Chapter 66 – Not Enough Materials

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

For the next hour, there were people who would periodically fail in their alchemy refining. The most ridiculous one was someone who wanted to refine a Foundation Establishment realm Five Thunder Pill. To refine this pill, a Dry Thunder Branch was required as one of the main ingredients. Perhaps because his luck was good or maybe because he had sharp eyesight, but the Dry Thunder Branch he chose was the genuine article. However, his alchemy skill was lacking and in the process of refining the pill his furnace exploded. Not only did the fragments of the furnace strike him in the head, leading to him being covered in his own blood, by the erupting power of thunder swelled out for a hundred feet and drew four other bad luck fellows to fail together with him.

The most tragic part of this was that one of those alchemists was actually quite skilled. Just as he reached the final step in refining his pill, he was only able to watch helplessly as his nearly formed pill was crushed by lightning. His anger was so deep that he could eat people alive. If it weren’t for Immortal Eclipse Valley stopping him, then that brother who tried refining the Five Thunder Pill might have been torn apart on the spot!

There was nothing one could do about this, it could only be said that one’s luck was bad. But to cultivators, luck was an important concept. Through time, numerous illustrious supreme elders had bloomed amongst their peers, and what many of them depended on was luck. Alchemists were also cultivators, so even if one suffered a stroke of bad luck and failed, they could only blame themselves.

There was still a quarter hour until the time limit. Qin Yu opened his furnace and six ordinary Essence Augmenting Pills came out. Their quality was neither low nor high.

He rose up, tidied the area, placed the pills into a bottle, and left the cave. A disciple of Immortal Eclipse Valley came and took the bottle, whereupon it would be immediately judged on the spot. As Qin Yu obtained the qualifications to enter the second round of the competition tomorrow, not too far away another alchemist of Immortal Eclipse Valley sneered as he said, “You didn’t use the materials that were provided for you. Men, lead him away!”

The alchemist that collapsed to the floor had a pained expression. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with pity as he looked at him. There wasn’t anything that could be done about stupidity. Immortal Eclipse Valley had casually tossed a pile of materials in front of them so how could it be that they didn’t have methods to identify if they were used? It seems this fellow would need to bring his brain with him the next time he came. As people were waiting for their pills to be judged, several alchemists clenched their teeth and withdrew with pale faces.

After the first round, less than 200 of the original 500 plus cultivators were left remaining. To have over half the participants eliminated so quickly could be called astonishing.

The night passed without event.

On the second day, the great alchemy competition continued.

Alchemists couldn’t change which cave they used. They needed to use the remaining materials and refine three different types of pills. The time limit was two hours.

Once the rules were announced, the complexions of many people changed!

Qin Yu continued to look through the cave. But, he didn’t waste his time. By the time he sat down he had already come up with an approximate alchemy plan.

He carefully looked through the remaining materials and easily found two types of pills that could be made: Blood Clotting Pills and Poison Cure Pills.

These two pills were slightly more difficult to refine than Essence Augmenting Pills. But with Qin Yu’s alchemy skills it wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, he soon frowned.

For the third pill, Qin Yu chose to refine a Minor Renewal Pill. This sort of pill was used to supplement magic power. However, he was short on a supportive material, Green Branch Buds. Of course he wasn’t truly short on them, but the three Green Branch Buds in front of him were either fake or they were too young and unable to be used for medicine.

Qin Yu shook his head. He could only switch to another type of pill. Time slowly passed and his complexion gradually darkened.

There weren’t enough materials!

Based on these remaining materials, only Blood Clotting Pills, Poison Cure Pills, and Minor Renewal Pills could be made altogether. Otherwise, no matter how he switched things around he wouldn’t be able to refine three other types of pills.

This was definitely a coincidence because the three types of materials used to make the Essence Augmenting Pill could be matched up with several other materials to make different pills. It could only be said that Qin Yu had a stroke of bad luck when he decided to choose the Essence Augmenting Pill.

His eyebrows furrowed together. Could it be that he would fail because of such a problem?

At the foot of Alchemy Mountain, a daoist came walking over in a hurry. The disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley quickly bowed.

The onlookers were surprised.

