Chapter 49 – Sudden, Violent, Death

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

With this, the Righteous and Demonic Convocation came to an end. The demonic path kept their end of the agreement and agreed to officially withdraw 300 miles in three days and not initiate any provocations in the battle for the next six months. As for the reason why it was three days later, that was the will of the high level demonic path figures. They wanted to personally witness the downfall of the man who had been the cause of their defeat!

Jiang Yuanhao’s complexion was as dark as water. “What nonsense! How could Ning Qin agree to going towards the camp of the demonic path? There is no way I will agree to this!”

“The demonic path loathes fellow daoist Ning to the marrow of their bones. If he steps into their camp, isn’t that the same as a sheep entering the tiger’s lair?” Another high level alliance figure bitterly muttered.

“Could it be that he is being forced? If he can tell us then the alliance will do everything in our ability to help him through this difficult time.”

“That’s right! Zhu Bluecloud, you have interacted with fellow daoist Ning the most, so how could you just watch helplessly on as he walks to his own death? You should be urging him to change his mind.”

With these words, Zhu Bluecloud suddenly became the target of everyone’s ire. As he sensed the harsh eyes on him, he bitterly smiled, “I have already spoken my lips ragged but nothing works. This is a matter that involves Ning Qin’s personal matters, so he will go no matter what. There is no need for everyone to waste your efforts.”

Jiang Yuanhao frowned. “Is there really no other way?”

Zhu Bluecloud shook his head. He thought for a moment and said, “Ning Qin told me to have the alliance make preparations early, but I am not too sure what he meant by that.”

The expressions of Jiang Yuanhao and the others changed. There were far too many meanings behind these words, and thinking further about them left one’s heart shaking. But how was this possible? He was planning to step into the camp of the demonic path. There was no way anyone below the Nascent Soul realm would be able to cause trouble. But, Ning Qin wasn’t someone who spoke nonsense. If he said this, did he really have something he could rely on?

“Did fellow daoist Ning Qin really say this?”

Zhu Bluecloud said, “I wouldn’t make up words like this.”

Jiang Yuanhao looked up and stared at the area where Qin Yu had gone into seclusion. He suddenly said, “Very well, then I will no longer hinder him. I hope that fellow daoist can withdraw safely.” He turned, “Everyone, we should also make our preparations.”

The high level alliance figures started to whisper amongst themselves. However, Qin Yu’s performance so far had been too shocking, making them all believe that he truly might be able to accomplish something earth-shaking. In the end, it was better for them to have a bit of faith in him.

They all left in a hurry.

After everyone left, Zhu Bluecloud let out a breath of relief. He ruefully smiled, “To step into the demons’ lair by himself, it will be hard for him to stay alive, much less create great waves of any kind. Yet, I find myself actually believing something will occur. I think there might be a problem with my head.”

Zhang Zhang stood up in welcome. She anxiously said, “Father, how is it?”

Zhang Chengzu’s complexion was gloomy. He slapped the table. “Blind with arrogance, he doesn’t know how vast the heavens and earth are. I have misread him!”

“Ah!” Zhang Zhang cried out in alarm. “Senior Ning Qin really plans on going?”

Zhang Chengzu coldly coughed, “Jiang Yuanhao, Si Siyuan, and many other high level alliance figures tried to change his mind, but he was completely unmoved by their arguments. Not only that, but he had Zhu Bluecloud send out a message to the entire alliance to make preparations early? What sort of preparations? Does he really think he can waltz into the demonic path camp and stir up chaos and destruction!? Just from killing Army Breaker his ego has inflated beyond control. It’s fortunate that nothing has happened between you two, otherwise even if nothing were to occur today, you would still have been drawn into some mess in the future.”

Zhang Zhang blushed with anger. “Father, what nonsense are you saying? Your daughter was only trying to thank Senior Ning Qin for the help. I have no other…no other meaning.”

“Good! Even if you have some other idea, hurry up and forget it. Ning Qin isn’t a person you can entrust the rest of your life to. Just pretend that you’ve never seen him before. Humph! In any case, there’s no chance he will return alive anyways!” Zhang Chengzu flicked his sleeves and left.

Zhang Zhang’s mouth opened and closed multiple times, but in the end she didn’t say anything. She was left puzzled beyond belief. Why would Senior Ning Qin purposefully walk down the road to death? Could it be as her father said, and he had simply inflated his own ego too much? If so, then this was far too disappointing.

Three days later.

