Chapter 40 – Victory

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Qin Yu suddenly said, “Han Beishan has stepped on stage.”

Zhu Bluecloud’s complexion became even uglier than before. What a wonderful Kong Family this was. It was already enough that the family Patriarch was pretending to be a fool, but even a mere junior had dared to call a Golden Core cultivator by his name. This was completely brazen!

“Kong Xuan, you need to manage your family’s juniors. If you continue to recklessly spout nonsense then I will make sure you regret it!”

Qin Yu glanced at him. “Han Beishan went on stage, so why didn’t you stop him? Now you want the Kong Family to leave? This could be considered preferential treatment.”

“Shut up!” Zhu Bluecloud said, angered. “What a rude junior, you actually dare to disrespect me! Today I will definitely punish you lest you forget how vast the heavens and earth are in the future!”

Kong Xuan shouted out, “Senior Zhu, he really is my Kong Family’s Exalted. You have made a mistake!”

Zhu Bluecloud stiffened. He turned and looked at the cultivators at the registration area and saw them quickly nod in reply. Then, his complexion turned strange. A Foundation Establishment Exalted? Had the Kong Family gone crazy or had the world changed? Since when would a Foundation Establishment cultivator challenge a Golden Core?

He looked at Qin Yu, unsure. “Stop stirring up trouble! I will explain matters to the Han Family, so hurry up and bring this boy out of here. If you really want to die then go to the battlefield and kill some demonic cultivators. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to die there.”

Although these words were hard to hear, they were actually meant to save Qin Yu’s life. Qin Yu smiled, thinking that this Zhu Bluecloud wasn’t that bad at all. “Don’t worry, no one is going to die.” Then, he stepped forwards.

Kong Xuan briefly bowed and hurried to follow.

Zhu Bluecloud’s complexion turned even uglier. Since when had he ever been disregarded by a Foundation Establishment cultivator like this? This Kong Family junior was just far too rampant! He had likely reached his current cultivation smoothly so he lacked awareness of just how much skill he had, and believed he could fight at the Golden Core realm with a few minor methods. It was like he didn’t know what death was!

He wanted to wash his hands of this mess, but if that boy could reach the sixth level of Foundation Establishment at his age, that meant he wasn’t too weak. It would be a pity if he died on the battle stage. He might as well go and watch the fight, and if he were in trouble he could go and save him still. Humph, he wanted to see just what sort of expression that boy would have then.

Zhu Bluecloud turned and left, finally able to scatter a bit of the dreariness in his heart. He revealed a faint smile. He didn’t want to admit it, but that boy had caught his attention.

The battle stage was a place where cultivators of the alliance army came to settle their private grudges. Besides those deep blood feuds that couldn’t be controlled, most other problems were settled here. Even so, it was dangerous when cultivators fought, and blood was often spilled in the process of deciding the winner and loser. The battle stage was covered in pits and bloodstains, and an invisible killing intent filled the air.

Han Beishan stood on stage, his eyes closed deep in meditation. He was like a proud and noble grandmaster. Countless eyes gathered on him, awe shining in them.

“He is truly worthy of being a Golden Core cultivator. Even if he is only at the early realm, this sort of bearing and aura is uncommon, far surpassing anything I could attempt!” A ninth level Foundation Establishment cultivator said, sighing with envy.

Those standing beside him were mostly similar. They all nodded in agreement. They had all touched upon the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm, so they were well aware of the massive disparity that existed between Foundation Establishment and Golden Core.

A big fellow with a dark face cursed, “I came today to watch a Golden Core battle and use it to verify the feelings of my cultivation. Who knew that all my plans would be ruined like this. After today, I will definitely get back at the Kong Family for this!”

“A Foundation Establishment realm Exalted, this is just the biggest joke in the world. I wonder if the Kong Family was frightened silly or if they are trying to delay for more time!”

“We’ve already come, so we might as well just watch this as a play. I also want to see the expression of that Kong Family Exalted after Senior Han is finished with him!”

