Chapter 48 – Who Said I Was Defeated?

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The high level alliance figures paled. Once Ning Qin was defeated then they would have to hand over Canyondwell City to the demonic path with bitter smiles. It had been a difficult path for the alliance to find a foothold in the war, but to lose would mean all their efforts would be wasted, and as a result the situation in the Southern Empire would teeter on a precarious ledge. They began to regret agreeing to this meeting, however, it was too late for these thoughts.

“Congratulations young master, this game has already been decided!” Li Yunmo happily said.

Deepsea Demon revealed a bright smile.

Several old demonic cultivators smiled and relaxed, their worries eased. As long as Canyondwell City was smoothly captured, then Liang Taizu would take credit for this and rise to greater heights. Although they might be a bit dissatisfied, they could only suppress their thoughts.

As of now the result had already been determined.

Liang Taizu felt the strings binding his heart loosen. He looked at Qin Yu from afar and smirked, “In the end, you will die in front of me.”

Qin Yu raised his arms. In the critical moment he blocked Army Breaker’s iron fists and was sent crashing backwards, his face pale white.

“It’s useless. I have already activated my bloodline, so how many fists can you block?” Army Breaker coldly asked. “To have forced me to use my full strength, you can die with pride.”

Qin Yu flicked his arm, scattering the numbness. He chuckled, “This is your trump card? It’s not much at all.”

Army Breaker didn’t show any expression. “A sharp tongue is useless. I don’t want to waste any more time; I’ll finish things here and now!”

Whoosh –

He exploded forwards once more, the terrifying killing intent leaving the heart shaking!

Bang –

A fist crashed onto Qin Yu’s chest. But, Army Breaker’s complexion changed because Qin Yu hadn’t resisted at all, instead allowing this fist to fall. Just as he was about to retreat, an iron-hard grip caught his wrist. Qin Yu lightly stated, “Caught you!”

Bang –

A fist punched out!

Army Breaker roared. Ignoring the attack, he savagely punched out once more.

At nearly the same time, the two fists crashed into the other’s chests. Like the beating of a great drum, deep moaning sounds emanated from the bones of the two opponents. Crushed stone and dirt rose up from all around, submerging their figures. All that was left over was the sound of constant strikes, as if informing everyone outside just how brutal a melee was being conducted within!

The demonic path fell silent, their faces darkening. They never imagined that Qin Yu would use such a simple and barbaric method to break down Army Breaker’s speed advantage. But if a person was fast then their fists were also fast. Even if both parties possessed potent mortal bodies, the one to win in the end would be the one who struck out with the most punches. Thinking of this, the demonic path cultivators felt a bit more at ease. Even so, they couldn’t help but secretly praise Qin Yu’s ruthless decision.

If he hadn’t been utterly ruthless to himself then Army Breaker’s speed advantage would have been more than enough to overwhelm him; he would never have needed to draw them both into this swamp of death. Just how was this person like a righteous path cultivator? This was exactly the style of the demonic path! Unfortunately, he would die here today!

If one’s speed was fast then their fists would be fast. The difference in strength and body weren’t too great either. This was just as the demonic path cultivators thought, but they had miscalculated something.

Bang –

Bang –

With a sunken chest, thick and viscous blood began to flow out from all the orifices of their head. This was the sign of one’s inner organs beginning to break down. Every breath was accompanied with burning pain, as if they were being torn apart.

Army Breaker’s eyes widened. He wanted to ask, ‘How come you haven’t died yet?’ He punched out three times for every one punch of Qin Yu’s. At the start, Qin Yu spat out blood and seemed as if he would die at any moment, but now Army Breaker was also severely wounded and was vomiting blood. Even so, their fists didn’t weaken in the least. Every fall of their fists caused their bones to tremble and loud cracking sounds to rise up. This was the sound of their bodies collapsing.

As time dragged on, the originally confident Army Breaker began to feel a sense of horror overtake him. He felt that he had fallen into a trap from the very start. How could a righteous path cultivator be like this and possess such a dreadful mortal body? Army Breaker didn’t want to believe this and he didn’t want to face an outcome that was different from what he had expected. He could only wildly punch out and try to strike down Qin Yu.

But his body began to tire and the strength behind his fists started to rapidly decline.

And what was most horrifying of all was that his opponent’s strikes were still coming in stable and steady, heavy and overbearing, each one seeming as if it would blow open his chest.

Army Breaker finally determined that he had fallen into a trap. Anger and unwillingness blazed in his eyes, yet he couldn’t change his own destiny. He never thought that he would die here. At this moment, the incomparably bright future he had imagined suddenly lost all glory in his heart.

