Chapter 59 – The Broken Demonic Cultivators

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

It was a long time before the laughter echoing through the valley subsided. Qin Yu took out a jade slip and read through it with his divine sense.

“Little man, if you have this big sister in your heart and promptly read this jade slip, then you can prevent the upcoming excruciating pain of your body. Otherwise, you are just a heartless and ungrateful wretch that is just looking to suffer. In any case, when demonic runes appear within the Demon Body, it requires you to slay a Golden Core realm demonic cultivator to offer as a sacrifice, otherwise in one month you will suffer a backlash from the Demon Body and you will feel as if you are being fried alive. Don’t ask me why – this big sister doesn’t know either. But still, let me offer you a suggestion. It is best if you choose a late Golden Core demonic cultivator as a sacrifice, because that will produce the best effect.

“I unintentionally looked through your storage bag and saw some fish teeth. Those can reluctantly be used as weapons, and I also recorded down the refinement method at the back of this jade slip. In a critical moment it can guarantee your survival. You also owe this big sister a favor, so make sure to put as much effort as possible into staying alive so that you can wait for me to come back and collect it. That’s about everything I have to say. Little man, until we meet again.”

This was also in the typical tone of You Qi.

Dark lines crossed down Qin Yu’s head. This insane woman, how could she wait so long before telling him such vital information? But thinking about her personality, it was just far too normal for her to do something like this. He continued to read, and half a day later Qin Yu took back his divine sense. With a loud crack the jade slip disintegrated.

This was definitely the work of You Qi. She likely wasn’t worried about the information within leaking, but wanted to know whether or not he had truly suffered a backlash from the Demon Body. Qin Yu wryly smiled. Even after this woman left he still couldn’t catch his breath. But still, the things she left behind had major uses.

“Offer a sacrifice of a Golden Core demonic cultivator to prevent a backlash of the Demon Body? That’s right, Deepsea Demon knows people that are related to me, so it's best if I kill him now to avoid any possible dangers in the future. But before that, I have to finish the refinement first.”

Shua –

Qin Yu’s figure flickered and he disappeared from sight.

Qin Yu sat down in a cave that had been carved open in a simple manner. 108 fish teeth were placed in front of him, neatly lined up in arrows. He carefully checked them several times, and after making sure they were lined up correctly, a divine flash suddenly sparkled in his eyes.

His hands moved in law seals and his robes started to flutter around him. The 108 strange fish teeth seemed to feel something as they gently trembled.

Suddenly, Qin Yu pointed out a finger. A bead of blood dropped down and sank into a strange fish tooth.

Hum –

It quietly shivered, instantly turning blood red and emitting a demonic aura.

Like this, Qin Yu fell into a trance…half a day later, he picked up a strange fish tooth and carefully looked over it. After examining it for a long time he was sure he had succeeded. He had never studied the process of refining magic tools before and this was his first time refining his own. Although the demonic path refining method was a bit crude, it was indeed easy to use!

Practice made perfect. He continued.

After forming the law seal with his hands again, he dripped down another bead of blood onto a strange fish tooth.

It was easier than before.

Qin Yu became increasingly skilled. After resting for some time, on the third day he completely refined all 108 strange fish teeth. Besides being a little pale and having lost a bit of blood vitality, Qin Yu didn’t suffer any losses at all. He had completed the Storm Flow magic tools left behind by You Qi.

The so-called Storm Flow required one to use identical materials in refining the magic tools. When fighting an opponent, one could shoot them all out together. And what was most terrifying was that after shooting out all these magic tools they would explode one after another, causing the killing potential to rise to new heights.

A single attack would ruin a massive amount of precious materials. And, what was most horrifying was that each refining material needed to be fed blood essence. Qin Yu had the powerful Demon Body so he wasn’t scared to lose a little bit of blood essence, but for others, just the process of refining these 108 strange fish teeth and the blood essence required would leave them half-dead.

In short, while Storm Flow was a simple and crude refining method, it wasn’t something that everyone could use!

Qin Yu flicked his sleeve and stored the 108 strange fish teeth in his storage bag. With these Storm Flow weapons in his hand, he was confident he could retreat even when facing a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Three days later.

Whoosh –

Qin Yu soared into the skies, all of his lost blood essence completely restored.

“Deepsea Demon, I’m coming to kill you!”

After the events of Hidden Wind Valley, the demonic path suffered a tremendous blow to their morale and temporarily retreated in order to stabilize. But a mere three months later, they found an excuse to renege on the agreement and stage a return. War erupted again soon after, and Canyondwell City fell to enemy hands. By now, over half of the Southern Empire had fallen under the control of the demonic path.

