Chapter 58 – Golden Core! Golden Core!!

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Pa –

You Qi landed on the ground. “I’m not crazy, stop looking at me that way. I will immediately draw out the earth demon’s blood essence to help you make your breakthrough.”

She turned and rushed towards the ruined skeleton of the earth demon beast.

Qin Yu looked at You Qi handling the skeleton and sighed. It was no wonder the earth demon beast still had such an unwilling expression after a thousand years. It was so close to escaping into the clear skies, perhaps just a single claw strike away, but for some unknown reason it had died at that time.

But the efforts of the earth demon beast weren’t for naught. Crossing a thousand years over the river of time, this demon gave a man and woman a ray of hope to escape the Land of Sealed Demons.

Qin Yu tightened his fists.

You Qi was bleeding. It seemed that many of her techniques required her to use her fresh blood. She wiped a bloody finger across the ruined bones of the earth demon beast, rapidly forming patterns. And, what was even more bizarre was that her blood didn’t coagulate after leaving her body. Rather, it grew brighter and even started to glow with a purple light.

Her complexion paled once more. Her injuries hadn’t fully healed to begin with, and draining her blood once more caused serious losses to her. But, her movements remained as stable as a mountain and an unprecedented level of focus was etched across her face. All of this proved that her innermost feelings were bursting with desire to reach the outside world.

With the hope of living right before them, who was willing to die?

The final line was drawn on the blood-soaked skull. Suddenly, black demonic flames lit up across the entire skeleton of the earth demon beast. The flames leapt and danced in the air, and the temperature of the surroundings began to rocket upwards. One could see faint traces of blood lines appearing all over the bones, travelling towards the single horn.

Pa –

Pa –

Bones shattered one after another, losing their final bits of strength as they were charred to ashes by the demonic flames. Finally, only the remaining skull and horn floated in the air. The demonic flames concentrated around it, the flames burning with an even more terrifying might.

The blood lines were forced into the horn. With a loud crack, the horn separated from the skull. You Qi took out a jade bottle and caught the drop of dark red blood that dripped down from the horn.

Pa –

She landed on the ground and swayed a little. Then she rushed over to Qin Yu, brightly smiling, “It’s done.”

This woman, she was stubborn to the end!

Qin Yu sincerely said, “Leave the rest to me.”

You Qi nodded and handed him the jade bottle.

Qin Yu turned and sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes in meditation, putting all of his effort into adjusting his current condition to its peak state.

You Qi looked at his face, several complex feelings flashing in her eyes. She wanted to leave because there were many matters outside that she needed to finish.

But once she left, it would be impossible for her and Qin Yu to remain as they were in the Land of Sealed Demons.

And perhaps he had also realized this.

You Qi sighed. She put away the skull of the earth demon beast.

Shua –

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed open, a blaze of light erupting from them. Without any urging from him, his bones started to crackle. Perhaps this was because the Demon Body had felt the temptation of the earth demon beast’s blood.

Without hesitation, Qin Yu opened the jade bottle and swallowed the blood!

Within his chest, his heart began to beat vigorously, pumping blood through his body. As blood ran through his blood vessels the sound resembled rushing rivers! Every inch of his flesh and blood, every bone, started to cry out in joy as it crazily absorbed the strength inherent within the earth demon beast’s blood.

His body began to transform, evolve, sublimate!

Qin Yu clenched his fists. His body trembled as sweat streamed down from him. While this sort of incomparably tyrannical strength rapidly enhanced his body, it also brought about a similarly dreadful tearing pain.

But with the previous experience of cultivating the Demon Body and also experiencing having his body almost seized, pain of this degree wasn’t able to crush his will at all. Qin Yu carefully sensed every small change occurring within his body, because he knew this would bring him an even greater strength.

Suddenly, he reared his head backwards and roared!

Bang –

A ferocious aura erupted from his body, as if an ancient vicious beast had awakened from a deep slumber. Countless dense demonic runes appeared on his body and demonic energy gushed out, forming a vortex that poured into him.