“Is that Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Daoist Wang?” A cultivator shouted in a hushed whisper. His voice was filled with respect. “He doesn’t have a position in Immortal Eclipse Valley but his status is higher than that of an Elder. It is said that because he failed to break into Nascent Soul, his alchemy breakthroughs have been continually slowed and delayed. Even so, when it comes to alchemy skill, he is ranked amongst the best in Immortal Eclipse Valley.

Eclipse Xin wrinkled his eyebrows. “Why did you come?”

Daoist Wang waved his hand dismissively, “I just wanted to enjoy the fun.”

Eclipse Xin’s eyes frosted over. “There are other factors in play during this Grand Alchemy Meeting. Don’t stir up any trouble!”

Daoist Wang smirked. “Stop staring at me with such a disgusted face, I’m not scared of you. How long has it been since it started? Did I miss anything good?”

Looking at Elder Zhao’s darkened face as he had to admit defeat, the several surrounding disciples couldn’t even laugh if they wanted to. A person cupped his hands across his chest and said, “Reporting to martial uncle, it has been less than a quarter hour.”

Daoist Wang smiled in satisfaction. “Good, good, I didn’t arrive late.”

Eclipse Xin coldly said. “Just what did you do? I’m warning you…”

Daoist Wang interrupted him. “Enough. When I was preparing the materials I played around a bit. Hey, stop staring at me like that, I guarantee that this won’t affect the fairness of the Grand Alchemy Meeting. It’s just that the little kids who chose the materials I prepared will be tested a bit more.”

Eclipse Xin humphed and didn’t speak again.

Daoist Wang beckoned with his hand and several people immediately brought over a chair and a tray of tea and snacks, taking good care in treating him.

As he drank tea and ate a pastry, Daoist Wang narrowed his eyes. “You young bastards shouldn’t bother. Minor perks like this won’t move the likes of me.”

“Martial uncle, what are you saying? We disciples have no other meaning, this is purely from our sense of piety and respect.”

“Right, right, martial uncle you have no direct disciples so just treat us as your own. It is our duty to respect you.”

“Martial uncle, do you need anything? Is it too hot? How about I fan some air for you.”

On the side, Eclipse Xin coldly snorted. The several flattering disciples blanched in pain and quickly fell back.

Daoist Wang continued to eat and drink in his chair, not caring about what happened.

Eclipse Xin lowered his voice. “You are already old, so why don’t you take a disciple? You don’t plan on taking your lifetime’s knowledge of alchemy into the coffin with you, right?”

Daoist Wang shook his head. “It’s not that I’m not searching but that I haven’t found the right person. If I teach an idiot they will only end up mediocre and without any achievements at all. I might as well save myself the energy and not bother.”

Eclipse Xin coldly sneered. “My Immortal Eclipse Valley has hundreds of outstanding disciples. There isn’t a single one of them that catches your interest?”

Daoist Wang raised a finger, “Don’t speak anymore, I’ve heard those words so many times that hearing them sends me into a coma. Today, I personally set up a little trap, and if a junior can break free of my trap and I find him pleasing to the eye, then I wouldn’t mind taking him in as a disciple.”

Eclipse Xin was shocked. “Are you serious?”

Daoist Wang impatiently said, “What advantage is there in lying to you? Just continue watching, you’ll see for yourself.” He turned and waved a disciple over. After giving him an order, the disciple appeared on edge and hurried away as if someone had slapped him on the butt.

An hour later, a young Foundation Establishment realm alchemist walked out from his cave, his face filled with resentment. “There aren’t even enough materials, how can we refine pills?”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Two Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples flew up and surrounded him. “Are you sure that there aren’t enough materials to refine pills?”

The young alchemist shrunk back. “I’m certain…”

Before he finished speaking he was dragged away.

“What are you doing? What are you all doing? I still have to refine pills! You prepared insufficient materials so why should I lose because of that!?” The young alchemist struggled.

The crowd began to stir up. Although no one dared to say anything, they all had strange expressions on their faces.

Eclipse Xin shouted in a low voice, “What did you do?”

Daoist Wang waved his hand. “What are you in such a hurry for? I’ll give you an answer in the end. But first, shut that boy up. And as for anyone else that says the materials are insufficient, bring them over here.”

Several disciples left to follow his orders.

