Chapter 60 – Seven Slaughter Sect Master

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

With magic power purity and strength that could compare to a sixth level Golden Core, with the infinite might of the Demon Body, and also with his extraordinary divine sense added on, these factors combined together allowed Qin Yu to completely overwhelm Deepsea Demon. When fighting against those at a higher realm, unless one possessed a heaven-defying bloodline or a formidable inheritance, it had never been easy.

Deepsea Demon roared out again and again, but fear began to grow in the depths of his mind. As the punches continued, his wounds gradually accumulated and worsened. If things continued like this, it wouldn’t be long before he was beaten to death.

He had to run away!

As this thought formed, Deepsea Demon felt profound shame, so much that his eyes turned red. But soon it vanished. Compared to death, what was losing a bit of face for some time? In these past days his cultivation seemed to unwind, a faint indication that he was nearing a breakthrough. With the great dao of Nascent Soul so close to hand, he would truly be aggrieved if he were to die here like this.

For a true man, taking revenge 10 years later wouldn’t be considered late at all!

As this reasoning formed, Deepsea Demon roared out once more. The black turtle shell above his head quickly shrank and its imprisoning range also contracted with it. Finally, it locked Qin Yu into a space of 20 feet. With eyes filled with anxiety, Deepsea Demon turned tail and fled. This was because he knew that the imprisonment of the turtle shell wouldn’t be able to stop Qin Yu. At most it could give him several breaths more time to escape.

Whoosh –

Billowing demonic energy wrapped around him as he shot into the distance.

Li Yunmo cried out miserably and turned to run.

The four other demonic Golden Core cultivators were a bit faster in responding; they were already a thousand feet away.

The demonic cultivators in Canyondwell City had been left in chaos!

This was absolute humiliation!

A late Golden Core and five other Golden Core powerhouses, for a total of six demonic path masters, had been scared away by a single Golden Core cultivator.

What happened to bringing back the dignity of the demonic path?

Bang –

With a heaven-shaking explosion the turtle shell burst into pieces. Qin Yu stepped out, slaughter energy rising all up over his body, his killing intent immediately locking onto Deepsea Demon.

Deepsea Demon felt his courage collapse. He knew that the turtle shell couldn’t stop Qin Yu, but how did he get out so quickly? Moreover, why was he chasing after him with such singular focus? Li Yunmo also had a grudge with Qin Yu, and there were four other bright and shining Golden Core demonic cultivators standing beside him. Killing them would be as simple as turning a hand, so why was he still being chased!?

Bang –

Blood red flames ignited. Qin Yu’s speed suddenly rose up ten times over.

As Deepsea Demon was drowning in despair, a troop of demonic cultivators appeared in the distance, their scarlet flags fluttering in the end. A powerful aura rose and whipped up clouds and winds. The sounds of rumbling thunder followed. Deepsea Demon’s eyes widened as he reveled in joy. He shouted out loud, “Sect Master, save me!”

With the all-out strength of a late Golden Core master, his voice instantly spread through the world. Li Yunmo and the four Golden Core demonic cultivators also stopped as they heard this. As they discovered the troop that was quickly approaching, they suddenly turned back around to join the battle, their faces filled with fearless fighting spirit.

“You insolent child Qin Yu!”

“I will never forgive you!”

“Even if I must perish with you, I won’t let you take a single step out of Canyondwell City!”

The voices were vigorous and angry, as if they were worried they couldn’t spread out far enough.

But…the problem was that Qin Yu was already outside of Canyondwell City.

Deepsea Demon’s lips twitched. These five bastards. However, he didn’t have the time or desire to lower himself to their level.

The sharpness reappeared in his eyes. As his eagle-like gaze locked onto Qin Yu, all of his shame and resentment was transformed into vicious killing intent.

“Qin Yu, I remember that you were close with that little girl right? Once you die, I vow that I will capture her and make her suffer a fate worse than death!”

Deepsea Demon valiantly shouted!

The carriage of the Seven Slaughter Sect Master had arrived and Qin Yu was doomed to die. Even if he were to stand here motionlessly, how could he even be killed?

Qin Yu swept his eyes over the incoming troop, his gaze deep as he veered back to Deepsea Demon. “I won’t give you that chance. Let’s end this.”

Deepsea Demon’s heart violently shrank.

Qin Yu lifted a hand and pointed out.

Boundless Blue Finger!

Bang –

Winds rose up between the heaven and earth, split apart by this finger.

All of the blood in Deepsea Demon’s face instantly faded away. The cultivation of a late Golden Core master wildly erupted as endless layers of demonic energy wrapped around him.

The doors of the carriage burst open and a middle-aged man in blood red robes stepped out. His vision was dire and surging with killing intent.

This person was the master of the Seven Slaughter Demon Sect, Heavenstar Demon!

Bang –

The Boundless Blue Finger fell!

