Chapter 55 – Bluecloud Demon

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

You Qi bit her lip.

You bastard, to take advantage of a person when they are helpless, just wait until this lady is finished with important business and then I’ll dig out your thief-eyes!

She sucked in a deep breath and calmed her mind. She cut a finger and pointed it out. A drop of deep purple blood slowly seeped out.

You Qi’s complexion was pale, but her eyes became increasingly bright. A drop of deep purple blood flew out from her finger and fell into the center of the seal. As if it had been activated, the seal lit up with black flames that fused together to form a hideous ghost face with closed eyes.

It opened its mouth. Dark and inviting, it was unknown just where it led.

Without hesitation, You Qi quickly thrust her hand into the ghost face. It bit down on her arm, followed by the gulping sounds of swallowing.

Qin Yu frowned, adjusting his feet into the best position possible to utilize his magic power. Although You Qi appeared calm, he had no choice but to be prepared early.

If this You Qi’s complexion had only been pale before, now her face was as white as paper. Faint and tiny blue blood vessels appeared on her face similar to a flower-like tattoo, giving her an even more captivating charm.

But when accompanied with that swallowing sound, no matter how soul-stirring or enthralling her beauty was, it still left an icy cold rising from the depths of one’s heart.

You Qi wobbled. She was reaching her limits.

Qin Yu took a step forwards.

You Qi shouted out, “Don’t come!”

This woman, she was just too stubborn.

Qin Yu frowned, not approaching any closer. But he had already made a decision. If she seemed as if she would die soon, he would immediately take action. As long as he didn’t know the whereabouts of the demon blood he needed, You Qi had to live. Of course, besides that, there might be some other reasons, such as how he owed her a life-saving graciousness.

Even though she tried to kill him in the past.

A chance didn’t come for Qin Yu to be the ‘hero who rescued a maiden’. The grotesque face opened its mouth and issued a satisfied sigh.

You Qi pulled back her hand. On her nearly transparent skin, three blood red dots stood out.

The ghost face hid itself away. Black flames rose up and the boulder melted into the ground to reveal a gate of black iron.

So, the place she was looking for wasn’t in the stone wall, but beneath their feet!

The black iron gate slowly opened.

A sudden change occurred!

Bang –

A black tentacle appeared from thin air and struck at You Qi. Thick demonic light instantly erupted to protect her but she was still smashed away. She crashed into a cliff with a loud bang as stones fell down around her and the demonic light disintegrated. She spat out a mouthful of blood.

Before she fell down, an invisible strength took hold of her, holding her in the air.

“So this is how the eye of the seal is opened.”

With praise in his voice, a figure appeared outside the iron gate. His hands were held behind his back, and his terrifying aura was so heavy that it made it difficult to breathe.

Hum –

Black energy gushed out from the iron gate, condensing into chains that startled to curl around him. The figure instantly disappeared, reappearing not too far away. He turned to reveal a blue and dreadful face. His expression was calm and indifferent, as if he wasn’t a demonic cultivator sealed away, but rather a stoic teacher.

“Little girl, let’s talk. You break the seal and I let you go, how about it?”

You Qi cried out in alarm. “Bluecloud Demon!”

The person was astonished for a moment. “You recognize me?”

You Qi’s face was full of awe and dread. “800 years ago, you were a peerless proud son of heaven of the demonic path. Even though the years have washed away history, they still cannot diminish the least bit of glory from your body. I naturally recognize you.”

Bluecloud Demon laughed, “What a sweet-talking girl. Since you know who I am, then you should know that I keep my word.”

You Qi ruefully smiled. “With senior’s background, how could you not know the particularities with the eye of this seal? If an accident occurs, it cannot be opened again by the same person.”

Bluecloud Demon’s complexion sank.


“Since you cannot break the seal, what use is there in keeping you around?”

“Senior, please listen to me. The Land of Sealed Demons has long since been abandoned, and I estimate that only we two who came in know of this place and how to enter. If senior kills us, I fear you will truly die here.”

“Girl, just what are you trying to say?”

You Qi respectfully replied, “Perhaps the two of us might be able to help senior leave this place.”

Bluecloud Demon revealed no reaction. “Explain.”

“The Land of Sealed Demons uses three great demonic treasures as the foundation to form the three eyes of the seal, connecting together with the land itself to provide the strength of the seal. If junior can find the other two eyes of the seal, then as long as I take out the demonic treasures the seal will loosen and senior can leave.” You Qi grit her teeth. “If senior doesn’t believe me, you can leave a mark of demonic will inside our bodies. At that time, our life and death will be in the hands of senior, and we will naturally do our best to help you leave.”

