Chapter 64 – Paying A Visit

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Consider it over?

With these words, the audience was left stunned.

A good number of people cursed inwardly that this lucky bastard had stepped into dog shit luck. Some people also admired that Senior Wei was truly a generous and broad-minded individual. Though he had been accused of a false crime, he didn’t bother investigating it.

The Immortal Eclipse Valley disciple coldly said, “Since Senior Wei doesn’t wish to push the matter, then just leave. From now on, be more careful in your actions. You might not have the same luck next time.”

The senior-apprentice sister looked at Wei Jing with surprise and gratitude. She quickly pulled her junior-apprentice sister and junior-apprentice brothers away, bowing repeatedly as she did so. As for Qin Yu, this boy that jumped out of nowhere, he absolutely had impure thoughts. As they said, a gentleman’s desire was a fair lady, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary at all. But since he didn’t seem to know his own worth, it was best to keep as far away from him as possible.

Qi Jiao clearly wanted to say something but she was forcibly pulled away by her senior-apprentice sister. She looked at Qin Yu apologetically as she left, but he simply smiled, not caring much. The reason he helped today was because he felt he owed her a favor and didn’t want to be involved with her later. This could be called a perfect result.

Otherwise these people might be implicated in some future mess because of him.

With the liveliness gone, the crowd began to disperse. A good number of eyes fell on Qin Yu, all of them thinking he was too foolish. He had helped others with clear good intentions and yet those people didn’t care for him at all as they walked away. What a pitiful boy.

Qin Yu didn’t notice all these thoughts that people had about him. He turned to leave.

“Little friend, please wait a moment.” After Wei Jing sent away the three Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples, he called out for Qin Yu and jogged over.

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest, “What does senior want?”

Wei Jing glanced around. He said, “This isn’t a good place to talk. Little friend, would it be alright to come back to my residence for a brief chat?”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed and he nodded.

Wei Jing was overjoyed. “Then come with me.”

After leaving the trade market, they followed a path halfway up the mountain until they reached a courtyard that stretched into the distance. This was a place that Immortal Eclipse Valley had set up for Golden Core cultivators and the scenery was quite beautiful.

Although the juniors behind didn’t know why their great uncle was being so courteous to this boy, they were all well-educated in the proper manners for these times. They poured tea without asking any questions.

Wei Jing waved his hand. “Enough, you all can leave.” As the disciples left, he revealed a sincere expression. “Little friend, I will get straight to the point. If I disrespect you in any way, I ask that you forgive me beforehand. So, may I ask whether or not you have some sort of thunder-attribute treasure on your body?”

Qin Yu’s eyebrows furrowed together.

Wei Jing waved his hand. “Little friend, there is no need to think too much about this; I have no ill intent towards you. It is that the cultivation method I practice requires a thunder-type treasure to assist me. If little friend is willing to sell it, I can purchase it at a higher price.” He paused for a moment and then continued, “Little friend should have noticed that I only come from a small immortal cultivation family. My breakthrough into the Golden Core realm was by accident to begin with, so I am not that wealthy. However, even if I have to borrow some wealth, I will still give little friend a satisfactory price.”

This person, he was truly to the point!

Qin Yu asked, “How did Senior Wei know that I have a thunder-attribute treasure on me?”

Wei Jing responded. “It is related to my cultivation method. As long as a treasure appears that can attract it, a form of resonance will occur. Even if it is in a storage bag it cannot be completely blocked off.”

Qin Yu shook his head, “So the reason Senior Wei decided not to pursue the previous matter was in order to take advantage of me?”

Wei Jing dryly laughed. “Little friend must have found it funny.”

And he even admitted it!

Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “Since Senior Wei generously forgave my friends, then by all reasoning, there isn’t much I can say to refuse you.”

Wei Jing nodded again and again, as if saying ‘this is how things should be’. But, Qin Yu’s following words made his face stiffen.

“But the item in my hands has other uses so I cannot give it up. I ask that Senior Wei also be open-minded about this too. Then, junior bids his farewells.” Qin Yu rose up to leave.

Wei Jing frowned. Intuition told him that what Qin Yu said wasn’t the truth, so why wasn’t he willing to sell it?

“Great uncle, with your current cultivation why are you wasting your time talking to him? Just use a bit of force to make him agree!” A Wei Family junior indignantly sputtered.

