Chapter 63 – Hundred Nether Sword

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. A bone-piercing cold invaded his body, soaring directly to his mind! Anxiousness, fear, despair, all sorts of feelings instantly flooded his mind. Memories that he didn’t want to recall came surging back to the forefront.

All of this formed a horrifying psychological impact. If one was weak, their mind would fall into chaos and they would eventually destroy themselves. Sweat flowed out from Qin Yu’s pores, causing his black robes to paste close to his body. His eyes began to turn bloodshot even as his face paled.

“Humph! As if something like this could shake my heart. Get out of me!” The divine sense of the Golden Core realm erupted. The ice cold aura was crushed apart and his mind returned to clarity.

Flicking a finger, a bead of blood fell onto the black sword. The surging black light shivered, as if it was trying to resist.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes and coldly sneered. “Since I can bring you out of the Land of Sealed Demons, I can also place you beyond salvation. Make sure you understand this.”

The black sword whimpered. After it absorbed the drop of blood it fell into Qin Yu’s hand.

Hundred Nether Sword. Filled with demonic energy, it could swallow essence and souls to evolve to a higher level.

So, it turned out that only when the short sword combined with the scabbard could it be called a complete demonic treasure. Moreover, with its ability to evolve on its own, it could be called priceless. If he had a lucky chance in the future and this short sword advanced to a spirit treasure, its might would reach inconceivable realms. This was definitely a good thing.

Although a spirit treasure evolving was extremely difficult, that didn’t mean it was impossible. Just this tiny sliver of hope made the black sword invaluable.

If he considered this, then he owed that cultivator Qi Jiao a favor.

Qin Yu put away the black sword. He had to be careful in Immortal Eclipse Valley. The reason he was here was to wait for a chance to take action.

For the next several days, Qin Yu lay quiet, seeming completely common and unordinary. The attention brought about by buying the scabbard with a hundred spirit stones also gradually dispersed.

Although he didn’t leave the mountainside residence, Qin Yu was still able to observe that Immortal Eclipse Valley was becoming far more strict and there were often patrol groups wandering about. Without an accident, this should be because news of the Radiant Red Wood was beginning to spread out widely.

And as he expected, it wasn’t long before news of the Radiant Red Wood became a hot topic in the mountainside settlement. He knew that the chance he was waiting for would soon arrive. His actions became increasingly low key. Although he made a public appearance every day, he would soon return to his room without displaying any strange actions.

On his ninth day at Immortal Eclipse Valley, Qin Yu left his stone building as usual. Some people saw him and nodded in greeting.

Qin Yu smiled in return and started walking towards the trading market. After spending some time and just before he was about to leave, he heard a ruckus in front of him. This sort of event wasn’t rare at all. Even though Immortal Eclipse Valley forbade killing between cultivators, with so many people of various temperaments mixed up together there, it was inevitable that there would be friction.

Generally speaking, Qin Yu would walk away when he encountered something like this. But today, he hesitated for a moment and then walked towards the cultivators arguing in front.

Qi Jiao’s eyes were wet with tears. She was holding a jade bottle. “You liars, this Condensed Jade Dew is fake, it isn’t useful at all!”

The several people on the opposite side of the stall all had ugly complexions. Facing a naïve-looking girl that was bawling her eyes out, they found it difficult to vent their anger!

A purple-clothed cultivator took in a deep shuddering breath. He said, “Little girl, you cannot say such irresponsible words. When you came yesterday you personally verified that there wasn’t a problem before you purchased the Condensed Jade Dew for 100 spirit stones, so how can you say we are liars!?”

Qi Jiao froze and then her tears started flowing faster. “Stop trying to trick me, I’m not lying!”

One could see that her heartbreak and sorrow were real with a glance. The surrounding people looked at the stall vendors and their eyes started to fill with contempt. To think that a group of old masters actually decided to deceive a little girl, it was truly incredible!

The purple-clothed cultivator nearly choked on his own rage. If he didn’t want his reputation to be ruined here, he really needed to do something. He reached into his chest and pulled out a jade bottle exactly like the one Qi Jiao was holding. He said, “Everyone, come and take a look. I accidently gathered two bottles of Condensed Jade Dew. One was sold to this miss and the other bottle was left behind.” He carefully opening the sealed talisman and waved his hand. “Everyone, please smell this. This is real Condensed Jade Dew. We do not sell counterfeit goods here.”

