Chapter 46 – Enemies Meet

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The Golden Core demonic cultivator settled down a bit. “This little girl understands courtesy and custom; I like that. However, mistakes must be punished. Come, follow me back for questioning, and once you clearly explain yourself then you will be allowed to leave.”

Zhang Zhang stiffened. She naturally couldn’t agree to this demand, otherwise if she were to truly enter the region of the demonic path then she wouldn’t be able to explain herself even if she had 100 mouths. Moreover, she could see something in the depths of this old demon’s eyes that made loathing and disgust rise into her throat! She took a deep breath and said in a soft voice, “Senior, with the status of us juniors, today’s events won’t cause any trouble at all. If you let us go we can just pretend none of this happened. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Li Yunmo’s eyes wavered. “Very well. I can allow them to leave, but you must stay here!” He couldn’t let this piece of meat go away once it was so close to his mouth.

Zhang Huo grew angry. “You old demon! My family’s honorable master is a high level figure within the alliance. If you dare to take advantage of our miss then you will never escape disaster!”

Bang –

A flick of the sleeve sent him flying away. Li Yunmo’s eyes were fierce and brutal, “I also want to know just how your family’s master will cause a disaster for me!”

“Stop.” A gentle voice rang out, filled with warmth. Liang Taizu walked forwards with his group in tow. “Draw back. Don’t be rude to this lady.”

Li Yunmo respectfully followed his command.

Liang Taizu swept his eyes around and sighed inwardly with admiration. Because of the laws that Li Yunmo cultivated, he normally didn’t hold attraction towards women, so Liang Taizu was surprised that this occurred. But Zhang Zhang’s beauty surpassed his expectations. He cupped his hands across his chest and said, “My subordinate was rude and accidentally frightened miss.”

Zhang Zhang was shaken. This old demonic cultivator had an aura as deep as a pool and confining as a prison; he was the strongest powerhouse here. So who was this youth? He actually held such authority!

“Senior didn’t trouble us. Sir speaks too seriously.”

Appreciation glowed in Liang Taizu’s eyes. “Miss is truly forgiving, so I don’t want to make things awkward anymore. But, my subordinate already stated that one of you must stay behind, so I ask miss to leave one of your maids here and then you can all safely leave.”

Behind Zhang Zhang, the complexions of the two girls paled.

Shao Shao was panic-stricken. As she glanced to her side and saw the pale and anxious expression of the girl standing beside her, she calmed down. She thought to herself that since she had accompanied her miss since she was a child, it was impossible for her to be abandoned with the relationship they had. Everyone else around her also had a similar idea. Their eyes glanced at her and although some people felt regret, they didn’t say anything. Otherwise, would someone willingly stay behind in her place? What a joke!

Gu Ling’er bit her lips, pleading in her eyes.

Zhang Zhang forced a smile. “Sir…”

Liang Taizu’s attitude was relaxed. “Miss, don’t make me take back my promise.”

As despair filled Gu Ling’er’s heart, she could no longer keep back her tears; they began to drip down her cheeks.

Li Yunmo licked the corners of his lips. He pointed a finger, “Young master, I believe that maid is quite good. She has a fresh taste like pears in rain!”

Zhang Zhang stiffened.

Everything already seemed decided.

But in the silence, a touch of black appeared from a crack in the valley. It was a youth, and although his appearance was extremely ordinary, his eyes were as fathomless as the sea.

“How lively!”

A cold voice spread into everyone’s ears.

Zhang Zhang turned to look. What entered her eyes was a strange face, but from the way he walked and the way he spoke…she couldn’t be wrong, it was him! It had to be him!

Joy surged from the depths of her heart. She quickly bowed, “Greetings…my lord.”

The Zhang Family members and the demonic cultivators across from them all revealed puzzled expressions at the same time. He was just a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator. Could he be capable of changing the current situation?

Li Yunmo’s complexion changed. His dark and dreary gaze fell upon the black-robed youth and he turned to whisper several words into Liang Taizu’s ear.

Liang Taizu’s eyes brightened. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them once more. A smile lifted his lips. “What a familiar taste. It seems we meet again.” He swept his eyes around, “Where is the Grandmaster? I still haven’t forgotten the benevolence of the lesson he taught me.”

The black-robed youth remained expressionless. “I have no idea what you are speaking of.”

Liang Taizu smiled. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. We have plenty of time, so how about returning to my camp for a talk?”

The black-robed youth said, “Liang Taizu, this is the Righteous and Demonic Convocation, a manifestation of the will of the high level figures from both sides. No matter how distinguished your status is, if you do something like destroying this meeting, you will inevitably pay a price for your actions. The status you hold today was hard to come by, so carefully consider just what your next move will be.”

