Chapter 39 – The Kong Family’s Exalted

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

As expected, the Han Family’s old ancestor flicked his sleeve and the great uncle emitted a pitiful cry as he was sent crashing into the drawn cart that Qin Yu laid in last night. The great uncle vomited a mouthful of blood, pale and horrified, clearly not expecting that the Han Family would actually attack them.

“Since you would rather do things the hard way, then from this day on I will completely scatter the Kong Family!” As the Han Family old ancestor spoke, the aura of a Golden Core rushed out, pressing down on everyone’s chests like a giant boulder, leaving them all gasping for breath.

Kong Xuan bitterly laughed. “Cause and effect, karma returning to you really doesn’t feel good at all. My Kong Family cannot complain about today’s disaster, but fellow daoist Ning Qin is not connected to my Kong Family. I ask that Senior Han allows him to leave in peace.”

The Han Family old ancestor’s cold eyes didn’t reveal any agreement or disagreement.

Han Sheng quickly said, “Old ancestor, if this person slept overnight at the Kong Family, he definitely must be connected. Since we decided to attack, we should cut the grass and exterminate the roots.”

Kong Xuan anxiously said, “I can vow that fellow daoist Ning Qin and the Kong Family are completely unrelated!”

“The more eager you are to clear him, the more my Han Family is unwilling to ignore him. Whether or not this boy is related to the Kong Family, today he can only blame himself for being born into a life of bad luck!” Han Sheng turned and respectfully bowed, “Old ancestor, please make a decision!”

The Han Family old ancestor’s eyes shined with a bright light. He lightly said, “You deal with him.” A mere Foundation Establishment cultivator couldn’t be considered anything at all.

Han Sheng diabolically grinned, “Grab that boy!”

First they would get rid of these useless people and slowly deal with the Kong Family afterwards. In any case, he didn’t want outsiders meddling in their business.

Qin Yu frowned and looked at Kong Xuan. As he saw that the worry in the man’s eyes wasn’t fake, he shook his head, a cold light beginning to rise from his eyes. Perhaps it was his good intentions, but he had actually been dragged down with him. Looking at the two Han Family members approaching him, Qin Yu thought that perhaps meeting the Kong Family in Canyondwell City was a stroke of fate. Maybe he could help them out one more time.

Well, there was another consideration. If the Kong Family were destroyed today, the letter of recommendation that Kong Xuan wrote for him might become useless.

Looking up, Qin Yu’s eyes fell onto the two Han Family members. Then, he glanced at the Han Family old ancestor. Flames seemed to burn in the depths of his eyes. After 17 failed breakthroughs, the magic power within his body had far surpassed the Foundation Establishment realm in terms of quality and quantity. He also wanted to know what level his strength was at, and this Han Family old ancestor seemed like a good experimental subject.

Golden Core cultivators had sharp senses and minds. As Qin Yu’s gaze fell on him, the Han Family old ancestor had a strange feeling and turned to meet his gaze. As their eyes met in the void, the old man’s heart skipped a beat and he felt a faint threat. He silently thought that he should stop what was going to happen, but it was too late.

Bang –

A deep and dull sound began to ring as wild winds whipped into existence. The two Han Family members were suddenly sent flying backwards. They smashed through a wall, causing it to collapse around them.

The Han Family old ancestor’s pupils shrank. As he saw that the two people were only shocked and not severely wounded, he relaxed a little. Still, his tone and expression remained dignified, “Just who are you?”

Everyone from the Kong Family was stunned. They watched Qin Yu take back his hand, their eyes still wide and their hearts shaken from watching the two Foundation Establishment masters from the Han Family be sent flying backwards.

Qin Yu calmly said, “I have no relation to the Kong Family. I was just about to leave, but since your Han Family will not allow me to, I can only stay behind.”

The Han Family old ancestor was shaken for a moment and was unable to maintain his lofty and arrogant attitude. He glared at the sweating Han Sheng and then cupped his hands across his chest, “It was indeed my Han Family that made a mistake first, so I will apologize to fellow daoist first. Everyone stand to the side and allow fellow daoist Ning to leave!”

