Chapter 67 – Decline

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The cultivators of Immortal Eclipse Valley all possessed an unquestionable level of alchemy skill, and those that were sent to manage the Grand Alchemy Meeting were all extraordinary individuals with fast appraisal speeds. The people in front of Qin Yu had their pills fully appraised in just several short moments, the results both accurate and concise. When the skills of Immortal Eclipse Valley’s alchemists were displayed to the public once more, they drew innumerable gazes of awe.

And the last one.

The alchemist from Immortal Eclipse Valley felt his interest waning over time. Just why had all those great figures in the valley decided to hold a Grand Alchemy Meeting? With the level of skill that these outside people displayed, could they even call themselves alchemists? It was simply tarnishing the title.

He swept his eyes around. As he saw the youth with the fourth level Foundation Establishment in front of him, the last bit of anticipation he had also died down. Eclipse Wu asked, “What pills did you refine?”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Foundation Establishment realm Blood Clotting Pill, Poison Cure Pill, and Minor Renewal Pill.”

Eclipse Wu was dumbfounded. After appraising dozens of people this was his first time seeing a Minor Renewal Pill. But, these three types of pills weren’t too difficult and he didn’t care much at all. He took the jade bottle and poured out three pills. As he lowered his head and smelled them, he wrinkled his nose.

The Blood Clotting Pill and Poison Cure Pill were of passable quality, but the Minor Renewal Pill was barely satisfactory; it could only reluctantly be called a pill. In Immortal Eclipse Valley, this sort of pill would almost surely be considered a waste pill. And this Grand Alchemy Meeting was an important event. If such a waste pill were to be considered enough to pass the second round…

Eclipse Wu hesitated for a moment and then said, “Blood Clotting Pill, Poison Cure Pill, middle, Minor Renewal Pill, lower.”

Although it was lower quality, in the end it still passed.

An Immortal Eclipse Valley disciple recorded the result, and this result appeared in front of Eclipse Xin and Daoist Wang’s eyes.

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest to express his thanks. He received the qualifications to participate in the third round and then turned to leave.

But before he stepped out too far, Daoist Wang suddenly jumped up. He roared, “Who refined the Minor Renewal Pill? Hurry and bring him out!”

Eclipse Wu was one of Daoist Wang’s loyal fanboys. He had always held a deep level of reverence towards this alchemist who didn’t share the same last name. As he heard this command his heart leapt a bit. Although it seemed a bit inappropriate, he thrust out a hand and hurriedly said, “Stop him!”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Several Immortal Eclipse Valley cultivators surrounded Qin Yu.

In the crowd, Qi Jiao twisted her hands together. She shouted out, “Senior-apprentice sister! Senior-apprentice sister! What is going on?”

The senior-apprentice sister comforted her and said, “Don’t be so anxious, it's probably just some misunderstanding.” However, she didn’t quite believe her own words.

Qin Yu revealed a confused expression even as he remained vigilant. “What’s the problem?”

Eclipse Wu waved his hand. “Take him over!”

But before the cultivators of Immortal Eclipse Valley could do anything, Daoist Wang had already rushed over. He looked over Qin Yu, “You’re the one who refined the Minor Renewal Pill?”

Peak Golden Core!

Qin Yu’s heart chilled. He cupped his hands across his chest and said, “It was this junior who did that.”

Daoist Wang’s complexion became strange. He muttered a few words to himself as if he were disappointed, and then he turned and cursed, “Who was the one who appraised this pill? You couldn’t even tell that it was made from outside materials? What trash!”

Eclipse Wu awkwardly said, “Reporting to Martial Uncle Wang, I was the one who apprised the pill, but…I cannot see where the problem is.”

Daoist Wang scolded, “Trash, trash, trash! Just what cultivation does this boy have that he can possibly refine a Minor Renewal Pill? Since you can’t see through something like this, just go back into your cave and never come out again. This is just a disgrace!”

Eclipse Wu cried out inwardly. For better or worse he was a relatively famed individual amongst the younger generation of Immortal Eclipse Valley, so he had never been publicly berated like this. In particular, since the one doing so was Daoist Wang, he didn’t dare to speak back.

Eclipse Xin frowned. He coldly said, “That’s enough. Just what sort of status do you have to be shouting like this in front of everyone? Aren’t you afraid of diminishing your own honor?” He looked over Qin Yu and waved his hand, “Take him away. Give him the punishment for cheating!”

Whoosh –

The crowd was sent into an uproar. Many people had looks of contempt in their eyes. It had already been clearly established yesterday that outside materials were not allowed, and yet this fellow dared to use just that. It was like he had no idea of danger or death!

