Chapter 50 – Exchanging for the Skythunder Bamboo

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

“Ahh!” Deepsea Demon became unhinged with rage. “You killed Liang Taizu! You actually killed Liang Taizu! I will turn your bones to ashes!”

The aura of an eighth level Golden Core wildly erupted, blowing apart the entire round tent like it was made of thin paper and sticks. Qin Yu was sent flying backwards, blood spurting out from his nose and mouth. A terrifying demonic energy slashed at the point between his eyebrows, leaving behind a vicious wound that revealed white bone beneath. If it weren’t for his powerful Demon Body, this strike would have killed him where he stood!

With pain tumbling in his chest and stars in his eyes, Qin Yu roared and shot into the skies. Winds whipped up around him, shattering his mask and unraveling his appearance-changing technique.

Deepsea Demon screamed, “You cannot escape!”

Bang –

Billowing demonic energy shot into the skies.

At this time, the entire demonic path camp was in chaos. Deepsea Demon’s roars had spread throughout the camp, leaving everyone with a cold chill creeping over their bodies.

After Liang Taizu’s headless corpse was found, angry flames burned in the eyes of the old demons. In the camp of the demonic path with numerous powerhouses all around, the Saint Son of the Seven Slaughter Demon Sect had been killed – a candidate for the demonic path’s Saint Lord! Even with their status, all of them would be punished!

“Stop him!”

“Pull out his soul and refine it!”

“He will never experience reincarnation!”

Amidst the roars, old demons rushed into the skies to join the chase.

Jiang Yuanhao looked up towards the direction of the demonic path camp. Several terrifying auras had erupted, all of them releasing a cruel killing intent. Even with his cultivation, he couldn’t help but feel a cold chill shiver pass through his heart. Thoughts began to rise in his mind. What had Ning Qin done that the demonic path would be so angered…?

Woosh –

Woosh –

A blood red figure soared through the heavens with more than 10 demonic flames following close behind.

Jiang Yuanhao’s pupils shrank. He shouted out, “Raise the array!” Luckily, he had made preparations early. A simple defensive array shot into the skies and countless golden runes sparkled.

In the blink of an eye, the blood red figure passed through the barrier. With the identity card of the alliance army, Qin Yu naturally wouldn’t be stopped by the array.

Deepsea Demon smashed out his fist. Mighty demonic energy formed a great wave that smashed into the array formation. Golden runes trembled and collapsed.

“Cultivators of the Southern Empire, if you stop me from killing that man I will never let this rest!”

Dense roars echoed through the heavens and earth.

Jiang Yuanhao sneered. “If you storm your way here then the alliance must rise to meet their enemy. Or do you think we’re in the wrong here?”

“Humph!” Deepsea Demon howled. “Once I kill that bastard, I will deal with all of you then!”

Bang –

Demonic energy erupted as he chased the blood red light.

Woosh –

Woosh –

Over a dozen terrifying demonic auras passed over the alliance station.

Soon, alliance scouts passed over an emergency report. Within the great tent of the demonic path camp, Ning Qin had cut down Liang Taizu!

All of the alliance cultivators were stunned.

At the demonic path camp…in the great tent…he had directly cut down…this Ning Qin, he was truly heroic!

Jiang Yuanhao laughed out loud. The Righteous and Demonic Convocation had already ended, and this matter had been deliberately provoked by Liang Taizu as a matter of personal revenge; it wouldn’t influence the alliance at all. More importantly, this would be the second crushing of the demonic path’s morale. Perhaps their invasion of the Southern Empire would be completely routed because of this!

Ning Qin, as long as you can survive then the Southern Empire will definitely have a place for you in the future.

Zhu Bluecloud’s face was full of smiles. It seemed that the entire situation was under Ning Qin’s control, so what was there to worry about? Who cared if demonic path powerhouses were chasing after him? They could eat his dust!

“Little brat, so this is what your real appearance was all along. Heh, I must say you’re a bit handsome, but compared to me you’re still lacking.”

Zhang Chengzu’s face stiffened. He felt as if his lips had been slapped swollen and he was being slapped again and again. Liang Taizu had actually been killed, and not just that but Ning Qin had managed to escape the demonic path’s camp! He was simply far too monstrous a genius! He suddenly rejoiced that no one heard his words, otherwise he would have truly regretted it once Ning Qin heard about them.

No. He definitely had to pass down a strict command so that no one could mention this matter again. Fortunately, his daughter had good judgment and extraordinary luck. The first man that she took a liking to was actually splendid to such a degree. And, the key point was that Ning Qin also liked her! Haha, this was too wonderful!

Zhang Chengzu turned to say something, but he saw Zhang Zhang’s stunned expression. The two maids beside her also had the same look. He quickly said, “What is it? Ning Qin is alive and well. Zhang Zhang, you should be happy about this, so why do you have such an appearance?”

