this challenge was doomed.

Right now, there was still some time before the competition ended. But was there any need to wait? More than one person had this thought. Slowly, eyes began to gather towards the committee members.

Chairman Xu coughed, maintaining his calm. “The three day limit still hasn’t arrived. Mister Ning may still continue. I believe that Grandmaster Wu wouldn’t mind this.”

Old Sea had stated that whoever dared target Mister Ning would be the same as kicking him. The ever-intelligent Chairman Xu didn’t want to stir up any trouble for himself. In any case, what he said now was completely correct.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian had an indifferent look. With a look of grace and benevolent mercy, he faintly uttered, “It’s fine. Give the junior some time.”

But before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a yawn. The door to the coral house was pushed open and a black-robed figure stepped out. “As I thought, the older you are the slower you are. I slept for a long time but now I’m finally out.”

At this time, many seafolk were left speechless. How could you always talk about sleeping like this? Moreover, to say that at such a time, do you think we will believe you? What hollow boasting! Many eyes turned cold and started to look at Qin Yu with contempt and gloating. As they saw Qin Yu’s arrogant demeanor, they couldn’t wait for him to cry.

In front of Grandmaster Wu, could you still take out your Blue Sea Lotus seed?

Hehe, they were really looking forward to it!

Boos reverberated like an endless tide.

A thought suddenly formed in Qin Yu’s mind. His lips crooked and he lightly said, “It looks like many people aren’t satisfied with me. Then, how about we make a bet?”

Chief Manager Wu covered his face. This stream of conscious thinking had made a return!

Just what time was it that he actually had the mind to say such things?

Beside him, Clearwood also had a shocked expression.

Old Sea asked a question. After obtaining a response, he shook his head and bitterly smiled. His thoughts couldn’t help but begin racing.

This little friend Ning seemed to be quite confident in his words.

Chairman Xu lightly coughed. “Mister Ning, this doesn’t seem to align with the rules.”

Grandmaster Wu waved his hand. “It’s no problem. I also want to know, just what sort of bet would Mister Ning like to make?”

“It’s very simple. I think I will win, and those who don’t believe me can bet on Old Wu. If I win, then all bets are mine. If I lose, then I will compensate accordingly.” Qin Yu smiled. “Old Wu, would you like to make a bet too?”

Grandmaster Wu smiled, not seeming angry at all. In fact, his eyes were quite gentle. “Very well. Since a junior like you dares to open a bet, it would be unfair to you if I didn’t join in.”

He turned around and beckoned. Several people immediately flew forwards from the square and arrived at the altar.

“Calculate how much in assets I have and just how much money I have on hand.” Grandmaster Wu Zetian was a Purple Card so it was natural for him to be incredibly rich. It came as no surprise that he had people who specially managed his finances.

Soon, the chief accountant replied, “Grandmaster, you have 75 million spirit stones you can use. If it isn’t enough, we can find more capital.”

Grandmaster Wu Zetian turned and faintly smiled. “Junior, did you hear that? Can you accept that amount?”

Whoosh –

From inside and outside Prosperity Square, there was an uproar!

75 million spirit stones would be a horrifying amount of wealth to anyone. Perhaps only the royal palace and peak sects and families would be able to produce such an amount.

The sea races were wealthy and loved gambling. It was one of the most popular pastimes in the capital city, and there were always many high rolling players.

But 75 million spirit stones…that was completely unprecedented!

Qin Yu smiled. “I’ll accept, of course I’ll accept. If Old Wu wants to give me money, how can I refuse?” His eyes turned around. “Then, is there anyone else that would like to join? Everyone else can also join in; I will accept all bets.”

“Will you really accept all? Can we also join in?” An old man in the audience suddenly spoke up. He was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women and had a large gem-adorned ring on his finger.

Qin Yu raised a finger. “Of course. I will accept every bet!”

“Then put down a million for me!” The old man was also quite interested. He pulled out a spirit stone card.

“I will also join in!”

“Record down 100 thousand for me!”


“I’ll also bet 30,000!”

The capital city never lacked the rich. Although there wasn’t anyone who placed such a colossal bet, the amount of arms that thrust out and waved spirit stone cards was like a dense and dreadful jungle.

This was an almost guaranteed chance to win money! Of course no one wanted to miss out on it!

Grandmaster Wu grew increasingly happy with every additional bet. He seemed to already be imagining the horrifying lifetime of debt that Qin Yu would suffer with for the rest of his life. However, this still wasn’t enough. His eyes brightened and his smile widened. “Junior, today’s amount will be astronomical. How can you guarantee that you will be able to compensate everyone?”

Qin Yu nodded. “Old Wu is right. Since I opened the bet, I should at least give a guarantee.”

But before he could continue speaking, Old Sea’s voice sounded out. “I will act as a guarantor for little friend Ning.”

Chief Manager Wu clenched his teeth. “My Sea Spirit Pavilion branch division will also act as guarantor for Grandmaster Ning!”

A fierce light flashed from deep within Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s eyes. “Sea Lingdao along with Sea Spirit Pavilion is just enough. I also have a large dwelling within the capital city, with a market worth of 30 million spirit stones. I will lower it to 25 million for a total of 100 million. If I win, I want Sea Lingdao’s eastern courtyard.”

Old Sea lightly said, “Alright, I agree.”

Grandmaster Wu Zetian was finally satisfied. “Everyone, you can place your trust in me. You can begin placing bets again. The seventh ranked Purple Card Sea Lingdao as well as Sea Spirit Pavilion are acting as guarantors for compensation!”



“I want to bet!”

“Hurry up and help me record 10,000 spirit stones!”

“I will also bet 10,000!”

