Chapter 56 – Heavenly Demon Slaughter

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Dang –

The eruption of magic power beneath his feet caused the ground to shake. A powerful repulsive force sent Qin Yu and You Qi storming backwards. Behind them, thunder roared and purple lightning flooded their sight, mixed in with the pained howls of Bluecloud Demon.

“Junior, I am going to kill you!” Enraged roars reverberated through the cave.

Qin Yu didn’t respond. He erupted the strength of his Demon Body to the limits. As he blazed forwards through the cave tunnel, each step he took emitted a deep bang.

You Qi was completely stunned. It was only after a long time that she composed herself. As she looked at Qin Yu there was a difference in her gaze. In order to save her, he had torn apart any pretenses of face with Bluecloud Demon. And originally, he could have escaped by himself. She wanted to say something, but sudden violent fluctuations rose up around her. Terrifying demonic energy condensed into a giant mouth that came biting at the two.

“Ahh!” You Qi cried out loud and subconsciously grabbed onto Qin Yu harder.

Qin Yu waved his hand. An enormous bolt of purple lightning appeared once more. The mouth of demonic energy was blown apart by the power of thunder.

After the danger was defused, You Qi’s face blushed red. She discovered that she had tightly clung onto Qin Yu’s neck in her panic and quietly relaxed her hold.

Bang –

Demonic energy erupted once more, turning into black bones that grabbed at the two. But in front of the purple thunder, it was instantly destroyed.

Bluecloud roared again, but he didn’t dare to approach too closely with his demonic will. After being struck by the thunder just now he had almost been blasted apart. If he suffered another attack like that then even if he didn’t die he would be severely wounded.

The power of thunder was originally able to restrain demonic strength, and the power of thunder that Qin Yu used was far more terrifying than ordinary thunder.

Helplessly watching as these two people escaped, a ruthless and severe light flashed in Bluecloud Demon’s eyes. He fell to his knees and pressed his palms against the ground. A terrifying demonic energy erupted.

The entire cave tunnel shook. On the both sides of the tunnel, tiny cracks began to appear on the seal.

Roar –

Roar –

One of the crazed demonic souls trapped within howled and plunged itself at the two people.

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. The power of thunder revolved around his entire body. The demonic soul cried out miserably and drew back, but another instantly took its place.

The Land of Sealed Demons was incomparably mysterious and had existed since ancient times. There were countless demonic cultivators sealed here, and only a single tunnel likely had over a thousand demonic souls!

The power of thunder was incredible, but in this situation the rate at which it was being used up was also astonishing.

Qin Yu shouted in a low voice, “Try and find a way for us to get out of here, otherwise we won’t be able to escape!”

You Qi bit her lips. “Give me your guardian token.”

Qin Yu took it out without hesitation.

You Qi lifted the two guardian tokens. She swayed about on Qin Yu’s back, her body rubbing against his, her face beautiful in the dark.

The two guardian tokens gathered together. The originally chaotic patterns lined up, and with force, she twisted them!

Bang –

A monstrous glow of blood red light erupted. Two tall and strong figures appeared, one standing in front and one standing behind them. They roared out loud and attacked. Their movements seemed slow and clumsy, but each time they attacked, blood red light shined. As the demonic souls touched this light it was like they had been sprayed with corrosive acid and they wailed as they melted at a terrifying pace.

The tunnel instantly cleared up.

“Hurry and leave! The guardian souls have been activated, they can buy us a little time!” The deeper meaning was that they wouldn’t be able to last too long.

Without speaking, Qin Yu grabbed hold of her and dashed forwards.

Shua –

The two raced out of the tunnel of demonic souls and arrived at the three-fork junction once more. But as they looked around, their hearts sank. Their line of sight was flooded with demonic souls, all escape routes blocked. The two guardian souls were beginning to flicker in and out, proving that they wouldn’t last much longer.

Bluecloud Demon’s roars came rushing at them from all directions. “I want you all to die without a grave!”

Bang –

Demonic souls wildly stormed out.

Qin Yu turned and shot into the central tunnel. It wasn’t because he thought it was safe, but rather because the smallest number of demonic souls was here. You Qi took out her compass, but the entire Land of Sealed Demons was in a state of chaotic upheaval. The indicator spun around like a headless fly, simply unable to give her any direction.