You Qi’s eyes widened. “Those are demonic runes!”

She bit her lips, joy surging in her eyes. She had endured great hardship, struggling so much to find a way to return, and she never imagined it would appear right before her.

Demonic runes, Golden Core realm demonic runes!

Bang –

The cave trembled, interrupting You Qi from her euphoria. She took out her compass and gazed at it. Soon, her complexion darkened. The strength of the seal was beginning to revolve, and it would soon arrive here.

Its goal was Qin Yu!

The aura from him making a breakthrough in his Demon Body was sufficient to trigger the seal.

“I just saw a ray of hope and now you want to snuff it out? Keep on dreaming!” You Qi sat down on the ground and repeatedly struck her palms against the ground. With each strike, demonic energy rushed out, forming a wall that rose around her, protecting Qin Yu and her within.

Black lines began to spread downwards on the walls of the cave, like the roots of a large tree.

You Qi grit her teeth. The strength of the seal had arrived sooner than she expected. Luckily, she had sensed it early, giving her enough time.

“Saint Seal, rise!”

Hum –

As light erupted from the walls of demonic energy, a phantasmal head appeared above. Although it was faint and dim, it possessed an enduring majesty.

The strength of the seal stagnated, as if suppressed by the demonic marks.

After the stand-off continued for several breaths of time, a ferocious ghost face appeared. It was the same face from when the Land of Sealed Demons was opened. It angrily roared, “Those who destroyed the seal, die!”

You Qi continued to form seals with her hands. A halo of golden light revolved above her head. “This is the Saint Seal of the envoy, given in order to verify how the earth demon beast died. Draw back!”

The ghost face paused for a moment, “There is no way to prove your identity.”

Bang –

Bang –

The strength of the seal swelled forth like waves.

The walls of demonic energy shook and began to creak.

You Qi bitterly smiled. As she thought, her bloodline was far too faint and was insufficient to summon the Saint Seal and suppress the spirit of the seal. She turned and glanced at Qin Yu. Though she was anxious, she didn’t say a word. In any case, if he failed to make his breakthrough, the two of them would die here.

Little man, can you hurry up!

The ferocious ghost face’s cries became increasingly sharp and shrill. Under its urging, the strength of the seal continued to increase, flooding through the cave.

Cracks appeared in the wall of demonic energy. The spinning symbol above her hand began to disintegrate.

Shua –

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed open. He flicked a finger, shooting a ball of blood onto the symbol above, stabilizing it. It immediately seemed much more solid.

“Screw off!”

With a shout, a blood red light exploded from the symbol and an invisible pressure surged outwards.

The hideous ghost face cried out miserably as it vanished from sight.

The strength of the seal retreated.

You Qi happily asked, “You broke through?”

Qin Yu nodded, smiling. “We won’t be able to scare it away for long. We have to leave as soon as possible. Follow behind me.”

He stood before the stone wall and took a deep breath. His bones crackled like rumbling thunder as boundless strength gathered beneath his feet, passing through his waist, arms, and finally crashing from his fist!

A heaven-shaking explosion sounded out and the entire cave trembled.

With the earth demon beast’s ruined bones as the center, cracks began to spread out with increasing speed, like a rapidly growing spider web.

Rumble rumble –

It sounded like ten thousand horses racing through!

As the stone wall shattered, a roaring underground river revealed itself.

It flowed in the earth, passing through the mountains. The river water was dark gray and icy cold, roaring without end. Suddenly, a giant vortex appeared in the middle of the river, sucking in endless water and nearly severing the river in half.

Splash –

The vortex fell apart. A man and woman broke free from the water and stumbled onto the riverside with great heaving breaths.

These two were Qin Yu and You Qi.

Her entire body was soaked wet and her long skirt clung tightly to her, outlining her perfect figure. Her upper robes had been washed away by the river waters, revealing two stunning white sights.

Qin Yu swept his eyes over and quickly looked away.

You Qi slowly pulled down her skirt. Demonic energy surged around her, instantly drying her clothes.

“We finally escaped.”