His pupils began to dim. But in the next moment, they lit back up with an unprecedented brilliance. Since he was doomed to die here, then he might as well pull Qin Yu down with him! His aura suddenly turned wild. But in the next moment he stuffily coughed. It was like iron needles had been stabbed into his mind, causing his body to stiffen.

He wasn’t the only one with a powerful soul!

Bang –

A fist crashed into a face and a head exploded. Red and white goo splashed out onto the ground and a headless corpse rolled to the floor.

It was over.

The thunderous sounds dissipated. The faint smell of blood filled the senses. Everyone knew that the third match had already been decided.

Everyone on the demonic path viewing platform had joyous expressions as they celebrated their victory, as well as expressions of relief. They knew what the sudden wild fluctuations of energy meant just then. Luckily, Army Breaker was a step faster and killed his opponent before he had a chance to explode, otherwise it might have been hard to determine a victor from this third match.

He was truly worthy of being the number one junior of the demonic path with such formidable strength. They didn’t know where the righteous path alliance had found such a freak, but in the end he had died to Army Breaker.


This was simply too wonderful!

The alliance side was deathly silent. Everyone had dark and gloomy expressions.

Zhu Bluecloud’s eyes were blood red. His body shook. “You bastard! You died! You actually died!” He regretted that he didn’t drag Ning Qin away. Otherwise, with his talent and potential, there was a great likelihood he would have reached Nascent Soul in the future.

Sorrow rose from the depths of Zhang Zhang’s heart. Her eyes were bloodshot with tears and she felt empty within, so bereaved that she found it hard to breathe.

Zhang Chengzu sighed. “Ning Qin was too negligent. Although he was strong, he was still a bit away from comparing to Army Breaker. If he had refused to take the stage then he wouldn’t have suffered such a fate. The young are brave, hah, perhaps the young are too brave!”

“Father!” Zhang Zhang cried out.

Zhang Chengzu shook his head. “Okay, father won’t say anything, I won’t. Don’t be sad, your sorrow will pass.” He rejoiced once again that nothing significant happened between Zhang Zhang and Ning Qin, otherwise this would have been a giant problem.

Liang Taizu let out a deep breath. He rose up and straightened himself, his smile so bright that he seemed to illuminate the valley. He turned and said, “Victory and defeat has been decided. From this day on, Canyondwell City will belong to my demonic path.”

“Hahaha!” An old demonic cultivator laughed, “Apprentice Nephew Liang is truly a young hero. Today you have done a great deed. Your future will surely be limitless!”

Liang Taizu cupped his hands across his chest, “Senior’s praise is misplaced. This junior’s methods are still immature and crude. Today’s victory is all due to the advice given by the fellow seniors here.” This credit was his and no one could take it away, but saying some meaningless words would satisfy others and it wouldn’t cost him anything at all.

And indeed, the smiles of the old demons widened. They all praised Liang Taizu for being a dragon amongst men.

Finally, someone coughed and interrupted. “Since victory and defeat has been decided, notify the cultivator alliance to fulfill the agreement.”

“Great! I really want to see just what sort of complexions some old friends across the valley have at this very moment.” Another old demonic fellow cackled.

After several modest declines, the old demon with the highest cultivation was chosen. He tossed Liang Taizu an appreciative glance and stepped forwards, proudly shouting, “Now that victory and defeat has been decided, when will you withdraw from Canyondwell City?”

The alliance side fell silent.

Although they knew they had lost, hearing these words still caused the high level alliance figures to feel as if a giant stone were being pressed down on their chests. After all, to hand over Canyondwell City was to ruin all the progress that the alliance had made. It was unknown just how much more effort they would need to put in to find a foothold once more. Or perhaps…they would be utterly routed by the demonic path from this point on!

Several young female cultivators began to weep and cry.

But then, a calm yet slightly hoarse voice spoke up from the fading cloud of dust. “Who said….that I was defeated!”

The world seemed to fall silent at this moment. Time seemed to freeze. Everyone began looking towards the battlefield with dull and confused looks, their eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

Pa –

Pa –

The sound of footsteps rang out. The tall figure of a youth gradually appeared, stepping out from the dust and into the eyes of all present. He cut a distressed figure and his robe was broken all over, but his eyes were steady and tranquil. He looked up towards the alliance viewing platform and cupped his hands across his chest, “I did not fail my mission!”

A collective gasp of cold air rose up, as over a thousand eyes watched this wondrous sight.

The blood of the alliance side cultivators reignited. They erupted into deafening cheers.