Before Zhang Zhang spoke, tears began to flow from her eyes.

“Don’t cry!” Zhang Chengzu was shocked. He turned and admonished, “What did you two say to the miss?”

Shao Shao gulped. “This…this person…is someone miss knows…”

Zhang Chengzu’s eyes brightened. “Are you speaking of Ning Qin? I thought Zhang Zhang’s behavior was a bit strange. So, it turns out you already knew each other. That explains everything. After all, love at first sight is rare. This is good, this is great! This means he has liked you all along.”

Zhang Zhang cried harder.

Zhang Chengzu was left flustered, “Shao Shao, what’s the matter!”

Shao Shao didn’t dare to speak further. Thinking of the past, her face paled further. “Master, Ling’er also knows him. Allow her to speak.”

“Ling’er, speak!”

Gu Ling’er looked up to glance at the miss. She timidly said, “The one who flew over us was Big Brother Qin Yu…” The little girl was filled with joy. No wonder she felt that he was so familiar. It was because Ning Qin was Qin Yu.

She recalled Ning Ling, that fairy-like big sister. And as she thought of Big Brother Qin Yu’s pseudonym, she was elated. So, it turned out that Big Sister Ning was her big brother’s true love. For them to meet each other in this world was a match made in heaven.

But soon Gu Ling’er was worried. If Big Brother Qin Yu liked Big Sister Ning, then what about Big Sister Zhang Zhang? Wasn’t she too pitiful? Of course, this little girl didn’t know what happened at the Zhang Mansion, so she continued to believe that Zhang Zhang was good friends with Qin Yu.

Zhang Chengzu frowned. Qin Yu…this name was a bit familiar, but he definitely wasn’t an important figure, otherwise he would have remembered.

Suddenly his eyes widened and his breath turned loud and heavy. He spun around, his eyes raving as if he could eat someone.

Zhang Huo felt a creep crawl up his scalp. “Honorable Master, it is him.”

It was like a blow to the head. Everything in Zhang Chengzu’s field of vision began to darken. He swayed several times before he managed to compose himself. Then he roared, “It’s impossible! How could this be!?”

Zhang Zhang wiped her tears away. “Father, you don’t have to say anything anymore! It’s him!” She gnawed at her lips so much that the skin almost broke. She continued, “When Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang Huo was speaking with him, I was hidden away, so I wouldn’t mistake it.”

Zhang Chengzu’s complexion paled. He pointed a finger at his daughter, and then pointed at Zhang Huo and the others. “What have you all done!?”

He actually forgot what had happened with Qin Yu a while ago, and how he had been satisfied with Zhang Huo’s actions.

There was an old saying: Do not bully the poor, do not laugh at the young. Today, perhaps the entire Zhang Family finally understood what these words meant.

Zhang Zhang cried harder, her heart filled with shame and regret. As she remembered how she had been so cruel to Qin Yu and how he still helped her, she felt too remorseful to show her face.

Zhang Chengzu suddenly said. “This isn’t right. You treated him like that and yet Qin Yu did all of this. Perhaps this means that he really likes Zhang Zhang, perhaps this means there is a chance to fix this!”

A sliver of hope grew in Zhang Zhang’s eyes. Could it really be like this?

But at this moment, Zhu Bluecloud arrived. He swept his eyes around, frowning a little, not too interested in the Zhang Family’s affairs. He directly asked, “Who is Gu Ling’er?”

Zhang Chengzu forced out a smile. “What is Brother Zhu here for?”

Zhu Bluecloud said, “I was tasked by fellow daoist Ning Qin to bring Gu Ling’er away.”

Gu Ling’er was happily surprised. “It really was Big Brother Qin Yu!”

Zhu Bluecloud’s eyes flashed. He laughed, “That’s right, it was Qin Yu!” His appearance, name, cultivation, all of it was faked. Brat, you are too amazing!”

His smile was kind and gentle. “Your Big Brother Qin Yu really is good to you. In order to deal with Liang Taizu’s threat against you, he stepped alone into the camp of the demonic path. But I never thought he would conveniently kill Liang Taizu along the way. Haha! This is too exciting!”

Zhang Zhang stiffened!

So, it turned out that it was all for Gu Ling’er.

Of course. Ever since he was a child, Qin Yu was someone with pride embedded into his bones. After being wounded by her, how could he like her anymore?

Shao Shao and Zhang Huo kept quiet.

Zhu Bluecloud frowned. What was going on with the Zhang Family and why did they all have weird expressions? However, he immediately realized what had happened. Zhang Zhang seemed to have misunderstood that Qin Yu had done all of this for her, and only realized the truth now. Sufficient to say, they were likely all embarrassed.

Zhu Bluecloud coughed. Without a change of expression, he said, “Brother Zhang, I have to bring Gu Ling’er away. You don’t have any problems with that, right?”

