Chapter 47 – The Mighty Army Breaker

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Mountainshake Demon exploded.

As a Golden Core that was igniting all the magic power within his body, the force produced from this self-explosion was terrifying. It ravaged and devastated everything within the destructive range.

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank and his complexion darkened. He had experienced a Golden Core demonic cultivator blowing himself up before so he was well aware of how dangerous it was. But, the demonic cultivator who tried to perish together with him that day had only been at the early Golden Core realm, whereas Mountainshake Demon was at the late Golden Core realm. Ku Ah was stronger than Mountainshake Demon and his buddhist cultivation methods gave him the advantage in battle, but against the ruthless suicidal explosion, even he seemed extremely fragile.

Whoosh –

Jiang Yuanhao rushed onto the battlefield. With a wide wave of his sleeves, strong winds rose up and scattered the dust and dirt, revealing the horrifying picture hidden beneath. The earth was torn asunder and marred with deep pits that were over a dozen feet deep. The entire area for several miles outwards had sunk by an entire foot, and the ground had been flattened and cracked like broken glass.

Ku Ah had fallen down, his monk robes soaked in blood. He had countless wounds and even white bones showed. From the alliance viewing platform, everyone revealed expressions of rage as they were barely able to hold themselves back. The only fortunate thing was the weak fluctuations of Ku Ah’s chest that proved he was still alive.

Jiang Yuanhao roared out in anger, “Despicable!”

From the demonic path viewing platform, a demonic cultivator stood up. “In a battle of life and death, everything is decided by the heavens. All methods can be used to kill your opponent, and dying with your enemy is a heroic matter, so how is it despicable? This match will be decided by our agreement and considered a tie.”

With boundless demonic energy infused in his voice, the cold and sharp words spread throughout the entire Hidden Wind Valley.

On the alliance viewing platform, a sixth level Golden Core cultivator suddenly paled as sweat began to drip down from him. This person was supposed to be the participant for the second match. “Everyone…” He hesitated as he spoke, but the meaning behind his words was crystal clear.

The complexions of the high level alliance figures sank, yet none of them could say half a word of comfort. The demonic path had chosen to use unbelievably cruel and brutal methods. If someone were to take the stage, the result could be imagined.

Jiang Yuanhao brought Ku Ah back so he could be treated by the alliance healers. Covered in blood, he walked over and found out what was happening. He raged, “Grandmaster Ku Ah has no relation to my Southern Empire yet he was willing to take the stage, but you are a true cultivator of the Southern Empire and yet you have thoughts of withdrawing!”

Shame rose on the man’s face. He lowered his head, not saying anything further.

“Brother Jiang, calm your anger. The demonic path’s methods were far more ruthless than imagined so it is inevitable that fellow daoist Lin gave birth to thoughts of withdrawing in a moment of panic.”

“That is true. You and I never thought that the demonic path would be so vicious. It seems that we fell for their trap in this battle.”

“We need to think about what to do now. If no one is willing to step on stage, that doesn’t mean we can admit defeat, right? If we do, the morale of the alliance army will collapse.”

Jiang Yuanhao’s anger stagnated in his chest. He was the person in charge of this Righteous and Demonic Convocation, and in the end, he was also responsible for everything that occurred here. His complexion became even uglier. After an emergency meeting, the high level alliance figures came up with a countermeasure. Still, this countermeasure was far too unusual, and even though everyone agreed that it was the only way to proceed, none of them wanted to speak up about it.

Their eyes fell on Zhu Bluecloud.

After obtaining a jade slip from the high level alliance figures, Zhu Bluecloud’s complexion turned gloomy. He cursed beneath his breath and braced himself.

“Ning Qin…ah, I really have no face to say anything. Take a look yourself. If you don’t want to then just refuse it. I will support you the entire way!”

Qin Yu took the jade slip. After several breaths of time, he gave it back. “I understand.”

Veins popped up on Zhu Bluecloud’s forehead. “What do you mean you understand? You are going to agree to this? The demonic path is even willing to self-destruct themselves; this is proof that they are willing to do anything it takes to win. If you step on stage then your life will be in certain peril!”

Qin Yu’s heart warmed. While he wasn’t too happy with the choice that the alliance’s high level figures made, this battle involved not just the war between the righteous and demonic factions, but also his own tempering. Today, his will had reached the peak of possibility. He could not take a single step backwards, otherwise a flaw would exist in his mind from here on out.

“Rest assured that I will win.”