Bluecloud Demon lightly said, “I admit that I was moved by your proposal, but little girl, do you think I wouldn’t see who you are? For someone like you, trying you control you with a wisp of demonic will is just a joke.”

You Qi stiffened. “This junior feels deep admiration at how sharp senior’s eyesight is. But, with my current cultivation I am far from being able to awaken the strength of my bloodline.”

Bluecloud Demon’s gaze was icy cold. “I also know that there are no absolutes in this world. I will not take such a risk. Girl, you can stay here and this boy can break the eyes of the seals. Once we have left, I will let you go.”

You Qi bitterly smiled, “There is nothing I cannot promise senior, however, my companion here doesn’t know how to open the eyes of the seals.”

Bluecloud Demon was silent for a moment. After several breaths of time, he looked up, a strange smile on his face. “Girl, you thought to play with me, but you’re still far too naïve. Since you have some merit in opening the seal, once this matter concludes, I will give you a peaceful ending!”

Bang –

His body dispersed. A chilling demonic will howled outwards.

Qin Yu’s heart shrank. He fell to the ground, rapidly retreating. At the same time he lifted his hands and punched out. As his fists crashed into the demonic will, it was like striking a mass of cotton that was wet with water. Bluecloud Demon’s discordant voice sounded out, “Boy, accept your fate.”

Qin Yu violently trembled. It was like he had fallen into a cave of eternal cold. The biting cold left his body pale and blue.

And what was even more terrifying was that the demonic will had entered his dantian sea and was soaring towards his great dao base!

“Ahh!” Qin Yu roared out loud and wildly tumbled to the ground.

You Qi was deathly white. “Qin Yu, you must hold on. If your body is seized we are both going to die here!”

Damn it all, Bluecloud Demon had been delaying for time in order to prepare to seize Qin Yu’s body. He already had a means of breaking through the eye of the seal!

They had been tricked!

You Qi bit her lips. For a Nascent Soul, using their divine will to seize the body of a Foundation Establishment was as easy as turning their hand…it was likely they would be unable to escape today’s calamity.

In a brief flash, a beautiful face appeared in her mind. When she had been expelled she had been given this jade slip with information related to the Land of Demons…so, in the end it had been nothing but a way to kill her with a borrowed knife.

What a wonderful sister you are!

You Qi bit her lips so hard that blood nearly dripped out. As she looked at Qin Yu, guilt filled her eyes.

Little man, I’m sorry. It is my fault you will die here with me.

Blue veins rose up from all over Qin Yu and his face distorted. Sweat gushed out from his pores, accompanied with faint traces of blood. In his dantian sea, the great dao base had almost turned pitch black. There was only a dim point of light in the center, waving about like a candle in the wind, about to be extinguished at any moment.

This light was Qin Yu’s consciousness. Once it disappeared his soul would vanish, never able to enter samsara. As things were going, his body would be seized in the next several breaths of time.

Bluecloud Demon heartily laughed. As long as he smoothly seized this body he could enter the eye of the seal and regain his freedom.

All he needed to do was seize this body.

Because of the suppression of the seal, he was only able to use 10-20% of the strength of his demonic will. Even so, this was more than enough to seize the body of a Foundation Establishment junior.

Bluecloud Demon was fully confident in his abilities. But as time passed, he began to frown. This boy’s willpower was far mightier than he expected!

The shattering of a soul that occurred during the seizing of a body was a hundred times more painful than having one’s mortal body torn to shreds. Still, he hadn’t yet given up.


What use was there?

Beneath the suppression of absolute strength, everything was futile!

Bang –

Bang –

Thunder raged within his dantian sea. Demonic energy surged in tsunamis, crashing towards the final spark of light.

It grew increasingly dark, increasingly pale, soon reaching the edge of collapse!

“It’s over!” Bluecloud Demon was enraged. To deal with a mere Foundation Establishment junior he had used so much time that he was left feeling ashamed.

As black tides crashed against the great dao base, the light in the center stagnated. Cracks appeared, seeming as if it would break.

But then, the cracks melted away, vanishing from sight. Light rose up like a sun rising through the dark clouds, illuminating the heavens.

It became purer, clearer, brighter!