Zhang Chengzu bitterly shook his head. “Do as you wish.”

Zhu Bluecloud nodded with satisfaction. “Gu Ling’er, come with me.”

Gu Ling’er revealed a bit of reluctance.

Zhu Bluecloud quickly said, “Qin Yu is worried that you will be threatened by the demonic path again. Only by leaving with me can I ensure your safety.”

If so, then Gu Ling’er could only comply. With an apologetic expression, she said, “Miss, Big Brother Qin Yu, he…I have to go.”

Zhang Zhang squeezed out a smile. “Ling’er, if you see Qin Yu again, please pass on my thanks to him. Also, tell him I was mistaken in the past, and ask him to forgive me.”

After she finished speaking she couldn’t bear it any longer. She ran away, crying.

Zhu Bluecloud brought Gu Ling’er and left.

Zhang Chengzu angrily sent Shao Shao away to look after the miss. He gloomily eyed everyone else and coldly said, “Concerning this matter, I hope that it never spreads out, otherwise there will be a heavy punishment for everyone!”

Zhang Huo and the others rapidly nodded.


Xu Wei and Tao Jie were frozen. Their minds and expressions were locked into a mix of shock, daze, awe, and confusion, leaving them looking quite strange.

After a long time, Tao Jie gulped. “Junior-apprentice Brother Xu, he…he is…Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu.”

The two of them had outstanding talent and clean backgrounds. Some time ago they had been picked up as disciples by a wandering Golden Core cultivator, allowing them to witness today’s scene here.

Xu Wei’s lips moved, but all that came out was a sigh. His straight waist seemed much more bent than before. Originally, he thought that by desperately cultivating for these past three years, sooner or later he would be able to catch up to him.

But Qin Yu had already become so powerful?

Xu Wei had a faint premonition that he would never be able to compare to him for the rest of his life. He would only be thrown further and further away, until he couldn’t even see his back anymore.


Deepsea Demon wildly galvanized his demonic energy. The speed of a late Golden Core erupted to its limit. But, he could only stare helplessly on as the blood red light grew further and further away, until he vanished into the distant horizon.

“How detestable!”

He roared and punched out a fist, breaking apart a mountain top, his complexion incomparably ugly. In the next moment, demonic path powerhouses began to arrive one after another. With pale faces they gasped for breath. As they glanced at one another, they could see the frenzied bewilderment in each other’s eyes.

You are a righteous path cultivator! It’s fine if you have the demonic treasure Corpse Sealing Nail, but you even cultivated the top escape technique of the demonic path, the Blood Escape Art. Are you a demonic cultivator or are we demonic cultivators!?

That was all fine. But who didn’t know that what accompanied the Blood Escape Art’s terrifying speed was a terrifying consumption? A Golden Core cultivator’s blood energy would be burnt away in moments, so how come that wasn’t occurring to you?

Was there still any justice in this world!?


Blood red light howled forwards at an unbelievable speed. Strong winds followed in its wake, tearing down treetops and sending waves through the forest.

Suddenly, the blood red light scattered to reveal a black-robed cultivator. He fell atop an ancient tree and turned around. After making sure he was safe, his pale face revealed a smile. The Demon Body together with the Blood Escape Art was indeed a powerful combination. Even a late Golden Core cultivator chasing him down with all his strength eventually had to withdraw.

This cultivator was Qin Yu.

He swept his eyes around. His figure flashed over several ancient trees as he vanished deep into the forest.

Five days later.

Qin Yu shot out from a cave entrance, overbrimming with blood vitality. The losses caused by the Blood Escape Art had been completely restored. He looked around, determining his location. Then, he stepped forwards and shot into the sky.

Two days later Qin Yu appeared outside a large city. The cultivators within were all happily smiling, still excitedly talking about their great victory at the Righteous and Demonic Convocation.

The most talked about subjects amongst the countless cultivators were the direct defeat and death of Army Breaker as well as the death of Liang Taizu within the demonic path camp. Because of this, the name of Ning Qin spread throughout the entire Southern Empire!

It could be imagined that as long as Qin Yu revealed himself, he would become the focus of all attention and receive the highest level of reception. In fact, within any sect of the Southern Empire, he would obtain a prominent position, becoming a vital figure wherever he went. But, he seemed to not hear or care about any of this at all. He wrapped himself up in his black robe and soared directly towards the city’s alliance station.

Merit Department.

“I have already made a reservation in advance. Please help me complete the exchange.” Qin Yu lightly said from beneath his black robe.

An hour later, the black robe turned to leave. Every cultivator within the Merit Department rose up to bid him farewell. By the time the high level alliance figures obtained the news and arrived, Qin Yu had already used the Blood Escape Art and left the city. With countless shocked gasps, he vanished in front of everyone’s eyes.


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