Wei Jing coldly shouted, “Shut up! What do I normally teach all of you? You did not learn cultivation to oppress those smaller and weaker than you!”

Several juniors were left scared. They lowered their heads and apologized.

Wei Jing calmed down. “All of you need to remember that the world of cultivation is a world of hidden tigers and dragons. You can never know where powerhouses are hiding, so it is best to be careful in all things.”

“Great uncle, are you saying that this boy is pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger?”

Wei Jing didn't reply. He beckoned with his hand, “Go and find out which building he is staying in. Tomorrow I will personally pay him a visit.”

The juniors didn’t dare to ask further questions. They all respectfully drew back.

Two days later.

Wei Jing combed his hair and tidied himself. Wearing his formal robes, he brought two of his family’s more clever disciples and walked up the mountainside with gifts behind. This was a proper visit that placed Qin Yu on the same level as himself. In truth, Wei Jing wasn’t sure if Qin Yu was some concealed great expert, but the feelings he gave off were unpredictable. In addition to how calm Qin Yu had been in yesterday’s situation, it was always best to be careful than to be wrong.

Of course, all of this was also related to his moral character. Since he needed help from others, it was proper protocol to bring gifts.

Yesterday the junior disciples had already confirmed where Qin Yu lived. He had decided that no matter what price he needed to pay, he had to obtain that treasure. But, seeing as how Qin Yu seemed like someone who was particularly hard-headed and stubborn, he feared that he wouldn’t change his decision to not sell. If it was too difficult to change his mind, what should he do then?

As he was deep in thought, his group was suddenly blocked by someone. Wei Jing looked up and his complexion darkened. He coldly said, “It’s you again?”

The senior-apprentice sister and Qi Jiao both had flustered expressions. They quickly bowed and said, “Greetings, Senior Wei.” These two people had rushed here to see him.

Their teacher’s injuries were becoming increasingly heavy and they desperately needed Condensed Jade Dew to help suppress it. When they learned yesterday that Wei Jing had another bottle in hand they had wavered for a long time before coming back again. Even if the price was high, they had to purchase that bottle of Condensed Jade Dew.

But the two didn’t know where Wei Jing lived nor did they dare to wander about aimlessly. They continued walking through the trading market, hoping to see him again, but after a long and fruitless search they left disappointed. However, just as they were about to give up, Wei Jing appeared with his group. They were both happily surprised and quickly went to greet him, thus creating this current scene.

Seeing the polite attitude of the two, Wei Jing’s complexion became a little bit better. “What do you two want?”

The senior-apprentice sister’s heart raced as she quickly explained how she wanted to buy the bottle of Condensed Jade Dew.

The two juniors behind Wei Jing coldly sneered. Although they didn’t say anything, their meaning was clear to all. Yesterday you came to slander us and today you returned to buy the same thing; it’s as if you think this is a game!

The senior-apprentice sister blushed red. She said, “The Condensed Jade Dew is indeed extremely important to us. We hope senior can agree to sell it to us for 200 spirit stones.”

Wei Jing shook his head, refusing them. Right now all of his thoughts were on Qin Yu and he didn’t have any free time to waste on them. But after taking several steps he paused and turned, “Do you know little friend Qin Yu?”

The senior-apprentice sister thought there was a favorable turning point for them, but as soon as the smile appeared on her face it vanished just as quickly. Qin Yu? Who was that!?

Qi Jiao was also flummoxed.

Wei Jing was also baffled. How did this situation occur? That young man helped you yesterday but you don’t even know his name? However, Wei Jing was someone who was richly experienced in human affairs. After thinking a bit, he thought of a possibility. His expression became a bit more gentle, “He is the little friend who helped you yesterday.”

“Ah!” Qi Jiao cried out.

Wei Jing asked, “Miss Qi knows him, right?”

Qi Jiao blanched. She bit her lips helplessly.

Wei Jing hurriedly said, “Miss Qi, there is no need to be anxious. I have no evil intentions in asking this, there are just some requests I wish to make. How about this. If you can help me convince little friend Qin Yu to agree with my request, I can gift you the Condensed Jade Dew.”

He waved his hand. “Let’s go. I was just hurrying over to meet him.”

The senior-apprentice sister and Qi Jiao glanced at each other, both of them feeling faint at heart. Senior Wei Jing was actually hurrying over to see Qin Yu and he even had a request to make of him. What sort of mysteries did he have and what sort of abilities did he possess that even Senior Wei would be so careful that he would also be willing to gift them the Condensed Jade Dew.