Zhu Bluecloud’s heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know what Qin Yu was thinking, and only thought that Qin Yu and Grandmaster Ku Ah were the same in that neither of them wanted the people of the Southern Empire to perish beneath the torment of the demonic path. Even as he was ashamed of himself, respect and awe gushed out from his heart. He brought his hands together in respect and said, “Brother Ning, I will wait for you to return in triumph, and then we will drink through the night!”

He turned and walked away.

A jade slip was soon brought to the demonic path viewing platform. As Liang Taizu received it, a bright smile grew on his face.

Li Yunmo respectfully said, “Young master’s plan was truly ingenious!”

Gratification flashed in Deepsea Demon’s eyes. He felt more and more that he had chosen the right person. Liang Taizu really did have a high chance of becoming the demonic path’s Saint Lord.

Liang Taizu was able to sense this change in attitude and was left even more satisfied. Deepsea Demon was the most powerful of his subordinates, and if he could compel true loyalty from him then that would be a tremendous harvest. And most importantly, this Righteous and Demonic Convocation was the first great task he had been assigned. If he could complete it then he would be able to solidify his current position and even further his influence in the demonic path. This would build a steady foundation for his future.

Up until now, everything had been in his grasp!

By throwing away Mountainshake Demon he was able to ruin the righteous faction alliance powerhouse Ku Ah and also lock in their final victory. Everything had been taken into account. Of course, everything was based upon the premise that they would win the third match. But, with Army Breaker personally going on stage, was there anyone from the righteous faction alliance that could possibly be his match?

Liang Taizu waved his hand. “Agree to their request. The second match is a draw; begin the third march.” He rose up, “Brother Army Breaker, I’ll have to trouble you.”

Army Breaker opened his eyes, a swift and sharp killing intent flashing through them. Although he wasn’t too tall, he was like a mountain that blocked out the skies, leaving one shivering in fear.

“After this matter, I no longer owe you any favor.”

Liang Taizu smiled. “Of course. I am looking forwards to meeting you in the future struggle for Demon Monarch.”

“Humph!” With a deep cough, Army Breaker soared up and crashed into the valley like a meteor. His arrival was a crash that sent a shockwave sweeping outwards. He raised a finger, “Who wants to die!”

His billowing voice echoed in the air.

In the presence of such power and momentum, cultivators on the demonic path viewing platform all began to applaud and cheer.

Li Yunmo’s complexion turned ugly, “Young master, this person is a powerful opponent!”

Liang Taizu’s smile didn’t dim. “He might be strong but he’s little more than a brute. He is not worthy of worrying over.” To be able to send Army Breaker onto the battlefield, that was the foundation of his plan today.

But his smile suddenly froze. He slowly straightened from his relaxed posture, his eyes narrowing.

Li Yunmo quietly shouted, “Young master, it’s him!”

Liang Taizu’s eyes began to cloud over with uncertainty. He had thought that everything today was going to go along the prescribed path, but now a shadow began to cover his heart.

“Young master, there is no need to worry. Within the Southern Empire, whether it is the righteous or demonic paths, there is no one at the early Golden Core realm that can defeat Army Breaker.” Deepsea Demon lightly said.

Li Yunmo diabolically grinned. “That boy is seeking death. This is the perfect chance to use Army Breaker’s hand to kill him.”

Liang Taizu calmed down. He nodded, “Let’s watch.”

The events of East Stream Town had been only three years ago, yet that little Foundation Establishment boy of back then was now at the Golden Core realm, and even dared to take the stage after Mountainshake Demon’s self-explosion. He definitely had to have some sort of trump card in his hands.

With his thoughts racing, Liang Taizu’s heart wasn’t as calm as he seemed on the outside.

Qin Yu flew out from the viewing platform. The high level alliance figures knew his true identity, and they were all looking at him with eyes mixed with shame and anticipation. Liang Taizu may have decided to lock in the final victory and defeat in this third match, but so had they.

The audience was immediately riled up. They began to whisper in abundance.

“Who is that fellow?”

“I’ve never seen him before.”

“He is seeking death.”

And other such curses.

Sitting on the edge, Zhang Zhang’s heart was left in chaos. She never imagined that he would be the person fighting in the third match. Now that things had reached this point they could not be changed, so she could only pray from the depths of her heart that Lord Ning Qin would return safely.

Zhang Chengzu’s complexion paled. He had been watching as a wonderful fate was about to fall onto his daughter. After that, not only would she have someone dependable to rely on, but the Zhang Family would also benefit.

But then he saw Ning Qin step on stage. His opponent was Army Breaker! The demonic path’s Army Breaker!

He glanced at Zhang Zhang and sighed. Although Ning Qin was strong, this battle wasn’t in his favor. The only thing he could be happy about was that Ning Qin hadn’t truly exposed any intent toward his daughter, nor had their relationship made any substantial progress.