Kong Xuan finally recovered his composure, but as he did his heart began to fill with joy and regret. If he knew Senior Ning Qin had such a cultivation, why would he have bothered going out to ask for help from others? As he thought about how he had failed to greet Senior Ning Qin, he cursed that old bastard uncle of his. If it weren’t for him, then his Kong Family wouldn’t have been so embarrassingly disrespectful!

And as he was thinking this, he suddenly heard the Han Family old ancestor speak. In response, he fell to his knees and cried out, “Senior Ning Qin, please rescue my Kong Family!”

The Kong Family members weren’t idiots. Even though they hadn’t recognized Mount Tai, they still fell to their knees together, all of them filled with shame and fear.

Qin Yu swept a glance over them. Everyone within the Kong Family felt their hearts leaping up and down, afraid that Qin Yu would just nod his head and leave. They needed his help, but…if they were standing in his place and were treated as he was last night, they wouldn’t choose to help. For a time, all of the Kong Family members wanted to cry.


Kong Xuan’s breath caught in his chest. This word was like a thunderclap that rang in his ears, making everything turn dark around him. His only thought in his mind was ‘You old bastard I hope you die, you have ruined my Kong Family!’

“I think there are some youths in the Kong Family that aren’t too bad. I’ve decided to stay behind and play with them for a day.”

With a deep breath, the light returned to Kong Xuan’s eyes as if he had been revived from the dead. “The Kong Family is overcome with joy. We welcome senior to stay as long as you desire!”

The Han Family old ancestor’s complexion darkened, “Has fellow daoist Ning already made up your mind?”

Qin Yu pointed towards the young boys from yesterday. “They are just children so how can they understand the grievances of the adults? The past should remain in the past.”

The Han Family old ancestor’s eyes wavered. After a long moment of silence he said, “Since fellow daoist Ning wants to meddle, then you must first defeat this old man!”

Qin Yu smiled. “Then I must ask fellow daoist Han for guidance.” He wanted to help the Kong Family but he had no intention of developing a grudge with the Han Family. This old man Han was only a cautious person who had allowed room for both of them to draw back.

The Han Family old ancestor shook his head, “Currently, Canyondwell City does not allow high level cultivators to fight in private. Tomorrow, on the army battle stage, I will respectfully await your appearance.”

The Han Family left.

What old man Han said was true; fighting between high level cultivators was forbidden in Canyondwell City. But, he had likely wanted to use this chance to go back and find out more about Qin Yu and also make more preparations. Concerning the fight, Qin Yu didn’t care too much but he wasn’t too happy either. He frowned as he thought about having to expose his strength in public.

Kong Xuan’s heart shrank as he saw this. Could it be that Senior Ning Qin wasn’t a match for the old ancestor? If so, then his Kong Family would never be able to escape this disaster. For a time, his heart was a confused mess.

Qin Yu realized that his expression was different. He refused the warm invitations of the Kong Family and went back to a room to meditate, leaving the worried Kong Family outside.

Pata –

Pata –

The rain began to slowly fall.

Although Canyondwell City was large, they didn’t have a Nascent Soul to guard it. This was because here, both righteous and demonic factions had restrained themselves and hadn’t invested their peak strength. While the honored status of a Nascent Soul was an explanation, the ultimate reason was that this invasion into the Southern Empire could only be considered a local war between the righteous and demonic factions.

The Golden Core realm could be called the peak war strength on the battlefield, thus when news of Qin Yu’s battle against old man Han spread out it immediately stirred up immense waves. Countless cultivators were in high spirits, excited about the prospect of going to the battle stage tomorrow and witnessing this high level fight!

The day passed with nothing occurring.

In the early morning, Qin Yu pushed open the doors. Kong Xuan and the others were standing outside, respectfully waiting for him. The arrogant and prideful great uncle from yesterday was naturally not present. After being severely wounded and shocked yesterday, he had nearly died and had hidden away in his room, terrified.

“Greetings, Senior Ning Qin!”

Hearing the loud shouts from the courtyard, the great uncle’s body shook and he smashed a nearby bedpan.

Qin Yu wasn’t in the mood to haggle with him. He glanced around and said, “Lead the way.”

Kong Xuan used both hands to take out a letter. He respectfully said, “The letter I wrote yesterday was too crude, not worthy of senior’s great prestige, so please accept this new letter.”

Qin Yu didn’t take it. “What status did you give me?”