Perhaps in order to vent their anger and wash away their shame, Canyondwell City was nearly razed to the ground. The numerous broken sections of the city wall lent a desolate and sad atmosphere to the land.

Beneath a mansion pavilion, Li Yunmo held onto a pot of wine, the thick smell of alcohol exuding from his body. Because Liang Taizu had been killed, he had been punished by the Seven Slaughter Demon Sect and was now ordered to guard Canyondwell City.

What significance was there in guarding a city that had nearly been destroyed? There just wasn’t any. But, Li Yunmo was also well aware that this was a disguised form of exile. If it weren’t for his Golden Core cultivation still being just a tiny bit useful, he would likely have been killed off long ago.

Even so, his was more or less completely finished. The bright future that he had anticipated had now faded far away. Thinking of this, Li Yunmo’s eyes turned red with hatred. He shattered the wine bottle against the ground and roared, “Qin Yu, Qin Yu! I will tear you to a million pieces!”

The sound of footsteps echoed from behind him.

Li Yunmo didn’t even turn his head as he shouted, “Get the fuck out of here!”

“Li Yunmo, it’s been a while.”

This voice…

Li Yunmo froze. A cold sweat began to seep out from his forehead and he was shocked wide awake from his drunken misery.

Bang –

Demonic energy erupted. He soared into the skies, rushing away without looking back.

Outside the pavilion, a sneer appeared on Qin Yu’s lips. Was this tearing him to a million pieces?

Li Yunmo’s face was paper white. Fear filled his eyes. It was him, it was definitely him!

Qin Yu, he had returned!

Although deep in his heart he wished that he could eat Qin Yu’s flesh and drink his blood, Qin Yu was someone who had killed Army Breaker. If he could kill Army Breaker, just what kind of opponent would he be? He wasn’t running away but rather passing on news that Qin Yu was here. Deepsea Demon was currently in seclusion outside of Canyondwell City. Once he was alerted, Qin Yu would die.

Li Yunmo crazily stimulated demonic energy as he rushed outside the city. He felt a cold and swift killing intent behind him, and as he turned his head to look back he nearly fainted from fright.

Qin Yu was right behind him, not too far away. His movements were calm and leisurely, as if he could catch up at any moment.

“A righteous path spy is here! Cut him down, there will be great rewards for anyone that can do so!”

In Canyondwell City, several demonic Golden Core cultivators that were training were suddenly enraged. Even though Li Yunmo had been abandoned by his people, he was, for better or worse, a Golden Core.

While they could ignore Li Yunmo, they couldn’t ignore being insulted like this by a righteous path cultivator. Otherwise just what sort of face would they have left!

“You dare be so insolent in my demonic path’s territory? You are seeking death!” With a roar, a demonic path Golden Core blocked the way and slashed down with the saber in his hands.

Shua –

A beam of black saber light shot out, howling forwards.

“That is Blacksaber Demon!”

“Ah! He’s my idol! I never imagined Lord Blacksaber Demon would be here at Canyondwell City!”

“This righteous path cultivator is finished. He can easily chase after Li Yunmo, but when facing Lord Blacksaber Demon, all that awaits him is death.”

Qin Yu was expressionless. He lifted a hand and punched out at the saber light, breaking it into fragments.

Bang –

Blacksaber Demon was sent soaring away. The great saber that had earned him his fame was sent flying from his hands. Blood blew out from his chest and mouth; he had turned into a corpse in the blink of an eye.

The entirety of Canyondwell City was instantly left deathly silent!

Several demonic Golden Core cultivators that were just about to attack suddenly froze where they were.

Li Yunmo was so frightened that he peed. This was real pee. A hot liquid flowed down his robes, but he couldn’t care about such matters at the moment.

“Ahh!” He miserably screamed as he rushed out of Canyondwell City. Then he gathered all his strength and yelled out at the top of his lungs, “Deepsea Demon, Qin Yu is here!”

Qin Yu…

The several Golden Core demonic cultivators had just recovered their wits. As they heard these words, their eyes popped wide open and they cursed out loud. Li Yunmo this bastard, he wanted to use them as shields to stop the spear!

The pitiful Blacksaber Demon had died tragically because he didn’t understand the situation.

Luckily, Deepsea Demon was here. He was a late Golden Core powerhouse, more than enough to kill Qin Yu.

It was time to share in the merits!

Even if Deepsea Demon did most of the work, they had still followed behind and would be able to share in some of the soup. To not join in when merits were being dropped from the skies, only an idiot would do that!

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

Demonic energy erupted. Four demonic Golden Core cultivators rushed out of the city.