Chief Manager Wu sucked in a deep breath. He ordered people to start collecting spirit stones. The capital city loved to gamble, thus tools to facilitate gambling were in ample supply. After paying spirit stones, specialized betting tickets would be drawn up. These betting tickets were specially refined and were quite expensive themselves. This was to ensure that no one could copy them.

The various sea spirit teachers that had temporarily been assigned to work as bookkeepers didn’t have low standards to begin with, but as the more time passed, their faces slowly turned paper white. As they watched the bets continue pouring in, their bodies started to drip with a cold sweat. Soon, several horrifying bets were placed. The sea spirit teachers panicked and didn’t dare to accept them before gaining authorization from Chief Manager Wu.

As Chief Manager Wu saw the betting amounts, his field of vision flashed black for a moment, but he steadied himself and remained calm. He clenched his teeth, saying, “Accept it, accept everything that comes!” Since he had stood out, it was impossible for him to hide. He began to cry bitterly in his heart. Old Sea, Old Sea, your gamble is too great this time, please save me!

An hour later, all of the bets had been received. As Chief Manager Wu saw the total amount, he felt the breath catch in his chest. When the sea spirit teacher responsible for recording was handed the account book, he glanced at it and immediately fainted. No one looked down on him. Rather, they felt a bit of envy. At the very least if he fainted he wouldn’t need to be so scared anymore.

At this time, many sea spirit teachers couldn’t help but all develop the same thought: perhaps it was time to consider changing jobs…

Chairman Xu watched all of this without expression. His silence carried with it a bit of helplessness, as if there were nothing he could do about the scene occurring all around him. No one knew that he had secretly told someone to bet half a million spirit stones just now. Of course, he had bet on Grandmaster Wu.

Chairman Xu coughed. “Grandmaster Wu, Mister Ning, if there are no objections, please take out your lotus seeds.

The entirety of Prosperity Square fell silent!

Everyone stretched out their necks and widened their eyes, keeping their gazes glued on the two.

This was no longer just a challenge against a Purple Card, but was also a heaven-shaking gambling event! It involved a mind-boggling figure, one that involved the vital interests and fortunes of countless seafolk!

Wu Zetian’s lotus seed had already been examined. So, only Qin Yu’s needed to be inspected. Seeing him nod in agreement, Chairman Wu waved his hand in invitation.

Qin Yu flipped his hand and took out a jade box. Everyone watched, their eyes wide like moons. In the next moment, everyone watching felt their hearts skip a beat. The seafolk who had made bets were all hopping with joy, and those who had hesitated were wracked with pain.

They saw the Blue Sea Lotus seed within the jade box. Although it was full and plump, the markings on it were quite simple and superficial, without any mysterious aura at all. At this time, as the committee inspected it, there was no phenomenon that occurred. No one could even hear the sounds of splashing water.

It was decided!

Countless sea spirit teachers also made their own judgment. They glanced at the black-robed figure, pity in their eyes. They thought that perhaps this Mister Ning would have to carry this debt on his shoulders even until the day he died.

How pitiful!

There were also sea spirit teachers that glanced at Old Sea and Chief Manager Wu. Old Sea was one of the ten great Purple Cards. With his lofty status, it was impossible for them to judge him. But Chief Manager Wu was another matter. Normally he was cautious and discreet, so how could he suddenly be so impulsive today?

This time, they feared that Sea Spirit Pavilion’s capital city branch division might exchange for a new chief manager!

“Old Sea…” After being judged with the ‘death penalty’, Chief Manager Wu’s face was deathly white.

Old Sea didn’t have any expression. “Don’t worry. I will clear you of responsibility for this matter.”

It was just…as he thought of all the wealth he had accumulated over his lifetime and the courtyard he loved the most, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian stood tall with his hands folded behind his back. His expression was serene and distant. Even facing such a great victory, he still maintained his composure. Countless seafolk quietly admired him. As they thought, a Grandmaster was a Grandmaster! Incredible!

To judge the quality of a seed, the most direct and powerful evidence was to have the seed germinate and grow, and then compare them.

The committee staff had already prepared nutrient fluid needed to hasten growth. The quality was exactly the same and it was placed on two worktables. What occurred on the projection screens next was sure to excite everyone. It was destined to be reviewed countless times in the future and be praised by innumerable people, so it had to be recorded in clarity.

Chairman Xu saw the lotus seeds and coughed. “Grandmaster Wu, Mister Ning, would you two like to go together, or…?”

On the stands, it was unknown who shouted out first. “Grandmaster Wu!”

Roars instantly followed like a surging tide!

Perhaps it was to thank Grandmaster Wu for helping them win so much money, but everyone cheered with all their heart. Their billowing voices seemed as if they would flip over the entire sea.

Chairman Xu was also in a very good mood. He didn’t mind doing everyone a favor. Moreover, this was something that was suggested by the people, and he was only complying with public opinion.

“Grandmaster Wu, what do you think?”

Wu Zetian smiled. “Since everyone is so gracious, then allow this old man to embarrass himself first.”

Everyone smiled. While the grandmaster was being kind, they feared that after this ‘stone’ was tossed out, there would be someone who wouldn’t even have the face to take his turn.

The committee staff moved. They carefully took out the lotus seed and placed it in the nutrient fluid.

In the next moment, the nutrients within the jade box began to bubble like boiling water. The power contained within was absorbed by the lotus seed, and light crackling could be heard.

The lotus seed had broken out of its shell!

Tiny roots drilled out at a speed visible to the naked eye. It rapidly grew, extending outwards. At the same time, thin and young buds grew out, swaying about.

One leaf, two leaves, three leaves…

Countless seafolk watched, completely absorbed, watching all of this occur like a miracle…

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