With two loud roars, the guardian souls dissipated. The demonic souls that lost their fear madly threw themselves forwards once more.

Hu –

Strong winds surged and demonic energy rose. The demonic vine sprang to the ground and twisted its head, “Take the miss and run!”

Bang –

Demonic energy tumbled as the demonic vine rapidly grew. It drilled roots in the ground and walls, its aura weaving together into a thick barrier.

You Qi’s eyes turned red, but she bit her lips and didn’t say a word.

Qin Yu shouted out loud, “Take care!” Then he turned and continued to run.

Behind him, the demonic vine’s strange laughs and curses echoed through the tunnel.

“You dead ghosts, you want to touch my family’s miss? Keep on dreaming!

“Ouch! Your bite hurts so much! Let’s see what you can do now that I’ve ripped out your teeth!

“Hey! You, that’s right, you! You bastard, you dare to sneak attack me!

“Don’t be in such a hurry, as long as I am here, none of you can pass.”

The voice gradually faded away. Soon, they couldn’t even hear the demonic vine’s voice at all, only the rumbling of demonic energy.

Suddenly, after a deep scream sounded from behind, You Qi stiffened. Tears began to flow down her cheeks.

This was the first time Qin Yu had ever seen her cry. Without making a single sound, she quietly burst into tears. The sight was heart-wrenching.

“The demonic vine cannot die in vain. We must escape.” Qin Yu quietly said.

You Qi wiped her tears away. She suddenly said, “You should run away by yourself. If you bring me along, neither of us will make it.”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled. “Do you think that I don’t want to? But, I don’t know the way. If I left you behind I wouldn’t know where to flee to!”

You Qi’s lips twitched, but in the end she didn’t say anything. She moved close to his chest, sighing as she felt his strong and powerful heartbeat.

There was regret, there was unwillingness, but there was also a bit of contentment.

In this world, there is actually a man willing to live and die with me. As for Qin Yu’s snarky words, she didn’t believe them at all. If he really wanted to escape by himself there was no reason for him to enrage Bluecloud Demon. So, why did he have to argue in such a situation…what a stubborn and contentious little man!

Shua –

Qin Yu came to a screeching stop, his face darkening.

There was no path ahead!

You Qi chuckled. “Well, I guess even if you wanted to run away, now you no longer have a chance.”

Qin Yu frowned. “How come it sounds like you are gloating about this a little?”

“You’re right. Hey, let me tell you something. I am very afraid of the dark, so to have you accompanying me to the grave, I feel much better.” You Qi smiled. “What’s with the sad face? Dying with me is a good thing, there are many men who couldn’t even dream of such a chance! Oh, I forgot, you still haven’t seen my face. This big sister is quite beautiful!”

Qin Yu looked down. There seemed to be an additional layer of mist on her face, but it immediately cleared up. As it did, his breath caught in his throat.

Ning Ling’s beauty came from a purity that seemed to exude from her entire body. She was like a goddess that descended upon the world, her noble and immaculate temperament making it hard for anyone to develop profane thoughts against her.

You Qi and her were two different extremes. You Qi’s face seemed as if it could attract all living beings, every inch of her exuding a temptation that fascinated the heart and mind, making one’s blood race. Her eyes were bright and watery, like a vortex that could draw your willing soul within. When combined with her enthralling figure, just glancing at her made one desire to commit every possible immoral travesty on her body!

Thump –

The sound of gulping was particularly loud in the underground tunnel.

The two fell silent.

You Qi’s laughter broke the silence. She weakly leaned on Qin Yu, slapping a hand against him as she happily laughed through tears.

Qin Yu was embarrassed. He had really been subconsciously shocked. He never thought even he wouldn’t be able to resist such a temptation.

Witch, she was definitely a witch!

He quickly averted his gaze.

You Q’s laughter slowed down. She gasped a bit weakly as she said, “If we still had some time, big sister here wouldn’t mind giving you some benefits. Unfortunately, it’s too late.”

The cruel howls of demonic souls sounded out from afar.

Qin Yu almost felt the hot blood surge into his head and scramble his thoughts. He sucked in a deep breath and wryly said, “Don’t say anything further, just change back your appearance!”