“Qin Yu, there is nowhere for you to go!”

“Prepare to die!”

“Your end has come!”

These shouts seemed poignant and touching, but…how come they were so far from the battlefield? And how come it looked as if they were ready to escape at any moment? Still, no one was in the mood to mock them right now. All of the demonic cultivators in Canyondwell City were looking outside the city, waiting for the arrival of Lord Deepsea Demon. If the wanted to regain the dignity of the demonic path, they would have to rely on Lord Deepsea Demon to turn the tides!

A black dot appeared on the horizon, approaching at an alarming speed. The strength of the heavens and earth tumbled about the figure, leaving behind loud rumbling sounds.

Shua –

Demonic energy scattered to reveal the figure of Deepsea Demon. He stared at Qin Yu, his eyes filled with killing intent. “Today, I will not give you any chance to escape!” As he spoke he flicked his sleeves and sent out a black turtle shell. The turtle shell rose up in the wind and instantly grew over 10 feet wide. It released black demonic energy runes that blocked out the surrounding 1000 feet.

The numerous demonic cultivators all felt hot tears in their eyes. Lord Deepsea Demon was indeed worthy of his name. He hadn’t disappointed them at all!

You crooked bastard Qin Yu, it’s time for you to die!

Li Yunmo let out a long breath of relief. It was only now that he discovered the sickening scent wafting up from his clothes. His face turned red with shame and he roared out, “Qin Yu, you are dead!”

The four demonic Golden Core cultivators rushed forwards together. They shouted out, “Kill him!”

Qin Yu smiled. “Li Yunmo, thank you very much.”

Li Yunmo was startled.

Deepsea Demon’s pupils shrank. A deeply uneasy feeling began to form in his stomach.

Bang –

Qin Yu stepped up. A terrifying strength erupted, as if the surrounding space was faintly twisting. He exploded forwards like an arrow.

Deepsea Demon shouted. “You are courting death!” With a flick of his sleeve, billowing demonic energy rushed out in a wild tsunami, roaring as it did.

Qin Yu’s figure was instantly submerged.

The demonic cultivators of Canyondwell City cheered together, their cries shaking the heavens.

“Lord Deepsea Demon is invincible!”

“Cutting down Qin Yu, that is the glory of our demonic path!”

“This Qin Yu, he was just bringing about his own destruction!”

Deepsea Demon didn’t seem happy at all. The uneasiness in his heart became increasingly heavy. Then, with a loud bang, the flood of demonic energy broke apart.

With a stuffy cough, Deepsea Demon’s complexion paled and his eyes widened with disbelief. With almost no time to react, a fist appeared right before him. He reflexively lifted a hand and demonic energy violently trembled beneath him. He had nearly been crushed apart, but that terrifying strength still left half his body numb and the bones in his arm creaking with pain.

This boy, his strength was incomparable to how it was in the past!

How was this possible!?

Deepsea Demon drew backwards and roared in anger and shock. But at this moment, his body froze and he cried out in pain.

Deep in his mind, an agonizing headache rushed through him as if someone had split his head in half with a saber.

A divine sense attack! This was a divine sense attack! I am at the late Golden Core, so how could this boy’s divine sense possibly be so strong!

Bang –

A fist ruthlessly struck Deepsea Demon. Although his protective demonic energy resisted the majority of the strength, the remaining amount still caused him to vomit blood as it sent him shooting backwards.

“Ahh!” Deepsea Demon roared out loud and demonic energy tumbled around him. But before he could begin a counterattack, the divine sense attack arrived once more. As he was frozen for that brief moment, he was sent flying back again like a sandbag.

Bang –

Bang –

In the loud bangs, Deepsea Demon really seemed to have become a sandbag.

Qin Yu was only at the early Golden Core realm but his divine sense was incomprehensibly strong. This was the effect of his pill cultivation and also from the pain of nearly having his body possessed. As a result his divine sense had been tempered repeatedly. This was also aided by the fact that demonic path cultivation methods weren’t too skilled in resisting divine sense, thus creating the current situation of Deepsea Demon being overwhelmed!

Li Yunmo’s legs trembled. He had just summoned his courage but now it had been routed yet again…to force Deepsea Demon backwards and beat him up, Qin Yu had actually somehow grown this strong.

At some unknown time, the four Golden Core demonic cultivators had retreated over a thousand feet back. Their faces were pale and pained as if their parents had just died.

Canyondwell City was completely silent. The demonic cultivators felt their morale collapse. Didn’t they just talk about turning the tide, or regaining the dignity of the demonic path?

If this is a nightmare, please let us wake up a little bit faster!


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