The crowd gradually calmed down. From the actions of Immortal Eclipse Valley, it seemed they had another plan in mind. Many people had their curiosity piqued.

Time slowly passed. Soon, two more alchemists were brought down from Alchemy Mountain. Without exception, all of them came out because of insufficient materials. There was even a proud and arrogant Golden Core realm alchemist who was extremely angry at Immortal Eclipse Valley’s actions.

“This is the so-called Grand Alchemy Meeting? You haven’t even prepared enough materials so you want to take away my participation qualifications? What a joke!” The Golden Core alchemist laughed as he fumed with anger.

His status was different so it naturally wasn’t as easy to seal his lips. As the cultivators from Immortal Eclipse Valley heard this, their complexion became a bit more irritated.

With a cold face, Eclipse Xin lifted his teacup.

Daoist Wang’s lips twitched. Old friend, you can’t hide the blue veins sticking out from your hands. In fact, I already know you’re angry! But he said, “Shut up. Your name is Zhang Yucheng right? For such a ‘famed’ alchemist, it’s hard to believe your alchemy skill is at this level. It’s best that you hurry back home before you disgrace yourself any further. Are you still not convinced? Then you can quietly wait there until this ends and I will give you a fully convincing answer!”

Eclipse Xin set down his tea. “Fellow daoist Zhang, please calm your anger. My Immortal Eclipse Valley naturally has reasons for doing as we do.”

Zhang Yucheng’s face flushed red but he didn’t dare to say anything further. He flicked his sleeve and drew backwards. He wanted to see just what sort of explanation Immortal Eclipse Valley would give!

Two hours, one hour…

Some people had already successfully finished their refining and left Alchemy Mountain in a cheerful mood. Beneath the reverent looks of the crowd, they all maintained a calm and indifferent expression. They each believed that they would have a spot to cultivate beneath the Radiant Red Wood!

Behind Daoist Wang there were four cultivators, Zhang Yucheng included. These people had all been brought here because of insufficient materials. Although each one had a look of indignation, none of them spoke much as they waited for Immortal Eclipse Valley to give them an explanation.

Even someone like Senior Zhang Yucheng had said there weren’t enough materials so it was definitely Immortal Eclipse Valley that must have made a mistake in preparing them. Although they were forced to give up the competition, they still wanted to see what would happen afterwards.

Humph. Even if Immortal Eclipse Valley was a massive power, they still needed to give an explanation!

Another young alchemist was brought forwards. He cupped his hands across his chest and said, “Greetings great uncle, greetings Martial Uncle Wang.”

Eclipse Xin’s face darkened. “Eclipse Yu, you also had insufficient materials?”

Eclipse Yu bitterly smiled. “Reporting to great uncle, I put my mind to it for a long time but I still couldn’t figure out a method to solve it, so I could only give up.”

Daoist Wang shook his head. “I didn’t think that a little boy like you would fail too. It seems I was thinking too highly of these juniors. Hah, how boring.”

Eclipse Yu was dumbfounded.

Daoist Wang said, “You fall to the back. I’ll explain it to you afterwards.”

Eclipse Xin frowned. “How many of the materials did you prepare?”

Daoist Wang raised a finger. “30.”

Eclipse Xin’s frown dug deeper. “That is too few. Like that, how could you possibly choose a disciple that satisfies you?”

Daoist Wang smiled. “All things have a fate. If someone is destined they will be chosen, but if they aren’t destined then what reason is there to try to force it?”

Four hours later the contest came to an end. All alchemists were asked to leave Alchemy Mountain otherwise they would instantly be judged with defeat.

Qi Jiao carefully looked around but she couldn’t find Qin Yu. Did he fail? She was momentarily overjoyed. If he failed, that meant he wouldn’t be able to approach the Radiant Red Wood. If he couldn’t find a chance, perhaps he would give up.

But for some unknown reason, she was also left a bit disappointed in her heart. In the eyes of this young girl, how could such a fierce and amazing person be defeated here?

Whoosh –

A black-robed figure rushed out from Alchemy Mountain, his face a bit white and distressed. Under the dissatisfied gaze of the Immortal Eclipse Valley cultivators, he fell to the end of the pill testing group.

Qi Jiao’s eyes popped open.

Qin Yu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and let out a long breath. He had made it on time!


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