Kong Xuan listened to all of this and rolled his eyes back into his head, secretly scolding these people for being idiots! Foundation Establishment realm? Could a Foundation Establishment cultivator casually wave his sleeve and send two Foundation Establishment masters from the Han Family flying backwards, and even frighten that old freak Han Beishan into retreat? Senior Ning Qin was definitely at the Golden Core realm, but he was simply using some unknown method to conceal his aura. Perhaps he might not be as strong as Han Beishan, but he definitely had the ability to protect himself.

Just you wait! You’ll all be left rubbing your eyes!

Kong Xuan respectfully spoke out loud, “I ask Exalted One to take the stage.”


The Kong Family cultivators behind him all chimed in unison, “Exalted One, please take the stage!”

Like this, it was hard for them to not draw attention even if they didn’t want to.

The gaze of the entire audience instantly gathered onto Qin Yu. Many of these looks were filled with shock and surprise. It was only now that everyone was able to confirm that the Kong Family had found a Foundation Establishment Exalted.

Hum –

The scene turned noisy for a moment.

On the battle stage, Han Beishan opened his eyes, a divine light shining within them. The aura of a Golden Core rose up, as if a giant python were looking down on everyone from above, leaving their scalps tingling with awe.

The chaotic and noisy audience suddenly quieted down!

Countless complexions paled as they cried out in alarm. A Golden Core cultivator was truly horrifying.

Qin Yu looked up and their gazes met in the void. He stepped forwards, separating himself from the crowd.

Zhu Bluecloud had caught up just in time to see this. He curled his lips; what an attention-loving boy. However, he knew that the gaze of a Golden Core cultivator wasn’t easy to deal with. Han Beishan had used a bit of his divine sense to suppress the area, and the boy would likely find this difficult to withstand.

Hehe, the Golden Core great dao wasn’t just talk. The more interesting scenes were yet to come.

Qin Yu stood in front of the battle stage. He tapped his feet and leapt up, steadily falling onto the platform.

Han Beishan’s pupils shrank.

In the back, Zhu Bluecloud’s expression turned earnest. He could clearly feel that Qin Yu’s step hadn’t the faintest fluctuation of magic power. In other words, he relied purely on the strength of his mortal body to jump the 10 feet onto the stage. A cultivator that paid even a little bit of attention to training their body could accomplish this, but to fall so steadily and smoothly, there wouldn’t even be one in 10,000!

Could this boy’s trump card be his bodily strength? A smile began to play on his lips as he suddenly thought that this boy was to his liking. Who didn’t know that Gate Smasher Zhu Bluecloud had relied on his powerful body to obtain his current fame so long ago?

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Fellow daoist Han, if you will.”

Han Beishan sucked in a deep breath. “Let’s fight!”

He lifted a palm and slammed it outwards. Strong winds stirred up, spinning forwards like a revolving sword.

Zhu Bluecloud cursed out loud. He never imagined that in facing a mere Foundation Establishment junior, Han Beishan would actually use the entirety of his strength, leaving him no time to save him. As he thought that this junior he had taken a liking to would soon be turned into a pile of flesh and blood, his face turned pitch black.

Qin Yu’s eyes narrowed and he rushed forwards like a wild tiger released from its chains. With overwhelming momentum he raced into the cyclone, completely flipping over everyone’s expectations of what he would do. Even Han Beishan was stunned as his eyes widened with utter disbelief.

Robes tore and blood splattered out, but nothing was able to prevent Qin Yu’s advance. Han Beishan prepared to draw backwards, but just as he moved he suddenly came to a violent stop. An iron-hard palm grabbed his throat. Blood flowed out and he was sent tumbling to the ground.

Qin Yu’s hair was messy and his robes were torn. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “You’ve lost.”

At this time, the entire world seemed to come to a halt!

Qin Yu released his hand and turned to leave. Cultivators started to hurriedly back away as if a mountain had fallen into the sea. Their eyes were all filled with bewilderment.