Liang Taizu’s smile widened. “You seem to know a great deal, but as long as you stay behind, just who will know that I was responsible?”

The black-robed youth looked at the old man across from him. “You can try.”

The old man slowly looked up. His aura sharpened, like an invisible blade that could split apart the heavens and earth!

Liang Taizu’s stared carefully at every slight change in Qin Yu’s expression. He lifted his hand, “Uncle Sea.”

The old man lowered his head and became unnoteworthy once more.

Liang Taizu said, “As the Grandmaster’s disciple, I should spare you a bit of face. Since you decided to meddle in today’s events, I will let things go for now. But, I am becoming increasingly annoyed by you, so from now on you had best not appear before me again, otherwise I will definitely kill you.”

The demonic path cultivators turned and left.

Woosh –

The sound of breaking air roared like a hurricane as Zhang Chengzu’s figure appeared from nowhere. He worriedly asked, “Zhang Zhang, are you alright?”

Zhang Zhang’s eyes reddened. She forcefully held back her grievances and said, “It was thanks to Senior Ning Qin helping us that the demonic path cultivators retreated.”

Zhang Chengzu hesitated for a moment. “Fellow daoist Ning Qin?”

Qin Yu was left helpless. Why was it that everyone he met possessed extraordinary sensor abilities? He nodded, “Please keep my identity a secret, there are still some matters I must attend to. Farewell.” He glanced at Gu Ling’er and left.

Zhang Zhang wanted to speak but wavered. Looking at Ning Qin’s departing back, she was left confused. Although his looks were ordinary, his behavior and cultivation were all beyond reproach. Without lifting a finger, he was able to force the demonic path powerhouses to retreat, showing his great majesty and dignity. If such a Ning Qin were to appear in the spring of a young girl, he would be a slayer of hearts.

Everyone’s reactions were caught in Zhang Chengzu’s eyes. A smile bloomed on his face. In his opinion, since Ning Qin helped out today, this proved just what he was thinking…and, the key point was that Zhang Zhang didn’t appear to dislike him. If they could marry, even if this meant his Zhang Family would lose a daughter, it would be a great blessing for them all.

For some unknown reason, Zhang Chengzu suddenly thought back to the ‘verbal engagement’ she had with that one boy and his smile became brighter than the sun.

His daughter was currently a direct disciple of the Rainbow Sect. She had cultivated for three years to enter the Foundation Establishment realm and her martial talent and appearance were both top rate, just like a heavenly angel. Now, she had finally encountered a stroke of good fortune, so how could that country boy hick ever have dreamed of trying to marry Zhang Zhang?

As Zhang Huo informed him of this matter, he had thought it had been a bit too cold and callous, but at this moment, he felt that it was the right choice to make! She was Zhang Chengzu’s daughter; not everyone had the right to think of her.

Li Yunmo had an unwilling expression. “Young master, although that boy changed his appearance, the marking aura on his body cannot be wrong. He definitely still has the storage bag with him, so why didn’t we take this chance today to grab him?”

Liang Taizu waved his hand. “Do you think that with just his Foundation Establishment cultivation he would dare to be so insolent in front of me? Especially with Uncle Sea there.”

Li Yunmo was startled. “Are you saying that the Grandmaster has already reached Nascent Soul?”

Liang Taizu nodded. “Even if there is only a 30% chance I still cannot take the risk. Otherwise, the fury of a Nascent Soul is enough to reduce us all to ashes.”

“But…” Li Yunmo hesitated.

Liang Taizu smiled. “The storage bag is in his hands and the materials for the Demon Body cannot run away. During this Righteous and Demonic Convocation, we will look for a chance to kill him. However, we will need to be victims in this plan. If he tried to kill us and was killed by us in self-defense, then even if his master stepped into the Nascent Soul realm he still wouldn’t be able to do anything to us. Otherwise, even if he is a Nascent Soul, he would be hunted down by my demonic path for the rest of his life.”

Li Yunmo shot a glance at Deepsea Demon, heartfelt admiration in his voice. “Young master is so wise!” So, it turned out that Deepsea Demon had already pledged loyalty to the young master.

Also, his young master was a demon amongst demons. In terms of bloodline, potential, character, methods, he excelled in all aspects. He was likely to become a Saint Lord of the demonic path in the future.

Such a person was naturally worthy of following.

“This subordinate will immediately go and find that man’s whereabouts!” Li Yunmo quickly left.

Liang Taizu suddenly said, “Uncle Sea?”

Deepsea Demon’s expression was calm. “In the surrounding 100 miles, there is no Nascent Soul.”