“That smell really is Condensed Jade Dew.”

“This sort of thing is always inspected during the purchasing process. It’s hard to mistake it for anything else.”

“Well, even if you say that, it doesn’t look like this young miss is lying.”

Qi Jiao didn’t know what to say. She held tightly onto the jade bottle with a helpless expression.

The purple-clothed cultivator was worried. If he couldn’t solve this problem it would be hard for him to sell anything else in the future. But then, someone behind him whispered something into his ear. The cultivator’s eyes brightened. He quickly asked, “Miss, after the exchange yesterday, I cautioned you that the seal on the Condensed Jade Dew cannot be opened for too long, otherwise it will be polluted by the air and become useless. Did you follow my advice?”

Qi Jiao nodded. “I only looked at it during the inspection, but I never opened it afterwards. I passed the bottle to Senior-apprentice Brother Li to give to my master, but today he told me that the Condensed Jade Dew was fake.”

Shua –

A considerable number of eyes turned their way. Panic flashed in Senior-apprentice Brother Li’s eyes for a moment before he sneered, “You are clearly bullying my junior-apprentice sister and taking advantage of her naiveté to sell her fake goods, and yet you dare place the blame on the victims instead. How ridiculous! Let me tell you now, you’d better return my junior-apprentice sister’s spirit stones, otherwise we won’t be polite anymore!”

“That’s right. Stop with the nonsense and return the spirit stones!”

“You want to bully our Junior-apprentice Sister Qi? How brave of you!”

“It’s like he really thinks we are easy to bully!”

Several people behind him began to shout and curse.

The purple-clothed man sneered. “I think you all came here deliberately stir up trouble? You want me to return the spirit stones? There are none!”

Although I cannot do anything to that little girl, I can still overturn the heavens with you several bastards!

Shua –

The several people behind the stall suddenly stood up together.

But everyone’s eyes still fell onto the purple-clothed man’s body. The aura of an early Golden Core was simply too dazzling!

No one imagined that this middle-aged man who kept trying to explain things was actually a Golden Core cultivator. Senior-apprentice Brother Li and the others were all immediately left panic-stricken.

The audience suddenly changed their opinion.

“What sort of status does a Golden Core realm senior have? Would he really do something that would impact his reputation so much like selling counterfeit goods?”

“That’s right, a mere hundred spirit stones isn’t anything at all.”

“It seems that these young people were intentionally trying to trick him. But their luck is too bad. They unexpectedly managed to provoke a Golden Core senior.”

“That little girl doesn’t really look like a liar at all. Hah, you really can’t tell a person’s personality based on their appearance!”

Pity for a beautiful woman? Sympathy? What was that? Everyone was willing to stand firmly on the side of a Golden Core cultivator!

The purple-clothed man sneered, “You all had better give me an explanation for today!” After being forced to reveal his cultivation, no matter how good his temperament was, he was still pushed to anger.

Senior-apprentice Brother Li and the others flushed red. Their words had been filled with too much bravado just now and there was no way for them to turn back. He looked at Qi Jiao with pleading eyes, hinting for her repeatedly to apologize.

This was a Golden Core! Although this was as common as dirt in Immortal Eclipse Valley, for these people, this was actually a mountain that could not be surpassed. This was especially true at the moment. Their sect’s only master had been heavily wounded and was recuperating. They didn’t dare to provoke such trouble.

Qi Jiao’s face flushed red. She knew that she couldn’t offend a Golden Core powerhouse, but at the same time she hadn’t been lying either, so why should she have to apologize? With grief, shame, worry, and helplessness all pooling together in her heart, she tried to wipe her tears away but they smudged against her face.

“I’m s-s-sorry!”

The purple-clothed man seemed as if he couldn’t stand this any longer. No matter how good his temper was, he still had his own dignity. He would wait for them to give an explanation and then he would turn around and say that he was willing to not pursue the matter, but this young girl looked far too pitiful and sad; he just didn’t have the heart to do anything to her.

“Miss Qi, please let me take a look at the bottle of Condensed Jade Dew.” As he spoke, Qin Yu had already arrived by her side.

Many people still remembered the struggle for the scabbard several days ago and they instantly recognized him. After being startled for a moment, they all revealed helpless looks. It seemed he really was doing this for a woman. This lovestruck fool had been stupid enough to pay 100 spirit stones for trash, but now he was willing to provoke a Golden Core on his own initiative. He simply had no sense of how vast the heavens and earth was!