Hehe, the punishments of Immortal Eclipse Valley could be called terrifying. It was said that yesterday a person had to be lifted away!

Qi Jiao paled. “Senior-apprentice sister, what do we do?”

The senior-apprentice sister forced a smile. At this time, what could they possibly do? How could Qin Yu do something so stupid?

Qin Yu looked at the approaching Immortal Eclipse Valley disciple and frowned. “Senior, you haven’t seen me refine the pills yet you have already determined that I have cheated in using my own private materials. Don’t you think this is too excessively rash?”

Daoist Wang remained expressionless. “My face is already the best evidence. Are you not convinced?”

Qin Yu nodded. “I’m not.”

Daoist Wang angrily chuckled.

Eclipse Xin coolly said, “Bring over the pills that this man refined. My Immortal Eclipse Valley has always been open and honest in our actions. We will make sure you are convinced in heart and mind.”

Eclipse Wu jogged over. “Great uncle, Martial Uncle Wang, here are the pills.”

Daoist Wang looked up into the skies, not even sparing a glance.

A helpless light flashed in Eclipse Xin’s eyes. He took the jade bottle and poured out the pills. Soon, his face stiffened. With his cultivation and eyesight, identifying pills was easy. The Blood Clotting Pill and Poison Cure Pill were standard, and while the Minor Renewal Pill was a bit worse, it could still just reluctantly be considered a pill.

After a brief silence, he asked with a gloomy face. “Daoist Wang, can you tell me what’s wrong with these pills?”

Eclipse Wu wanted to cry in relief. Even my great uncle cannot see a problem, I can finally clear my name!

Daoist Wang coldly sneered. “You can’t even realize such a simple thing. Eclipse Xin, Eclipse Xin, has your brain become stone during these past years!?” He indignantly grabbed the pills and said, “Look at this Minor Renewal Pill, just how are the materials…mine…”

His words caught in his throat.

Daoist Wang’s eyes widened as if he saw a ghost in the sunny afternoon. He mumbled, “How could this be, how could this be…”

The Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples watching paled. They coughed several times and drew back as one.

Eclipse Xin’s face was so dark it seemed that it could drip water. When had Immortal Eclipse Valley lost face in such a public manner before? If they couldn’t turn this situation around, he swore that he would make Daoist Wang understand just how creative the punishment methods of the sect were!

Daoist Wang jumped up. He grabbed onto Qin Yu with an excited expression. “Boy, tell me, how did you refine this Minor Renewal Pill?”

The Minor Renewal Pill wasn’t a high rank pill; it was used at the Foundation Establishment realm. The crowd glanced at each other, not sure whether or not this great figure of Immortal Eclipse Valley had gone insane. Was he faking excitement in order to look for an excuse to make a graceful exit from this situation? Please, don’t insult everyone by assuming they would fall for this!

Qin Yu struggled a bit but found himself still tightly grasped. He said, “I saw that there were three Green Branch Buds. One was damaged and had deteriorated and the other two hadn’t reached the suitable age to be used to make medicine. However, my luck was extremely poor so in the cave I chose, there were only materials to refine a Blood Clotting Pill, Poison Cure Pill, and Minor Renewal Pill. There was no other choice available. I braced myself and took the mature part of the damaged Green Branch Bud that still had a bid of medicinal efficacy in it and then refined it with the two premature Green Branch Buds, and so I just barely managed to refine this Minor Renewal Pill.”

Daoist Wang’s face flushed red and his eyes brightened like he had uncovered a treasure. He laughed and said, “Brat, from now on you are my disciple. I guarantee I will pass down everything I know to you and allow you to become a great alchemist of your generation!”

At this time, the crowd cried out in shock and alarm. Not just that, but the disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley also had their eyes turn red with envy.

But the key question was, why?

Eclipse Xin was pleased. He said, “Congratulations Brother Wang! But, you still owe everyone an explanation.”

Daoist Wang shot a glance at the several people who had been brought down from Alchemy Mountain. “My student here has already explained the situation. The materials chosen for you were all carefully prepared by me. After refining an Essence Augmenting Pills, out of the materials remaining, you would only be able to refine a Blood Clotting Pill, Poison Cure Pill, and Minor Renewal Pill. There were three Green Branch Buds, one damaged and two premature that were lacking medicinal efficacy. My student here is only at the fourth level of Foundation Establishment and yet he can successfully refine it, so what excuses do the rest of you have to make?”

Zhang Yucheng was flushed red with embarrassment. He gnashed his teeth, flicked his sleeves, and left.

The others also scurried out from sight.

Daoist Wang turned around, a bright smile blooming on his shameless face. “Good student of mine, come with teacher!”