Liang Taizu smiled. “Very good. Then we will continue with our original plan. After this meeting, I want to ensure that there is no other junior within the demonic path that can compare with me again!”


The meeting arrived on schedule.

In a valley with steep walls on both sides, a large number of viewing stands had been carved into the rock. The righteous and demonic cultivators sat distantly across from each other, observing the battlefield.

Although they restrained each other, the aura they exuded clashed into a great column that impacted into the highest heavens, stirring up wind and causing clouds to change color.

In the rear, the great armies of the righteous and demonic factions had gathered, their momentum imposing as they looked down at Hidden Wind Valley.

The battles began.

The first match.

Liang Taizu stood in an unremarkable position. He turned and said, “Go.”

A dark and swarthy cultivator from the rear walked forwards. He respectfully bowed and said, “I ask young master to look after my wife and children.”

Liang Taizu solemnly said, “The demonic path will not forget your devotion.”

The swarthy cultivator shot into the skies with a single step and landed on the stage. He roared, “I am the demonic path’s Mountainshake Demon, a seventh level Golden Core cultivation. Who dares to fight me!?”

The deep roar was like grating metal as it swept through the audience. Several great figures from the alliance viewing area frowned as they turned their heads to look.

Jiang Yuanhao explained, “The alliance chose the location where this meeting would take place, and the demonic path would choose the order of the battles.” He turned and earnestly said, “Brother Ku, the demonic path will show no mercy. You must be careful!”

Ku Ah lowered his head, revealing nine circular dots created by incense scars. He brought his hands together in prayer, “For the trillion lives of the Southern Empire, this monk will do his best.”

The high level figures of the alliance all cupped their hands across their chests and bowed.

There were no buddhist sects within the Southern Empire. Ku Ah was an ascetic monk that originated from the outside world and possessed a buddhist cultivation that was unfathomably deep. He was a man of character and integrity, and his choice to take on this risk for the good of the people was a choice worthy of admiration.

Calmly stepping forwards without the least bit of magic power, Ku Ah walked onto the stage. He sung a brief buddhist chant before saying, “The invasion of the demonic path has resulted in endless slaughter and mayhem, and retributive karma is bound to return to you. However, boundless though the sea of bitterness may be, those who repent can still find salvation in the nearby shores.”

Mountainshake Demon laughed, “My demonic path carves a road of massacre through the world. We were originally born from slaughtering and plundering the world, so if you want me to lay down my butcher’s blade then come and kill me first!”

Bang –

Demonic energy shot up into the skies, billowing like pitch black smoke, ominous and malevolent, filled with dark power as it swept out through the world. With a loud explosion, the red valley stones broke apart as cracks proliferated without end. Mountainshake Demon rushed forwards like a raging bull. The ground he passed over was unable to withstand the terrifying pressure and began to collapse all around him. From above, it was like an open scar was being torn through the land.

Ku Ah lifted his palms up and thrust them out together. Bright buddhist light shined and thousands of buddhist phantoms appeared, each one glaring down with wrathful judgment in their eyes!

Mountainshake Demon crashed into this light and thunderclaps filled the air as if mountains were colliding into each other. Buddhist phantoms collapsed once after another, unable to resist the overbearing momentum. His body overflowed with astonishing killing intent, like an ancient demon that trampled over all beings.

In the alliance viewing area, the juniors cried out in alarm, their eyes filled with shock and fear. They never thought that Mountainshake Demon would be so violent and fierce.

But those like Jiang Yuanhao all had calm expressions, none of them panicked. Rather, there was a faint happiness blooming from deep in their eyes. Although it appeared on the surface that Mountainshake Demon had obtained the upper hand, that damaged buddhist light didn’t dissipate, but instead rapidly gathered itself and reformed. As Mountainshake Demon broke inside, he was caught by the layers and layers of buddhist suppression.

For buddhist factions, their cultivation laws were ones of incredible patience and astonishing stamina. To send the crude and savage Mountainshake Demon onto the stage, he would be lacking the longer he continued.

Unless an accident occurred, this fight was already won.

Jiang Yuanhao and the others all revealed smiles.

But in the next moment they all shot up, their smiles frozen on their faces.

“Hahaha!” Mountainshake Demon wildly laughed. “Foolish monk, since you want to enlighten me then follow me to the yellow springs!”

His body rose up by a foot and blood vessels began bursting out from beneath his skin. Chaotic energies started gushing from his disintegrating body.

Bang –

A heaven-shaking explosion caused the ground to collapse. From all around, dust soared into the heavens and the viewing platforms of both sides cracked as countless stones came crashing down.

Rumble rumble rumble –

Endless thunderclaps rang in the air.

On the alliance viewing platforms, all the high level figures were left deathly pale!


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