Han Beishan lay stiff on the ground. His clothes were completely soaked in a cold sweat. If this were the battlefield he would have long since become a corpse. As his scalp tingled he stammered, “From this day on, the enmity between Han and Kong is no more.”

Qin Yu nodded and departed.

The Kong Family cultivators and Kong Xuan were all ecstatic with joy. If one looked carefully, they would find that even their legs were shaking with excitement.

They won!

Their Lord Exalted had actually…won!

Bang –

The entire battle stage audience blew up into an uproar.

“He was able to forcefully resist the magic arts of a Golden Core and subdue Senior Han with a single strike. This person is terrifyingly strong…” A ninth level Foundation Establishment muttered with wide eyes. If he could learn this method then couldn’t he completely crush Golden Cores!?

The people around him also had similar ideas. And, a single question rose up in their minds – Did Lord Ning Qin accept disciples?

At this time, a person eerily said, “Who said that they would get back at the Kong Family for today?”

A dark-faced big fellow turned and left, pretending he was completely unrelated.

Several people watched as the big fellow left, their eyes filled with contempt. But soon, they discovered that this large fellow had run off to chase the Kong Family cultivators and they started to curse themselves. There was no way they were going to let him take the initiative!



In the blink of an eye, the battle stage area had emptied out as countless cultivators rushed over to the Kong Family! As for Zhu Bluecloud, he simply stood there. As a Disciplinary Elder of the alliance, he was usually greeted with respect and awe by the cultivators in Canyondwell City. But right now they were treating him as air. A hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators flew past him in a hurry, none of them slowing down.

His lips twitched as he mumbled to himself, “I was wrong!”

Qin Yu had already expected this would occur. After leaving the stage it wasn’t long before he parted ways with the Kong Family. He walked into an alley and put on a black robe. He came out just in time to see swarms of cultivators rush over to the Kong Family. Smiling, he turned and soared out of the city gates without hesitation.

After obtaining an alliance cultivator status and resolving the Kong Family’s crisis, he didn’t plan on delaying any further. If the Skythunder Bamboo were exchanged for by someone ahead of time, then that would produce endless headaches.


Three months later.

In the wilderness, billowing demonic energy howled in the air. A demonic path Golden Core had a deathly pale face filled with fear. He never imagined he would actually meet that dark star today. The news from yesterday said that he was over a thousand miles away, so how could he appear here today? The demonic cultivator roared in his heart, ‘You dog-shit scout, you’ve ruined my life!’

With a forehead dripping with sweat, the demonic path Golden Core sharply twisted his head around. A cold air swept past his scallop and the few strands of severed hair that fell down left him panic-stricken.

Shit! This magic art was clearly Vorpal Edge. How could a trash Foundation Establishment technique be so strong!?

Filled with fear, all his fighting spirit had long since fled. Right now, all he thought about was running away. But at this time the sound of breaking air rose up behind him and he cursed out loud again!

After avoiding the attack from a small black flag, the demonic cultivator was given no time to relax. Demonic energy tumbled and surged as a black figure appeared from it, holding an inkjade scepter in his hands. As the demonic cultivator was about to evade, an agonizing pain shot into his mind and he froze in place. He could only watch with wide eyes as the inkjade scepter came falling down on him.

Bang –

A headless corpse crashed into the ground. Blood gushed out like a fountain!

After striking the demonic path cultivator dead, the black figure dispersed into gas that flowed into the flag. Then, the flag flew into a youth’s hands. The youth fell to the ground and took out a token. Looking at it shine, he smiled, “This is the tenth one.”

This youth was Qin Yu.

Canyondwell City was now embroiled in the flames of war, and the righteous and demonic paths were caught up in a raging battle. He didn’t go to join in on the fun but instead penetrated into regions controlled by the demonic path to kill demonic path powerhouses. The standard that the alliance used to calculate merit points was based on cultivation. Hunting and killing high level cultivators would naturally be faster for accumulating merit points.

A single Golden Core was worth 100 Foundation Establishment cultivators!


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