The layers of demonic energy shivered and collapsed, revealing the deathly white face of Deepsea Demon and his eyes filled with unwillingness. Deepsea Demon lowered his head with effort. A giant hole had appeared in his chest. Blood crazily gushed out, and the heart that should have been robustly beating had vanished without a trace.

Qin Yu spread out his arms. Deepsea Demon suddenly emitted a terrifying cry and his face twisted in fear as his body began to quickly wither. Rich blood energy drilled out from all the pores of his body, quickly gathering in the air and turning into a strange demonic face.

Heavenstar Demon’s complexion changed. This…this was…he sucked in a deep breath, calming his racing heart. His eyes started to gradually heat up.

Hu –

Black flames rose up, swallowing the demonic face and wiping it from existence.

Seeing this occur, Qin Yu felt a knot relax in his heart, as if one of his annoying karmic ties had dispersed because of this.

Bang –

Bang –

12 columns of demonic energy rose up into the skies as if they supported the heavens. The entire area was suppressed.

Heavenstar Demon walked through the void. The aura of a Nascent Soul blotted out the skies. “Junior Qin Yu, you have killed a powerhouse of my demonic path and today you will not escape!”

Bang –

A demon hand formed from thin air. It was extremely black and seemed as if it were formed from some kind of jade, but one could clearly see the lines and print of the palm. It was like the hand of a great demon had reached across the river of time to grab at Qin Yu! All of the demonic cultivators in Canyondwell City felt their heart rates accelerate, so excited they couldn’t control themselves.

Finally, there was someone in the demonic path that could turn the tides!

The Seven Slaughter Sect Master was a super powerhouse at the Nascent Soul realm. It would be far too easy for him to kill Qin Yu! Ha! You damned brat, no matter how arrogant and rampant you were, it's time for your retribution!

Qin Yu’s complexion was earnest. As the pressure of the Nascent Soul realm pressed down on him, all the bones in his body seemed to creak and moan. He hadn’t expected that after refining these tools just recently, he would have to use them to preserve his life so soon.

With a flick of his sleeve, 108 strange fish teeth were suspended in front of Qin Yu. As he pointed out his finger, they began to shoot through the skies in a straight line.

The first strange fish tooth exploded, then the second, third, and fourth. Although the demon hand was powerful it still couldn’t stand up to such a terrifying barrage. Cracks appeared in it and it immediately collapsed. Before the rumbling sounds faded, the demon hand was torn apart and the remaining strange fish teeth shot straight at Heavenstar Demon!

“Storm Flow!” Heavenstar Demon shouted out in anger. With a wave of his sleeve an expanse of demonic energy appeared in the skies, stars seeming to sparkle within it. As the strange fish teeth crashed into it, it seemed as if they had entered a completely different space. Although they still wildly exploded, they couldn’t harm him at all.

Still, there was a price to pay for this. Heavenstar Demon was forced back again and again until he was forced outside the 12 columns of demonic energy. As he stepped past the threshold, the 12 columns instantly became blurry.

Bang –

The Blood Escape Art activated and blazing demonic flames wrapped around Qin Yu. Qin Yu slammed into the invisible seal. As he spat out a mouthful of blood, he successfully pushed past the seal.

Whoosh –

His figure rapidly faded into the distance!

Heavenstar Demon’s face darkened. He reached out and grabbed a ball of blood. As he smelled it, flames ignited in his eyes. He had only been guessing before, but now he was sure of it. This was the Demon Body, this was definitely the Demon Body! However, Qin Yu had already run far away, and with him crazily burning his blood essence to utilize the speed of the Blood Escape Art, there was no way he could overtake him.

“Pass down an order to the entire sect. Find him! He must be found no matter the cost!”


Skyvault City.

Within the Southern Empire, the number one cultivation faction was the pill giant known as Immortal Eclipse Valley. However, in the eyes of the cultivators of the Southern Empire, Skyvault City had the highest and loftiest status. It was built atop a natural flying stone and was a genuine city in the skies. Its inheritance stretched back almost 10,000 years, and even though Immortal Eclipse Valley was stronger, they still couldn’t take over it.

At the same time, this was the safest place within the boundaries of the Southern Empire. Skyvault City forbade battles between any cultivators and also had a natural array formation that repelled any demonic cultivators who tried to enter. As for those that had housing in the city, all of them possessed formidable backgrounds and statuses.

The Zhu Family was one of the powerful families of the Southern Empire that possessed the qualifications to live within Skyvault City. Their family had an inheritance that spanned 10 generations, and although their powerhouses had risen and fallen over the times, they currently had three Golden Core masters propping them up. They had joined formidable sects and their complex network of influence couldn’t be underestimated.

At this time Qin Yu appeared in front of the Zhu Family Mansion, requesting a visit. His black robe completely hid his figure. Although he was deliberately hiding his status, his Golden Core aura caused the guards at the mansion gates to look at him with respect. This was especially true because this person had stated that he was an old friend of Lord Bluecloud.

Out of the Zhu Family’s three Golden Cores, Zhu Bluecloud had the lowest cultivation and the highest potential. He was favored by everyone in the family.