Qin Yu left his room. Waiting just outside, Zhu Bluecloud quickly welcomed him. “Ning Qin, now is the time to change your mind!”

“I must go.” Qin Yu shook his head. “Have a little confidence in me. Since I said I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. Remember, you still owe me a drink.”

Zhu Bluecloud shook his head. “I hope you don’t regret this.”

Qin Yu smiled. He tapped his feet and shot into the skies. He soared over Hidden Wind Valley to the other side, where the demonic path was camped.

Countless eyes at the alliance station watched him go. Many watched with admiration, but even more watched with confusion and regret. With such a wonderful future awaiting him, why would he go into the demons’ lair alone? This was no different from seeking death, and no one could figure out just why he chose to do so.

Zhang Zhang bit her lips. She watched from afar, a dazed look in her mind. It was unknown just what she was thinking.

“Humph! My father said that Ning Qin is overly arrogant. Just by winning a single decisive battle his hubris grew without bounds, and now he will suffer a great misfortune!”

“My family’s old ancestor also said this. He said that Senior Jiang and the others went to persuade him, but Ning Qin couldn’t be convinced at all. He even told the alliance to make preparations early for some reason. He simply thinks too highly of himself; he doesn’t know when to stop!”

“Success has muddled his mind. Just look, by the time he feels regret, it will be too late!”

The taunts and mockery of the juniors caused Zhang Zhang’s heart to waver even more. Could it be as her father had said, and Ning Qin had just become too arrogant?

Suddenly, another young girl said, “I heard a rumor that was supposedly inadvertently revealed by Senior Zhu Bluecloud. The reason Ning Qin chose to enter the demonic path camp alone is that he was threatened by the demonic path’s Little Monarch, Liang Taizu. It seems that this threat was related to some woman.”

“How is this possible? I don’t recall hearing that Ning Qin was intimate with any women.”

“This is definitely just a baseless rumor! Ning Qin is already at the Golden Core realm and can enjoy 500 years of prosperity, so how could he discard his life for a mere woman?”

“That’s right, this is just nonsense!”

Zhang Zhang’s figure froze. She didn’t hear anything else that followed. A buzzing filled her mind, followed with echoes of what she had heard.

The reason Ning Qin chose to enter the demonic path camp was because they had threatened a woman.

This must be it!

He had journeyed through the domain of the demonic path, crossing tens of  thousands of miles to cut down demonic Golden Core cultivators. He possessed strength, character, and had endless methods at his disposal, so how could he possibly grow overly confident just because of a single victory?

But if this were true, who was Ning Qin risking himself for?

Zhang Zhang’s heart began to race. As she recalled what happened before the battles began, how Ning Qin had forced Liang Taizu and his group to retreat, she subconsciously covered her mouth as tears started to flow from her eyes.

It was her! It was definitely for her!

And what left Zhang Zhang most heartbroken was that from beginning to end, Ning Qin had never mentioned that he had done any of this to gain her favor.

Silently, without anyone knowing, he had endured rumors and slander to block the wind and rain for her, shielding her from all threats.

With this knowledge in mind, Zhang Zhang could easily guess what had occurred. When Liang Taizu flew into the valley that day, it was to threaten Ning Qin! And determining this wasn’t difficult at all, because there had been other people present there at the time. Zhang Zhang turned and flew away, soon finding a worried Zhu Bluecloud.

“Senior Zhu, may I ask if Senior Ning Qin went to the demonic path camp because of a woman?”

Zhu Bluecloud subconsciously sighed. “It’s true; he is just a fool of the heart. No matter how I warned him it was useless. He actually wants to go to their door and give them a chance to kill him…” He suddenly shook his head and regained his composure. He vigilantly asked, “How do you know?”

With tears streaming down her face, Zhang Zhang flew away.

Zhu Bluecloud stood there stunned.

Uh…this seemed to be a misunderstanding. But after thinking about it some more, he didn’t chase after her. There was no point in explaining things clearly to her. Not only would it leave her so ashamed that she wouldn’t be able to lift up her head, but he didn’t even know if Ning Qin could safely return.

Zhang Zhang cried her eyes out, her heart so pained it nearly burst out from her chest. It was for me! It was all for me!

As Zhang Chengzu saw the appearance of his most beloved daughter, he was shocked. “Zhang Zhang, what happened to you? Did someone bully you? Father here will make them pay!”

“Father!” Zhang Zhang cried out loud and threw herself into his arms. “He did this for me. He went to the demonic path camp for me. I misunderstood him, you all misunderstood him!”