As Qi Jiao saw Qin Yu, she inexplicably felt at ease. Her grief also erupted once more for no reason; it was like she was crying a lifetime supply of tears.

“I…I…I’m really…not lying…I…I really didn’t…”

Qin Yu took the jade bottle. He opened it and then looked at and smelled it. He said, “This bottle of Condensed Jade Dew takes around eight hours to deteriorate.” As he spoke, he looked up at the purple-clothed cultivator.

For some unknown reason, the middle-aged man responded, “From the time the exchange was completed yesterday, it’s been around 16 hours.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Miss Qi, when did you hand over the bottle of Condensed Jade Dew?”

Qi Jiao sobbed. “As soon as I bought it I gave it to Senior-apprentice Brother Li.”

After this girl bought the bottle, she gave it to her Senior-apprentice Brother Li. And, the time it took for the Jade Condensed Dew to deteriorate was eight hours. If this were true, then if there was a problem it would be because of Senior-apprentice Brother Li.

Many questioning gazes moved over to Senior-apprentice Brother Li. He became even more flustered and angry. “What nonsense are you talking about? Eight hours? How do you know it is eight hours? Let me warn you, don’t speak nonsense!”

Qin Yu calmly said, “This is Immortal Eclipse Valley and there are countless alchemy masters here. if you ask someone, you’ll soon know whether or not I’m telling the truth.”

Shua –

Shua –

With a flurry of flashes, three Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples appeared.

“What is causing trouble here?”

The purple-clothed cultivator cupped his hands across his chest. “Three fellow daoists, this matter is related to me. I’m sorry to bother you.”

The three men bowed in return. “Greetings, Senior Wei.”

Even in Immortal Eclipse Valley, Golden Core cultivators were given their due level of respect.

A disciple said, “Senior Wei, what is the matter here?”

Wei Jing quickly explained the events so far. Then he pointed a finger.

“Condensed Jade Dew isn’t considered too precious. I can appraise it for you.” An Immortal Eclipse Valley disciple put out a hand. “Please let me take a look.”

Qin Yu handed over the jade bottle.

The Immortal Eclipse Valley disciple smelled it. He poured a little onto his hand and rubbed it a bit. He nodded, “That’s right, it is indeed eight hours. There is extremely little of the medicinal efficacy left.” He glanced over at Qin Yu. “This fellow daoist has sharp eyes.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “I only happen to know a little. I don’t dare show off my paltry skills in front of an expert.”

The Immortal Eclipse Valley cultivator smiled. He turned, “Senior Wei, how do you want to handle this?”

Wei Jing fell silent.

Senior-apprentice Brother Li started to stream with sweat. His face turned deathly white.

Qi Jiao angrily glared at her Senior-apprentice Brother Li for having been deceived by him. But in the end, they were still from the same sect. Since they had suffered a misfortune, she couldn’t just stand by and watch something happen to him. But for things to get to this point and for her to not be blamed, this was already rare enough. She glanced over at Qin Yu.

This was the subconscious action of a young girl who was helpless and nervous. She didn’t want Qin Yu to get into trouble for her; she really didn’t.

Then, she saw Qin Yu think for a moment and step forwards.

Qi Jiao’s eyes widened. What are you trying to do? Don’t do anything stupid, just hurry and leave!”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Senior Wei, we were the ones wrong in today’s events. I ask that you forgive us in your great benevolence and to not pursue this matter any further.”

When the senior-apprentice sister heard news of what was occurring, she already started to run over here. And when she arrived, she just happened to hear these words. Her complexion immediately darkened. In this sort of situation, shouldn’t you be kneeling on the floor and pleading for forgiveness? Instead, you directly asked them to not pursue this matter any further? Who do you think you are? If you enrage this Golden Core senior, that will be far too troublesome!

“Greetings, Senior Wei! My junior-apprentice sister and junior-apprentice brothers have no sensibilities at all and have offended senior. I ask that you be broad-minded about this! I am willing to offer spirit stones as an apology, and I also ask that senior spare them and not punish them too harshly. Please show mercy to them this time.”

Wei Jing glanced at her and then glanced at Qin Yu. He waved his hand dismissively. “Whatever. Consider it over. Just consider today a misunderstanding. You can all leave.”

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