Kong Xuan braced himself, “Kong Family’s Exalted.”

The corners of Qin Yu’s lips curled up. “You planned this quite well.”

A cold sweat formed on Kong Xuan. “I beg Senior Ning Qin to agree. All women of age within the Kong Family are willing to serve as maids and slaves for you!”

Several dressed up young girls stepped forwards, charming smiles on their faces as they bowed down.

Qin Yu frowned, “Have them leave!”

Kong Xuan blanched. The several young girls also had gloomy expressions on their faces.

Qin Yu lightly said, “Does the Kong Family see me like this?”

As Kong Xuan was about to explain, Qin Yu took the letter. “Remember, this is a choice your Kong Family made. If you are implicated in some way in the future, don’t regret it.”

Kong Xuan was ecstatic. “We won’t regret, we won’t!” He turned and added, “Hurry up and greet the Exalted!”

Qin Yu shook his head, “Let’s not delay.”

“Of course, of course, Lord Exalted, please follow me.” Kong Xuan respectfully said, feeling a great stone lifted from his heart. As long as Qin Yu agreed then the Kong Family would have the protection of a Golden Core level cultivator. Even if he lost on stage today, the Han Family wouldn’t dare to bully them too much.

To have a Golden Core, to not have a Golden Core, to small cultivating families, this difference was as great as the heavens and earth. As for the implication that Qin Yu spoke of, he knew that everything in this world came with a price. Since the Kong Family would enjoy the protection of Qin Yu, they naturally had to prepare for any backlash that followed.

From this aspect, Kong Xuan could be considered an intelligent individual.

The northern end of Canyondwell City had been evacuated of citizens and a temporary military station had been set up there. All of the cultivators from different factions had gathered here and security was strict. Kong Xuan led the way, unimpeded. As they walked forwards, eyes fell onto Qin Yu and all of them were amazed.

Wasn’t it said that a mysterious powerhouse from the Kong Family was going to fight the old ancestor of the Han Family? This was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator!

News quickly spread out, creating an uproar. As more and more cultivators confirmed that Kong Xuan was leading a Foundation Establishment youth to the army station, all of them became enraged as if they had been personally deceived. However, even though a small number of people left in a huff, the vast majority of them stayed behind. All of them wanted to see how this Foundation Establishment youth from the Kong Family would be beaten into mush.

Foundation Establishment versus Golden Core, this was just a massive joke!

Kong Xuan personally appeared with a formal letter of recommendation. Soon, Qin Yu received with his army identity card. This sort of thing was used to calculate merit points. After refining it, one could record the cultivation, height, and identity of demonic path cultivators killed, and then use the merit points to exchange for items on the hundred treasure list.

Ignoring the strange looks from the army cultivators, Qin Yu faintly smiled. After so much trouble he had finally joined the alliance army. Now, all that was left over was to gather enough military merit points to exchange for the Skythunder Bamboo.

But before that, he had to finish this matter with the Kong Family.

“Let’s go.”

Kong Xuan nodded. As the two were about to leave, a light flashed in front of them and a middle-aged cultivator rapidly appeared. The man had a noble and dignified air to him, and the blue clothes he wore exuded their own uncommon magnificence. He said in a deep voice, “Kong Xuan, with the great war before us, you should know that powerhouses in the alliance are forbidden from private battles…”

As his eyes fell onto Qin Yu, he stopped talking and frowned, “Who is he? Didn’t you come to get an identity token for the Kong Family’s Exalted?”

Kong Xuan respectfully bowed. “Greetings, Senior Zhu Bluecloud. Reporting to senior, this person is my Kong Family’s Exalted, Senior Ning Qin.”

Zhu Bluecloud’s face darkened. “Kong Xuan, I will warn you one more time that the alliance does not permit high level cultivators to have private battles. You must immediately go find your Kong Family’s Exalted and prevent him from taking the stage!”

Kong Xuan wryly said, “I was not lying. This person is Senior Ning Qin.”

Zhu Bluecloud started to laugh from anger. A Foundation Establishment Exalted? You actually dare to say such words? If this were true then would old man Han have retreated yesterday? It was like people thought he was an idiot!

“Kong Xuan, if you continue to pretend to be stupid then don’t blame me for using my status as an Elder of the alliance army to punish your Kong Family!”


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