You Qi impishly blinked. “Of course I won’t. We’re about to die soon, so this big sister at least wants to die beautifully.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. “Maybe we can survive?”

You Qi curled her lips. “A 1% chance.”

Qin Yu tore off a long piece of his robes and wrapped You Qi with it. He thought back to several years ago when he had also brought a young miss to an underground space. They thought they had reached a dead end, but he had lived and she had died. His eyes dimmed for a moment before he composed himself. Qin Yu said in a deep voice, “We’re both going to survive.”

Simple and firm.

You Qi’s heart began to race with excitement. At this time, with Qin Yu’s calm and confidence in such an atmosphere, it carried with it an unspeakable charm.

Roar –

The first demonic soul rushed into their field of vision. It roared out loud and leapt towards them.

Qin Yu lifted a finger. Vorpal Edge howled out, instantly cutting the demonic soul to pieces.

But in the next moment, a second, third, and fourth demonic soul appeared. They flooded the tunnel in a breath of time.

Bang –

Bang –

With a loud crash, a fierce battle erupted!

Every time Qin Yu attacked he would demolish a demonic soul. But in the next moment, the destroyed demonic soul would be eaten up by those around it, and those demonic souls would attack with an even fiercer vigor!

Wounds began to appear on his body. Although the Demon Body was powerful, making it so that these wounds weren’t too deep, there were just far too many of them. Soon, blood started to drip down onto the ground from the hems of his robe.

Smelling the scent of fresh blood, the demonic souls seemed maddened. They rushed towards the two like a swarm of flies.

Bang –

Purple thunder erupted, recklessly spreading outwards. Dozens of demonic souls were instantly evaporated into ashes!

Crackle –

Crackle –

The Skythunder Bamboo fell on the ground, its branches and leaves sparkling with arcs of lightning. It illuminated the darkness, revealing Qin Yu’s bloodied figure and You Qi’s completely unscathed body.

“Little man, don’t worry about me.”

Qin Yu unwrapped the cloth strip and set her down beneath the Skythunder Bamboo. “I haven’t given up yet.” He rushed into the crowds of demonic souls. With a wave of his sleeves, the Soul Burying Flag emerged.

Blacksky Demon appeared, the inkjade scepter in his hands. He looked at the Skythunder Bamboo with an expression of horror before quickly following behind Qin Yu. With Blacksky Demon’s support, they were able to temporarily stabilize the situation. But looking upon the endless seas of demonic souls, it would only be a matter of time before they exhausted themselves of energy and died.

Beneath the Skythunder Bamboo, You Qi watched Qin Yu’s dire and bloody battle. Even though he knew he couldn’t escape and death was before them, his eyes didn’t waver in the least.

On the boundary of death, he fought for life!

Her eyes clouded over for a moment. She whispered to herself, “Mother, perhaps I found that destined person, just like how you were with father. But, the timing is so off.” She seemed dazed for a moment before revealing a bright smile, all of her charming allure seeming to scatter around her. “He hasn’t given up yet, so how can your daughter just sit around waiting for death? Perhaps I can help him live on. Even if I die, he will remember me for the rest of his life. That…also seems nice.”

You Qi looked at Qin Yu. She closed her eyes.

Purple line patterns began to appear on her body. When contrasted against her nearly transparent skin, it formed a soul-stirring beauty, as if a peerless drawing were being slowly unfolded.

Then, You Qi’s eyes flashed open. Demonic flames ignited all around her. The black and purple fused together, releasing a heart-racing aura. The demonic souls that surrounded Qin Yu suddenly stiffened and cried out in panic as they began to wildly flee.

“Heavenly Demon Slaughter!”

You Qi coldly spoke. With her words, flames howled out, avoiding Qin Yu and Blacksky Demon as they swept through the tunnel.

For the next thousand feet, demonic souls dissipated like smoke.

Then, You Qi softly smiled at Qin Yu and fell backwards.

Shua –

Qin Yu grabbed hold of her, his blood dyeing her skirt red. Feeling her rapidly lowering temperature, he took a deep breath and steadied his eyes.

Holding You Qi, he put away Blacksky Demon. As they demonic souls swelled towards them once more, he lifted the Skythunder Bamboo and ran into the stone wall.

Ripples appeared in the seal, swallowing up the two of them!

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