Qin Yu nodded. As he looked at the disappearing river vortex, he frowned.

A light flashed in You Qi’s eyes. “Don’t worry, the spirit of the seal has already realized what has happened. This escape channel will soon be completely destroyed.”

Just as she finished speaking, the ground shook beneath their feet, as if something deep underground was collapsing. The vortex in the river completely vanished and the river seemed to quickly flow along as if nothing had occurred.

Qin Yu felt relieved. If the demonic souls caged within the Land of Sealed Demons had escaped and caused chaos because of him, it would have been difficult for him to find peace of mind.

You Qi smiled. “I didn’t think you would still have so much compassion for the common world.”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I just don’t want to shoulder the burden of any guilt.”

You Qi didn’t seem to mind much. She said, “Alright, then let’s settle our current accounts.”

She raised a finger, “Initially, you ruined my plans and I almost killed you. We can be considered even with that.”

A second finger. “You failed your breakthrough and I saved your life. In the Land of Sealed Demons, you also saved my life. That is also even between us.”

A third finger. “You obtained the demon blood and made a breakthrough with your Demon Body, but I obtained nothing. Also, you peeped at my body just now.”

Qin Yu stared at her.

“Don’t try to deny it. I know what my dress is like, and once it is wet there is basically no difference from not wearing anything at all. If you’re a real man, then don’t be afraid to admit what you’ve done!”

Qin Yu ruefully smiled. “Very well. Then consider it as me owing miss a favor.”

You Qi smiled in satisfaction. “Remember what you said. I’ll be back to ask for it.” She turned and left. A jade slip flew towards him. “Just before I leave, I’ll give you a little gift. It matches quite well with some items in your storage bag!”

Qin Yu lifted the jade slip. There seemed to be the faint fragrance of a lady lingering about it. But as he looked back up, she had disappeared from sight.

She had arrived without warning, and left elegantly and casually. But, why did it feel as if she were fleeing into the wilderness?

Qin Yu’s lips curved up in a smile, the heaviness in his heart scattering away. He looked up in a direction, figuring out where he was, and then he shot into the skies.


Half a month later.

Deep within the wilderness of the Northern Dynasty, above a valley, winds and clouds suddenly stirred. Black clouds formed, as dark as ink, leaving one’s heart shaking with fear.

Bang –

Thunder fell from the skies, crashing upon the earth with irresistible momentum.

The entire valley began to shiver before the grandeur of the heavens and earth.

Soon, the wind and clouds vanished as quickly as they came. Dazzling sunlight, rarely seen, sparkled on the land.

At the bottom of a giant pit, Qin Yu was half-kneeling on the ground. The spirit stones gathered around his body had turned to dust. His hair seemed a little burnt and his robes were charred black in multiple places. The dirt beneath him had melted due to the terrifying power of thunder, and as it cooled down it turned crystalline.

As he stood up, a powerful aura erupted from his body. Pressure filled the air.

Above the great dao base in his dantian sea, a Golden Core floated in midair, spinning around. It was like a great sun, emitting endless beams of golden light.

Golden Core realm!

This was the Golden Core realm!

Qin Yu flicked his sleeve and the earth was torn apart. A hundred foot-long fissure snaked through the earth, a terrifying sight.

The might of this attack could compare to a sixth level Golden Core!

This was the terrifying effect produced from purifying one’s magic power through 18 failed breakthroughs.

Suddenly, Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. The ground beneath him shattered and he shot into the skies.

A thousand feet up, he pointed his finger downwards!

Hu –

Between the heavens and earth, wild winds whipped up.

A single finger broke through the wind.

A heaven-startling explosion sounded out at a distant mountain. The shattered stones were dozens of meters wide each!

The third of the Three Blue Fingers – Boundless Blue.

Qin Yu’s complexion paled, shocked at how much the Boundless Blue Finger took out of him. However, its power was similarly terrifying. With this supernatural ability added together with the Demon Body, he could be completely fearless beneath the Nascent Soul realm!


Hearty laughter echoed through the world.


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