Seeing Qin Yu convulse on the ground with blood soaking his black robes, the complexion on You Qi’s face began to change. She couldn’t help but feel admiration and anticipation.

Maybe…he really could hold on?

Just as this thought formed, Qin Yu suddenly stopped roaring. His aura changed with it. Although it was weak, You Qi could still sense it. She sighed inwardly, feeling helpless. As expected, there was no way for a Foundation Establishment to escape from a Nascent Soul.

To think that she had been holding onto some wild hope of living as if she were a little girl…how laughable!

Shua –

Qin Yu’s eyes popped open. Two flames seemed to burn deep in his pupils, the divine light sparkling like stars. It was especially striking in this dark underground land.

Seeing his gaze, You Qi’s eyes widened. Disbelief colored her face. This familiarity…how could it be!?

The cold demonic will withdrew and demonic energy gathered in the air, finally condensing into Bluecloud Demon’s figure. His face was dark and grim. Just as he was about to succeed, at the very last moment this boy’s divine sense had evolved and transformed. Although it was only at the Golden Core level, it was enough to resist being swallowed by his demonic will.

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Greetings, Senior Bluecloud Demon.”

Bluecloud Demon sneered. “Boy, do you think I won’t kill you just because you forced back my demonic will?”

Qin Yu said, “This junior doesn’t dare.”

“Humph!” Bluecloud Demon’s eyes were overcast. “Boy, I will teach you how to break through the eye of the seal. As long as you can do it, I promise I will let you go.”

Qin Yu shook his head. “Junior cannot trust you.”

Bluecloud Demon was so angry he nearly vomited. What a good little bastard, you actually implied that I was someone who didn’t keep my word! But with what had just happened, he also couldn’t find any words to refute this. After a moment of gloomy silence he forced down his anger and said, “Then, boy, what do you want to do?”

Qin Yu said, “Simple. We will follow Miss You Qi’s previous suggestion and break down the eyes of the seal to help senior leave.”

Bluecloud Demon sneered. “Boy, do you think I am stupid? If you want to unravel the eyes of the seal, you can go alone. This girl can stay here with me.”

“Okay!” Qin Yu readily agreed. “Then I ask senior to release Miss You Qi so she can teach me the method of breaking past the eyes of the seal.”

Bluecloud Demon hesitated for a moment before waving his hand and releasing her. With his cultivation, what sort of storm could these two little fellows possibly stir up against him?

Qin Yu withdrew a storage bag and took out a jade slip. “Miss You Qi, please leave a mark in here explaining the method.”

You Qi clenched her teeth. This bastard had agreed so happily that she suspected he just wanted to turn tail and run! For a moment she wanted to loudly inform Bluecloud Demon that it was impossible for Qin Yu to learn the method. However, she also realized that doing this would only mean that she would drag him to the grave with her.

Whatever. In any case, she had been the one who had dragged him into this mess. If one could live, that was always better than zero. She would just consider it as a final good deed done before her death!

With a cold expression, she placed the jade slip on her forehead. After several breaths of time she tossed it back at Qin Yu, not even glancing at him.

Greedy for life, afraid of death, not wanting to shoulder any responsibility – just looking at him disgusted her!

Qin Yu probed the jade slip with his divine sense.

The only thing written inside was the same two words repeated over and over again to infinity: detestable bastard!

A thick resentment oozed out from it.

The corners of his lips twitched. Qin Yu coughed and pulled her into his arms. He whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you out of here.”

You Qi stiffened, so angry her lips twisted. To think that just before this bastard left, he also wanted to take advantage of her. Could such a childish lie even work on ghosts? Is this lady even familiar with you or something? Hey, that is enough. How come the longer you hold me, the tighter your hug is becoming? Do you think this lady won’t eventually become angry and pull you back!?

As Bluecloud Demon watched the two of them hugging tightly, seeming as if they couldn’t extricate themselves from each other, he relaxed a little. His gaze fell upon You Qi and a faint smile crossed his lips. What a beautiful girl. If he could really escape this seal then he could also let her live and keep her on as a concubine. It was rumored that the women of this clan were wonderful beyond compare!

Even though Qin Yu had a warm fragrance held tightly against his chest, he had no other thoughts. He looked at Bluecloud Demon from the side of his eyes, keenly feeling the lingering gaze on him. With a flip of his palm, he placed the jade slip back into the storage bag. Then, with a great wave of his sleeve, purple lightning howled out!


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