Zhang Chengzu’s face stiffened. “What are you saying, Zhang Zhang?”

“Lord Ning Qin only agreed to enter the demonic path camp and give them a chance to kill him because Liang Taizu threatened him with my life! Father, I am sad, I am so sad!”

The Zhang Family and other cultivators there were all stunned. They had all been wildly judging Ning Qin’s arrogance, but they never thought that there would be such a twist in the story.

He was willing to die for Miss Zhang Zhang? Shao Shao was affected with emotion, and by her side, even Gu Ling’er started to cry.

“Ling’er, don’t cry. We should be happy that miss was able to find someone that loves her so much. And Lord Ning Qin might not necessarily die. He might be able to survive!” Shao Shao said, trying to console her.

Gu Ling’er wiped her tears away, but she couldn’t fully wipe them clean. Not only was her heart moved, but she also felt some inexplicable pain. When she was rescued by Lord Ning Qin, she had felt an incomparable familiarity with him, as if she knew him. But, she never mentioned this because she was afraid of being mocked by others. With eyes dimmed by tears, she looked towards the direction that he had vanished in, the sorrow growing heavier in her heart, the pain as heavy as the day her mother left her.

“Brother Yuanhao, do you really think that Ning Qin can stir up chaos in the demonic path camp?” An old man asked, his eyebrows deeply furrowed.

Jiang Yuanhao was silent for several moments. “I don’t believe it, but it’s always better to be careful about such things...what I hope is that he can return alive.”

The surrounding several peopled sighed and shook their heads. Although they didn’t say anything, this already proved what they were thinking.

To come back alive? That was easier said than done!

Shua –

Qin Yu landed outside the demonic path camp. Several demonic cultivator guards regarded him with icy glares, but there was actually a bit of admiration deep within their eyes. The leader walked forwards, “My lord, the Little Monarch is already waiting for you. Please follow me.”

There was respect in his words and tone.

“Lead the way.”

Stepping into the demonic path camp, countless cold gazes instantly locked onto him. The chilling killing intent left one’s heart shaking. Qin Yu frowned for a brief moment before immediately composing himself.

This performance left many demonic cultivators arching their eyebrows upwards. What incredible killing intent. Such a character could not be allowed to freely grow. They had to ensure he died here today.

If it weren’t for the fact that it was Liang Taizu who had invited Qin Yu here today, then some demonic path powerhouses definitely wouldn’t have been able to hold themselves back and would have tried to kill Qin Yu already.

The demonic cultivator leading the way came to a stop outside a massive round tent, decorated in black and white. He cupped his hands across his chest, “The Little Monarch is here. Please enter, my lord.”

Qin Yu stepped in.

Pa –

Pa –

Liang Taizu clapped his hands with admiration. “Fellow daoist is truly brave. Come, sit down.” He leaned against a reclining chair, calm and languid as if everything were in his control. Deepsea Demon stood at his side, his eyes closed in meditation as if he were a piece of dead wood.

Qin Yu remained standing. He coldly said, “I don’t need to sit. I have already arrived. Can you guarantee that you won’t cause any problems for her in the future?”

A light flashed in Liang Taizu’s eyes. “It looks like this woman is extremely important to fellow daoist. I must say that I truly am curious as to what your relationship is. Of course, this doesn’t matter. The result is the most important thing, right? I swear that this is a matter only I and Deepsea Demon know of. After today, no matter what the outcome is, there won’t be a third person who knows, otherwise we will suffer the fatal punishment of 10,000 demons!”

Qin Yu turned and looked at Deepsea Demon.

Deepsea Demon opened his eyes. He faintly said, “The young master’s words are also my vow.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Good.” Before his voice fell he flicked his sleeve. The Corpse Sealing Nail turned into a beam of cold light as it shot towards Deepsea Demon.

Deepsea Demon’s eyes exploded with a sharp light. “You are courting death!” He raised his hand and billowing demonic energy erupted, caging in the Corpse Sealing Nail.

But at this time, his complexion changed.

Bang –

The Corpse Sealing Nail exploded. The terrifying strength tore apart the demonic energy, shaking Deepsea Demon and forcing him backwards.

At the same time, Qin Yu’s figure hurtled forwards. Blood red flames ignited on his body as his speed increased ten times over. He arrived in front of Liang Taizu before the blink of an eye and smashed his fist outwards.

Bang –

A head was smashed apart, sending red and white goo splashing outwards.

The demonic path’s Little Monarch Liang Taizu  had died!


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