Shua –

A light scattered and Qin Yu landed on the ground.

Army Breaker stormed forwards. Rumbling demonic energy stirred around him and a blood red demonic seal appeared above his head. Ghosts and skeletons howled and shrieked from atop the seal, the aura horrifying and suppressive.

Without a word, he attacked with the intent to kill!

Qin Yu was expressionless. He lifted his hand and the sound of ripping air followed his movements as a great blade seemed to appear, slashing down on the ghost seal and tearing away at it.

The clang of metal and metal filled the air and with a scream, the ghost head was severed off and sent flying away. Army Breaker’s pupils shrank; he thought to himself that this was indeed a powerful enemy! The righteous faction alliance had also decided to place their chances of victory and defeat on the third match so he had already anticipated that his opponent would be strong. Because of that, he wasn’t startled at all and soon composed himself.

No matter who his opponent was, since they encountered him, the result would be the same.

Bringing himself close, Army Breaker roared and punched out his fist.

At the same time, a black light flew out. It circled behind Qin Yu, viciously stabbing towards him!

Bang –

Two fists collided. Army Breaker stuffily coughed and was forced backwards, each step causing the ground to shatter beneath him.

Qin Yu also drew backwards, an aching numbness spreading from his arm to his entire body. As his face paled and he lagged for a moment, the black light gathered behind him almost stabbed through his back!


Another black light flew out. With a light ‘ding’, the two black lights flew backwards. Qin Yu lifted his hand to reveal a black nail lingering atop his fingertip.

Army Breaker’s face darkened. “Corpse Sealing Nail!” The demonic treasure he threw out hovered in front of him, looking like a fang that emanated incredible killing intent. Even so, there was a part of it that had cracked, and that was exactly where it had collided with the Corpse Sealing Nail.

From the demonic path viewing platform, several Golden Core demonic cultivators rose up, their faces filled with shock.

Liang Taizu sighed. “Fellow seniors, there is no need to worry. I already know of his identity and he has nothing to do with my demonic path, so killing him will not provoke any needless troubles.”

Several old demons still had glowering expressions. As they thought about how a cultivator from the righteous path alliance could actually control a Corpse Sealing Needle, they still had incomparably gloomy complexions.

Liang Taizu stood up and moved towards the stage. “Brother Army Breaker, there is no need to be wary. If you can kill this man, I will guarantee that from this day on, the Corpse Sealing Nail will belong to you.”

“Apprentice Nephew Liang…” An old demon began to angrily say.

Liang Taizu didn’t even turn his head. “Today’s Righteous and Demonic Convocation is managed by me. I hope that all our fellow seniors can support my decision.”

Deepsea Demon stood up and a terrifying aura erupted from his body.

A light flashed in the eyes of several old demons and they fell silent.

Liang Taizu didn’t reveal anything on the surface, but he actually clenched his fists within his sleeves. To promise away the Corpse Sealing Nail today and offend powerhouses of the demonic path was not in his original plans at all. But at this time, he couldn’t worry about having too many scruples. Qin Yu’s performance had left him stunned. If he didn’t incite Army Breaker to use the limit of his strength in this battle, his plan might fall short and fail. At that time, all the arrangements he made would seem ridiculous and foolish. Disregarding whether or not he could keep his current status, it would even immensely damage his future plans.

It was only after taking countless risks and rising above them that he was able to have his current status. He could not accept any failure today!

Army Breaker’s eyes shined. Liang Taizu’s condition was enough to move his heart.

The one who held a Corpse Sealing Needle was an Exalted of the demonic path. Not only did they have a venerated status but they were a lord above others. If he could obtain it, then he could rid himself of the limits of his lowly background and achieve greatness.

Taking a long and deep breath like a whale sucking in water, Army Breaker’s chest began to bulge outwards. Crackling sounds emitted from bones throughout his body and his robes began to move on their own. His aura tumbled like boiling water and his eyes started to turn red.


Before his voice fell, Army Breaker shot forwards, a series of afterimages following behind him.

Hum –

The viewing platforms of both sides were sent into an uproar!

No one imagined that someone like Army Breaker who possessed potent demonic energy, a powerful mortal body, demonic treasures, and a sharp divine sense, would actually have hidden such incredible speed!

If both sides in a battle showed similar strength but then one side suddenly revealed a surge of speed, what would be the result? Everyone watching already knew the answer to that.

Bang –

Zhu Bluecloud smashed down a hand, breaking apart the table to his side.

Zhang Zhang bit her lip, her face pale.

Zhang Chengzu sighed inwardly. In the end, he couldn’t escape!

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