Zhang Zhang quietly sobbed with joy. Her heart was filled with a single thought: he was alive! He was still alive! After experiencing the waves of life and death, her heart rising and falling, without her noticing it, she had fallen even further.

Although Zhang Chengzu was happily surprised, he was still a bit embarrassed. Luckily, he turned down his voice when he had spoken just now, otherwise his words would have been too jarring. Ning Qin had struck down Army Breaker, and this was an unbelievable level of strength. To have such a person as a son-in-law, he could sleep with a smile.

On the demonic path viewing platform, the atmosphere was so cold and silent that the air almost froze. The old man who had just told the alliance to hand over Canyondwell City turned and maliciously glared at Liang Taizu, his face so dark and gloomy that it was nearly black. His voice was chilling as he gnashed out his words from between clenched teeth, “Liang Taizu, you had best give me an explanation!”

He turned and shot into the skies, disappearing without a trace.

Although the remaining old demons hadn’t yet left, their complexions were similarly cold, forming a stark contrast to how they had looked at Liang Taizu just a moment ago. They had lost Mountainshake Demon and also Army Breaker with his infinite potential, but in the end they had failed…what ridiculous words ‘dragon amongst men’! Whoever said that had better stand up so they could kill him now!

Li Yunmo suddenly yelled out, “He is at the Foundation Establishment realm and is not a Golden Core! This is an early Golden Core realm competition, so the results are invalid!”

Zhu Bluecloud rushed down into the battlefield. He looked over Qin Yu and saw that he was alright. Then, he heard these words and was immediately enraged. “What ridiculous nonsense! My Brother Ning likes to play the pig to eat the tiger, so what about it? And to come up with the Foundation Establishment realm? I will Foundation your face! If your demonic path’s Foundation Establishment cultivators are so fierce, then bring one out and we’ll see!”

Li Yunmo wanted to continue arguing, but several cold glares locked onto him. He looked up and saw that high level figures of the demonic path were looking at him with ruthless gazes and he was so frightened that he swallowed his words.

Although the demonic path was cruel and ruthless, they weren’t completely unreasonable. A loss was a loss, and to accuse others of hiding their aura was simply shameful. Of course, the reason they acknowledged this defeat was because Ning Qin had used the strength of the early Golden Core realm when he fought Army Breaker, otherwise they would have been angered by now.

And those old demons would never have imagined that Li Yunmo had somehow managed to hit the truth and find the only loophole that could overturn the result of this battle. As long as they had Qin Yu prove he had a Golden Core cultivation then the truth would become known.

Liang Taizu roared out, “Return!”

Li Yunmo quickly drew back.

Shua –

Demonic light flashed. Liang Taizu leapt out from the stands and onto the valley floor.

Zhu Bluecloud was vigilant. “What? Are you breathless with anger? You want to tear apart any pretense of face!?”

Liang Taizu didn’t reveal any expression. “A loss is a loss, and the demonic path will not renege on their words. But, there are some words I must say to him.”

Qin Yu waved his hand and Zhu Bluecloud drew back. Still, Zhu Bluecloud had an expression that completely forbade any unreasonable actions.

“I don’t care what you call yourself, nor do I want to know. But, I really want to kill you. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I wanted to kill you. And it seems my intuition was right. You have truly become my unlucky star. In my life, I have failed twice, each worse than the one before, and all of it because of you. Perhaps when the third time comes I will die to your hands. So to stop that, I will kill you first.”

Liang Taizu suddenly smiled. He lowered his voice to a whisper. “Do you remember when we met earlier? Everyone thought that you helped because of Miss Zhang Zhang, but I know that it was all for that little girl. Her name is Gu Ling’er, right? I was originally thinking that I would do something about it after obtaining Canyondwell City, but you have allowed me to experience what unprecedented defeat tastes like, and I am not happy about that at all.

“So, I will soon make a move. I want you to watch as she suffers tragically and dies slowly. I guarantee that I can accomplish this perfectly.”

Qin Yu was silent for a long time. Then he said, “You want to force me to attack you and ruin this meeting.”

Liang Taizu shook his head. “You’re a smart boy, so you wouldn’t do something so stupid. All I want is a chance to kill you. Give me this chance, and I will let her off. What about it?”

Qin Yu looked up. “Alright.”

Zhu Bluecloud anxiously shouted, “Ning Qin, do you know what you are saying!?”

“My mind has never been so clear.” Qin Yu looked at Liang Taizu, “Three days from now, if you are still here then I will go to your camp.”

Liang Taizu grinned, “I await your arrival.”


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