“Please wait a moment my lord. I will immediately pass on the message.” A guard quickly left.

Soon, underneath the shocked gazes of the remaining guards, Zhu Bluecloud walked over. He loudly asked, “Where is the one requesting an audience?”

Qin Yu smiled. He cupped his hands together, “Brother Zhu, it’s been a while.”

Zhu Bluecloud immediately lit up with joy. “You…” His eyes brightened with awareness. “Come with me!” He turned and led Qin Yu into the Zhu Family Mansion.

As they entered, Zhu Bluecloud directly asked, “Are you the one who killed Deepsea Demon?”

Qin Yu pulled down his hood and smiled. “Nope.”

Zhu Bluecloud let out a long breath. “I was also asked how it could possibly be you. It hasn’t been that long and yet you killed Deepsea Demon? And, some people even said that the Seven Slaughter Sect Master Heavenstar Demon personally arrived but still couldn’t hold you behind. This is just far too ridiculous!”

Qin Yu’s smile remained unchanged.

But in the blink of an eye, Zhu Bluecloud continued to speak. “But, the key point is that besides you, who would chase after Deepsea Demon and try to kill him no matter the cost? You can be honest with me. Ever since I obtained the news I haven’t been able to get a good night’s rest!”

“If you think it was me, it was me. If you think it wasn’t, then it wasn’t.” Qin Yu blinked his eyes, not directly replying.

Zhu Bluecloud’s eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Although he didn’t say anything, one could imagine just how many curses he was flinging in his heart.

After a long time, Zhu Bluecloud took a deep breath and composed himself. “You…you…you damned freak!” He grumbled. He had just made a breakthrough in his cultivation and thought that the gap between him and Qin Yu had narrowed, but he didn’t think that just after blinking his eyes he would be flung back so far he couldn’t even see him anymore.

Qin Yu laughed, “Alright, I came here for a reason. You should know what it is.”

Zhu Bluecloud curled his lips. “Don’t worry, I had Gu Ling’er enter the Rainbow Sect and also had people arrange for her to live in Skyvault City. She is very safe here. Moreover, now that you’ve killed Deepsea Demon I don’t think anyone else knows about your relationship to her.” After a brief pause he added, “Do you want me to send someone to bring Gu Ling’er back for a visit so that you can see her?”

Qin Yu hesitated. He shook his head, “I won’t see her.”

Zhu Bluecloud was left speechless. “In order to save her, you first killed Liang Taizu and then killed Deepsea Demon. Right now, the entire Seven Slaughter Demon Sect is going crazy searching the world for you. You paid such a deep price and yet you don’t want to see her?”

Qin Yu smiled. “Even if I just see her one time, she will be in that much more danger. As long as she is safe it doesn’t matter if I see her or not.”

Zhu Bluecloud nodded. “Well it’s your business, so you make the decisions.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Brother Zhu, I fear that I will have to continue to bother you in the future to take care of Ling’er. Allow me to apologize in advance.”

Zhu Bluecloud waved his hand, coughing, half-real and half-fake. “Right now you’re considered a very large thigh and my Zhu Family can’t even wait to develop relations with you, so how could it be trouble for us?”

Qin Yu smiled. “If you need help in the future, I will try as long as it is in my power to do so.”

This was a vow.

Although there was a limit, it was because of this that it seemed more sincere.

Zhu Bluecloud was overjoyed, “I’ll remember!”

Originally there were some veiled criticisms within the family about how he had used up family favors to send Gu Ling’er into the Rainbow Sect. Once some rumors were spread out, he’d see just who would continue flapping their lips. Qin Yu also guessed this, thus he promised them a favor in return. Friends helped friends and one should always return favors. This was how human relationships worked in the world.

“Come, we’re not resting until we're drunk tonight!”

Qin Yu smiled and agreed.

After drinking for a long time, they also ate.

Zhu Bluecloud used the boldness provided by alcohol to interrogate Qin Yu. For instance, how did Qin Yu’s strength rise so quickly so soon? Of course, all he received was smoke for answers. Zhu Bluecloud raged in righteous indignation, but Qin Yu simply laughed and paid him no heed. In truth, they both knew that these words were also spoken to closen their relationship, and both knew that it was impossible to truly say anything.

After drinking, Qin Yu bid his farewells. Zhu Bluecloud tried to have him stay a bit longer, but it was useless.

At the Rainbow Sect’s residence.

Qin Yu stood at a street entrance. After waiting for two hours he finally saw Gu Ling’er. She was standing within a crowd of female cultivators, and although she was still shy she was much more confident than before.

This young girl, she seemed to have grown up.

Qin Yu smiled and left.

Gu Ling’er suddenly turned her head, a puzzled look in her eyes.

“What is it Ling’er?” A senior-apprentice sister asked.

Gu Ling’er bit her lips. She looked around, but that feeling was no longer here. For some reason, it had felt as if her heart was empty, like it was missing a piece.


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