“Senior-apprentice sister, what do we do?”

The senior-apprentice sister looked at Qi Jiao. She began to speak but hesitated. She clenched her teeth, “Let’s follow him!”

Wei Jing stood firmly in front of the stone building. He waved his hand and ordered the two Wei Family juniors to go ahead and knock on the door.

Soon, the door opened. As Qin Yu saw his visitors, his complexion became much gloomier. “Senior Wei, what are you doing here?”

With the critical moments of the Radiant Red Wood soon at hand, he didn’t want any attention on him at all. But Wei Jing’s visit here today clearly turned all of his plans into a joke.

A Foundation Establishment junior was able to make a Golden Core cultivator personally come and pay a visit. No one would believe this wasn’t suspicious!

Wei Jing’s heart tightened. That inexplicable and elusive feeling rose up in his heart once more, and even made him feel a bit of fear and apprehension. He quickly laughed and said, “I had some free time today and decided to pay a visit to little friend. Also, I happened to meet these two young misses on the road, so we came to visit together. I hope that little friend Qin Yu doesn’t mind our disturbance.”

Qin Yu wanted to roar out loud and tell these people to stop being so needlessly polite. As he saw the shocked looks of his neighbors, he took a deep breath and said, “I welcome Senior Wei. Please come in so we can speak!” He glanced over at the two other juniors as well as the senior-apprentice sister and Qi Jiao who were standing some distance away.

 Wei Jing turned and ordered, “Presents…oh, you can wait here!”

The senior-apprentice sister quickly said, “We will wait here.”

Qin Yu could feel the stares on him. To even bring presents? Can you please knock it off! He couldn’t let this old fellow continue to act so unreasonably, otherwise there definitely would be a problem!

Yesterday, he even thought this Wei Jing fellow was a kind and sincere man. It turned out Qin Yu was just too young and inexperienced.

“Senior Wei, please.”

Bang –

The stone building door slammed shut.

Qin Yu’s complexion was ugly as he said, “Senior Wei, what is the meaning of all this?”

Wei Jing felt an inexplicable sense of dread and his heart raced even faster. He gulped and laughed, “Little friend, I came for that thing I spoke about yesterday. I hope that little friend is willing to sell it!” He braced himself and continued, “The two young misses following me also hope that I can sell them my other bottle of Condensed Jade. As long as little friend is willing to part with your treasure, I will immediately give them the Condensed Jade Dew!”

Qin Yu chuckled in anger. He flicked his sleeve, “I have no relation to them so it's useless for you to use them as bargaining chips. I told you yesterday that I have a use for it, so I cannot sell it to you.”

Wei Jing forced a smile, “Is it really no good?”


Wei Jing sighed. “Alright. Then I will bother you again tomorrow.”

Qin Yu stared at him. Where was the kind man who would just say okay and leave? Where was he!?

Even if I mistook you because I was too young, you still can’t change so dramatically. You’re even threatening me without doing anything!

“Senior Wei, don’t push things too far!”

Wei Jing bitterly smiled. “I hope that little friend can comply, because there is no other option for me.” He continued to say, “As little friend can see, I am at the Golden Core realm, so why would I run halfway up the mountainside for an exchange? It is because I have offended someone above me so I was pushed all the way down here. If I cannot make a breakthrough in my cultivation then perhaps my Wei Family will truly be over. Thus, I have no other option but to continue with this plan. I hope that little friend excuses my rudeness.”

Qin Yu’s face darkened to pure black. He clenched his teeth and said, “5000 spirit stones, not a single one less! Moreover, I must remind you that if there is any trouble in the future because of today, then don’t blame me!”

Wei Jing was overjoyed. “Many thanks little friend! 5000 spirit stones is quite a lot so I will immediately head back to prepare them. I will come and bother you again tomorrow!”

Qin Yu frowned, “Are you really not afraid of attracting trouble?”

Wei Jing said, “My Wei Family is about to be over with, so what troubles would I be afraid of? Then, I bid my farewell.”

“Wait!” Qin Yu raised a hand. “Tomorrow, come by yourself. This is too showy a performance. And don’t forget to bring the Condensed Jade Dew.”

Wei Jing was all smiles. “Little friend feel relieved, I will definitely remember.”


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