Qin Yu was left standing there awkwardly.

Eclipse Xin frowned. “What, you aren’t willing?”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “It isn’t that I am unwilling, but that I already have a teacher, so I don’t dare to throw him away.”

Daoist Wang was stunned. The disciple he had found after so much hardship had already been taken in by someone else. He was immediately incensed. “Shit! Which bastard is so shameless that he already took advantage of you ahead of time! He’s gone too far!”

All of the surrounding people, including the disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley and Eclipse Xin all felt dark lines form on their faces. Aren’t you the one being unreasonable here?

Daoist Wang composed himself. “What’s your name?”

“Junior’s name is Qin Yu.”

“Alright. Qin Yu, listen to me carefully. The mysteries and secrets of alchemy are as deep and vast as the sea. A good teacher can empower you that much more. Although I am not an Elder in Immortal Eclipse Valley, if I wanted to I could immediately become a top ten ranked Elder and all the resources I receive from my status could be used in helping to cultivate you. As for alchemy skills, I don’t know who your teacher is but it is impossible for them to be compared to me. So carefully consider whether or not you want to take me as your teacher.”

All eyes fell on Qin Yu. Many gazes burned with envy. What was there to think over? Hurry up and agree! Many of the disciples who had been attentively serving Daoist Wang felt their hearts rip in two. Although they wanted to say something, all their words got choked in their throat.

Qin Yu was silent for a long time. Then, he cupped his hands across his chest and said, “I thank senior for the deep praise, but this junior cannot bear it.”

Whoosh –

Rejected! He had been rejected!

If looks could kill, Qin Yu would have already been torn to shreds by the disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley. They glared at Qin Yu with deep indignation even as they straightened themselves up. Martial Uncle Wang, look at me, look at me, please look at me! I am standing right here, and as long as you just nod at me I’ll immediately become your student! This bastard that doesn’t know right from wrong, he had better fuck off as far as possible, otherwise we disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley will never forgive him!

Daoist Wang coughed. He offered up his ultimate ace card. “Qin Yu, as long as you take me as your teacher, you don’t need to continue in the competition. There will be a place to cultivate beneath the Radiant Red Wood for you.”

Qin Yu was immediately tempted. But if he really did agree, it was likely he would be exposed at any moment. Seeing his silence, Eclipse Xin said, “You don’t have to doubt this promise. I will use my status as an Elder to guarantee that it will be kept.”

All of the alchemists who passed the second round and received the qualifications to enter the third began to curse in their hearts. However, none of them dared to reveal anything at all. The Radiant Red Wood belonged to Immortal Eclipse Valley, so what complaints could they make if they wanted to take a spot and give it to a favored disciple of theirs? Moreover, everyone could see that Daoist Wang was extremely agitated at the moment. Anyone who spoke up would surely suffer a horrible fate!

Qin Yu coughed.

Daoist Wang’s face darkened. “Brat, you should consider this carefully. It is impossible for me to give you opportunities again and again!”

What? Could this even be considered a threat? Some disciples began to feel their field of vision blur. For better or worse, you should consider your own status. How could he be completely shameless in trying to receive a disciple!

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “This junior cannot agree.”

Daoist Wang was left breathless with anger. He hopped up and down and began to curse straight at Qin Yu’s face. He called him a stubborn piece of wood that couldn’t adapt, a young know-nothing that didn’t know anything, a waste of talent that should be struck by thunder, a pitiful idiot that was wasting his future potential, and a villain for refusing to accept him as a teacher!

Qin Yu pinched his nose and accepted it. He could see that although Daoist Wang was angry, he didn’t have any ill thoughts towards him.

After a long time, Daoist Wang stopped and panted for breath. He lifted a hand and thrust a finger at Qin Yu. “If there comes a day you want to go back on your words, my doors will be open wide for you at any time!”

This…the entire situation seemed to reverse on itself.

The disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley cried out in their heart. Martial Uncle Wang, what sort of status do you have? How could you lack any sort of moral fortitude and just refuse to give up?

Please look at us! Just look at us!

After seeing his old friend away, Eclipse Xin could see the helplessness in his back. He coldly said, “Qin Yu, don’t regret your choice today.”

He flicked his sleeves and left.

Amongst the countless shocked and puzzled eyes, Qin Yu wryly smiled and left. Qi Jiao wanted to chase after him and say something but she was held back by her senior-apprentice sister.

If this Qin Yu could even refuse the temptation of being Daoist Wang’s disciple, then he absolutely was aiming for the Radiant Red Wood. She couldn’t stare helplessly on as her junior-apprentice sister leapt into the fire!

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